Twelve deaths in eight months, by suicide & otherwise, among the CEO classes

We did a piece some time ago about several mysterious deaths (and one missing person) connected to finance-industry investigations, all within 18 days of each other:

Three deaths and a missing reporter – all with ties to finance and Wall Street investigations

Thanks to Facebook friend StarGazer, it seems we have more of these cases, many more in fact.

StarGazer has assembled a more complete list with links. Take a look:

1. ABC Verlag (greetings cards, not finance) — CEO Daniel Eicher — suicide, left two notes — week of 6/10/2013

2. Swisscom (telecom) – CEO Carsten Schloter, 49 — suicide, found hanging — 7/23/13

3. Bank of America — intern Moritz Erhardt, 21 — seizure due to exhaustion — week of 8/12/2013

4. Zurich Insurance Group AG (insurance) — CFO Pierre Wauthier — suicide, found hanging, left two notes — 8/26/2013

bank-failures5. Wall Street — hedge fund exec Robert Wilson, 87 — suicide, jumped from 16th floor — week of Dec 23, 2013. (He gave away $800 million prior to death.)

6. Wall Street Journal — reporter  David Birdmissing/disappeared – 1/11/2014 (covered in our original piece)

7. Swiss Re AG — U.K.–based communications director Tim Dickenson — cause not released — week of  1/19/2014

8. Deutsche Bank AG — executive William Broeksmit — apparent suicide, found hanging— 1/26/14 (covered in our original piece)

9. JP Morgan — banker Gabriel Magee — jumped or fell from building, Canary Wharf, London — 1/28/14 (covered in our original piece)

10. Russell Investment — Mike Dueker, 50 — found dead next to Tacoma Narrows Bridge, suicide — week of 1/26/2014 (covered in our original piece)

11. JPMorgan — equities trading executive Ryan Crane, 37 — no cause given — 2/3/14

12. American Title (insurance) — CEO Richard Talley, 57 — suicide by nail gun,7 or 8 self-inflicted wounds — 2/7/14

Feel free to click and read. Some of these are obviously suicides, or in the case of the intern (#3), a seizure. But several are at least suspicious, especially with the underlying company under investigation. For example, here’s what the linked news article says about Richard Talley (#12):

Richard M. Talley, 56, was found dead in his Greenwood Village garage Tuesday by a family member, the Denver Post reported. He had shot himself seven or eight times in the head and chest with a nail gun.

Really? All of the other aspects are reasonable; the company was “under investigation” and this is the CEO. But consider the method itself. A nail gun. If you start with the head, can you do the chest? And if you start with the chest, are you really able to do more, pull the trigger 6 or 7 more times?

Remember, this is a nail gun, not a 9 mm pistol. That’s a Jack Reacher, high-endurance suicide, and no one is Jack Reacher, or so I hear.


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114 Responses to “Twelve deaths in eight months, by suicide & otherwise, among the CEO classes”

  1. EDC says:

    Absolutely…Couldn’t agree more

  2. WaveRunnerMN says:

    Me too…and I bet their apartments and homes stripped clean of any evidence. David Bird’s notes on his investigation would be nice…wonder if WS Journal has those or the wife?

  3. Tom Mattice says:

    these people are obviously being murdered ! only a fool would not see this!

  4. shande17 says:

    Do you think no.13 is Bitcoin CEO Autumn Radtke who died a “unnatural death” in Singapore?

  5. Dan1959 says:

    It’s probably just another wacky conspiracy theory, but could these guys be getting wacked? Gosh I love conspiracy theories, almost believable, but over the top all at the same time. Hey Doug, I love the Thurston Howell and Milburn Drysdale references….Funny!

  6. Douglas Hotchkiss says:

    has anyone checked on milburn drysdale and mr mooney?
    – ha, drysdale investments under investigation by SEC in real life.
    howell industries buys 2900 wells in wyoming. thurston’s on a roll.

  7. Douglas Hotchkiss says:

    maybe their conscience bothered them,

  8. Douglas Hotchkiss says:

    add robin clark with rp martin , shot in london.

