Bill Maher blasts story of Noah, calls God “psychotic mass murderer”

Bill Maher trashed the biblical story of Noah last week on his show “Real Time,” and he didn’t pull any punches.

Maher walked through the Noah story, about how Noah supposedly live to be 900 years old, and how Noah managed to get 3 million animals onto one boat, animals from all over the world that just happened to be found within 5 miles of the ark.

Maher called the story of Noah “childish,” and then suggested that if the story were true, then God was a “psychotic mass murderer.” He went on to suggest that believer were “making shit up out of thin air to f*ck with yourself.”


Here’s the thing. Maher is good at what he does, and I can totally appreciate that to someone who doesn’t believe in God, the stories of the Bible, or the Koran or any other religious document do sound like bs. And I don’t think they’re out of place thinking that. If you’re an atheist, religion is pretty silly. (Though, apparently, Mormons will no longer get a planet in their afterlife.)

I still found myself wincing at points during the video.  While I certainly don’t appreciate the need of far too many faiths to beat the bejesus out of everyone who they find lacking, maybe it’s my upbringing, but I still did wince a bit at the video.  I wouldn’t necessarily support admonishing Maher over it.  I’m just not sure it wasn’t a bit mean.

What do you think?

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167 Responses to “Bill Maher blasts story of Noah, calls God “psychotic mass murderer””

  1. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    First, I am a Christian, and I disagree with you. We can’t all agree, and I suspect that no one really cares how you feel. All sixteen of your DISQUS comments are available for everyone to see. My opinion is that you are one of the most negative posters around, but your opinion is probably that you are a wonderful, kind man.

  2. Ryan Borger says:

    No we are the ones that are not ignorant morons that believe a man in the sky is listening to every one of your narcissistic little thoughts. We base things on logic, reason, and commonsense, not on fairy tales and lies used to control the people. Wake up el foolio.

  3. Ann says:

    My opinion is based on the character of many of the people who say they believe, what they portray to the world, and their actions. If you read what I wrote, I said: “I think that.”. This means it’s what I think, my opinion. The fact that you don’t care about corrupt churches or evangelists, in MY opinion goes back to character. I find many so called religious people to be mean and hypocritical. Whereas I was taught that religious people are good, moral and kind. . I do wonder if it is some kind of mass delusion? I really don’t know but it is something that I speculate about. I do think that because so many people have varying degrees of what they believe, and different faiths believe different things, regarding: dress, work, sex, shopping on Sunday, holidays, on and on and on, that we should not legislate based on religion. I think that we should be respectful of people’s beliefs (regardless of my opinions), but we should not legislate or run public schools based on one particular faith, nor should our government declare one faith as the law of the land or mandatory in any official governed capacity.

  4. Clint East says:

    How do you know how people feel? Very arrogant on your part. As for TV Evangelist and Mega Chuches, I really don’t care…..some are corrupt, others are sincere. The FAITH I’m talking about is BELIEF in Jesus of Nazareth as the Divine Christ. Again, read my World Wide Blessing post below…..either Christians got lucky or it’s true. You’ve gotta have FAITH. God gives us just enough hints to show he’s there, but not 100%….that is the genius about God……again, FAITH.

  5. Ann says:

    I think that people say they believe or have faith because it makes them feel good, mostly selfishly and takes away a tiny bit of the fear of dying. from what I see, especially from the preachers, they want tithing. If you give money you will be rewarded for doing so, you will recieve back two fold what you give. Or, so they always say. If you’re doing it because you’re looking for a reward, but still have a black judgemental heart, it pretty much negates it all. People should stop donating to the mega churches and give directly to the missons, where they have feet on the ground. They pass out blankets to the homeless so they won’t freeze to death. They fill the bellies of babies who wouldn’t otherwise thrive. They don’t care of you’re straight, gay, black, white, christian or muslim. I think that when people get to the point where they are bragging about their knowledge of the bible, they have missed the mark. Belief or not, faith or not.

  6. Clint East says:

    Psalm 14:1 “The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.””

    See my comments below to Brett Ellis…I’m not going to rehash the existence of God again. As for your 1500 years comment….pure rubbish. Most people died from disease or famines. As for Wars, most died over Money, Land, and Power. Sure, some died for theological reasons….but usually Greed was behind the ultimate motive for war.

    As for most of the deaths in the last 1500 years, 100 Million murders were at the hands of ATHEISTIC Communists….20th Century. As my professor of History once said, “When Rome fell, Western Civilization has been like kindergarten compared to the 20th Century…..WW1….WW2…..Stalin murdered 10 million….Mao 75 million.”

    Take off your Rose colored glasses, dude.

  7. Clint East says:

    Wow, Sally, your broke about 10 fallacies in that post. Try this basic one on for size: “Guilt by Association.” You pick out a few bad apples and apply it to the rest. Weak. As for the Earth….let me guess…you believe Al Gore. hahaha. Mr. “I have 3 mansions and run up a huge electric / energy bill every month” then I preach to everyone else to “ride a horse or bicycle.” Wow. As for Translations, we have the original Greek Versions of the Bible. Also, the original Hebrew Old Testament has been preserved very well (check up Dead Sea Scrolls.). There is a loss in translation from Hebrew and Greek to English….but a good lexicon will clear that up.

    As for Women, the GREATEST Saint is Christendom is a Woman….Mary, the Mother of Jesus. Also, Jesus did NOT pick women to be disciples….take that up with him.

    As for God being “Mad”…..grow up. If you read my stuff below, the God of the Bible is not a little “Mommy” that protects you from all harm or lets you get away with stuff. No, the God of the Bible is Love, Mercy, Justice, and Wrath. If you read the New Testament carefully, who mentions “Hell” the most? Jesus Christ. If you are on the LEFT of Jesus, you go to Hell… is your own doing.

  8. Clint East says:

    Actually, most psychologist will tell you that Religion (for the most part) is a force for good.

    As for Scripture, I was quoting it as a “Historical Document”….the Hebrews / Jews / Christians predicted a “World Wide Blessing” and it came true. Believe it or not….that is your choice…that is the whole point. It’s called FAITH.

  9. Clint East says:

    Your mom is calling for you down in the basememt….it’s time for supper.

  10. mvrs768 says:

    More quotations from the book of fiction.

  11. mvrs768 says:

    Conclusion 3: these folks are all nutters.

    I’m going with door number 3, please!

  12. mvrs768 says:

    Communism was a religion in and of itself. It has a ‘holy’ book (Mao’s red book in this case), a self proclaimed prophet (Mao) and of course a zealous following willing to tolerate millions of people starting to death.

    Hitler also called himself a prophet numerous times, called his speeches ‘prophecies’ and whipped his followers up into a frenzy. So much so that thousands committed suicide rather than to live in a world without Hitler and national-socialism. It had all the hallmarks of religion.

  13. mvrs768 says:

    All bible stories have one thing in common: none of it is real.

  14. mvrs768 says:

    Won’t you be surprised when you find out there is no such thing as ‘god, ‘devil’, ‘heaven’ or ‘hell’? Oh wait, you won’t! Because all these things do NOT exist!

    Over the past 1500 years, more people have been killed in the name of christianity or islam than for all other reasons combined, even if you include other ‘religions’ like Marxism or National-socialism (which also had a self proclaimed prophet and holy book).

    Isn’t it funny how religious folks always seem to gleefully revel in the idea that those who do not share their beliefs will be tortured for all eternity? How compassionate of them!

  15. Paul Starks says:

    Atheist are basically the foster children of the world that no one relates to or no wants.

  16. joefromnc says:

    It’s fun to watch christians pwned in their own ‘area of expertise”.

  17. Sally says:

    You do know that the Bible you quote has been through hundreds of translations, many languages, and many political renderings? What’s missing? Were there books by women? Were there female disciples edited out by the church hierarchy? How come there are similar flood stories from religions that pre-date Christianity? And frankly, if God was so mad back then that he drowned everything but Noah’s boat, what must he think now when the Christians in this country condone war, hate minorities, subjugate women, refuse to help the poor, and make a living by lying? He must be really patient to let wars go on for hundreds of years with no refreshing of the flock. Not to mention the way we are trashing His Earth, and it’s “Christians’ who are most adamant about allowing even more destruction through pipelines and fracking. My church is a peace church who also believes in taking care of this land, water and air. Can yours say the same?

  18. Ann says:

    Reading the comments here is interesting Quoting scripture as if it’s proof
    there is a God. Talking about what Jesus did as if it’s proof. Because you
    study the bible you act as authority as to whether or not there is a God.
    There is this dogma that actually seems to
    produce a meanness and madness in some religious people. I couldn’t say yay or
    nay about God, but I fear most the humans who are so wrapped up in religion that they would
    drive off a cliff and take everyone with them based only on their thoughts and
    to hell with everyone else. No one wants to think that what they believe in so
    strongly might be a form of mental illness, or just a conformity.
    Some people
    say they are spiritual, believe there is a bigger power, but don’t necessarily
    think the Bible or Torah is their blueprint. These are the people who are the most kind, they try to live good moral happy lives, but the organized religious won’t let that
    be, and they criticize them, often acting superior.

