Hey Kool-Aid! US bobsledder forced to smash thru Sochi bathroom door

The potty problems continue in Sochi, Russia, as a US Olympic team bobsledder, Johnny Quinn, was forced to smash through a bathroom door that wouldn’t open, after he was trapped inside with no phone and thus no way to reach anyone for help.

Quinn had just taken a shower in his Sochi hotel room bathroom – the ones with the spy cameras – when, naked and wet, he found himself trapped.  The door wouldn’t open.

Having no cell phone, and no way to let anyone know he was trapped in a room INSIDE his room, he had no alternative but to bust through the door.

So he did.  And tweeted about it:


The construction snafus at Sochi have now become infamous, and especially the bathroom problems.  What with the “love toilets“:

A Sochi "love toilet." Several of the bathrooms in Sochi have more than one toilet.

A Sochi “love toilet.” Several of the bathrooms in Sochi have more than one toilet.

And the toilets that have seating for an audience (or perhaps it’s for judges – a perfect 10!)


Or the toilets that ban fishing out of the toilet bowl:


Or the toilets that have secret Russian spy-cams so the Russian government can watch surveillance video of you showering, which they admitted they’ve already done.

Though I have to admit, I’d pay for see that video of Johnny Quinn busting down the door.  Or even not busting down the door :)

US Olympic bobsledder Johnny Quinn

US Olympic bobsledder Johnny Quinn

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