  9. Many bankers have nerves of steal, minds of iron, eyes like diamonds cutting through the souls of all mankind, are fearless of pain like SOCOM Navy Seals and beyondo.

    So, yeah! These are all obviously suicide and nothing more.

    But; Anyone believing otherwise is an anarchy conspiracy nutcase who hates all governments on planet earth and beyondo.

    Therefore, if you are one of these nutcases then you are a terrorist, cause you are against us and not with us.

    Suicide, got it!

  10. ©₦@®£€$ ₣€N€¥ says:

    Q:What do you call 12 violent banker deaths?

    A: A damn good start!

  11. I most certainly do not know these men personally.

    I don’t run with liars, cheats and thieves.

  12. Ewade says:

    I’m really curious to know what was in those suicide notes.

  13. Ewade says:

    That is some sick, but brilliant shit right there.

  14. Ewade says:

    And you know these men to be such personally? My bet would be you’re a liberal Troll

  15. miss coneja says:

    the problem with this theory is, is that if these deaths were caused by an outsider or vigilante they would be ruled murders.. because they are being ruled suicides it seems more likely they are being covered up and an inside job

  16. These people are choosing to condemn themselves.

    I don’t have any problem with it.

    It’s a general principle thing.

  17. Laura Stern Hisam says:

    Well my dear, what I meant was that Jesus would want us to be praying for these people, not condemning them. Please also pray for our country and for our leaders.

  18. maybeperfect says:

    The best argument I can think of against suicide is that our rulers sincerely WANT us to die. They’ve been quite clear about that.
    Our duty, demanded by humanity, Is to postpone that occurrence as long as possible as if it were a finger poked into the eye socket of a rockefeller or a rothschild patriarch. We’ve simply got to be too ornery to give up the ghost for them.

  19. I am a sinner.

    Jesus is not.

  20. Laura Stern Hisam says:

    Yes. There is a much bigger picture here too. Some of these “suicides” are suspicious and being investigated as such. And what about the missing reporter. Some of these people were actually whistle blowers, and the young man found dead near the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in WA would have had to climb over a 4 ft wall and fall down a steep embankment to commit suicide. Why didn’t he just go a little bit further and jump off of the bridge? I think he was murdered and then thrown down the embankment. Just look at the DJI and the manipulation of Gold, Silver, and Paper. If you don’t think we’re headed for the Mother of all Crashes, you’re delusional! I think that these bankers/investors/reporter knew what’s coming and have paid dearly for it! Wake up, America! There will be no quick fix here so prepare yourselves for what’s coming!

  21. Laura Stern Hisam says:

    That’s not what Jesus would say young lady! Shame on you!

  22. Todd says:

    Yes.. Yes there are.

  23. Andrew Mango says:

    Hmmmm. What if these are faked? I mean, let’s say that the whole thing is staged. Always remember, the elite criminals always keep several steps ahead of the rest of us. Like in the movie the Godfather. Remember when Michael Corleone shot the corrupt police chief and the other guy. Upon leaving the restaurant he was instructed to drop the gun at the scene. Why do that? Does anybody even know of the supposed dead bankers? Why haven’t family members come forward? Me, I’d like to hear from the grieving widow. And does anybody remember the movie “Body Heat?” Switched identities right?
    Something isn’t adding up here.

  24. Researcher says:

    There are two suicide clusters at Foxconn in China and France Telecom being blamed on harsh working conditions. But video and pictures taken by TV news crews inside the facilities show the failure to provide basic peripheral vision blocking protection, Cubicle Level Protection.

    These J P Morgan deaths are likely caused by the same problem when workers do not have basic protected workspace or when they take work home with family or pets moving in peripheral vision to cause Subliminal Distraction exposure.

    It is also the likely cause of David Birds disappearance.

    When it happened to my wife she heard voices and had depressive crying episodes about impossible criminal delusional situations she hallucinated.

    When a worker manages to get enough exposure for the full mental break, then like my wife, hallucinates an unsolvable, unbearable outcome for a real local or hallucinated situation, they can be a suicide in hours with no warning or explanation.