  19. Clint East says:

    Ad Hominem….really? Again….you’re….quite emotional.

    Dude, I don’t mean to be brash, but I’ve owned you all day. So, your last post here is pathetically sad. I’ve presented “Facts” to you, but then you have to use Ad Hominem…..puff your chest out and say, “I won.” It’s actually sad, really.

  20. Brett Ellis says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen. I present the other side of the argument. I now address the people reading this conversation.

    It took less than an hour to get the nut job to reveal himself. Opinions from the people like this man are the reason for fighting against religion. There is nothing that this guy put in the previous statement that isn’t disturbing on a deep level.

    At some point you just have to sit back and bask in the crazy of the right wing, there is nothing quite like it. These views, this person, this argument is not worthy of serious discussion.

    There are not two sides, there is one side that is being honest and sane, the others are using fantasy and emotion and are willing to justify anything to confirm their ideals.

    This isn’t an even conversation, this is one side making things up as they go along, trying to justify historic crimes against humanity, trying to make real the fantasy they so want to believe in.

    Don’t be fooled, this is not intelligence, this is a disturbed perspective divorced from reality, and it is very dangerous.

  21. Clint East says:

    -Hitler was baptized Catholic, but he was NOT a practicing Christian.
    -The Crusades kept you from bowing to Mecca 5 times a day.
    -The Spanish Inquisition was bad, but not as many died as what is reported from Protestant Universities in England. There are good and bad in everything. The USA is a country that is a ‘force for good’, but it has done many terrible things. Andrew Jackson comes to mind.
    -True…GAY priests in the Catholic Church did awful things. So did that teacher who just had sex with five adolescent boys; or Sandusky who molested kids; or those Fathers who rape their daughters. US Study: 1 out of 10 men molest kids; 1 out of 15 Women molest kids.
    -Nice fallacy on your part….”Guilt by association”…If one priest is bad, all priests are bad. Weak.

    Billions, huh? Prove it. One of my history professors looked at Western Civ. this way: The previous 19th Centuries, especially from 400 A.D. to 1900 A.D. were Kindergarten compared to the 20 Century. IOW’s, the world is a messy and evil place….but evil had never reared its ugly so terrible as in the 20th Century (WW1 + WW2 + Communists murdered 100 Million). Your little Atheist buddies were mainly to blame.

    LGBT….a dishonest bunch, that’s for sure. Their little “War” on Catholicism is pathetic.

    Statistics? Most atheist I know are radical nut jobs. I have a brother in law that is one….he thinks that since the “Spotted Owl is in danger, then we need to exterminate the Human population near where the Owl lives….women, children, etc.” Nice atheist. He also thinks all Republican should be shot…and he meant it.

    Godless society….like Mao’s or Stalin’s? Go move to China, they’d love you….they need English speaking people to teach there people how to speak English…probably so when they invade us, they will be able to communicate to us to move into the Gas Chambers…..Atheists act that way….again, 70 Million dead by Mao.

  22. Clint East says:

    1st Paragraph: Paine was not a “Theologian”…we was a rebellious agitator who tried to interpret the Bible the same way you do….English translation NOT understanding ancient the Hebrew Language or culture without some type of “Theological Degree”…it makes for a bad mix of B.S. Most Archaeologist have PROVED the Bible…the Bible stands strong. You’re just throwing out crap at this point. Also, try reading a book by Dr. Scott Hahn “Answering the New Atheism” …. refute it….have fun. hahaha

    2nd Paragraph: I doubt you know the scripture that well…..just from conversing with you, you are at a 101 level on most things.

    3rd Paragraph: Actually, the Book of Revelations is the Catholic Mass. St. John was writing it as a “Theological Book”… have to understand the Catholic Mass to understand Revelations…without it, you’re totally lost.

    4th Paragraph: You put too much faith in Science or Scientists….it’s almost like a cult. Did you know that just yesterday, the “Scientist” did ANOTHER study on Saturated Fat and now they are saying it’s “Good for You.” We have billions of humans to experiment on and yet they still can’t get it right. One day Saturated Fats are bad…the next day they are good. As for the Planet, Good luck…we don’t have a billion planets to experiment on….most “empirical evidence” are theories or guesses. As for the “Prediction”…you did not read my post about the “World Wide Blessing.” READ IT!!!!! It’s right above your original post.

    5th Paragraph: You see, your 5th paragraph proves to me that you’re just a…you don’t even know basic Sunday School Stuff. St. Matthew and St. John both new Jesus Christ…..St. John was at the Cross and at the Tomb on Sunday Morning. As for Luke and Mark, they were highly educated men….they learned about the Gospel from St. Paul and the disciples.

    6th Paragraph: The Matthew Lineage follows St. Joseph’s. The Luke lineage follows Mary. Again, 101 theology stuff.

    7th Paragraph: You have to have eyes to see it. If you’re so blind to the point that you know for “100% certainty” that God does not exists, then you’ll just go, “Pffffft…..sure, the Quantum formulas are interesting, but there is still no proof.” Dr. Kovach was / is an honest broker….he sees it for what it is. Also, you’ve got Google….research it….there are many who see “intelligent design” in Quantum formulas.

    8th Paragraph: Wrong. The “Hints” are there…. again, 70 Trillion cells…photosynthesis turning sun light to energy from a green cell. You go ahead and keep thinking you came from Pond Scum and your eternal life is Worm Food.

    10th Paragraph: You’re putting words in my mouth. I said your argument of “Prove the Negative is B.S.” is just that….B.S. Using that phrase means nothing…it doesn’t disprove God’s existence. Just like that Paris Scientist deny Radio Waves because “You can’t prove a negative.” Radio Waves exist.

    11th Paragraph: Greek Religions are DEAD. Egyptian Religions are DEAD. Islam almost died, but Oil brought it back 100 years ago. As for the Bronze Age, they were much smarter on many levels then we are here in the 21st Century. You’re worship of the Scientists and their little movement called the “Enlightenment” has ushered in the true DARK AGE…. when that Genie gets out of the bottle (Nukes), then we will reap what we have sown from “The Enlightenment.” Israel and Iran…..Russia and Obama. Nice world your hero’s created for us.

    Last Paragraph: Wow….”tin hat”…I thought I was arguing with someone of half way intelligence….put you are actually…..quite emotional.

  23. Brett Ellis says:

    Hitler was Christian, most likely Catholic. The Crusades were fought by Christians, the Spanish Inquisition was perpetrated by the Catholic Church, children around the world are coming forward about being molested and raped by Clergy, Islamic fundamentalists flew planes into buildings and kill US servicemen and civilians with suicide bombs and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

    For thousands of years religious institutions supported the slavery and brutal rape and murder of BILLIONS of people over the coarse of generations! They also claimed a godly purpose in the continued racism that is currently represented by the Neo-Nazis and the KKK.

    For thousands of years the LGBT community have been tortured, mutilated, and murdered by the religious who impose their morality upon them. To this day American Christians are traveling to Russia and Uganda and other countries trying to make homosexuality a crime punishable by prison sentences or death.

    I’m sorry, what was your point? Oh ya, god in society. The least religious countries have the lowest crime rates. The prison population is over 98% religious, only 2% are Atheists.

    Sure we have our crazy assholes too, but I’d much rather have a godless society than the ones that reject reason and logic for supernatural bullshit.

  24. Brett Ellis says:

    Read “Age of Reason” by Thomas Paine for a comprehensive list of most of the contradictions in the bible. Look at the research of virtually all of the archeologists who study the Old Testament who know, not claim, but know that the Exodus from Egypt did not happen, that the story that leads up to the deification of Moses and the introduction of the 10 commandments is not possible and did not happen. The Hebrews did not have a “divine track of truth”, they wrote a long tale of bullshit and convinced everyone to follow along in one way or another.

    My theological knowledge has been tested and I score higher than most, I have read more of the religious scriptures than most religious people. Ever notice that Atheists know the bible better than the Christians do?

    If the book of Revelations is not a doomsday tale then what is? Are you claiming that the Catholic Church doesn’t believe in that? For over 2000 years (and 265 con men claiming to be christ’s vicar) the predictions never happened.

    The predictions I was referring to are the predictions made by scientists every day. They make these predictions to prove that their theory is accurate. Name the predictions that religion have made that can be empirically verified.

    As for the carpenter who couldn’t get un-nailed from his own lumber, the writers of the New Testament never met the guy and most of the authors didn’t even have written accounts of the man’s life nor did they talk to anyone who actually met the man. That is why the accounts of the man’s life are CONTRADICTORY and mutually exclusive, meaning that if one is correct the others cannot be.

    Tell me which of the two lines of paternal lineage between King David and Jesus do you believe in, you can’t believe in both! If you cannot tell me who your god’s paternal line was then you don’t know your god!

