They stole her photo, then claimed she hated Obamacare. She doesn’t.

Helene isn’t having the best week.

The Texas blogger was visiting Las Vegas for a bachelorette party this past weekend, and woke up on Saturday to find that she’d become the latest anti-Obamacare posterchild.

The thing is, Helene never signed up for the job.

In fact, she told me yesterday that she’s quite happy with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and with the “affordable” health care it helped her find.

“Not only do I not agree with what the image is portraying,” Helene wrote me, “I actually have Affordable Healthcare!”

So, if anything, Helene is an Obamacare success story.

But that didn’t stop over 17,000 people on Facebook from sharing an image of her face, posted just days ago, with a caption complaining about Obamacare.  To add insult to injury, the people who stole her image couldn’t even spell “conspiracy” right.


When in doubt, lie

Regular followers of the health care reform saga will find this story all too familiar.

The Republicans have attempted to repeal the ACA some 50 times since it was first passed.  They also challenged the law all the way to the Supreme Court, where they lost.  And they made the presidential election of 2012 about repealing “Obamacare” – and they lost that too.

But far from being daunted, Republicans are only more emboldened by their certainty that President Obama has circumvented democracy by passing legislation with a majority in Congress, then getting it declared constitutional by the Supreme Court, and finally reaffirming the mandate with the popular vote.

But, when the truth fails them, Republicans fall back on their trusted steed, the lie.  And boy have they been lying a lot lately about Obamacare.  You see, the Republicans keep trotting out Obamacare “horror stories” that just aren’t panning out.  Probably the most famous GOP example of the ACA’s failings was the story they told the night of this year’s State of the Union:

When U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers gave the Republican response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech, she cited “Bette in Spokane,” a woman whose insurance premiums were going up $700 per month. Rather than just believe Rodgers like they should have, reporters tracked down Bette Grenier and learned that Washington’s health care exchange could provide her with cheaper coverage than what she was claiming, and it would be far better than her previous catastrophic insurance plan.

Why hadn’t she opted for the better plan? “I wouldn’t go on that Obama website at all,” Grenier told the Spokane Spokesman-Review.

Of course she wouldn’t.

Bette’s story is hardly an aberration.  For example, there was the time that Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner claimed that Obamacare wouldn’t even cover’s Cornelius Kelly’s child.  It was a lie. Kelly, somehow, wrote down the wrong number of children on his application (who gets their number of children wrong?) and needed to get the clerical error fixed before the insurance company would cover “4” instead of “3” children.

Then there’s Julie Boonstra, who was so distraught over how much the Affordable Care Act was hurting her, she agreed to do a TV ad about it.  Boonstra complained that her new Obamacare plan was simply “unaffordable.”  So the Detroit News did a little digging and found out that Boonstra’s new plan will actually save her $1,200 a year.

Then there were the three distraught families who appeared on Sean Hannity’s show to cry about how Obamacare had destroyed their lives.  Except their stories weren’t entirely accurate either.

Back to Helene’s Obamacare “nightmare”

Helene says that, rather than posting a photo of her umbrage over being charged (less) for health care under Obamacare, the Tea Partyers had stolen a photo of her distress over a bad dye-job all the way back in 2012.

When she complained about it, on one of the conservative Facebook threads, she got this:


As for the details of Helene’s ACA health care plan, she’s has a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Blue Advantage Silver HMO 004.  It costs her $224 a month.  Her current employer doesn’t offer health coverage, and it would cost her even more to get covered under her husband’s plan, so she opted for

“My current plan covers just about everything, including a $3,000 maximum out-of-pocket and low-cost general visits to the doctor,” Helene told me.

Last year, Helene fell 20 feet at an indoor rock-climbing gym and shattered her ankle and broke her leg. Even though she’s in her 20s, she learned the hard way that accidents happen, and even young healthy people need good insurance.

“The low maximum out-of-pocket was important to me,” Helene said. “I would rather pay a little bit more each month in case of a bad accident like the one from last year.”

So there you have it. Another Obamacare horror story bites the dust.

(I’m told that in order to better see my Facebook posts in your feed, you need to “follow” me.)

