Hey Kool-Aid! US bobsledder forced to smash thru Sochi bathroom door

The potty problems continue in Sochi, Russia, as a US Olympic team bobsledder, Johnny Quinn, was forced to smash through a bathroom door that wouldn’t open, after he was trapped inside with no phone and thus no way to reach anyone for help.

Quinn had just taken a shower in his Sochi hotel room bathroom – the ones with the spy cameras – when, naked and wet, he found himself trapped.  The door wouldn’t open.

Having no cell phone, and no way to let anyone know he was trapped in a room INSIDE his room, he had no alternative but to bust through the door.

So he did.  And tweeted about it:


The construction snafus at Sochi have now become infamous, and especially the bathroom problems.  What with the “love toilets“:

A Sochi "love toilet." Several of the bathrooms in Sochi have more than one toilet.

A Sochi “love toilet.” Several of the bathrooms in Sochi have more than one toilet.

And the toilets that have seating for an audience (or perhaps it’s for judges – a perfect 10!)


Or the toilets that ban fishing out of the toilet bowl:


Or the toilets that have secret Russian spy-cams so the Russian government can watch surveillance video of you showering, which they admitted they’ve already done.

Though I have to admit, I’d pay for see that video of Johnny Quinn busting down the door.  Or even not busting down the door :)

US Olympic bobsledder Johnny Quinn

US Olympic bobsledder Johnny Quinn

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52 Responses to “Hey Kool-Aid! US bobsledder forced to smash thru Sochi bathroom door”

  1. Cece Gogh says:

    I give the bobsledder a gold!

    stick on

  2. heimaey says:

    he gets stuck a lot.

  3. Riza Cea says:

    Don’t we just love Sochi?

    back yard

  4. CA_2013 says:

    He got stuck in an elevator too.

  5. No, I meant kneeling in front of the bowl, not on top of it.

  6. ComradeRutherford says:


    Remember everyone, the correct spelling of Santorum‘s name is this:

    [a href=”http://www.spreadingsantorum(dot)com”]Santorum[/a]

    Replace the ‘[‘ with a ‘Less Than’ symbol (shift+comma), and the ‘]’ with the ‘Greater Than’ symbol (shift+period), and of course replace the (dot) with an actual period.

    Now about Sochi…

  7. Bill_Perdue says:

    “A lot of people could be fed and cities could save themselves a ton of grief if they just said no.”

    That’s what Brazilian workers think. Brazil is far worse than the US in terms of violence against gays, just as the US is far worse than Russia. There are no excuses for the violence or for pandering to it by not suppressing the cultists and rightists who promote it, here, in Russia or in Brazil because it can escalate on a moments notice.

    There are so many kinds of Kool Aid these days.

  8. MyrddinWilt says:

    China got its money’s worth but it spent a lot less and it is a lot richer to start with. They wanted to make the point that they are an industrial power, not a third world country.

    We got our money’s worth for London as well, much of the costs were covered by sale of the broadcast rights and there is more than enough demand for the facilities in London.

    They don’t break even but Sochi is the first major disaster since Montreal

  9. Bill_Perdue says:

    The Olympics are a sham. They have little to do with sports and everything to do with profits and endorsing or enabling the backward politics of most host and many participating nations.

    Brazil. home of the massive anti-gay murder rate is next.http://www.blackagendareport.c

  10. Bill_Perdue says:

    Real new, for a change.

  11. The_Fixer says:

    I can’t fathom any reason other than tha one that MyrddWilt cites. It’s such a horrendous waste of resources and in most cases, the venues are left to rot.

    There’s a project to document this in photo form: http://olympiccityproject.com/ and it shows just what has happened to the stadiums and other facilities once the Olympics are over and the world has moved on.

    What a tremendous opportunity for graft and corruption. Why would anyone want to host the Olympics, knowing what will be left behind?

    A lot of people could be fed and cities could save themselves a ton of grief if they just said no.

  12. karmanot says:

    While peeing in the shower.

  13. nicho says:

    I think it’s “No wide-stance toe tapping.”

  14. dula says:

    It’s easy to get through saloon doors :)

  15. Fentwin says:

    Are you supposed to not pee standing up before or after you do not fish in the toilet?

  16. MyrddinWilt says:

    Same reason that Mitt Romney bought companies that were losing money and likely would never turn a profit. Buy a company for $100 million using $90 million of borrowed cash, sack workers, sell off assets to reduce running costs and reduce debt. Borrow another $20 million in the company name, use it to pay the shareholders a dividend, thus making $10 million profit on that original $10 million investment. The bank avoids ending up with the loss by bundling the loan into junk bonds that everyone who knows what is going on will avoid.

    In the case of Sochi, get the olympics, use $50 billion of state money to pay for olympic goods and services, of which $40 billion is placed with friends who spend $10 billion on actual costs and split the remaining $30 50:50 with Putin.