    One physicist! You claim that all the physicists out there believe in intelligent design from a conversation with one guy? You cannot show a survey or a study or any other empirical data to back up this claim? What if he was pulling your leg, or has decided to ignore his education is favor of the faith he wants to believe? You need more than a single person to form a consensus, even the surgeon from Kansas would agree with me on that one.

    You can trash talk Bill Nye all you like, it does not invalidate the comment. There is no evidence that can survive peer reviewed scrutiny that proves or even strongly hints at the existence of god.

    If the absence of knowledge is your proof of a deity, then that god is an ever shrinking sphere of ignorance that we are quickly chipping away at.

    The “never proving a negative” argument is from classical Greece and has survived the scrutiny of thousands of years. It is far older than Christianity, Islam or most of the religions that linger from their Bronze Age beginnings.

    I really don’t need to read the other posts to realize that you’ve got your tin hat on backwards.

  25. Clint East says:

    Like Mae Zedong? He was a great atheist….he was such a great atheist that he had 70 Million of his own people murdered / executed. You bet, take God out of Society / Law and then you have Mao or Lenin or Stalin. Nice bunch you are lumped in with.

  26. Clint East says:

    Major heresy…not even close. As for St. Paul, he claims he met Christ on the Road to Damascus. Before he met Christ on the road to Damascus, he saw Jesus’ followers dying for the Risen Christ…..he even overlooked the stoning of St. Steven. So, if Jesus was some “Mythical Figure” or had NOT risen, then why were his followers dying for him?

    As for the early Church, we have all sorts of writings. First, we have the New Testament itself…along with other books that were not accepted as inspired. Also, we have the Early Church Fathers of the 2nd and 3rd Centuries. St. Ignatius, an Early Church Father, knew St. John (Gospel Writer) and he had much to say about the early Church.

    I’m not even going to refute all the other stuff you said…they are way out there.

  27. downs1 says:

    Won’t Maher be surprised, along with millions of other atheists and non-believers when they find out that what they call “myth” is literally true! And won’t they be surprised when they find themselves being judged at the Great White Throne. But then, they have been aptly described by God as “fools”! “The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God.'” (Psalm 14:1). If God is the Creator, He has every right to destroy His creation if it rebels against His authority which many have repeatedly done. Maher hasn’t spoken out about Muslims who are systematically murdering Christians around the world, nor those who have systematically killed millions of Jews. Maher is a coward! He will keep shooting his mouth off and eventually offend some folks who may just cut off his head!

  28. Clint East says:

    Contradiction? From your uneducated view of theology – using your 21 Century opinion projected back on an ancient book written by Hebrews for Hebrews in a totally foreign culture to America / Europe of today – this does not make for a very objectionable opinion on your part. It’s actually quite arrogant and immature. As for the “3000” gods and such, we were created to be “Spiritual Beings”…most of the ancient religion’s worshiped what they saw around them (Sun, animals, moon, etc), they didn’t have the “Divine Track to the Truth” like the Hebrews had or did…..why? Because of our fallen nature (Original Sin). This is 101 philosophy / 101 Theology stuff that your bringing up.

    As for your 2nd paragraph: Did you not read my post above yours? Give it a try. As for ‘end of days’, the Catholic Church (2000 years old…265 successors to St. Peter) has never predicted the “End of the World.” Sure, you have some nutty people using scripture and they try to make it fit into current events, but those people are ‘loons’…Jesus tells us “no one knows the time or the hour of the end of days”….anything else comes from the ‘evil one.’

    3rd Paragraph: I worked with a man by the name of Dr. Ian Kovach….he works at Pratt Regional Hospital, Pratt, Kansas as an Orthopedic Surgeon these days. Check his credentials. He got a Physics degree from MIT…a Medical Degree from Harvard….then he got a Physics doctorate from MIT. He is an “agnostic”….but we discussed the belief in God one day. He said, “Well, I don’t believe in some middle-eastern or far east god. But I will tell you this, there is ‘Intelligent Design’ and something greater than us exists out there. When you get to the PHD level of Quantum Physics, you see that there is NO WAY those mathematical formulas came from some cosmic accident, something designed it” There you have it….from the agnostic himself.

    Bill Nye….hahahaha. You’re gonna take Bill Nye (a PBS actor / celebrity) and formulate an opinion? Wow. Okay……..
    As for proving “The Negative”, that is a weak argument. There are enough proofs (as I said above) that there are hints of some intelligent design here on the Earth and in the Cosmos. Lets say you go back in time and meet up with some Scientist at the University of Paris in 1500. You tell him that there are ‘radio waves’ / pulses hitting the earth from Quasars….and then you give your theory. He would look at you and say, “Prove it. I could say that there is a ‘middle earth’ with creatures living there…it holds the same weight as your ‘radio waves.'” Get my drift, Tonto?

    You go back up to my post just above your original post and read my “World Wide Blessing” post…then look at the exchange I have with Mike_in_the_tundra.

  29. Clint East says:

    The Truth is hard to take when you live by “the flesh” in this Society (Western Society) ….it’s hard to take. I only spoke of “Facts” as it pertains between the Bible and Historical Facts. The Bible, written by a small group of persecuted Jews, predicted a World Wide Blessing. The Scripture was there…..the words were there (1st Century) and then it came true (20th Century).


    1) The Christians got lucky….timing. The old ancient Greek / Egyptian Religions are started to die along with the Roman Empire in the 6th Century – and- the Christians were standing strong. Once Rome fell, the Church is the only structure left standing. Eventually, after Europe rebuilt itself with Christianity as its guide, then Christianity expanded to the New World and the Far East. Today, Christians are everywhere chanting ‘blessings’ to people. Gen 12 , Matt. 28:19-20, and Gal. 3 coming true is just some “Self fulfilling prophesy.”


    2) Christianity is True…..Jesus is God….Jesus and St. Paul were correct – (Gal. 3:7-8; Matthew 28:19-30) it came true because of Divine Guidance.

    You see, God keeps us guessing…..he gives us just enough proof to “Wonder” if it’s true. It’s called “FAITH.”

  30. Brett Ellis says:

    Sure I can prove there is no god, its simple actually. Over 3000 gods, angels, demons, and other supernatural beings have been dreamt up by man. You cannot believe them all because they either contradict themselves (like the bible over 300 times) or they contradict each other. That contradiction alone is grounds for dismissal.

    Also, since none of the before mentioned contradictory scriptures operate inside the physical universe, they cannot be factual. In order to be factual they must be able to make relevant and verifiable predictions. None of the religious end of days predictions have come true, and there have been many.

    Your comment about most physicists is laughable and wrong, most certainly cannot be proven, and does not require me to counter since an inference made without proof can be dismissed without proof.

    While it is impossible to prove a negative, it is possible to disprove every shred of the evidence for god, therefore god is not real. Like Bill Nye stated during the debate with Ken Ham, the one thing that would change a scientist’s mind about all of this is verifiable, peer reviewed evidence that can stand up to scrutiny.

    Thus far god does not have any.

  31. Naja pallida says:

    I want my 2 minutes back.

  32. cole3244 says:

    there are actually many quite good religious people, thank you for making my point for me assuming that’s the best argument you have.

  33. Clint East says:

    “Fictional”? Can you prove it? Is there a God? or There is no God? Think long and hard… 70 Trillion cells in your body working in Unison to bring about Homeostasis so you can have a conscience / being to give us an answer. That’s 70 TRILLION with a “T” – 70 TRILLION cells all working with Mathematical Precision – the cells have no eyes or brains – they work in the dark on their own carrying out their ‘mission.’ Did this Mathematical Formula to maintain the cells in the body just come from a “total accident” of pond scum? Also, try Quantum Physics……. read what the Physicists have to say about “Mathematical Quantum Formulas” that did NOT come from some accident, most Physicists say it came from “Intelligent Design.” Again, Is there a God? Can you Prove there isn’t? I’ve got a lot of hints all around me that say there is a God. I’ll be waiting.

    While you’re pondering that thought, try Job 1:21 as it pertains to Bill Maher…..”God giveth….God can taketh away.” God is NOT a man, but the Creator…he owns your flesh…he can do with it what he wills. Today, most unexplored people think that if their is a “God”, he should be like my “Mommy”….protecting me from all harm. WRONG. That’s not the God of the Bible or Christian History. We don’t worship a “Mommy god.” The world is a messy and complex place (because of Original sin)….an earthquake may take you life away tomorrow…or a Tornado….or a Flood….or lightening. It could take out the Innocent along with the guilty. Let’s don’t be so naive.

  34. Clint East says:

    Yes, Islam refers to Abraham as their father in faith…… there is NO proof that the Religion of Islam – through Muhammad’s blood line – has a direct line to Abraham. The Old Testament does say that Ishmael’s descendants went to the Saudi Arabia area, so some of Ishmael’s descendants are Muslim. Islam is a combination of Old Testament ‘stuff’….New Testament ‘stuff’ and local Arab beliefs / customs. Muhammad traveled with his Uncle as a young man all over the Saudi Arabian peninsula – as well as – the Holy Land. He talked to and learned from the Rabbi’s, Priest’s, and local tribal customs in Arabia. He then mixed them all together and made the Quran.