CyberDisobedience on Substack | @aravosis | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn. John Aravosis is the Executive Editor of AMERICAblog, which he founded in 2004. He has a joint law degree (JD) and masters in Foreign Service from Georgetown; and has worked in the US Senate, World Bank, Children's Defense Fund, the United Nations Development Programme, and as a stringer for the Economist. He is a frequent TV pundit, having appeared on the O'Reilly Factor, Hardball, World News Tonight, Nightline, AM Joy & Reliable Sources, among others. John lives in Washington, DC. .

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84 Responses to “They stole her photo, then claimed she hated Obamacare. She doesn’t.”

  1. Nicolas Edwards says:

    dang straight!

  2. Gary Pifer says:

    Fake story, Fake picture and Fake conservative group. I like how Helene changes her avatar photo and gives her email out in response to a FB photo. and who writes FB page on their FB photos. Can’t afford the family plan on her husband’s health care. If Obama care is so great, why does she not want him on it.
    Phoney Progressives.

  3. atheologist says:

    Yes, true. Doesn’t change how ridiculous they are.

  4. zellersgs says:

    You are right.

    His rant had absolutely nothing to do with the story he posted under.

    So, either his reading comprehension is greatly lacking or he simply had a case of verbal diarrhea brought on by a serious case of right wing propaganda poisoning.

  5. MyKarmaRanOverYourDogma says:

    So you don’t have insurance? Who do you expect to pay for your huge hospital bills if something happens that isn’t covered? Are you independently wealthy? Even so, many people would be put in the poorhouse if they got sick unexpectedly. When people pay for insurance, you already ARE paying for those who get sick. I already DO pay for indigents bills, thanks to president Ray-gun, who thought that it was a good idea to give healthcare for people who couldn’t afford it but set no way to pay for it. My property taxes (and everyone else’s who owns property) are about 20% higher due to our local hospital assessing property owners with paying for indigent patients. People are paying for your stupid ass to do things all the time, whether you are smart enough to appreciate that or not, so how about you STFU and pay it forward, like the rest us are doing, you selfish prick?

  6. Allan Orr says:

    By rights it should be purged on FB in general, they do have some basic checking that’s capable of recognizing your image and bringing it to the attention of staff even if it’s not 100% identical to the first you report.
    But nothing stopping you from contacting support and telling them your image has been misappropriated for this attack ad.
    Other websites… Yeah it’ll take a while, if I see any more I’ll try contacting the webmasters directly if it’s not used in context, ie I came here off a repost of the key details for an op-ed to see what else there was to the story.

  7. Happy2BeAmerican says:

    As a teapartier, are you fighting the corporate take over that’s happening? Money being free speech & corporations being people? Pure RW insanity.

  8. ken says:

    Six million people who made up their own mind can’t be wrong on this. Expect that to jump even more since we now have a little more time. Why the extra time. To catch certain GOP governors as Gov. Corbett of Pennsylvania who opened up the state exchange late enough so his people would have enough time to enroll and finish the process and leave him with some extra campaign money.. Out smarted again. But when Corbett only has a 19% approval rating he shouldn’t be hard to fool. Get to the polls this November Pennsylvanians and make Joe Pa smile from above. Fire Corbett!

  9. Gary Pifer says:

    Helene, So why do you think you should get Obamacare for free?

  10. Michael La Porte says:

    correct. but the difficulty is that folks at the highest level of the party’s financial apparatus (messers. Koch) have done virtually the same thing. the only thing appauling here ISN’T that her photo was taken without use or that she wasn’t consulted and did’t approve. the propaganda and lying is as bad or worse.

  11. Michael La Porte says:

    And, if she took the photo, for copyright infringement.

  12. perljammer says:

    With all due respect, I find myself skeptical about the claim that Medicare reimbursement rates are higher than those of most insurance companies. Google “how do medicare reimbursement rates compare to private insurance”; you will find lots of articles that assert just the opposite. Then there is the fact that doctors are limiting the number of Medicare patients they accept; one would expect the reverse if the payments were higher than normal insurance. But, maybe that’s just out of fear that the annual “doc fix” patches won’t be maintained.

    At any rate, what you say about 100% of Medicare reimbursement rate sounds like good news for everyone. Unless, of course, they mean 100% of the Medicare rate after the scheduled 24% cut due to the Sustainable Growth Rate law. I see that the House has passed another “doc fix” patch today, leaving that in the hands of the Senate. There are only a few days left before the 24% cut takes effect, so let’s hope the Senate acts on this.

