Jews brought Holocaust on themselves, says Russian state TV

It’s beginning to look a lot like Stalin.

A Russian state TV presenter, during an interview about Ukraine, told a guest that Jews helped bring the Holocaust on themselves.

As context, the Russians have been justifying their invasion of Ukraine, and annexation of Crimea, by claiming that the Maidan protest movement in Ukraine, and the Ukrainian government, is run by neo-Nazis.  In fact, the truth is slightly more complicated than that, as many European governments also include people we would call “neo-Nazis.”


PROKHANOV: It is strange that Jewish organizations – European and Russian – support Maidan. They do that? They do not realize that they are, with their own hands, closer to the second Holocaust?

HOST EVELYN ZAKAMSKAYA: They also advanced the first [Holocaust].

PROKHANOV: It’s dreadful, it is astonishing blindness — which, apparently, is repeated, because until 1933 in Europe many liberal organizations were feeding Hitler.


I confirmed the transcript with Miriam Elder at Buzzfeed, who speaks Russian, and says it’s “accurate, if incomplete.”

This is what passes for “journalism” in Russia.  State-employed extremists who spout pretty much anything to further the Kremlin’s cause.

Ironically, Russian President Putin claims he invaded and annexed Ukrainian Crimea to defend Russian-speakers from neo-Nazis.  (The truth is slightly more complicated.) Yet, Russian state television, run by Putin, thinks Jews are to blame for the Holocaust.  Then again, Russia has a long history with anti-semitism.

And, Putin himself lets neo-Nazi gangs operate at will across Russia, doing his dirty work against minorities that the Kremlin doesn’t like, including Jews.

So it’s no surprise that the Russian propaganda organs now believe Jews brought the Holocaust on themselves.

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CyberDisobedience on Substack | @aravosis | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn. John Aravosis is the Executive Editor of AMERICAblog, which he founded in 2004. He has a joint law degree (JD) and masters in Foreign Service from Georgetown; and has worked in the US Senate, World Bank, Children's Defense Fund, the United Nations Development Programme, and as a stringer for the Economist. He is a frequent TV pundit, having appeared on the O'Reilly Factor, Hardball, World News Tonight, Nightline, AM Joy & Reliable Sources, among others. John lives in Washington, DC. .

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119 Responses to “Jews brought Holocaust on themselves, says Russian state TV”

  1. Dear John,

    I am afraid the focus of this story was on a wrong person. See more here:

  2. cole3244 says:

    i am glad that you are satisfied because our bigots aren’t as bad as their bigots but that makes you part of the problem not part of the solution.

  3. Bam says:

    In the U.S. everybody hates Nazis. If see one you grab it, slap it around, tattoo a rainbow flag on its forehead, a pink triangle on its chin, a star of David on one cheek, a Black Panther symbol on the other. Then you soak it in urine and glue a drag queen wig to its head, call the cops and they beat it with nightsticks and throw it in prison and announce on the intercom line up boys. Fresh meat just in. All this gets video taped and broadcast during family hour and our multi-ethnic LGBTST8trisex+frky group of friends laugh our butts and celebrate one less degenerate nazi polluting our streets.

  4. Bam says:

    Seriously? When have you seen Republicans and Fundamentalists x-tian gangs roaming the streets beating up minorities while the police stood by the White House and Congress sat back in approval. Then the tv networks broadcast the beatings much to the delight of the public who hailed the conservative crackdown a success?

    I’ve been watching enough videos from over there to notice a huge difference. Even our conservatives don’t want a country with mob rule and no rule of law. Most Americans have an attitude that Even if I don’t agree with what your saying I will fight with you for your right to say it. American culture doesn’t respect bullying and we have a history of rallying to protest what we see as injustice. Our far right wing neo-nazis, aryan brotherhood, and klan, skinheads etc. are considered social outcasts by the mainstream. Largely imprisoned, the rest either dropped out or too poor and too monitored to cause much damage. Nobody on the right or left wants to see people like that in control. When our nazis go public there is always counter-protest 30 times their size. They are the ones that need protection from us. In Russia it’s the opposite, but the police don’t protect us, they arrest after the nazis beat us.

    The only virulently homophobic church that is active is Westoro Baptist, which has about 30 members at most. Even evangelical churches and the military join in counter protesting them. In Russia imagine the majority of the public being like Westboro members and the police and government do little to prevent them attacking you.

    So this is why I see it as way different situation for us and not even a close comparison. Also, young people in America are generally very accepting of gay people and don’t see it as a big deal. In Russia the young people are virulently homophobic and see it as a thing to be proud of. Even straight friends of gays that are kidnapped when their friends are called by the neo-nazis in order to shame them, the friends often say go ahead and punish. In the U.S. your friend would go down to kidnapper’s house with a shotgun and save you. I thank god I live in this culture and not Russia. People are going to need a lifetime of therapy to undo the damage.

  5. Bam says:

    With freedom to move throughout Europe I wonder how the neo-nazis will fare in European society. In Germany and France for instance pretty much all their activity is considered illegal and strict punishment for what they are used doing all day. So many neo-nazis east of Germany, that would be arrested over the border. Interesting how nazis are outlawed in Germany but the former Soviet Union is swarming with them. Who would have thunk it.

