Why men shouldn’t be allowed to vote

In honor of Women’s History Month, which started on March 8, I bring you the works of Alice Duer Miller, a feminist writer for the New York Tribune, back in 1915.

I’m rather amazed that any newspaper had a feminist writer back in 1915.

The image below is a poster made from one of Duer’s articles in a collection titled “Are Women People?”  The Library of Congress has a copy that you can breeze through.


Here’s the poster.  When I first saw it, I thought it was a joke – meaning, someone had photoshopped it and claimed it was “really old.”  It is in fact really old.  It’s just great.  1915.  Wow.

why-we-oppose-votes-for-menI found two more essays in Duer’s collection that were quite fun as well.  Here’s the first: “Why we oppose women travelling in railway trains.”


And here’s another great one: “Why we oppose pockets for women.” Enjoy.


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