    Getting back to my original post……I’m only talking about the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. I understand your Circular Argument. Here, try this one: “The Bible is the World of God because the Bible says so.” Sure, this is a Circular Argument….most Bible Christians (and even Lutheran’s) use this fallacious argument to “Prove” their Authority. But the Catholic Church does not use that Argument. The Catholic Church will tell you that the Bible is the “Word of God” because of History, Tradition, Church Counsels, and the Apostolic Church’s Authority. IOW’s, the Catholic Church uses outside Authorities (outside the scripture text) to say that the Bible is the Word of God.

    As for St. Paul and Gal. 3:7-8, he was telling the Galatians that God promised to Abraham that through his family (Abraham…..Isaac…..Jacob….down to Jesus Christ) that Jesus and His Church are going to fulfill that Blessing to the Nation’s. No Circular Argument. Also, History proves the quote. My whole original post was to show the reader that this is HISTORICAL Fact….Christians are in EVERY Nations of the Earth giving out Blessings….it came True. Is the Bible “Divine” or just “Lucky” when it predicted that all Nations would be Blessed?????

    As for 1 Cor. 7:10-11….that is about Divorce. Where is the contradiction? Once the Marriage Sacrament is given, it can’t be broken. But there are cases where Annulments are granted….the Church proclaims the Marriage Sacrament never took place. For example: When a mixed denominational couple goes to a Catholic Priest and asks for the Marriage Sacrament, the Priest will ask the couple if they are going to raise the children “Catholic.” (they both must say “yes” or the Sacrament isn’t given). The Woman (let’s say she is “Lutheran) says, “Yes,” but then that evening she tells her best friend, “No way I’m raising those kids Catholic….I just said that so I can marry my fiance. He’ll never know.” Then later on, they get “Married”…..but then 2 years later her best friend tells the husband what she said. He is on grounds for an annulment because they got married under false pretenses. BTW, this actually happened to a friend of mine.

    St. Paul / James / etc/ and the Gospels are not in Contradiction….I know that Luther felt that way and wanted to remove the Book of James because it didn’t jive with his belief of “Faith Alone” while James was saying, “Faith without Works is dead” ….but hey, Luther got it wrong. Luther tried to make himself the “Pope….All the Bishops…..All the Church Counsels down through History…..and Judge” – all rolled into one man.

  35. Brett Ellis says:

    I wonder if the Rabbi’s of the Jewish faith hold to that interpretation, or the Clerics of the Muslim faith? I doubt any Christian alive would ever claim Jesus at fictional or mythological. So either we have to wait until all these people die off, and their children and children’s children who get indoctrinated by force or we fight the war of words.

    I prefer the blasphemy route. Its quicker, certain to challenge some and piss off more, and will push toward a more educated and honest society.

    In any event, right now all I want is to have religion sterilized out of government around the globe. Statistic after statistic show that societies without religion do better than those with. I think that is a worth while goal.

  36. The_Fixer says:

    What’s really hilarious is how the fundies try to explain that.

    They readily admit that the accounts of such things in the bible were written after the fact. They say that these tales were written by people who at the time used domesticated camels, so it was only natural that they assumed Abraham had camels. So, it’s all explained then.

    I think it does not help your case when you readily admit that this book was written well after the events it reports. Kind of a “smack my head” thing when I think about it.

  37. Brett Ellis says:

    No, one is blasphemy and the other is hate speech. Insulting your fictional creation deity may piss you off but it is not hatred that is focused on a person. If you don’t like what your god did, find another god or choose none of the above.

    One of the world’s problems with Islam right now is the way they maim and kill people for the “crime” of blasphemy, rioting over a cartoon of the prophet. If I cannot describe god as a mass murderer, when the bible does, then how is that criticism of me and limitation of my rights any better?

    The real hate speech comes from the religious, and fighting against that is patriotic, not hateful.

  38. MyrddinWilt says:

    Maher isn’t ridiculing the Noah story, he is ridiculing a particular interpretation of it. Specifically the literal interpretation.

    The Bible predates the idea of history. The idea that it is a literal chronology is a recent notion that became popular among Protestants and in particular certain branches of the non-conformists. One of the ironies about Usher’s nonsensical chronology of the earth dating it at 6000 years is that the main people publicizing it were scientists doing that to knock down religiosity.

    The medieval interpretation of the bible (hermeneutics) divided it into four layers from the literal, ans three layers of allegory. The most important was the hidden meaning, the literal was just for the dullards to understand God.

    We have very little idea what the beliefs of the early church were or even what its origins were. Paul was clearly a central figure but he never refers to Jesus as a living person and he only knows him through ‘scriptures’ that have either been lost or are references to the Old Testament Jesus who never lives on earth at all.

    Genesis and Exodus are allegorical accounts. And it isn’t a transcription error that Genesis 2 is Genesis 1 in the reverse order. That is intentional, it is an example of Chiastic structure that runs through the whole of the old and new testament. Mark is written in the same form with the transfiguration as the central event.

    A hundred years ago Noah and Moses were considered to be historical figures. Today most authorities would say they are mythical like Hercules. Looks like Jesus is headed the same direction.

  39. The_Fixer says:

    Your screed is so ridiculous that you have become a parody of yourself. Good work.

  40. makayli verran says:

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    working off a home computer… Recommended Reading C­a­s­h­D­u­t­i­e­s­.­ℂ­o­m

  41. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    1 Corinthians 7:10-11

  42. Kyle Klages says:

    They are both hate speech dude.

  43. Kyle Klages says:

    Isn’t that kind of narrow minded rationale that I’m sure as an atheist like you wouldn’t just go about believing and spouting ignorantly would you? There are bad people in every walk of life, and actually from my experience, there are actually many quite good religious people.

  44. Kyle Klages says:

    Enlighten us with a time Paul is in disagreement with Jesus.

  45. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Let me put this into perspective for you – I am a Lutheran. I’m certain that the Muslim faith does refer to the Abraham story. In fact, I believe they think that Abraham’s tomb is within their lands. Other than that, I have no idea what they say about Abraham. I wonder if they mention that Abraham married his sister, or that he impregnated her servant. You know it’s possible that the Quran says that their God is the God of Abraham and Ishmael. There are a lot of nice things about the Abraham story, but certainly not everything. I believe there was a leader of people during that period, but I don’t think we can believe it all. Come on, Sarah was almost a hundred when she had Issac. This story is part of the oral tradition and was passed down through the generations before it was written down. They were stories.

    Going back to your original post. You have circular logic. You wanted to prove that the Bible is not myth. What you are basically saying is that the Bible is not myth because it says so.

    In Genesis 12:3, the Bible is basically saying that through his descendants, the world will be blessed. You are basically ignoring half of his descendants.

    Please don’t quote Paul to me. I’m a Christian, not a Paulian. Sometimes he is in complete disagreement with Jesus.

  46. Clint East says:

    The Truth is one post below yours.

  47. Clint East says:

    I’m discussing the facts as presented in the Bible, not the Quran. The Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) tells us that the blessing went from Abraham to Issac to Jacob ( See Genesis and the first chapter of Matthew). That’s why all throughout the Old Testament, God says, “I’m the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob”…..this assured the Hebrews that they were in line of the True Blessing.

    As for Muslims, I have no idea if the Quran even talks about a World Wide Blessing or even talks about Genesis 12:3. But that is irrelevant because my post was about the text in the Old and New Testaments. St. Paul confirms the Abrahamic Blessing in Gal. 3:7-8 and for the next 2000 years it became true (remember, this was 600 years before Muhammed was even born). The Mass and Protestant Sunday Worship is even done in two of the most anti-Christian / hostile Nations on Earth: Saudi Arabia and China…..a small few, but it happens in Secret. The Saudi govt will allow Oil Companies from the West to have Sunday Worship as long as it is in Secret. In China, there are Chinese Catholic Bishops and many Westerners on business there have Sunday Worship.

  48. PDiddie says:

    Sometimes the truth is brutal.

  49. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    You didn’t address the descendants of Ishmael. Couldn’t that great blessing have gone to them?

  50. Clint East says:

    Is the Bible real? Many Atheists seem to think it is “Mythology”…….a “Fairy Tale.” I challenge you to read the following (takes 2 minutes)…if you’ve got the guts :-)

    Let’s look at the Bible from a historical perspective and then see where that takes us. Keep this in mind, we are examining the text of the Bible as written 2000 to 4000 years ago. Some will argue that Abraham never existed, but I’m here to explain the “Text” as it pertains to World History (btw, most Historians believe Abraham existed). Now, I’m going to put some Biblical quotes up, don’t be turned off….but follow me here:

    Back in 2000 B.C., Abraham is told by God that from his future family genealogy, a great “World Wide Blessing” will be accomplished. Gen. 12:3 “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” So the Great Prediction has been made…..from Abraham’s family lineage, EVENTUALLY the WHOLE World will be blessed (Gen 22:18) through some man or group.