  6. Bam says:

    In a more nationalist culture with a strong predominant culture in dominance, then I could see Fox and Republicans definitely a risk of going there. Because of our history, emphasis on liberty and freedom, diverse population, checks and balances, state and federal divide, and much more the rightwing seems to only be able to go so far in the direction of fascism before it gets snapped back. Our patriotism for example is mild compared to their. You might feel pressured to stand for the national anthem here and people like to display flags, but nobody is marching around in gangs singing patriotic songs and beating foreigners. Even our right-wingers would find that behavior offensive and wrong. In the U.S. the flag is often said to represent freedom. So it’s a contradiction to use oppressively, although it is often looked upon as a symbol of occupation by some nations, but in more imperialist sense than nationalistic. It creates an interesting tension in society these limits are often stretched such as burning the flag in protest or artists desecrating a flag during a performance. That creates a philosophical quandary between the flag as freedom vs. flag as symbol of honor and respect, closer to the nationalism view. Interesting reactions and debates have resulted from these experiments. In a nationalistic country it seems it would illicit an even stronger and violent response with the emphasis on the flag as the representation of strength. Desecration would more humiliating, whereas in the U.S. it would be offensive to some, but seen more as an disrespectful act than a symbolic attack and humiliation. For most Americans it is respected because they grew up learning that. But normally only a couple of days a year would they display flags. Others though, the more patriotic types will even raise the flag daily on a pole as a habit. This is not common, but it’s not really rare either.

  7. Bam says:

    Yeah, I believe that the beginning of this long transition was when Stalin came to power. He was not very intellectual, a quality that made him resent Trotsky. He never developed a really deep understanding of Marxism and Lenin’s writings. He decided it would be best to redefine the direction of Communism in his own book which began the drift toward Nationalism under a Soviet Umbrella. One could argue that it was Stalin who ended the communist experiment and redefined what Communism looked like. The alternative direction Trotsky promoted was Internationalist which was the original intent. Stalin felt so threatened by Trotsky he sent assassins to Mexico, where Trotsky was exiled to eliminate him. Stalin came from the peasant class like many of the nationalists, neo-nazis and fascists of today. Trotsky was an intellectual, who were viewed as elitist much like the LGBT community of today.

    And Putin has the great idea to bring back both Hiitler and Stalin so he can mold them into the spiritual icons of Russia? It’s frightening that he has access to nuclear weapons. I keep thinking this must be a dream and I’ll wake up from it.

  8. Bam says:

    I’m starting to wish the iron curtain was still there. So the former Soviet Union is morphing into a recreation of Nazi Germany? Hitler finally defeated the Russians with the help of their own you and the blessing of church and Putin regime who surrendered unconditionally but will continue to rule and they gradually cleanse their society of the degenerate Western pedophiles who bully the public with their rainbow flags. Russia will never ever let the West force its depraved freedoms and endless opportunities for happiness. The Russian people stand united in their opposition to teenage lesbians who stand in cowardice as the courageous men of Russia end their shameless plot to turn the children into depraved pedophiles by teaching them tolerance. The LGBT bullies continue to persecute a terrified public but the moral Russians will resist the hateful attempts to silence the innocent.

  9. Moderator4 says:

    You are banned, Alex.

  10. 4th Turning says:

    You have reminded me of one of my many friends-in-spirit Raoul Wallenburg
    who disappeared into a siberian labor camp after “russian liberation(?)”.
    And am also reminded of the perplexing take-away I felt after reading a
    number of memoirs by children/grandkids who suddenly realized their
    parents/relations had never once discussed “the camps”. Indeed, I was
    “adopted” by a secular Jewish family as a young man (best friends with
    2 of the brothers). Never once doing our Sunday night dinner/soirees
    did anything related to wwll ever enter into our many and varied
    discussions. I once had a dear neighbor who was a camp survivor.
    We often had tea together-she had been resettled from the UK by the
    Quakers. I never thought to ask her about her experience. She seemed
    fragile even if tough enough to survive that awful ordeal. Now all these
    years later, I regret my youthful ignorance/naivete. Made a promise to
    myself to seek out at least one last survivor and her story before they
    were all gone and was able to make good on it.
    I think it worth mentioning that many survivors were overcome by ptsd
    and related emotional problems and weren’t able to make a new life.

  11. wmforr says:

    I had a Polish friend who was a Jew, a Socialist, and an Esperantist, who was in the concentration camps–three strikes. When the Soviets liberated them, he spend the next few years in Siberia. He was nobody’s favorite. When he got to New York he changed his name, as George Soros did (soros is Esperanto for “he will soar”). Perhaps to try to erase the past from his own memory.

    For years he was a well-published Esperanto poet, but it was only several decades after the war that he published a heart-wrenching collection about individuals in the camps. It took that long for him to even dare to try to remember them.

  12. 4th Turning says:

    Your comments bring tears to my eyes this otherwise promising spring
    morning. I will only add to your list trade union leaders and members who
    were the very first Hitler made to disappear. Thanks to Frances Perkins,
    FDR’s Labor Secretary, a small handful were rescued safely to oblivious American shores.
    You will recognize the enclosed photo. I have always hoped that I
    possessed enough character, empathy, and courage to do what
    is right when confronted with fateful choices.
    Am enclosing the full text of Geo. Bush’s ’91 visit to the Babi Yar Memorial.

    And the full text of Jewish Ukrainians’ recent OPEN LETTER to putin.

  13. SL Abrin says:

    Right wing Russians are emboldened by the hubris of American Teabaggers who say pretty much the same thing.

  14. SL Abrin says:

    Trotsky addressed the issue of Jews being among the leading figures in Communism/Socialism at length.

  15. Indigo says:

    I understand that, the remakes lately have been elaborate farces and I suspect this is one of them.

  16. LeeZee says:

    Frankly, I don’t believe that President Obama, Secretary Kerry, or members of the State Dept.’s bureaucracy will lose much sleep over an “asterisk”. The usual sacrificial silent lambs will go to the slaughter. I hope you are prepared to bleat rather loudly and suggest you grow horns and become rams, lest you be herded with the rest.