  13. Pamela Parker Ricer says:

    See my above post…now 100% of Medicare reimbursement rate

  14. Pamela Parker Ricer says:

    I wondered why this would be…so, I looked it up on the web page for the California Medical Assoc. I knew already that Medicare reimburses better than most insurance companies, so my first thought was…well, maybe 60% is close to the rate , and it may actually be (those darn Drs.) but, they have changed the formulary for ACA reimbursement to 100% of Medicare reimbursement…the decision just came too late for Cali and the Fed to get the required process set up. So, they are working on that-and all Drs. will be paid the new rate retroactive to Jan.1

  15. Cody Bird says:

    I don’t watch any of the above media sources, but the left-wing media is just as complicit in keeping the sheep in line for the slaughterhouse. Any other baseless ad hominem, genius? Attack what was said, not who said it.

  16. zellersgs says:

    Step away from Faux, Beck and Rush…it is melting your brain…

  17. Cody Bird says:

    You are a bad person if you think you have a right to rob Peter to pay Paul. Shelve good intentions; the road to hell is paved with them. Enough with the efficiency arguments and pure emotional propaganda surrounding the ACA. Let’s talk about the moral implications of threatening violence against human beings to make them pay for things they don’t want. Pay up or get raped in a prison cell. Go to prison or get shot to the ground. These aren’t real choices.

    For those who see the use of force as a social good in the world, simply think of how future generations will judge you. Given the level of debt into which they will be born, it isn’t likely your support of mass robbery and murder will leave them ambivalent in their attitudes towards the barbarity of this time.

  18. cc423 says:

    THEN PLEASE DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE IT. Tell your fellow conservatives that this is appalling. Request that they stop attacking people in this manner. Thank you.

  19. perljammer says:

    Obviously I can’t speak for anyone’s experience except my own. My doctor usually spends at least 20 – 30 minutes with me during a normal visit. I usually have questions, and he is happy to provide answers. During my last physical exam for example, he spent quite a while examining my EKG, and explaining the meaning of the spikes and squiggles in the plot. He spent nearly an hour with me that day, talking about diet, exercise, work, home life, etc.

    I have had doctors in the past where the experience was, “what’s your problem here’s your antibiotic prescription come back next week if you’re still having symptoms.” That’s what get when the doctor has to rush because he needs to make up for low payments by seeing more patients. No, thanks.

  20. clarknt67 says:

    I feel for you, Helene, it’s no fun to be in the middle of an internet shit storm, especially one you did not create. Remember, you’re making 2 friends for every haters that attacks you! Thanks for speaking out.

  21. eggroll_jr says:

    You can sue for appropriation of your image and for attributing beliefs you do not hold to you. The next question is whether there is an actual organization to sue. It may be simply a malicious individual. There is also Facebook’s problem of providing a platform for making defamatory statements.

  22. Sweetie says:

    They’re typical 4chan sexist troll stuff.

  23. Brena L Hadjian says:

    Helene, I am sorry this happened to you. It really shows how pathetic some people can be.

  24. Mark_in_MN says:

    Some of the people who have chimed in about having plans they “liked” but couldn’t have anymore clearly had high deductible of junk plans. I strongly suspect that the chief criteria that these people where applying to whether or not they “liked” their plan was simply how many dollars that premium was. Other issues like how high the deductible was, what the plan paid for, how much it paid, how wide the network was, if they could use it while traveling away from home, or the total cost of coverage had little or not weight in deciding if they “liked” it or not.

  25. Mark_in_MN says:

    I have no doubt that doctors and clinics would rather be paid $100 or $90 for an office visit. But, really, $60-70 should be more than sufficient for even a complex office visit. That’s still something like $180 or more per hour per physician, at minimum, if they see just three patients in that hour. Maybe a fee payment of $90-100 per office visit would be sustainable if physicians actually spent significant time with patients, say 20-30 minutes, at least (and that’s time with patients, not on a patient with follow-up, notes, checking files or test results before seeing them, orders, etc.).

  26. 4th Turning says:

    All this lying is causing blurred vision and giving me a headache.