    Fast forward 2000 years. Jesus claims that he is the one who would bring about the “World Wide Blessing” (through the Church / Holy Spirit) predicted by Abraham in Genesis 12 + Genesis 22. Jesus tells his disciples to go out into the Whole World and Baptize (Bless) all Nations (Matthew 28:19-20). Then, St. Paul backs this up in Galatians 3:7 “So you see that it is men of faith who are the sons of Abraham. And the scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the Gentiles by faith, preached the gospel beforehand to Abraham, saying, ‘In you shall all the nations be blessed.’” St. Paul is telling us that the prediction of Gen 12 is being fulfilled through Jesus Christ to the Whole World….to the Gentiles and the Jews.

    When the Jews wrote Genesis, they were no one’s on the world scene and they were slaves in Babylon (550 B.C.) when Genesis was written in its current form…yet these slaves were still predicting that their people would bring about a Major Movement that would institute a World Wide Blessing for all people in all Nations. When the Christians wrote the New Testament (40 A.D. to 90 A.D.), they were no one’s on the world scene. Both Jews and Christians were despised by the World…they were pursued with hatred….arrested….beat up….persecuted…enslaved….and murdered. For 300 years, Christians were on the run. It wasn’t until the 4th Century that Christianity finally took off like Wild Fire all over the known World.

    Eventually, Christianity spread to every part of the Earth and is now performing “Blessings” all over the World….in every Nation. Priests and Preachers give their “Blessings” to all the Nations. A Priest at a Catholic Mass / Orthodox Mass says: “I BLESS you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit” / they sprinkle blessed Holy Water on the laity. A Preacher says during worship services: “God Bless you in the name of Jesus Christ.”

    So, we have one of two conclusions here as it pertains to the Bible through Historical FACT……the Historical Fact being that Abraham predicted a World Wide Blessing and now this Blessing is being done all over the World Today through one of his descendants name (Jesus Christ):
    Conclusion #1) The Christian’s got lucky by some evolutionary process of Natural Selection…they won the day.
    Conclusion #2) Christianity is Divinely Inspired and the prediction of Genesis 12 and Galatians 3 is true.

    Take your pick…I’m going with the latter.

  51. taylor2008 says:

    You take care of yourself too. Best of luck with everything in life!

  52. Brett Ellis says:

    Seems to me that if you want to classify Maher as mean you have to have context.

    In this case you could compare it to every single Christian out her that thinks that he is going to spend eternity in the worst place they can imagine. Not for being a bad man, a murderer or a rapist. No they get to go to heaven as long as they “accept Jesus”.

    Who is the more vile? The one man who uses the bible to accurately describe god, or the hate speech coming out of the billions of Christians world wide who are publicly delighted at the prospect of Mr. Maher and other atheists going to hell?

    When compared to the other side of the argument it seems like he is being rather tame!

  53. Jim says:

    You were uncomfortable with Maher’s observations about christian mythology?
    You must believe it then.

  54. BeccaM says:

    Hey, did read the recent article in NatGeo, where it seems paleontologists determined that camels were domesticated in the Middle East some 500-odd years after the dates in Genesis that indicated Abraham had camels?

  55. BeccaM says:

    One of the details I find most amusing is how the more devout the believer, the worse their written language skills end up being. Most of the time, anyway.

  56. barada says:

    Questioning God is an American tradition.
    Herman Melville gives us a classic one.

    Captain Ahab in Moby Dick, Ch.132:

    “Is it I, God, or who, that lifts this arm? But if the great sun move not of himself; but is as an errand-boy in heaven; nor one single star can revolve, but by some invisible power; how then can this one small heart beat; this one small brain think thoughts; unless God does that beating, does that thinking, does that living, and not I. By heaven, man, we are turned round and round in this world, like yonder windlass, and Fate is the handspike. And all the time, lo! that smiling sky, and this unsounded sea! Look! see yon Albicore! who put it into him to chase and fang that flying-fish? Where do murderers go, man! Who’s to doom, when the judge himself is dragged to the bar?”

    Maher’s not at that level of brilliance.
    But he’s got distinguished company.

  57. BeccaM says:

    Well, I have a particular fondness for Hekate, partly because she’s a sexy badass, and partly because she has a reputation for pranking those who dis her.

  58. BeccaM says:

    I thought for myself, starting as a child, when I learned to value reality over myths, and science over superstition.

    As for that creationist website? Pfft. What a load of sophist rubbish.

  59. BeccaM says:

    She looks like an utter joy, and I can see why you’re madly in love with her. It shows. Take care!

  60. taylor2008 says:

    Name is Brian. Thanks for the condolences. The girl in my pic is my daughter thats alive now. Best thing that ever happened to me.
    Thanks again!

  61. BeccaM says:

    Thanks Taylor, and I’m so sorry for your loss. I totally get where you’re coming from.

  62. taylor2008 says:

    Good post Becca.

  63. taylor2008 says:

    Really Don you are throwing that free will garbage at a person who is a lot smarter than you think. If there is free will then why do people say prayer healed someone? When someone is saved in a horrible accident or soemthign bad happens why is it always god saved them? But when they die its free will?
    My daughter died at 3 months and I had over 200 churches across the US praying for her. She still died. Prayer meant nothing!
    Dont shovel the religious garbage on me. Religion is faith…no more and no less. Thats why they call it faith.

  64. taylor2008 says:

    Where has god shown up to people? he hasnt! You are reading a book that has been changed hundreds of times over. Back then people thought the world was flat. There was a lot of crazy things people believed back then. As a very smart adult I want to see proof of things for myself. Not what I am told by books written hundreds of years ago. And I DONT care about Bill Maher….but what he says is true. I have realized this YEARS before Maher said this.
    I wasnt too sure if other civilizations lived out there in the universe till I saw my first UFO. I was at Ohare airport outside of chicago picking up my brother and sister in law from their vegas trip. It was November 7 ’06. I remember it like it was yesterday. I got out of my car and started walking to the building. I saw a bunch of people looking up at something. I looked up and there was this oval craft that was floating several hundred feet about the terminal. It looked like it had water around it. Hundreds or even thousands of people saw this. They stopped all air traffic from taking off or landing because nobody knew what it was. Pilots were opening up their windows on the runways and looking at it. The FAA does NOT stop air traffic for nothing. From a dead stop this thing shot straight up like a bullet through the clouds and punched a perfect hole. This was not government because the G forces would have crushed a human to nothing. I have never seen something move so fast in my life….especially from a dead stop.
    So sorry to say I have seen with my own eyes and thousands of others eyes, a ship not from here. So I now believe in life elsewhere. LEt god show himself for people to believe. But that will never happen.
    I dont care about some internet link. I believe what I see.

  65. BeccaM says:

    Yeah, the she-bear incident was horrific and I don’t know anybody can look at that and see a god who isn’t anything but a psycho with anger management issues.

  66. BillFromDover says:

    At least, it worked with you.

    For the rest of us that eventually matured and can think outside of our childhood beliefs, not so much I would opine.

  67. Monophylos Fortikos says:

    What I would suggest to you is to examine all the evidence for yourself.

    I’ve seen some of the great Burgess Shale specimens for myself. Have you?

  68. BillFromDover says:

    “…so the whether the earth is flat or not is mute.”

    Thank you for providing us with an example of the extreme absurdity a true believer will go through to convince himself of the absolute truth of the bible.

    And you wonder why sentient human beings are fighting to keep your ilk out of our classrooms?

  69. BeccaM says:

    Humans made a god in our own image, because we’re entirely too prideful and self-centered. (Actually, among the hundreds of cultures, we created hundreds, if not thousands of gods, all of whom seemed to act suspiciously human. But I digress.)

    Our ancient, pre-science ancestors couldn’t handle the humility of simply being part of the world, made not from the breath and manifested dirt from a bearded humanoid deity, but out of the stardust-remnants of supernova explosions and billions of years of evolution.

    Our myth-believing ancestors couldn’t handle the humbleness of being less than the most special thing anywhere. They passed that pride and arrogance on to their children who in turn were so insecure in their beliefs, they tortured and killed anybody who didn’t believe exactly as they did.

    At one time, we even foolishly believed the Earth itself was the center of the entire Universe and everything had been created to revolve around us. People were literally burned alive for disagreeing with these ignorant, prideful beliefs in man’s supremacy over all and this one tiny blue planet as the only reason the vast cosmos exists.

    Four centuries ago, at the dawn of the scientific revolution, we began to discover astronomy, geology, paleontology, biology, genetics, electronics, physics, and so much more. Science enough for us to feel proper humility, and to realize that just as the Earth existed for billions of years without us, it could go on for billions more after we’re gone. (That is, assuming we do not totally destroy the biosphere. Which is another possible outcome.)