    Subliminal, undetectable exposure for several hours daily over a a few days would be necessary to cause psychiatric symptoms like fear, panic, paranoia, anxiety, depression, or thoughts of suicide. Most who have a light episode are unaware anything unusual happened to them. The episode spontaneously remits when exposure stops.

    Businesses like Herman Miller, Steelcase, Knoll, Haworth, and others have sold cubicles and designed open plan offices using “Systems Furniture” for fifty years to prevent what they see and believe to be a harmless temporary episode of psychotic-like confusion.

    Outside the United States businesses do not always use cubicles and no one warns workers about home computer use.

  25. Sven says:

    There ARE no vigilantes in today’s cowardly, ignorant world.

  26. Cheryl A. Dotson says:

    may be a link to vatican banker calve supposed suicide in 80s- J.P. Morgan was also a common denominator

  27. patriotfirst says:

    This may be someone not connected who is working their way down a list that is trying to topple the federal reserve by dismantling their ring of corrupt banking institutions think about it …….its either a vigilante or the illuminati.

  28. I have no problem with liars, cheats and thieves offing themselves.

    It’s a general principle thing.

  29. Tina Huston says:

    You have no problem with this because maybe they are putting people in to place who are more compliant and evil?

  30. Tina Huston says:

    What do you mean “cleaning up the mess”? Maybe these were people creating dissension or knew too much. Maybe they were in the way of the next mess that the illuminati plans. Very suspicious.

  31. I am having no problem with this.

  32. bpollen says:

    While it would hardly be called normal, brain-salad nailery appears to be surprisingly common.

  33. BluEskimo says:

    Just the Illuminati cleaning up the mess.

  34. ByChance says:

    Bankers should use Human-Crime-Syndicate for protection!

  35. Alec Williamson says:

    What about the Tata executive suicide falling from the building in Malaysia recently? Karl Slym

  36. Silver_Witch says:

    Anonymous – from a personal perspective I know there are other options….people in this situation are usually well aware of the other options. When you suffer from mental illness the other option often includes hospitalization where you are treated like a criminal, lose rights others in the hospital for illness do not loose (such as using the phone or talking to family), are confined, strapped down, shocked, shot-up with medication (often against your will) and worse treated as they see fit with little or no regard for your feelings (because after all you don’t really have any “valid” feelings). Not my idea of an option.

  37. Silver_Witch says:

    Dear Anonymous – the cycle is not what brings me down….it is an effect of a mind that is not well tempered and is a bit on the “defective” side. I know that it is hard for people to understand that it is not really defeat when someone chooses that path, just a choice which seemed in the moment the best option.

  38. Silver_Witch says:

    Sorry all baggage must be left behind!

  39. Silver_Witch says:

    I am afraid the election in 2016 will be no better, it will be Ms. Clinton, a rabid corporatist/hawk and whatever off-the-wall nut they run on the right in an attempt to get Clinton elected because the Republican candidate is so bad that horror will be fall the country.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Same people that want to take away workers’ rights. They think mere protections are “Marxist.” Their histrionics are an attempt to shift the balance back to them. The election was a choice between radical wingnut Romney and center right Obama. It’s awful that people respond to their baiting and tantrums. They should be ignored like the disease they are.

  41. Anonymous says:

    I agree. But it pains me to feel that way, since these people likely don’t give a shit about the droves of “consumers” they influence.

  42. MJL says:

    I know we’re supposed to be sad, but I really don’t give a shit about thee guys offing themselves. and the only time I support suicide is if more of the horrible people like them whom walk this earth could follow suit.

    That being said, the only death to bad about is that intern that got worked to death. and as for that reporter, he’s probably dead. It wouldn’t be a shock if he got killed because he found out some information. what I really want to know was what was in those suicide notes.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Yes I doubt they feel remorse either. They just don’t want to deal with the consequences of their actions.