  27. Travels with Tam says:

    I am so glad this article was posted! Sheesh, can’t the conservatives who hate Obama find one of their own to plaster on posters?

  28. BillFromDover says:

    It’s not all they have, just the most potent weapon in their toolbox of misdirection.

  29. BillFromDover says:

    “This makes me mad.”

    Have you considered voting for others than Koch brother lackeys?

  30. Matt Rogers says:

    The thing is, saying that people who disagree with you are “clearly” fooling themselves is different from actually supporting your claim. Obama’s “lie of the year” turned out to be true for about 97.5% of Americans. Can you identify one actual lie that Obama has told, as opposed to a statement that was merely portrayed as a lie in the media?

    Your saying that “both sides lie” is a bit of a sidestep, because it’s technically true even if the Republicans habitually lie and the Democrats almost never do. That in itself is interesting: if your position is so strong that those who disagree are “clearly” fooling themselves, why resort to a claim so weak that it’s almost impossible to falsify?

  31. cole3244 says:

    your progressive thinking stops at the waters edge of your particular self interest other than that you have no compassion for anything else or any interest in fighting the good fight, timidity will get you nothing but sand in the face from the right.

  32. FastPlastic says:

    The man has speech writers for a reason, and it doesn’t take a genius to come up with a statement that shows you know a few will in fact have problems like you knew from the beginning. He was referenced using the sound byte 37 times. Later they tried to blame insurers before admitting they knew it would be a problem. Even attempting to rewrite the slogan as if it was that way all along.

    “Instead of modifying existing policies to comply – removing caps,
    covering certain things by default, etc – which would have been
    incredibly easy for them to have done”

    I know the rules for insurance are rather tricky, so I don’t know if this sort of thing would be legally allowed without simply cancelling the plans. Some could call it borderline bait and switch.

  33. TheAngryFag says:

    Send a DMCA takedown notice to all the places it’s posted Helene :). Give ’em hell.

  34. Helene says:

    Thank you! I am happy to be part of this very supportive community!

  35. Helene says:

    Hey Michael! Thanks, I have done that but even still, it’s been shared on so many other pages as well.

  36. perljammer says:

    Absurd, eh? Well, thanks for that.

    People have their likes and dislikes. Those preferences don’t always appear rational to people who don’t agree with or understand them. That doesn’t make them wrong. There isn’t anything wrong in wanting to avoid, where possible, participation in a program in which you don’t believe. You can tell them they’re working against their own best interests, but they’d probably tell you they just disagree with you about what their best interests are.

  37. Naja pallida says:

    I feel he lied because he was, and continues to be, incapable of adequately describing and defending his own positions and policies. He went for the easy way out, with a quick sound byte, and it blew up in his face. I don’t give him credit for much, but I don’t for a moment think he was intentionally trying to deceive people with the line… unlike many of the criticisms coming from the other side.

    Sure, price isn’t the be all and end all of an insurance plan, but another thing that hasn’t really been talked about much is that many of the plan cancellations were entirely the fault of the insurance companies. Instead of modifying existing policies to comply – removing caps, covering certain things by default, etc – which would have been incredibly easy for them to have done, they chose to just outright canceled them. As for not recognizing companies… I can only say to do some research. Many of those companies are probably subsidiaries of better known insurance companies, and created a new name specifically for the exchange coverage options.

  38. atheologist says:

    Those responses from Christopher Faulkner are unbelievable and completely ridiculous.

  39. Naja pallida says:

    Of course not, you’re being absurd. When many people, especially the ones Republicans have been trotting out for their ongoing circus, are claiming they “liked” a plan which is demonstrably inferior, in pretty much every way, to a plan they’d have to switch to because of the ACA, what some people seem to “like” is heavily rooted in either willful ignorance, or simply not wanting to have to do anything associated with Obama.

  40. No, I don’t agree, Cole. For all we know, Kiersten may be conservative, but she may not be fire-breathing. As she said, she’s not pleased either about the photo being stolen, and I take her at her word.

  41. Fair enough.

  42. devans00 says:

    @2karmanot:disqus Yes, the code is, “Don’t know much about skool but I know what I hate.”

  43. FastPlastic says:

    Based on the past few years that’s politics in general. Coming from all sides.