  17. kurtsteinbach says:

    I say this with a heavy heart…. However, Europe tosses LGBT people to the winds of chance. I’ve heard this tune before. Didn’t the nations of Europe by and large do the same thing to the Jews in the 1930s? Not just religious Jews, but fully assimilated Jews, as well. This is an old refrain. The Ukrainians did the same thing back after Germany invaded them in 1941. The massacre at the Ravine, Babi Yar might ring a bell. The Ukrainians did the same as many European nations. It is when times are tough and you are facing invasion, hunger, pain, and suffering that who you are comes out. The Jews, the gays, and the Roma or Gypsies have long been targets in Christian Europe, among other places. Political and Economic expediency often makes for unwilling martyrs. Will it happen again? Will the past be the prologue? Is what came before the foreshadow of what is to happen again? If you are not LGBT, you must make a choice between what is right and ethical and what is easy. Last time, my people, the Jews did not have a choice, and I don’t see as I’ve got a choice this time either. I will not go there. I may not be a target, yet, this time, but I will not stand by, and just as my brave brothers and sisters took a stand at the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, and held off the mightiest Army in the World for over six weeks, so once again we will fight back if necessary, when the time comes. They did not “Go gentle into that good night,” and if the LGBT community is willing to stand up to them, so am I. Resistance is never futile and fighting back is its own statement that history and humanity will long remember. I for one, intend to make sure the world is reminded of Europe’s shame when many collaborated with the Fascists. Hopefully, reminding the world of how it stood-by last time will galvanize enough people into action to avoid a large-scale slaughter this time. I am certain that President Obama and American leaders will not want the asterisk that FDR has, that of doing too little too late with the result being enough blood on everyone’s hands to mark that generation for all time. Until the fighting starts, I will resist with every peaceful means I can muster, but once the fighting starts, we will stand together….

  18. kurtsteinbach says:

    This movie is not going to be nearly as much fun, the 2nd time around. I’m Jewish, so I’m rolling my eyes as I type this and thinking about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising with alarm….. Self-depracating humor can be a good thing….

  19. kurtsteinbach says:

    Josef Stalin wanted Socialism under one nation, Soviet Russia. Socialism under one state is National Socialism or Fascism. I’ve heard, Hitler and Stalin share an apartment in hell….

  20. kurtsteinbach says:

    Poland is one of the most antisemitic nations in Easter Europe. The irony, there are no Jews living there anymore….

  21. dula says:

    Exactly. Pension cuts were the first thing on the table during Ukraine’s negotiation with the EU. It wan’t unreasonable for their ousted leader to accept the $15 billion from Russia instead. Thanks to the IMF, A struggling nation stands a better chance economically by running into the arms of China and Russia. East or bust.

  22. Olterigo says:

    Please, don’t invent facts. Whatever Yatsenyuk’s origins, he’s been always saying that both of his parents were Ukrainian. And, moreover, he is not Jewish religiously, as he is a follower of the Ukrainian Greco-Roman Church (Catholics of the Eastern rites). Whatever his origins are, Yatsenyuk has before taken anti-Semitic positions and made anti-Semitic assertions.

  23. Olterigo says:

    Well, even the Russians who don’t believe in the Bible (or don’t believe in it fanatically) say the same thing on a more or less regular basis.

  24. Olterigo says:

    Including the anti-immigrant pogrom in Biryulevo just a couple of months ago. It didn’t look good before the Olympics.

  25. 4th Turning says:

    Saw the film “Walk on Water” last year about the need brother and sister sibs felt
    for some elusive particle of redemption, their grandfather a living nazi war
    criminal. A question I’ve pondered at the end of every Holocaust account I’ve ever
    read-how have the young mentally/spiritually coped with such a past…

  26. mirror says:

    This is the problem with outlook of you and other Russians supporting Putin’s invasion of Ukraine – you think you are owed the countries around you as spoils of the victory, whether they want it or not. You resent that the people in the Ukraine don’t want to be your underlings.

  27. Zorba says:

    Well, the IMF loans certainly worked well for Greece.
    There are workers in Greece who haven’t been paid in two years, never mind two months.
    Getting in bed with the IMF is definitely not at all good for the average worker.
    It’s great for the kleptocracy, however. :-(

  28. Badgerite says:

    My point is that they did not need ‘protection’ in Crimea since they were in no danger of any kind and indeed, were and are in the majority there.
    The “down with” is your assessment. Not mine. I might go along with down with Putin. But I also recognize that he kept Russia itself from falling apart which would be a concern since you have all those nuclear weapons laying around. I just think he is headed down a path of repression and control that is not good. True democracy requires free speech and free thought. He has been trying to attract foreign investment and to reassure the technology sector that Russia is a good place to do business and that their investments are secure. This will likely set that agenda back. And it will set it back to address a danger that is made up, in this case.

  29. Badgerite says:

    No. You are right. It was probably NATO.

  30. Badgerite says:

    Yeah. That’s the parallel. Because as we all know, Hungary in 1956, Czechoslovakia in 1968 and Poland especially in whenever, were all involved in a bloody civil war that was ripping their countries apart and that involved rape and the annihilation of unarmed and defenseless populations of boys and men as a means of driving long established ethnic populations out. So clearly, that is a valid comparison.
    Let’s see, who ended up being tried in the Hague again. Was is Milosevic or was it Lech Walesa? I forget.

  31. Fasira says:

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  32. SL Abrin says:

    To win an election in Eastern Europe, all one has to do is accuse an opponent of having Jewish ancestry. I dated a female history professor from Poland and I was actually shocked at the level of bigotry (in general) that still pervades Slavic nations. I had thought there was some progress in that regard.

  33. 4th Turning says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you oregonian and scholar extraordinaire, Mark Weber: Jews were
    the “masterminds” behind the ’17 russian revolution.

