Jews brought Holocaust on themselves, says Russian state TV

It’s beginning to look a lot like Stalin.

A Russian state TV presenter, during an interview about Ukraine, told a guest that Jews helped bring the Holocaust on themselves.

As context, the Russians have been justifying their invasion of Ukraine, and annexation of Crimea, by claiming that the Maidan protest movement in Ukraine, and the Ukrainian government, is run by neo-Nazis.  In fact, the truth is slightly more complicated than that, as many European governments also include people we would call “neo-Nazis.”


PROKHANOV: It is strange that Jewish organizations – European and Russian – support Maidan. They do that? They do not realize that they are, with their own hands, closer to the second Holocaust?

HOST EVELYN ZAKAMSKAYA: They also advanced the first [Holocaust].

PROKHANOV: It’s dreadful, it is astonishing blindness — which, apparently, is repeated, because until 1933 in Europe many liberal organizations were feeding Hitler.


I confirmed the transcript with Miriam Elder at Buzzfeed, who speaks Russian, and says it’s “accurate, if incomplete.”

This is what passes for “journalism” in Russia.  State-employed extremists who spout pretty much anything to further the Kremlin’s cause.

Ironically, Russian President Putin claims he invaded and annexed Ukrainian Crimea to defend Russian-speakers from neo-Nazis.  (The truth is slightly more complicated.) Yet, Russian state television, run by Putin, thinks Jews are to blame for the Holocaust.  Then again, Russia has a long history with anti-semitism.

And, Putin himself lets neo-Nazi gangs operate at will across Russia, doing his dirty work against minorities that the Kremlin doesn’t like, including Jews.

So it’s no surprise that the Russian propaganda organs now believe Jews brought the Holocaust on themselves.

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