  44. cole3244 says:

    typical republican and tea party member you can dish out all the insults and attacks but can’t take the return fire when it comes, conservative hypocrites on parade.

  45. FastPlastic says:

    I agree with you Kiersten, the image shouldn’t have been used. It’s one small group that decided to do it, not back by the majority.

  46. 2karmanot says:


  47. Michael Alan Johnson says:

    On Facebook, click on the X to report the photo. Then select this photo is of me…

  48. perljammer says:

    Great. So now we’re going to tell people that they’re too ignorant to know what they like? That has “no true Scotsman” written all over it. I guess I’m a little too suspicious of anecdotes portrayed as news stories to believe that they convey an accurate picture of what most people are experiencing. I also seem to have more faith than you in peoples’ abilities to figure out for themselves what they like and when they’re getting screwed. Why do you believe that the average citizen is less immune than you to this kind of BS?

  49. FastPlastic says:

    I see, so you’re willing to accept the fact that he lied because it would have been too difficult to explain the truth about what they were doing?

    Something like this would have been better: “We worked hard to prevent
    disruption to existing policies, so most will be able to keep
    their plan if they like it.” But like many have pointed out, it would
    have been a harder sell if people wondered if they could keep their
    plan, like we know today.

    I also don’t buy the “assuming that health insurance plan wasn’t utter shit to begin with” While there may have been a few, several of the new requirements made no sense for many to have on their existing plans, which forced the cancellation.

    One thing that is often overlooked regarding people getting a “Better Deal” with ACA, is price is all they look at. What company is offering it can make all the difference. Cut rate is not always better. I looked in to rates in my area and don’t even recognize most of the companies on the ACA site. I checked the info for the main company listed and found it’s website was created in 2012. Should they be trusted?

  50. AnthonyLook says:

    Thank you; I know, to a fault.

  51. Naja pallida says:

    Except Obama’s “lie of the year” was more a lie by their incompetent messaging and lack of any ability to adequately educate people about their own policies than a lie intended to deceive people so they could hurt them with regressive policies. There is a distinct difference. Trying to explain to people that you could keep your health insurance plan, if you liked your health insurance plan – assuming that health insurance plan wasn’t utter shit to begin with, wouldn’t have really resonated with people who are not capable of grasping more than one thought at a time. Repeatedly the people crying about “losing their plan” have been shown to have better options with the ACA, but they just didn’t want to take the time to look.

  52. Kiersten says:

    I have a problem that you are blaming it on all Republicans. I’m a Republican and a Tea Partyier and I find what these people did wrong. I follow Helene’s blog and have no problem with the fact that she has Obamacare. That’s her choice. I hate that her picture was stolen and use in a bad way. That is no reason to put down all Republicans and call names though. This makes me mad.

  53. Drew2u says:

    Unless there’s something about Facebook photo policy, I would think you may have grounds for a lawsuit if people are harassing you about the picture.

  54. 2karmanot says:

    It could be a coded message.

  55. FastPlastic says:

    I see, so as long as a Democrat is not listed in the article one cannot point out that it’s not just Republicans that lie… You are advocating that people should vote Democrat because Republicans lie, intentionally omitting the fact that Democrats also lie to get their way.

    “The article was about Boehner standing in front of congress and lying. Bold face!!!!”
    Technically the article references a tweet from Boehner, hardly standing in front of congress.

    But if you’re referencing something else not listed in the article, the President stood in front of the country multiple times and earned himself the lie of the year in 2013. They all lie.

    I agreed with you that Republicans do lie, and personally I don’t like Boehner and wouldn’t vote for him. I was merely recommending that people do their research before they vote, something I think people need to do more of in general. Don’t you agree?

  56. ehmkec says:

    The article was about Boehner standing in front of congress and lying. Bold face!!!! Find your own article-space for tearing down the Dems. BUT it will probably be just another republicant lying about a Democrat, saying that the Dem lied but he didn’t.

  57. Naja pallida says:

    Their goal is obviously to scare people away from looking into their options for health care in general. To prevent people from getting to the point of being able to gauge what is actually working for them. Ignorance is pervasive and so many people find it an easier route than taking the time to educate themselves a little bit. Even health care providers are perpetuating the ignorance, and insurance companies are certainly not helping. Most of the stories they’ve covered so far about people having bad experiences with the Affordable Care Act are people who didn’t even take the time to figure out what their real options are. Especially when it comes to all those people crying “But he said if I liked my plan, I could keep it!” Ignorance about your current insurance, and knowing nothing about your options does not really equal “liking your plan”.