    “The term “pogrom” in the meaning of large-scale, targeted, and repeated anti-Jewish rioting, saw its first use in the 19th century, in reference to the anti-Jewish pogroms in the Russian Empire. The issue of pogroms arose sometime after the Pale of Settlement was created by the Russian government to prevent the Jewish population from spreading over the country unless they would convert to Christian Orthodox.” (remembering ferdinand and isabella…)

    “Others, by contrast, have regarded 1905 as a lethal blow to the hothouse of socialist and nationalist ideologies, turning Jewish youth (like their Russian counterparts) inward to the self, to aesthetics, and other manifestations of so-called decadence.”

  34. Alex says:

    “No the US did not establish ‘satellites’. Nor did it ever invade a European country after WWII.”

    Sure. Tell it it to Serbia. That it was not US and it was not NATO bombing Belgrad.

  35. Alex says:

    Wow. You have 100% proof that it was Yanukovich who sent snipers.
    I see.

  36. Alex says:

    May be your point is – russians do not need protection. No matter where they are? ) Down with them?

  37. Badgerite says:

    South Ossetia is in a shit hole of corruption and poverty. Russia has yet to annex them. But I digress
    Oh please. All the goings on were in Kiev. Yes, Russia might have started worrying when someone actually even socially snubbed an ethnic Russian in Crimea. The justification was protection of ethnic Russians who were in the majority in the Crimea. The majority usually doesn’t need protection from itself.

  38. Badgerite says:

    That’s a pretty low bar. But I digress.
    And there were people killed. And they were killed on the order of the man now being given protection in Russia, Yanukovych. 70 people were killed by snipers in the Maiden protests in the square in Kiev. They were not neo Nazis. They were simply ordinary Ukrainians protesting the blatant corruption of Yanukovych. Who wanted their country to have some chance to pull out of the economic morass of corrupt officials that it had been taken into by Putin’s people. This is what toppled Yanukovych. Before that, the call was for early elections. After he started shooting people, reportedly at the urging of Putin, is when he ended up having to flee the Ukraine. To Russia. Russia’s response was to take the Crimea. That it exactly.

  39. Badgerite says:

    That is ridiculous and you are a flack. Because that is the stupidest comeback yet. I didn’t say just Hungary, did I. I listed the all the countries that the Soviet Union occupied after the war and some of whom were later INVADED which would include Hungary, Czechoslvakia, and Poland. And last time I checked, Hitler wasn’t around in 1956.
    No the US did not establish ‘satellites’. Nor did it ever invade a European country after WWII. Oddly enough, the minute the Soviet Union withdrew their troops from Eastern Europe all the governments that they had placed in power fell. NATO was and is a defensive alliance and no single member of it has ever invaded any other member of it. LOL.

  40. dula says:

    There are strange bedfellows on many sides of this issue. Asst. Secretary of State for Europe, Victoria Nuland (Russian Jew), helped orchestrate the coup with the assistance of neo-nazis (even passed out cookies and is requesting the new government meet with the neo-Nazi party regularly).

    Her neocon husband (co-founder of PNAC), who she’s literally in bed with, must be pleased with her role in creating more options for NATO expansion in order to further surround Russia (Georgia never seems to work out) and for Western corporations who wish to privatize Ukraine. Of course, neocons attacked her during/after the Benghazi event in order to mess with Obama, but neocons don’t really protect their own so that wouldn’t really fall under the category of nuance.

    Still the real issue is how is all this going to affect the future of ordinary Ukrainians? It doesn’t look good:

    “The objective of IMF loans is to deindustrialize the economy. It is to force the economy–meaning the government when you say the economy–the government has to pay the IMF loan by privatizing whatever remains in the public domain. The Westerners want to buy the Ukrainian farmland. They want to buy the public utilities. They want to buy the roads. They want to buy the ports. And all of this is going to be sold at a very low price to the Westerners, and the price that the Westerners pay will be turned over to the Ukrainian government, that then will turn it back to the Ukraine. So whatever the West gives Ukraine will immediately be taken back.
    But not only will the money be taken back, but the Ukrainian factories, roads, infrastructure, bridges, farmland, and property will also pass into foreign ownership, just like it did in Russia, just like it did in Latvia, just like it does in all of the other post-Soviet countries. And then this is going to lead to lower wage payments. Many Ukrainians say they haven’t been paid for two months. In Russia in 1994, during the Yeltsin selloff, labor went ten or 12 months without being paid. You can’t pay labor and at the same time pay the IMF and pay the kleptocrats. Something has to give, and what gives is going to be living standards and labor.”

  41. Alex says:

    It sounds like you are sorry that Hitler have not won.
    As far as I remember Hungary played on the side of Hitler when attacked other countries. So after the USSR won the war and suffer the main loses it should just go away? Interesting position. )
    US didn’t establish satelites? LOL So what NATO countries are? :)

  42. Alex says:

    No Putin for sure is not Bush.)
    Much smarter. ))

  43. Alex says:

    And you would like Crimea to be the second South Ossetia?
    And only then Russia should start worring?

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  45. Badgerite says:

    No, I would compare Putin to Bush. He is your Bush. And you can have both of them.

  46. Badgerite says:

    Again. You didn’t answer. Show me one incidence of Russians in the Crimea being subjected to anything at all to justify invasion and that includes even a social snub. There were no provocations. There was no instability.
    You’ll just weren’t feeling the love from Kiev. All they did was remove a crook and ‘threaten’ to sign an economic cooperation agreement with the European Union. He was Putin’s crook and so Putin took umbrage.
    Admit it. Putin is your Bush. You like all the flag waving and strutting around.
    The shirtless horse back poses and all that. He’s your Bush.