  44. Naja pallida says:

    The modern executive class doesn’t have any remorse when they bankrupt a company. They take their golden parachute from the last of the liquidated assets and worker pension plans, and then go do it all over again at another company. Few large corporations are hemorrhaging money, especially not banks or insurance companies. They’re hoarding cash, being led by corporate vultures picking the bones of the economy clean.

  45. lynchie says:

    Give me the account numbers of all the off shore accounts or i will put a nail in your head. Sounds about right.

  46. lynchie says:

    But does this plane charge for carry on baggage.

  47. lynchie says:

    Did they all gave the goods on dear old Jamie Dimon?

  48. lynchie says:

    Doubt it is because of feeling remorse over financial loss. More likely it is because they are being closed in on. They have done illegal actions, bankrupted the world economy and can’t face the humiliation of being perp walked on tv. As far as losing money they were bailed out to the tune of $15 Trillion, got bonuses, big raises and life went on. Now they may go to jail and it is still all about them. I have no sympathy for any of them. They thought not a moment for the 99% so I will shed only alligator tears and hope the truth comes out on all their asses.

  49. Anonymous says:

    I’ll always have a heart, even for people that would spit in my face. But it’s hard to sympathize with people who see the poor as organ donors, or burdensome animals that deserve to die of cancer.

  50. Anonymous says:


  51. Anonymous says:

    Silver_Witch I sincerely hope you exhaust every other option before you make that decision. I often think to myself what a cruel world we live in, where the majority seem to have given up on the injustices. But just because the majority of people seem to bring each other down, doesn’t mean you have to be a part of the cycle.

  52. Anonymous says:

    I don’t agree because there are people who don’t even realize that there’s another option. I mean look at conservatives. They don’t get a choice to be raised outside the bubble. ;)

  53. cole3244 says:

    as long as a competent ME examines the body and the police investigate all possibilities that’s all you can ask for.

  54. Anonymous says:

    I hate to seem like I’m blaming them, but most likely these suicides are the result of financial loss. People this rich often kill themselves when they’ve bankrupted a company. I feel bad for their families, but if anything this is a barometer for the financial state of this country. It probably wasn’t their workload. Just the fact that a lot of companies are hemorrhaging money and taking our economy south. This is what happens when you trust the “makers” unfortunately. No one person is gifted enough to run a company so well and they often make egregious mistakes.

  55. perljammer says:

    I know it sounds fishy, but then you do a little research and find out it’s not all that uncommon. The nail gun is a fairly popular suicide weapon, and multiple shots aren’t exactly rare. See my reply to HolyMoly above.

  56. perljammer says:

    Well, as it turns out, the nail gun is a fairly popular choice as a means of attempting suicide, and attempts involving multiple shots of the nail gun aren’t uncommon either. On top of that, it’s not a very reliable method for killing oneself. If you look at this web page, you will find numerous instances where someone tried repeatedly and unsuccessfully to, um, nail themselves.

    I especially like this one, where a guy shot himself in the head six times(!) and failed to complete his mission:

  57. Silver_Witch says:

    Ohh Suzan…they all have lots of family waiting in line to take their wealth and spent it – look at the Waltons. It seems Sam was a fairly decent fellow – but his young ones…well not so much. So we might end up with worse than what we have now.

    I think taxes work much better on the 1%, they are still alive and we get to watch the squirm….

  58. Suzan Cooke says:

    Actually I consider it a good start. Now if we could only convince the 85 people who have more wealth than the bottom 3.5 billion people to kill themselves.

  59. nicho says:

    And the beat goes on. Just a little while ago, another JP Morgan employee plunged to his death from the corporate headquarters in Hong Kong.

    The banker suicide wave that started in late January has now become an epidemic, and it seems to be focusing on one bank: JP Morgan.

    After the first suicide that took place in JPM’s London headquarters, ending the life of 39 year old Gabriel Magee, a vice president in the investment bank’s technology department, next it was 37 year old Ryan Crane, an executive director in the firm’s program trading division, who died under still unknown circumstances.

    Moments ago a third JPMorgan banker committed suicide, this time at the JPMorgan Charter House Asia headquarters in central Hong Kong, wherea 33 year old man who was said to have been an FX trader for JPM, just jumped to his death.