  58. ComradeRutherford says:

    Lying, cheating and stealing are all the GOP has.

  59. pappyvet says:

    Welcome indeed Helene ! Those who berate you will hopefully accept the truth . Some who berate you I am sure are miffed because you told it.
    At any rate make yourself at home. Pull up a chair and be comfortable.

  60. devans00 says:

    The smile in your current picture is definitely better than the teary eyes. Hang in there.

  61. 4th Turning says:

    President Truman’s health proposals finally came to Congress in the form of a Social Security expansion bill, co-sponsored in Congress by Senators Robert Wagner (D-NY) and James Murray (D-MT), along with Representative John Dingell (D-MI). For this reason, the bill was known popularly as the W-M-D bill. The American Medical Association (AMA) launched a spirited attack against the bill, capitalizing on fears of Communism in the public mind. The AMA characterized the bill as “socialized medicine”, and in a forerunner to the rhetoric of the McCarthy era, called Truman White House staffers “followers of the Moscow party line”.* Organized labor, the main public advocate of the bill, had lost much of its goodwill from the American people in a series of unpopular strikes. Following the outbreak of the Korean War, President Truman was finally forced to abandon the W-M-D Bill. Although Mr. Truman was not able to create the health program he desired, he was successful in publicizing the issue of health care in America. During his Presidency, the not-for-profit health insurance fund Blue Shield-Blue Cross grew from 28 million policies to over 61 million.** When on July 30, 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Medicare bill into law at the Harry S. Truman library & Museum, he said that it “all started really with the man from Independence”.**

  62. BeccaM says:

    Welcome to AmericaBlog, Helene. I’m really sorry the healthcare-hating liars have been misusing and abusing your photo. That must be horrible.

  63. perljammer says:

    I’ve been seeing this doctor for 15 years, and doubt that he would lie
    in response to a straightforward question from a patient he knows well. Whether you believe the 60% number is, or course your choice, but I’d be interested to know your reason for disbelief. In the meantime there’s this, from Kaiser Health News: “Physicians are uncomfortable discussing their rates because of antitrust
    laws, and insurers say the information is proprietary. But information
    cobbled together from interviews suggests that if the Medicare pays $90
    for an office visit of a complex nature, and a commercial plan pays $100
    or more, some exchange plans are offering $60 to $70.” $60 to $70 is 67% to 78% of Medicare rates. I’d say 60% in one medical group’s case is pretty believable.

  64. FastPlastic says:

    If you do not agree that both sides lie, you’re clearly fooling yourself. Who got the 2013 lie of the year?

    I recommend everyone doing their own research on statements from all parties, preferably from multiple sources.

  65. emjayay says:

    “Then there were the three distraught families who appeared on Sean
    Hannity’s show to cry about how Obamacare had destroyed their lives.
    Except their stories weren’t entirely accurate either.”

    Link is wrong.

    This link just goes back to the post you are now reading.

  66. emjayay says:

    First, I don’t believe the 60% claim without documentation. Second, the vast majority of medical providers take plans from a bunch of companies. This is the source of a lot of why medical care here costs way more than other countries: not only do the insurance companies have high overhead because they are arguing with providers who have to deal with multiple reimbursement rates and different coverages, but the providers also have to have a lot of staff on their end to deal with all the different companies.

  67. 4th Turning says:

    Current deadline the 31st. Will reopen next Oct.15 (2 wks. before the election)

    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R), an ardent Affordable Care Act critic, is now encouraging residents to transition into new health plans under the very reform law that he once refused to help implement.

    Walker told the Washington Examiner’s Philip A. Klein that he has instructed state agencies to work with individuals who are transitioning into plans offered on Wisconsin’s Obamacare marketplace. That includes both the previously uninsured and poor residents just above the poverty level who are being siphoned out of the state’s Medicaid program, BadgerCare, and into private ACA plans under Walker’s conservative alternative to Obamacare’s optional Medicaid expansion.