  47. Badgerite says:

    So the model to be followed is that first you send in troops to control the airports, the borders, and then you hold a vote to ask them if you should leave. Come on. These are the actions of a country that just took a piece of land because they could and the citizens just want peace and quiet and maybe a pension. Unlike South Ossetia that practically pleaded to be annexed and never really has, there were never any pleas from the Crimea for help.

  48. Badgerite says:

    What about the Munich Agreement. I didn’t say that all of the stupidity was on Stalin’s part. Chamberlain was right up there. He wouldn’t listen to Churchill, if he had he would have been negotiating with Stalin long before Hitler got around to it.
    Here is the truth of WWII, Russian propaganda and Oliver Stone notwithstanding: the allies (France, England, USA and Russia) won the war and it is highly unlikely that if Hitler had not had to split his forces and fight all of them allied against him that any of the allies would have won that war.
    What the US didn’t do and what Russia did was to establish satellite states of Eastern Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czechlslovakia, Romania, Albania, Bulgaria, that were so under their control that any time those states started to develop any internal policies that displeased the Kremlin those states would be treated to an invasion of Soviet troops to support the government against its own people. I have relatives whose parents had to flee Hungary.
    By the way, what did Raoul Wallenberg do to end up in one of Stalin’s camps, never to be heard from again?
    What did Jan Masayrk do to be thrown out of window by the KGB?

  49. Badgerite says:

    Uh huh. No other country made an official pact with Hitler. That was all on Russia and Stalin. And Russia paid for it.
    Yes, that pact was crucial in setting the stage for World War II to begin.
    No less a personage than Churchill strongly urged the Tory government to open negotiations with Stalin and create a mutual defense pact involving France, Britain and Russia (Soviet Union) as he felt it was the only means to deter Hitler from starting another world war.
    They dithered. Stalin signed the Pact with Hitler and that literally set the stage for the invasion of western Europe and later, Russia.
    Not a nice try. More like history.

  50. jm2 says:

    wait a minute! wait a minute! what about the roaming bands of neo-nazis in Moscow, St. Petersburg & other Russain cities that Pufin is allowing? they are not just beating “queers” but other groups they hate, tho little gets reported on that.

  51. Lawerence Collins says:

    People keep comparing Putin to Hitler?
    Or is it Putin keeps doing things that would make Hitler proud?!

  52. 4th Turning says:

    Damn, if we don’t need a poem. Two women who obviously loved each other beyond words.

    In Memory of Valeriya Sreznevskaya

    Almost, it cannot be: you were always there:
    In the shade of blessed lime-trees, the hospital, the siege,
    The prison-cell, and where there were evil birds,
    Copious grasses, dreadful tides.
    How all has changed, yet you were always there,
    And it seems they have taken half my soul,
    The half that was you –by which I knew
    Why both existed. And now, I have forgotten…
    Yet your clear voice calls out to me, and tells me
    Not to grieve, but wait for death as for a miracle.
    What can I do! I’ll try.
    Ann Akhmatova, Also muse to Modigliani.

  53. 4th Turning says:

    Stalin killed the Aral for cotton just as Saddam killed 90% of Iraq’s marshes
    to punish recalcitrants. How do such psychopaths exist to destroy entire cultures and earth’s treasures. (Not a question as you already surmise.)

  54. bkmn says:

    Gays invited this onto themselves sounds a lot like the so-called religious people in Africa that are now hell bent on criminalizing being a homosexual. Its known as a blame the victim defense.

    They can try to sell their story that being gay is a choice, but you have no chance in hell proving to them that they chose to be straight.

    Religion and the right wing Bible bangers love to rile the locals up but they know they have little to no chance of being held accountable.

  55. 4th Turning says:

    Thanks. I think I needed this bit of positive news more than I realized.

  56. GarySFBCN says:

    Many of the ‘disturbing’ photos of the abused gays in Russia shows that they have been written-upon with a marking pen. And in many of those photos, there are stars of David drawn on the men, such as this one:

  57. FLL says:

    in 2013, LGBT prospects in Ukraine under the Putin ally, Yanukovych, were rather iffy. The city officials of Kiev asked a Ukrainian court to ban the gay pride parade that was scheduled for May 25, 2013. The court ruled to ban the gay pride parade. Nevertheless, 50 people gathered and marched anyway, including several from Germany and Sweden. They marched—get this—under the protection of 1500 policeman, who were protecting the marchers from 100 anti-gay counter-protesters. You would think that the police would arrest the gay pride marchers for disobeying the court order banning the parade… but no, they provided protection and, instead, arrested 13 of the anti-gay counter-protesters. It will be interesting to see how the new Ukrainian government compares to the Russian-allied Yanukovych government as far as the treatment of its gay citizens. Using the current Russian government’s record on civil rights for comparison would just be a waste of time.

  58. Indigo says:

    I’d heard of the Atomic Lake but that’s the most thorough report on it I’ve seen. It’s very interesting and genuinely disturbing. It’s as if the Soviet Union was just a variant form of Russia and Russia today is just the Soviet Union in civilian clothes.

  59. Guest says:

    Nazi whore.

  60. Alex says:

    You just take only one puzzle of the picture.)))
    So you mean if there was no Pact – everybody would live peacefully and quietly.))) There were a lot of other pacts, actions and reasons from all countries.
    You just take one – not the central actually, out of context and make it main one? :))) Nice try.

  61. mirror says:

    I didn’t watch the clip at first,because, you know, I don’t speak Russian. But then I watched it on a whim, and it really hit home that the Russian political and economic elite truly believe they have the right to control events in Ukraine, that it is their turf.