    We learned that Earth is not necessarily the only repository of life in the entire universe — or all the universes.

    To quote Giordano Bruno, “Your god is too small.” And so is your universe.

    We know better now. Or at least some of us do. Eventually, when our learned reality-embracing descendants leave this planet and spread among the stars, it’s sad to know your science-denying descendants will be left behind, scratching in the dirt, trembling and pissing themselves in ignorant fear whenever storms thunder.

  70. Zorba says:

    Oh, don’t even try to use logic with these religious fundamentalist types, Becc. Their minds are closed, and they won’t listen to logic, or science.
    Too bad for them. They live in an extremely narrow-minded, constricted “world.”

  71. BillFromDover says:

    How does water erupt?

  72. Don Giovanni says:

    Why does God need to show up? If you think that people would then believe you are sadly mistaken. God has shown up to people, done amazing feats, and still they didn’t believe.

    Yes even now there are things about the earth and cosmos we think we know, but will be dispproved again.. so the whether the earth is flat or not is mute.

    What I would suggest to you is to examine all the evidence for yourself. Like you said don’t listen to adults, think for yourself. Bill Maher is a desparate individual looking for shock value (not a good starting point)

    To get you started the link below is a great logic and reasoning site regarding the origins of the earth.


  73. BillFromDover says:

    Speakin’ of Bills, I suppose Bill Donohue, who slithers somewhere around 3 rungs below Ted Nugent on the ladder of scum, is your hero?

    BTW, the gays I know are honest.

  74. BillFromDover says:

    There’s nothin’ like a loving and benevolent god smiting and smoting his way through the old testament.

    She-bears ripping children to shreds and woman-salt statues were among my childhood favorites.

  75. Silver_Witch says:

    Hey – you know you are getting older – be careful with all that ROTF….

  76. Silver_Witch says:

    Ohh can I be that desperate – I would like a mega million dollar job!! Thanks!

  77. BeccaM says:

    And geology makes it clear what you are suggesting is utterly untrue.

  78. Don Giovanni says:

    Bible makes it clear that
    subterranean waters that had been trapped below the surface of
    the earth erupted with catastrophic consequences.

  79. BeccaM says:

    It wasn’t just me, and it wasn’t consistent. Mostly I’ve been left alone.

    But we do have some commenters here on AmericaBlog (and as I’ve seen on other Disqus-supported blogs) where every single comment they put up would receive one or more anonymous down-votes. No matter how innocuous. I called it the “I-hate-you-Ihateyou-ihateyou!” trolling tactic. Plus some of the more determined ones had sock-puppet accounts, so as to make a commenter (again, not necessarily me) look terribly unpopular.

  80. Don Giovanni says:

    God’s Providence.
    The same place the water came from.
    God made them to be in his image. They chose abominations to this. They were instructed 120 years how to change from their ways and did not.
    Free Will.

    Quote “This happens because there was no mass flood and no Noah with an arch holding millions of animals” -Sorry I couldn’t understand what you where implying by this.

  81. BeccaM says:

    He’s not an atheist. Bill Maher is an agnostic, which is just about the only intellectually honest thing to be, since not a single religious belief can be proven. Actually, he’s said he’s an ‘apatheist’ — he has no idea what happens to us after we die and he doesn’t care.

    As for the rest of your babbling? Ooooh, anti-gay wingnut bigotry on parade, how cuuuute! I think it’s terrific he’s 100% behind gay rights.

  82. Silver_Witch says:

    Oh I like that suggestion Zorba…

  83. Silver_Witch says:

    Ohhh BeccaM…I am sorry you were stalked – but now I feel compelled to waste my typing on people like the guy above, the down vote was so much quicker.

  84. Zorba says:

    I would prefer that, if they showed the down votes, Disqus would also show the usernames of those who down voted, the way they do with up votes. Failing that, it is certainly better to remove the anonymous stalking.
    Either show the names, or forget about it.

  85. Zorba says:

    My kids (yes, I took them to church when they were young- hey, I’m Greek Orthodox, and to me, church was always more a socio-cultural experience than a religious one- what can I say?) asked our priest how Jonah could have survived in the stomach of a whale (or “big fish”) and then been disgorged, alive, on the shores of the country he was supposed to have gone to in the first place. The priest mumbled something about large parts of the Old Testament being allegorical. (And I do have to admit, the Orthodox have never subscribed to the fundamentalist “literal interpretation” of all parts of the Bible.)
    Besides the Flood, and Sodom and Gomorrah, and Lot’s wife being turned into salt for looking back, and a number of other things, I was always bothered by the whole 42 kids being mauled and killed by bears for making fun of God’s prophet Elisha and his baldness. Really, God? I mean, really??? You’re going to have a bunch of kids mauled to death because they taunted your prophet? Seems a bit harsh to me.
    As far as I’m concerned, the “Rapture” can’t happen soon enough, as long as it disappears those evangelical-fundamentalist idiots, and leaves the rest of us alone to enjoy the world without their presence. ;-)

  86. BeccaM says:

    I don’t. A variant of anonymous stalking has just been done away with.

  87. BeccaM says:

    Sure. And HBO has been paying him millions each year for the last twelve because why exactly?

    We should all be so ‘desperate.’

    Just because you’re offended, humorless, and can’t take a joke doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t find him hilarious and cogent.

  88. cole3244 says:

    the bible and religion are bs and so are those that claim to be good people because they believe in such nonsense, their actions say otherwise.

  89. Don Giovanni says:

    Thought Maher was a comedian.. nope…. just desperate…

  90. Silver_Witch says:

    You know I have never understood it either….then I don’t understand why one would want a god that clearly hates them.

  91. BeccaM says:

    Or heck, there’s the Odyssey, brought about entirely because gods with (un)surprisingly human tastes and desires weren’t appeased properly.

    The base level insoluble problem is the Christians took a bronze-age deity and tried to inflate him to omnipotence, omniscience, and infinite love — and that just doesn’t work when you start with an obvious war god who, in the stories, regularly orders genocide be done in his name.

  92. Mighty says:

    Maher is right. He is getting flak for it but look at all the evil in the bible and tell me he isn’t right. Slavery, subjugation of women, mass murder etc.

  93. Monophylos Fortikos says:

    Yeah. :( I think that’s true in a very deep and saddening way. People who feel the intense need to believe in the Rapture can’t possibly have lives they’re very happy with. Why else would you long for the day when you’re taken away from it?

  94. Silver_Witch says:

    I love those Rapture stickers – might as well have “loser” on the back of your car.

  95. Monophylos Fortikos says:

    I think you’re right. Diagnosis correct, Silver Witch–it ties in with jomicur’s earlier remark about how Sodom and Gomorrah is also a fundie fave.

    Isn’t that what Rapture readiness is all about in the end? Slapping that “in case of Rapture this car will be unmanned” is a bit like saying that you’re going to be Noah or Lot, the one who gets to laugh while the rest of the world burns.

  96. Silver_Witch says:

    I suppose…but I liked the down vote button and miss it.

  97. Monophylos Fortikos says:

    Cool! We need more homosexual lobbyists. I’ll accept even straight homosexual lobbyists.

  98. Silver_Witch says:

    You know why they like it Monophylos Fortikos – is because they all aspire to be the big prick standing at the door of the ark – saying FU you can’t get on. They all believe that God would call them up directly and ask them, in the event he should need another “Noah” to do the task, build the ark and load her up. Noah was special, he was chosen and Christians of all shapes and sizes really really believe they are that “special” too. It is sort of like loving an abusive parent, “If I work hard, don’t cry when he rapes me, eat all my dinner, he will not beat me”. It is so sad really.

  99. Monophylos Fortikos says:

    The thing is, the story of the Flood makes perfect sense from a different perspective, the perspective of a pagan epic poet relating stories about the arbitrary cruelty of the gods. It’s the sort of story you expect from Hesiod or from the Sumerian epics, both of whom related stories of angry gods punishing all mankind with a great flood. In the pagan stories, however, there is at least the mitigation that while one god may be jealous or hateful toward mankind, another will take our side and mitigate the evil. The god of Moses, however, suffers no rival.

    Let’s not get into the heterogeneous nature of the Flood story itself. Separating the text of the Genesis account into two similar but separate threads is practically a freshman-level exercise in textual criticism.

  100. pricknick says:

    It would be a waste of energy to click it for Paul Stark Raving Mad.

  101. BeccaM says:

    For me, the turning point in my somewhat precocious childhood was reading the oh-so-helpful lists of slave prices, and who was eligible to be sold as a slave. That made me start to question everything.

    And resulted in one of many post-Sunday School visits to the pastor’s rectory office…

  102. Silver_Witch says:

    No thanks – I shall pass on your god and his jesus – I have done nothing in my life that would warrant judgment or punishment by anyone or anything. I suspect the same for you – of course you could be a serial killer – so I could be wrong, but I suspect you do your best.