    So for a glimpse at the future of your health care, there’s no better place to start than Massachusetts. Here are the six most significant results of this statewide experiment, along with a look at how reform may shake out where you live.

  68. 4th Turning says:

    Good stuff! But don’t sit out this year’s primaries beginning in the spring!!!

    (Even Republican-many “moderates” are being opposed by teabaggers.)

  69. slappymagoo says:

    It’s a double whammy deception, implying that a: Obama lies about everything about the ACA, so you can’t trust him about anything remember in November; and b: if you’re young and healthy you don’t even need insurance & you’re probably broke so why is the gubmint MAKING you PAY for it?

    It’s also implying that young “girls” are kinda dumb and easily tricked, so if one of those poor li’l thangs tries to tell you how good the ACA is, feel free to condescendingly shake your head at them and walk away because they ain’t never gonna get it. They’ll learn just like Helene learned – the hard way.

    And guess what? For now, if Nate Silver is to be believed, it’s working. Not to say it will continue to work in November but it’s working now. Believing in things that go against your better interests is the new black. Long row to hoe, friends.

  70. ehmkec says:

    Doesn’t anyone care that republicants LIE? This is NOT a year to sit out our political responsibilities. And it is so EASY.


    Start reminding democrats it happens in November.


    It is REALLY important. And do not vote for liars.

  71. PeteWa says:

    teabaggers gonna bag.

  72. The thing is, it almost doesn’t even make sense. It almost reads like something a liberal would write to make fun of a tea partyer.

  73. LOL exactly, it’s verasign for Tea Party.

  74. Silver_Witch says:

    Helene – thank you so much for sharing the truth. Sadly, as we all know most people won’t get to hear the truth about your experience – thankfully though most people are bloggers now and those who really care will hear.

    Hang in their and glad to see your new dye-job is Perfect!

  75. Buford2k11 says:

    Hang in there kid…I always knew that FB was a bad idea…and they are getting worse…I have warned all my kin to stay away from FB…and use the government’s NSA tracking cell phone service instead…AT&T…

  76. Helene says:

    Thanks so much for sharing my story John. I’m still in shock that even with a misspelling people continue to share the image. I’m also disturbed that the comments continue to berate me as if I put the image out there myself!

  77. perljammer says:

    I don’t know why the Republicans bother with this kind of thing. The only thing that is going to affect peoples’ attitudes toward the ACA is how it works for them. I suspect that a lot of people who qualify for Medicaid or premium subsidies will be happy, and a lot of people who don’t qualify for any assistance will not be happy at all. I know I would be one of the unhappy ones, because I’ve been on the California web site to look at the plans and rates, and my costs would increase substantially over what me and my employer together pay for my health coverage today.

    Here’s a story from The Hill that I don’t see being covered at all in the mainstream media:
    O-Care premiums to skyrocket (

    I went for my annual physical exam a month ago, and when I signed in at the front desk I asked the receptionist whether the ACA was having any effect on the medical group’s day-to-day business. “We don’t accept those plans,” was her response. When I queried my doctor about this, he explained that originally, Anthem Blue Cross had invited a few of the group’s doctors to participate, and they declined because all of the group’s doctors cover for each other during vacations and other absences, so they all need to accept the same insurance plans. A few months later Anthem came back with an invitation to the entire group. After looking at the details, they again declined because the reimbursement rates were pegged at 60% of Medicare rates.

  78. caphillprof says:

    The use of the photo is a form of defamation. She should sue Zuckerberg.

  79. zerosumgame0005 says:

    proves it’s a real tea party job

  80. zerosumgame0005 says:

    you are being way to kind!

  81. Lawerence Collins says:

    I see the anti Obama, Koch whores are at it again.
    Now for some actual facts. If the ACA. Medicaid expansion had not happened, is most likely be dead. These are the actual facts the GOP, controlled by those like the Koch brothers don’t want people to hear!

  82. AnthonyLook says:

    Illiterate tea party birther racist Ayn Rand Selfish Justification money whoreshipping haters.

  83. devans00 says:

    The misspelling of the word conspiracy is just icing on the cake.

  84. SilverSpringer says:

    What a stupid thing to share. I think most people on FB sharing things like this just click “share” on anything remotely against the president.

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