  62. Alex says:

    What about Munich Agreement? :)))
    What about opening of second front only when USSR was already going to win and Russian troops were already in Europe but not when German troops were in USSR? :))))

  63. Alex says:

    May be you should talk to citizens of Sevastopol? :)) They know English, believe me. And ask them how they “were not allowed on the streets” )))))))))))))))
    Or just proceed with your fairy-tales.))

  64. Badgerite says:

    I don’t think anyone would have been allowed on the streets to do anything other than that, don’t you. It was a Russian invasion and one without real provocation. The provocation is that Putin lost political control of Kiev. Isn’t that right.

  65. Badgerite says:

    I don’t know if you are aware, but ‘massacres’ abounded in WWII on all sides.
    The Russian side as well. They conducted a ‘massacre’ of Polish soldiers in the forests of Poland, I believe. So, what is your point?
    The simple fact is, Stalin was the one who made an official pact with Hitler.
    That pact involved giving the Soviet Union some parts of Polish territory.
    And it emboldened Hitler to attack western Europe.
    The Russian people paid for the stupidity and moral bankruptcy of their leadership later, when Hitler invaded them as well. Hitler came very close to beating them. If he had not tried to micromanage his military, he might have succeeded.

  66. Alex says:

    Yes, it was terrible Russian invasion. Everybody was killed. Who was not – was forced to vote to join Russia and celebrate on streets.

  67. Badgerite says:

    No, but I will say that part of the Hitler-Stalin pact involved Russia being given certain eastern sections of Poland when Hitler invaded.
    How’s that? The Hitler-Stalin pact made it possible for Hitler to concentrate on invading Belgium, Poland and France without having to worry about fighting a two front war as Germany had been forced to do due to alliances during the First World War. So it was no small potatoes, that Pact. Churchill strongly advocated that such a pact be undertaken between England, France and the Soviet Union as the only way to dissuade Hitler, or at least his generals, from starting another World War. Hitler had the same assessment and Stalin went with Hitler, not the west. How’d that work out for Russia, by the way. Real good?

  68. Badgerite says:

    Show me one incidence of Russians in the Crimea being subjected to anything at all, even insults, prior to the Russian invasion. Please don’t tell me that those weren’t Russian soldiers.

  69. caphillprof says:

    Of course it is important. As is your denial of the nature of the Ukraine.

  70. FLL says:

    The rhetoric coming from Russian state TV offers the proposition that if you don’t back Putin, as well as his repression of free speech and military aggression, then you are supporting neo-Nazism. This notion is something of a logical contradiction. In any case, the presence of the interim prime minister of Ukraine, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, a Ukrainian Jew who heads the interim government, casts great doubt on Putin’s accusations of neo-Nazism. Let’s judge neo-Nazism by governmental actions, such as Putin’s repression of free speech and jailing of political opponents. Using that rubric, Putin’s accusations amount to fabrication in order to create a pretext for Russian military aggression.

    It’s worth asking who benefits from the Kremlin’s propaganda. In Russia, the current leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church benefits because they are determined to halt any progress for LGBT rights or civil rights in general. In the West, Putin’s admirers are almost entirely composed of Christofascists who share the same agenda as the current Russian Orthodox leadership. Some, like Scott Lively or Bryan Fischer, may be openly homophobic. Others may be more closeted about their homophobia. Well, if the shoe fits… What was that? Will I stop using that phrase? No, it’s too apt. If the shoe fits…

  71. sealcub says:

    The real question for the modern world is: have far right Ukrainian nationalists taken over the government of Ukraine and , if so, are they ethnically cleansing ethnic Russians and Russian speakers in Ukraine, or creating an Apartheid state in the Ukraine? If not, there is simply no justification for invasion.

    The last people who should be talking about Hitler and ethnic cleansing are the Russians. There is no doubt that the Soviet/Russian army and the Russian people’s massive sacrifices were the primary instrument of Hitler’s defeat, but Hitler’s use of the gas chambers really saved the reputation of Stalin and Russian colonialism. While Hitler was busy ethnic cleansing one half of the continent, Stalin was busy ethnic cleansing the other half. There was not a Russian ethnic majority in Crimea before WW II. Stalin had to do a lot of ethnic cleansing to get it that way.

  72. FLL says:

    Yes, the two sentences would then be pretty much equivalent. The difference is that in America, there are options for where you get your news from and which political party has a chance at winning. In Russia, there are no such options. If a news source defied the Kremlin’s official gag order on gay rights and civil rights issues, they would be subject to criminal prosecution. In Russia, Putin’s political party has no viable opposition at this point, giving it a monopoly on power. So your comparison between Russian state TV and Fox News is apt, but the similarity ends there.

  73. A_nonymoose says:

    This is what passes for “journalism” in Russia. State-employed extremists who spout pretty much anything to further the Kremlin’s cause.

    Substitute “America” for “Russia”, “Fox News” for “State”, and “Republican” for “Kremlin”. There; fixed it for ya.

  74. WilmRoget says:

    That means the Russians brought all of the devastation they experienced at the hands of Nazis on themselves as well. Right Putin? And of course, it means the Russian people brought on themselves all of the oppression they experienced at the hands of the Czarist courts. Right?

  75. 4th Turning says:

    Okay, I’ve got one for you. Trying to understand who we are dealing with.
    (Google this vid and look down through the menu on right…)

  76. 4th Turning says:

    Count me in-as long as it is good to its lgbtxyz community!

  77. den says:

    russia – fascist country now. please support Ukraine!

  78. Indigo says:

    Whew! Are we now in a time-warp where the 1930s replay themselves? Well, we’ve got a Depression going on that the media assure us is just another recession and we’re coming out of it now. Oh, good! Just in time for Putin’s rendering of ‘The Great Dictator’

  79. cole3244 says:

    the head in the sand a$$holes in russia are not unlike our A$$holes here in at home the only difference is the language but the message is the same.

