Medicare spent $172m on penis pumps over last 5 years (video)

Wow. The Daily Show’s Samantha Bee interviews NARAL President Ilyse Hogue about the federal government’s double-standard on funding women’s health, especially GOP opposition to covering contraceptives in Obamacare.

Then – surprise, surprise – we find out that Medicare has spent $172 million on penis pumps for men over the past five years.  And you don’t hear a lot of Republicans upset about all those octogenarian “sl*ts” (as Rush Limbaugh calls people who rely on the federal government to fund their sexual health) pumping at the federal teat.


A lot of us know Ilyse. She’s a long-time member in good standing of the progressive Netroots, and it’s nice to see her get the recognition she deserves.  But boy, going on the Daily Show and keeping a straight face has gotta be tough. I envy her, and I don’t envy her.

Enjoy.  It’s a good one.  And important.

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