    The free market at work. Putin has Mittens style crony capitalism all figured out.

  17. nicho says:

    Didn’t you see the sign? No kneeling either.

  18. BillFromDover says:

    What’s that last sign supposed to mean:

    “No Shitting on the Floor” or “Don’t Tase my Genitals, Bro”?

  19. BillFromDover says:

    Make that $50 billion.

    Hard to believe, ain’t it?

  20. MyrddinWilt says:

    Might just be me, but I think the competitors and Russia are coming out of the Olympics pretty well. But Putin and the Oligarchs are looking terrible.

    * Putin’s idea of having his mistress be one of the six people carrying the torch in the stadium???

    * The unfinished hotel rooms, yellow water and the $50 million cost put the corruption on full display.

    * Th olympic officials gave speeches stressing inclusion and anti-bigotry in front of Putin.

    * All the feeds I have watched of the opening ceremonies (UK, France, US, etc) had long pieces on Putin’s political goals and the endemic corruption and the anti-gay bigotry.

    * The asterisk ring OoOo* is pretty symbolic

    There is one very important difference between Sochi and Berlin ’36: Hitler’s power and Germany were on the rise, Putin’s power and Russia are on the decline. And the games is really laying that out.

  21. No urinating while standing? Are all the men Sitzpinkler? Maybe if we should go on our knees, we won’t miss the bowl!

  22. MyrddinWilt says:

    The Sochi Olympics in ASCII art – OoOo*

  23. judybrowni says:

    “Piece of Sochi” “When the Sochi hits the fan…”

  24. MyrddinWilt says:

    Putin can survive contempt and hatred but not ridicule.

    “We do not need a shirtless man on a horse to lead us” – Pussy Riot.

  25. nicho says:

    “Johnny Quinn, naked and wet.” The censors should shut you down just for that. :-)

  26. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Hidden cameras are a given.

  27. 4th Turning says:

    Mine, too. But can’t promise no hidden camera.

  28. UncleBucky says:

    Had he done that, they would have pistol whipped him.

  29. UncleBucky says:

    Just DO IT!

    Make a blog like Dan Savage did. And start posting the addie so that people will find the freaking site….

  30. UncleBucky says:

    It’s finally clear. The Russians have gone over the edge. Like the GOP/TPers.

  31. FatRat says:

    I finally understand why there are double toilets and viewing chairs! When you become trapped in the bathroom, your compatriot(s) and you can fight your way to freedom.

  32. mamazboy says:

    I’ve been suggesting on various blogs that we try to make “Sochi” a very bad word a la “Santorum” — attach it to anything bad, stupid, messed-up . For example, “I’m having a Sochi day” or “You are being so Sochi, stop it!” We should do anything we can to make it uncomfortable for these corrupt/incompetent and homophobic bastards.

  33. FLL says:

    If there were any justice, Vladimir Putin would be forced to play the movie role of Shelley Duvall in a new remake.

  34. Jamacain Bobsledder says:

    A quickie animated GIF that will hopefully work here…


  35. Indigo says:

    Russia: home of the joke bathrooms.

  36. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    I have solid wood doors. I guess I shouldn’t shower alone. Maybe Johnny Quinn is available.

  37. WSict3614 says:

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  38. nicho says:


    US Govt to extend more federal benefits to same-sex couples


  39. nicho says:

    If hew ere on the other side, I would break through the door.

  40. emjayay says:

    They are cheap, but there are hollow core interior doors everywhere. They were the norm until about as cheap molded fake panel doors were invented. Molded panel doors are about a third or a fourth the cost of real panel doors. If you have slab interior doors in your house or apartment and they aren’t really heavy and solid they are made just like that one.

    Good to know if you are ever locked in a room. Not so good if there is a fire in the next room though.

  41. emjayay says:

    It is made the way every hollow core door is made. It’s not a Russian thing.

  42. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Don’t inject drugs. That could be hard on diabetics.

  43. Elly says:

    Doesn’t look like Johnny had to work too hard to break through the door, though… judging from the pic, it looks like it was made out of veneer-covered cardboard. I guess this is one case where the shoddy hotel construction we’ve been hearing about was a blessing in disguise.

  44. Naja pallida says:

    At least the door was flimsy enough to tear apart. If they used solid wood doors, he could have been there a while.


  45. Drew2u says:

    All he had to do was point the shower head against the wall and leave the water running, then I’m sure security would have came knocking. (Seriously, what’s the point of secret spy cams if not to help out in situations like this? Oh wait, Russia.)

  46. bpollen says:

    What does the little graphic AFTER the no-fishing graphic depict?

  47. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    The door looks like it was made of cardboard.

  48. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    anytime ….. anywhere

  49. heimaey says:

    He can bust through my door.

  50. eahopp says:

    Heeere’s Johnny!

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