  80. Ferdiad says:

    So then how do you explain the fact that the majority of the close Putin advisers that just got slapped with sanctions by the West for assisting in the annexation are themselves Jewish? Nuance? The reality is that there are Jews and Christians and Muslims on all sides of the issue, just like in the real world. And any of them can be fascist or communist or capitalist. Those things are tied to or limited by a particular religion.

  81. Alex says:

    I guuss Britain also has her sins in WWII. ))
    Check B. Jacobs “The Dentist of Auschwitz”, B. Jacobs, Е.Pool “The 100 Year Secret: Britain’s Hidden World War II Massacre”, Richard Breitman “Official Secrets”

  82. Naja pallida says:

    Stalin could have greatly impaired Hitler’s ability to wage war if he had joined the other Allied nations and not gave Germany oil, food, and raw materials… but Russia and Germany signed an extensive trade agreement in 1940. It essentially negated many of the British efforts to enforce a trade blockade of Germany.

  83. The right radical Christians only support Israel because they think it fulfills Biblical prophecy and that once Jesus returns all the Jews will conver and 2.3 of them will die in a war. I am not making this up. There are some crazy radical Christians out there. Unlike the radical muslims they stay in the shadows because they know what they are doing would not be accepted by people.

  84. UFIA says:

    Nazi Jews”, who advocated loyalty to the Nazi programme, and allegedly ended their meetings by giving the Nazi salute and shouting, “Down With Us!”.

    LOL All three of them. They were like Log cabin republicans.

  85. Alex says:

    I’m not sure Putin should be compared to Hitler.
    BTW – if you can clean all the criminal areas all over the world it will solve all the problems. )))

  86. Sameboat1 says:

    Wikipedia is not considered a reliable or acceptable source for most universities. I can understand your use of it, though, as right-wingers do not necessarily concern themselves with truth; particularly Hitler apologists such as yourself. If we are going to learn anything at all from history, we should acknowledge the fact that both Hitler and Stalin were monsters. Consider this: to which American political party do you think those two would have belonged?

  87. Well color me surprised John. I can’t believe they are dumb enough to come out and straight say their true thoughts. A smart evil person or government might believe this but not say it.

  88. UFIA says:

    You are correct, Putin should not be supported, this mistake should not be repeated.

    I would recommend cleaning up an area of the city too criminal to be safe, so my daughter then could wear what the hell ever she wants to.

  89. LC says:

    Even IF what she claims about Western Europe was true, given Russia’s own history of governmental discrimination and violence against Jews, today’s Europe STILL looks like the lesser of two evils.

  90. UFIA says:

    Heinrich von Treitschke was “Nationalliberal”, that is as liberal as “Nationalsozialismus” is socialism.

  91. UFIA says:

    … as many European governments also include people we would call “neo-Nazis.”
    Sort of how Europeans view the republican party.
    Look at it this way, as an example, Germany’s ruling right-wing party, Merkel’s “Christlich Demokratische Union”, is far left of the Democrats.

  92. Alex says:

    I don’t quite understand were is blaming or puting any responsibility here.
    It is just what happend. Hitler was supported? He was. So never this mistake should be repeated again.
    Whould you blame woman for being raped in criminal are of the city? Not for sure. Whould you recommend your daughter to go there wearing mini skirt? I doubt.

    And for sure nazi-gans in Russia should be treatened the same way – catched and put in jail – no place for hypocrisy here.

  93. Alex says:

    Sure, it doesn’t. But should remember this mistake forever for sure.

  94. Alex says:

    Yeah. Nuance. I guess Greek right party doesnt cry loud out “let’s put Cypus people on knifes” like it was on Maidan in the address of Russians by some right party. Just nuance.

  95. A) Yeah, it usually “is” about blaming the Jews.
    B) Pick any crisis and I’m sure you can find some fringe group that sided with the bad guys early on. That doesn’t make everyone in that class responsible.
    C) The Kremlin complaining about Nazis is pretty freaking laughable when Putin uses Russian neo-Nazis to do his dirty work against gays (at the very least tacitly, but the Russian govt has also publicly defended them as well).

  96. By the way, gays are totally responsible for the McCarthy era:

    And we caused Hitler too.

    One fringe group or individual doesn’t not a Holocaust make.

  97. It’s not a defense, it’s nuance. When you say “there be nazis in that there gubmint,” and then you find out that there are the same farir right extremists in the Greek govt, the Swedish government, governments across Europe, and that the far right in France is even polling in the low 20s, you understand that simply claiming that the far right is “represented in a European government” is not justification for writing off the lives of 45 million people. Unless you’d like to write off half of Europe and let the Russians take it back, because “there are nazis in their government.”

    Not a defence. Nuance.

  98. Alex says:

    I hope, you are not going to say Stalin should be blamed for Hitler attacks on western (and estern) Europe? :)
    And everyone else were just saint angels…

  99. frogview says:

    I fear anti-gay (ism) will follow the same history as the Jews.

  100. 4th Turning says:

    I’d be interested to know how this story is playing in Israel-or in Russian-Jewish communities here.
    Maybe there is a failure to speak out for fear of the inevitable backlash? There was a lot of Jewish
    complacency across 30’s europe and the u.s. and refusal to believe the nextdoor neighbors
    they’d grown up with for generations could morph into monsters.

    “Polev’s immigrant success story resembles those of many of the million-strong Russian-speaking immigrants who arrived in Israel in the 1990s. Along with their descendants, Russian speakers now comprise nearly one-fifth of all Israelis.”