    I am so sorry you live in fear and that you follow a belief that is so full of hatred and loathing. I hope you find some peace in this life.

  103. 2karmanot says:


  104. Silver_Witch says:

    Yes…some people who are in recovery themselves from the God-Illness sometimes wince a little when the fabric of the lie is exposed. Best just to rip that band-aid off with one yank and let the wound get some sunshine and fresh air.

  105. Silver_Witch says:

    Excellent post BeccaM….especially since how do we wee silly slug of humans even know what god wants from us..the priests are constantly changing their minds…so sad.

  106. Silver_Witch says:

    You are one of those Gods…of which I speak…..

  107. 2karmanot says:

    God? ROTFL

  108. 2karmanot says:

    Exactly so

  109. Goeff says:

    You’re the stupidest person I’ve ever seen reply to an article.

  110. Silver_Witch says:

    I hate that the down vote button has been removed – I did not often use it – save for the likes of you!

  111. Silver_Witch says:

    You believe in a god that would have his own son nailed to a cross and tortured by people so that those same people and their descendants might be free to commit horrible acts of sin and murder and be forgiven on their death beds by crying out for Jesus to forgive them. The god of the new testament is just as cruel and hateful as the god of the old.

    In fact, the god of the new testament is as evil and cruel – ever read revelations???? I have … pretty scary stuff.

  112. Silver_Witch says:

    Maher did not seem harsh to me at all, it is their God who is harsh. His hatred is rampant and I felt at a very young age that he was not a God I would seek or desire to be mine. I have found many Gods/Goddesses along the way who have been far more loving and nurturing. Many, even, who do not feel driven to destroy that which they have created.

    Since he is a “perfect” God I have never understood how he could have created a creature that was “imperfect” or deserving of his wrath and hatred. Not a good God, nor even a good parent figure.

    So glad I have found my own Gods and Goddess – many of whom walk among us daily and who we get to love and care for here and now. Living under the auspices of such a God may require us to be a bit strong in our demonstration to those who believe of how very sad we are for them that the follow/worship one such as he.

    It is my hope to see religion leave this planet before I do.

  113. BeccaM says:

    Aside from the physical, logistical, and scientific impossibility of the Noah story — if taken literally, which most of these fundies seem wont to do — my own reaction to it, dating way back to when as a kid I first heard the story, was to question how cruel a deity must be, to be willing to drown even newborn babies to death. Babies so young they could not possibly have done anything to offend this easily angered god.

    And how it was also impossible to believe that every single human on the entire planet — men, women, and children — aside from Noah and his direct family, was so wicked as to deserve to die horribly. And furthermore, how gratuitously cruel it was to drown every creature not lucky enough to be on the ark.

    In short, a nigh-omnipotent deity is alleged to have had a violent temper tantrum, stomping all his toys to dust and drowning all his pets to death, because they wouldn’t behave how he wanted them to behave. Even though according to the same story, he’s the one who created them all, giving some of them minds and free will.

    The message of the Noah story is a terrible one. “Do exactly as Yahweh says (or more to the point, exactly what we priests tell you he wants), or he might decide to kill you and everybody else. The only promise is he won’t use drowning next time.”

    Gee, I feel so much better because obviously there aren’t any other more torturous ways to… oh right, Sodom and Gomorrah. Being burned to death — men, women, children, and even babies. Or the plagues of Egypt, where one of the targets was specifically people’s babies.

    As for Bill Maher… yeah, he can be mean. Cavalierly dismissive of people’s deeply held religious beliefs. For some, it probably feels as cruel as telling a four year old there is no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny.

    But here’s the problem: We have grown adults insisting that the Bronze Age mythological equivalent of a psychotic Santa Claus (one who delivers not presents or lumps of coal, but orders and commits genocide and burns cities to the ground) be taught alongside science lessons, as if both ideas are just two plausible and morally equivalent sides of the same argument. Worse than that: Some of these same adults would require that only their impossible myth-stories be taught as literal and unassailable truth.

    When that happens, they deserve scorn and ridicule.

  114. taylor2008 says:

    You are correct. Add that in too. Where did it comes from?
    Growing up I believed everything adults told me. As I got older and wiser I started thinking for myself….unlike millions or billions of people around the world. The bible was jsut somethign that was written. Doesnt make it the truth.
    When I ask people about god and why he doesnt show himself to us they make up the wildest excuses. How do they know these things? God told them?
    When something outrageous is told to me now I want to have someone prove it to me. I am not being anti-christian or anything. I just like to see proof of this stuff. Back when the bible was written everyone thought the world was flat and we were the center of the universe. the sun and stars orbited around us. Today we know better.

  115. God is not a mass murderer. Everyone knows the story of Noah is made up. I go with the God of the New Testament in the 4 gospels. You know the one that never said anything bad about gays.

  116. Paul Starks says:

    Bill Maher is basically biased atheist filth. Why should we listen to a skewed view of nonsense from a complete con- man nobody like Bill Maher. He is basically a frontman for the homosexual lobby of the Hollywood elite.

  117. BillFromDover says:

    What’s your problem with the writings of multiple camel-hearers 40 years after the fact?

  118. Cervantes says:

    I’m 100% for Maher. The fact is, studies have shown that atheists tend to know more about what’s in the Bible than do Christians. If you actually read it, you will find that yes, God is a psychopathic mass murderer. And obviously the whole Noah story is totally absurd and you would have to be a blithering idiot to believe it. He’s just telling the truth.

  119. BillFromDover says:

    Are ya insinuating the there are contradictions in the inerrant word of God?

    Shame on you… shame.

  120. BillFromDover says:

    Not to mention, any?

  121. BillFromDover says:

    Which one?

    I am always favoring Thor because I’m a hammer freak.

  122. BillFromDover says:

    Better yet, where did all the water come from?

  123. BeccaM says:

    Or who literally freaks out at the very notion atheists exist and aren’t punished severely for not believing in a god.

  124. taylor2008 says:

    I agree with Maher about Noah. The story is believed by weak minded people. Think about it for a second….HOW did they get every type of animal in the world from different continents to one place? THen not have them fight or eat each other. Not to mention that if the world was flooded and Mt. Everest peak was only showing….WHERE did all the water go? And I dont care about biblical things. Intelligent people want proof.
    And yes I question why god would kill people because he didnt like what the people did. Isnt there another way to punish people?
    This happens because there was no mass flood and no Noah with an arch holding millions of animals. And has anyone seen proof of god yet? If he exists why not show himself in the sky to make people stop doing bad things to one another.

  125. Naja pallida says:

    Not nearly as mean as someone saying you’re going to Hell for not agreeing with them.

  126. sanfranguns says:

    We put way too much stake in religion. I think its important that people call it out if its going to have so much influence on our society. At the end of the day, it is a fantasy – a fantasy that some people believe to be true, but a fantasy nonetheless. It’s exacerbating to have to continue to pretend that it has some tangible value in our discourse

  127. BeccaM says:

    You might work on your composition skills there. None of what you wrote makes coherent sense.

  128. Naja pallida says:

    And he has many times stated in no uncertain terms that he shouldn’t be taken as an authority on anything – he’s a comedian.

  129. Naja pallida says:

    Except there’s a fundamental difference. Maher doesn’t require that everyone agree with him, or be damned to Hell. He’s not intolerant at all, and has many times stated he doesn’t care if people want to believe in whatever they want to believe in – they just need to stop shoving it down the throats of people who don’t believe, and stop seeking to force secular society to adhere to their beliefs. You may not like the guy, or his approach to comedy, but the equivalence you’re trying to draw simply does not exist.

  130. Naja pallida says:

    Respect works, yet you can’t respect that some people might be offended by a book that encourages war, slavery, misogyny, discrimination and hate, for the only reason that people don’t agree with it. That speaks of a God who actively takes pleasure in torturing even his most faithful followers. That contradicts itself in multiple places, and lays down arbitrary rules followers must adhere to, with no justification other than “because God said so.”

  131. The_Fixer says:

    Well, Sorry, but I don’t believe much of what’s in the bible. In order to believe the bible as a real account of creation and what came after it, one has to believe the way it defines a god to start with. And that’s the real problem with it – most of what the bible says (darn near all of it) can’t be independently proven. I don’t believe there will be a “judgement” day, nor that we have spirits, nor that we have been created by, and are being watched by a deity.

    If it gives you solace, comfort, whatever, then fine for you. But I will not be governed by religious concepts or any religious laws. History shows us that it does not work well. Enjoy yourself, etc., but leave me alone. Rights to practice religion end when it causes harm to others. Most people who rule from a religious basis violate that basic truth on a regular basis.

  132. +1000

  133. jomicur says:

    Hogwash. Herbie is our Lord and Savior, and if you say he isn’t, he’ll bop you with his cinnamon lollipop.

    Respectfully yours,
    Jomicur, Lord High Archbishop, First Church of Herbie Scientist.