  101. Badgerite says:

    Of course Hitler used hatreds and bigotries that were already present. What point are you making? Here is what happened from the Maiden protests and their outcome. The entire parliament in the Ukraine voted in support of the protests. Yanukuvych left because his support in the country had collapsed. They certainly could have impeached him. They had the grounds and the evidence. And they had the votes.

  102. Badgerite says:

    Uh huh. Stalin was the one who actually signed a pact with Hitler that made it possible for him to go on a rampage in Western Europe. His generals, who were edgy about Hitler’s war plans to begin with, would not have gone along had there been the probability of a two front war early on. They would have toppled him first. Stalin’s pact with Hitler freed him up to concentrate on western Europe. And concentrate he did.

  103. 4th Turning says:

    Yet, knee-jerk “support for Israel” has been another idiotic litmus test for
    getting elected to high office. You have got it about right-this crowd even
    has a difficult time acknowledging jesus was jewish…

  104. lawguy says:

    That’s an interesting defense of having neo-nazis in your government: “But Mom the other kids are all doing it.”

  105. evmt says:

    I wouldn’t call them nazis. They may use rhetoric close to the one used by Third Reich propagandists, like “national-predateli” (national traitors) in Putin’s last address to Federation Council being direct calque of Hitler’s “nationalverräter” first used in Mein Kampf. Their core ideology is mostly cleptocratic and probably soviet revisionist in part, and they may turn to fascist methods to crack down on opposition and dissidents when they feel their rule threatened.
    But their policies are not nationalistic at all, there are millions of immigrants in Russia both legal and illegal, mostly muslims from Central Asia and Caucasus, and the government resists all popular calls for tightening the migration control. National republics that are part of Russian Federation also recieve huge preferences in donations from federal budget in comparison to regions populated mostly by ethnic russians. And the “anti-extrimism laws” that ban ethnically, religiously, etc. motivated speech and violent actions are often used against russians but never against any non-russian ethnic criminal groups.

  106. Alex says:

    So it is John who said that. Neither Prohanov, nor the host said that.
    They said exactly the same as Snyders of NYReview (link on the top) “In the long run, Right Sector is the group to watch.”
    It is not about the fault – but sure Ukraine and the world should not repeat the mistakes by closing eyes on fascists.

  107. adamj2013 says:

    I agree. No Jew should EVER trust the far-right Christians of the US. They aren’t pushing for Judeo-Christian values. They are pushing to get as many Jews as they can to move to Israel in order to bring about what they think is the Apocalypse. They WANT a final confrontation with Islam and an all-out nuclear war. They believe Jesus will come back after and bring them to Heaven.

  108. Alex says:

    Exactly. Not only Russians. Also Great Britain, France, all other european countires made a lot for that Nazist hell became a reality.
    By closng their eyes, by playing their games with monster, by feeding him, not understanding that everyboy will be harmed.

  109. Houndentenor says:

    As opposed to the Neo-Nazis running Russia?

  110. Houndentenor says:

    Antisemitism had a long and ugly history in Germany and pretty much everywhere else. The idea that it was their own fault is absurd.

  111. evmt says:

    I do not know, and I don’t think it’s important. That is because the assertion that the new government in Kiev is run by neo-nazis is a sham and a product of Russian state TV propaganda, nothing more.

  112. Houndentenor says:

    In part because the other parts of this story aren’t being covered. Gay activists successfully forced the mainstream media to briefly and begrudgingly talk about anti-gay laws and anti-gay violence in Russia. The violence against Jews and and other ethnic minorities has been so ignored that I get blank stares whenever I bring it up. People don’t know. I think we would be doing ourselves and everyone else a favor by placing the anti-gay problem in Russia in the broader context of hyper-nationalism. In short, everything not Russian is considered bad and that includes religions other than Orthodox, ethnicities that aren’t Russian and people who do not conform to an ideal of Russian purity (including but not limited to gay people).

  113. caphillprof says:

    And where is Ambassador Nuland in all of this? What is she up to?

  114. 2patricius2 says:

    If that’s the case, then the Russians brought the attack by the Nazi Germans on themselves.

  115. adamj2013 says:

    That American Christofascists are fawning over Putin because of his treatment of LGBT people really says a lot about how they feel towards Jews too. They see an opportunity to bring about a Christian theocracy and they love it.

  116. Alex says:

    So what’s wrong or false here?
    Indeed there were liberals in Gernany who feeded the idea of anti-semetism.
    Check this one
    And Hitler just used this idea that was already formed before him.
    It is not about blaming the jews – it is about blaming liberal organization for prasing Maidan with fascists organizations like Right Sector, Svoboda party.

  117. evmt says:

    That’s probably because the translation of this part is somewhat ambigous, especially when taken outside of context.
    What mr. Prokhanov says is simply an expansion of official Russian stance on the current Ukrainian government (that it’s run by ultranationalist groups that worship Stepan Bandera whose UPA organisation, at least according to official Soviet historiography, was responsible for ethnic cleasings in Nazi occupied parts of Poland and Western Ukraine during WWII), meaning that by supporting Euromaidan jewish organizations brought “neonazi” government into power in Kiev and that this government will repay them with a new (second) Holocaust in return.

  118. iamlegion says:

    Ah, I’m far more disturbed about the wording:

    PROKHANOV: It is strange that Jewish organizations – European and Russian – support Maidan. They do that? They do not realize that they are, with their own hands, closer to the second Holocaust?

    _Second_ Holocaust? This isn’t about _shifting blame_ for the Holocaust in WWII, it’s about _justifying_ the need for a _second_ Holocaust. This is a setting up excuses for wholesale slaughter in exactly the way Hitler and Stalin did. We should all be a lot more frightened about this statement.

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