  134. oikos says:

    You have the right to believe whatever nonsense you like, however you don’t get to tell anyone else what to believe or that they have to respect your imaginary friend, or how to live their lives. Typical christianist bs. First person account of god? Ha. Prove it

  135. Indigo says:

    You’re right. I should have said Pat Robertson. An evangelical atheist is virtually identical to an evangelical theist. Both are tedious, long-winded and intolerant of the wonderful diversity of humanity.

  136. Monophylos Fortikos says:

    I value humility above almost all other virtues, but on the balance I have to say that evangelical Christians are among the most prideful and least humble persons I have ever encountered. Declare your faith in Jesus as loudly as you please and I am not impressed: that faith has made you a worse person, not a better one. If humility is your goal then I advise you to seek a better path toward finding it. This one will not work for you.

  137. Russ says:

    Well, that is YOUR belief system. I think you have every right to believe whatever you want. When you start including ME in your “ALL”, that’s where you’re crossing the line. Keep me out of YOUR belief system please. Thank you.

  138. Dave of the Jungle says:

    I know it’s hard to believe but God told me the Bible is a bunch of made up shit.

  139. david northcutt says:

    We mere mortals- passing judgement on the Bible(a supernatural first person account of God and his Son Jesus) and God himself.
    Are we out of our minds ?
    Mr Maher insulting God ? With pride and obvious personal satisfaction ?
    Friends- this will last only a very short time – maybe our lifetimes.
    However- none of us escape judgment.All of us pay. The most holy person
    you think you know or know of – included. No one escapes judgement.
    In my case it wont be pretty-and I know its coming – maybe you too.
    Wake up and get right with Jesus.He is the only one that can Save anyone from everything.
    Love and Respect- it works.

  140. pricknick says:

    “I’m just not sure it wasn’t a bit mean.”
    Somebody has tender emotions.

  141. Johnabroad says:

    Well, some are actually educated…really…I read that…and others hold degrees in Gimmeallyourmoneycology. Although having a degree doesn’t necessarily make one more intelligent…just watch Fox News sometime.

  142. The_Fixer says:

    Any disagreement with what Maher has to say would have to be about presentation. Being as he is a semi-serious comic, one has to know that his presentation is part of his schtick.

    If one goes beyond how he says it, what Maher says can’t be argued with very effectively. Looking to the bible for moral guidance is, at best, a pretty chancey proposition. The being that is supposed to be the guiding-light example perpetrates the worst mass-murders. If we’re to believe it, the bible recounts many of his actions and a lot of them ain’t pretty.

    His more important point, though, is that people who hold the reigns of power believe this fundamentalist stuff, and one has to wonder how effective they could ever be considering their belief system. How can one develop sound environmental, economic and other governmental policies if you think that the rapture is gonna save you, so there’s no use trying?

    Yeah, Bill Maher can be a bit tiring in his manner. And he’s certainly not for everyone. But when you’re right, you’re right.

  143. kmcdevitt says:

    I thought it was hysterical, and unbelievably refreshing to hear it laid out like that. Good for him.

  144. FLL says:

    I think a lot of religious people have a problem understanding the dictionary meaning of the word “respect”: “A feeling of admiration for someone or something based on abilities, qualities, achievements, etc.” By definition, respect is always voluntary, not something you can expect or demand. You so often hear religious people say, “You have to respect my religious beliefs.” Um… look up the word “respect” again in the dictionary. “Have to” means I’m required. No, I don’t “have to” respect anything. By definition. Tell religious fanatics to learn how to use the English language like everyone else does.

  145. Johnabroad says:

    “social convention” …ah yes the “unwritten law” of society. He is certainly correct in saying that it’s unbelievable as it clearly does more harm than good.

  146. jomicur says:

    “The most unbelievable social convention of the age in which we live is the one to the effect that all religious opinions should be respected, no matter how ignorant.” H.L. Mencken

  147. jomicur says:

    “the real heart and soul of creationists is to be found in the story of the Flood” Yep. Plus Sodom and Gomorrah, of course.

  148. jomicur says:

    You think that’s all Maher rants about? Wow, you really haven’t been paying attention.

    I’m not particularly a fan of Maher’s, but he’s dead right on this one.

  149. Monophylos Fortikos says:

    I think it’s weird that anyone thinks that a film about Noah from the guy who made The Fountain was ever intended to be taken as a serious adaptation of the Flood story, but there you go.

  150. TheOriginalLiz says:

    He’s a pundit, nothing more, nothing less. He is, to me, less offensive than most, but he is certainly not someone to be considered a reliable source or an authority on anything.

  151. mikeyDe says:

    I thought his send-up of the film Noah was hilarious. It’s not about Maher’s anger toward a fictional character. He is right to point out that people who take these stories literally still hold a lot of power and deserve to be opposed. Texas school books, Kentucky creation museum, certain right-wing politicians, ‘persecuted’ Fox-media celebrities are deserving of ridicule. I thank God that movies like Noah give comedians like Maher yet another opportunity to ridicule.

  152. Indigo says:

    If all you’ve got to rant about is an imaginary god, you’re in deeper trouble than you know.

  153. Indigo says:

    You’re right, scepticism is a tool, not the ultimate expression of a thoughtful life.

  154. GarySFBCN says:

    Wow. Maher speaking the truth about a lot of nonsense that has plagued humanity for centuries is compared to Limbaugh?

    I’d hate to be your pearls.

  155. Johnabroad says:

    I am sick of people expecting everyone to “respect” others religious beliefs. I respect people, not their stone-age, ignorant beliefs. If people don’t like what Bill Maher, Danish cartoonist, and others say about their religion…too f’n bad…get over it or start a blog…write the Muhamed Daily Tribune and bad-mouth them back. Otherwise, shutup and go to your church so the rest of us don’t have to look at you…it “offends me.”

  156. Monophylos Fortikos says:

    The bizarre fixation of evangelical Christians on the Noah story interests me chiefly as a psychological phenomenon. Why invest so much time, effort, money, and feeling into this story? I daresay indeed that, while the declared central dogma of evangelical Christians’ creationism is the assertion of the literal truth of the six-day creation story, the real heart and soul of creationists is to be found in the story of the Flood.

    To cite Biblical fundamentalism does not really answer the question because it’s well attested that the fundamentalism of fundies is really an extremely selective thing. “Fundamentalism” is therefore not a principle that can be taken on its face value.

    I happen to think by the way that for crawly nastiness in Biblical stories the story of Abraham and Isaac takes the prize even if the story of Noah has the highest body count.

  157. Monophylos Fortikos says:

    I’ve long held, ever since learning about his anti-vaccination stance, that Bill Maher isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. The professional sceptic never is: scepticism is a valuable trait, of course, but to cut scepticism loose from its moorings to any definite ethos and elevate scepticism alone into the captain and banner of one’s life is puerile. Such scepticism roams around, unable to distinguish any differences between attractive targets. I’m reminded also of Penn & Teller’s disgusting attack on critics of Walmart on their “Bullshit” show a while back.

  158. bejammin075 says:

    Not to mention, all the people who have gladly killed other people, all throughout history (and in the future), with the aid and comfort of delusional religious beliefs. Religion is one of the top ways that allow people to be not only OK, but feel glad that they killed someone else who had an opposing, but equally delusional belief.
    We need more people like Maher using their brains and words to eventually minimize the real world damage of delusional beliefs.

  159. Tatts says:

    “I still found myself wincing at points during the video.”

    Like when you hear some people called “fat”? Just because you prefer the term “bears” or “husky” or “big-boned” doesn’t change the fact that they are really, at the core of it, fat. And there’s nothing to be gained by dancing around the issue or sugar coating it (ahem–especially sugar coating it).

    We could use a little more (a lot more) of Maher’s straight talk, to beat the center of the discussion back to the center. The Right has moved the center over to their side and it needs to be adjusted–with a sledgehammer like Maher wields.

  160. TheOriginalLiz says:

    Maher was articulate and reasoned in his statement. Limbaugh has never been either.

  161. TheOriginalLiz says:

    Spot on.

  162. joshuabayerjazz says:

    Nailed it.

  163. davidinchelseama says:

    Fundamentalists believe in frigging total nonsense. The anger from Maher comes from the fact that people who hold such insane beliefs actually vote and therefore can affect other people’s lives, based on such utter b.s. If they weren’t capable of affecting the lives of other people, no one would give two craps what these people believe. But their stupidity affects others in real ways, i.e., anti-gay marriage initiatives, for one.

  164. oikos says:

    “I still found myself wincing at points during the video.” Why? Maher is spot on. Maher has also been saying the same thing about religion for many years so I don’t find this shocking at all or too harsh. Considering the bs that comes from religious nuts on a daily basis, I would say that we need more people to speak frankly like Maher, not less.

  165. Indigo says:

    Attacking god-issues with angry denunciations of mythology is a pretty clear indicator that the existence or absence of an imaginary God or gods is not the issue, the issue is anger management over an inflamed imagination. Sad for Maher, his cause might be just but his style reminds me of Rush Limbaugh.

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