    Not much is known yet about the circumstances of the suicide, however according to early reports, the man was 33-years-old, surnamed Lee, and believed to be a forex trader for JP Morgan.

    Just a mere coincidence. Nothing to worry about.

  60. 2karmanot says:


  61. Indigo says:

    It’s Florida. Voo-doo and Hoo-doo are part of the vastiness of this peninsula wide swamp. Governor Scott doesn’t get that but Charlie Crist does. What can I say?

  62. Indigo says:

    Among others, yes, but I follow Chomsky more closely. Pattern recognition is a sweet treat to me that casts its net over many fields, socio-economics and communication among them.

  63. 2karmanot says:

    Now, if a wrathful Mr. god would only direct a meteor shower toward the Hamptons all would be settled.

  64. 2karmanot says:

    After reading that article I need a shower.

  65. Silver_Witch says:

    Frankly I doubt there is much beyond this plane…however I have heard of this Astral Plane and hope it is peaceful and I would love a room with a view! I hope just to return to the earth and rest a very very long time.

  66. 2karmanot says:

    {{{{{{{{ xxxxxooooo }}}}}}}}. My dearest friend of fifty years assures me that there is an astral plane where we will have first class accommodations. I tell her that the idea of being an eternal personality is even more repellent than god. :-)

  67. Silver_Witch says:

    I have been there indeed myself 2Karmanot. Not due to illness, but resulting from my insanity.

    I have attempted twice to leave this coil…from the angst of life and threat of the abyss which awaits me – beaconing my insanity. I have never been successful. I would be sad to do it for my family – but the relief for me would have been tremendous.

    Thankfully the abyss has not summoned me for several years – I know however that it is always there waiting.

  68. Number Six says:


  69. 2karmanot says:

    A smirk is perfectly acceptable in this case.

  70. 2karmanot says:

    If you have been reading Michael Hudson recently that would definitely hold water.

  71. 2karmanot says:

    wicked funny!

  72. 2karmanot says:

    You would think that sort would choose death by Bentley instead.

  73. 2karmanot says:

    “people have had much larger objects speared right through their skulls and survived.” Religion comes to mind.

  74. 2karmanot says:

    Silence here, because it is holding too much grief and the stories of friends in the plague years, who could no longer live with the agonies of the illness and chose to self deliver. My heart goes out to you. The memories are as fresh as ever, even though the decades have gone by. Peace,

  75. 2karmanot says:

    There is the fact that many of us, older and in frail health talk about the end with candor and frankness. Pain is the central issue for quality of life. There was a time last year when I seriously doubted I would make it. Thus, explains my unrelenting war against trolls, and insistent commentary far left of center. When the pain abates all that transforms into wit of sorts. I’m healing now and the fog of mind is lifting, however trolls will still get no quarter in this region. :-)

  76. nicho says:

    The rich don’t commit suicide. They hire someone else to do it for them.

  77. Is the suicide rate different among the rich as it is in the 99%. Certainly a suicide of a wealthy person would garner media attention more than someone among the 99%.

  78. nicho says:

    I think the first nail into the chest or head would really really slow you down and might even make you reconsider your options. Remember the last time you hit your finger with a hammer. Did you want to do that a few more times. I’m usually too busy hopping around the room going “shit, shit, shit…”

  79. Silver_Witch says:

    I am very sorry for your loss Monophylos Fortikos. I know that suicide is very unfair to those who are left behind. What I mean by I support suicide in that I believe suicide should be a choice that one can make and I believe that people should be able to take their life – if they feel it is time for them or if the pain is so horrific that they can not continue (not just physical pain). Sometimes emotional pain can be far more horrible than physical pain and unendurable.

    Please accept my apology for the crudeness of my words – so many people are lost to suicide and so many times we can not/ will not be able to understand the reason they choose to act.

  80. nicho says:

    Nowadays it doesn’t matter if you go home or not. You have a phone and can get instant messages, calls, and emails and you’re expected to be on call day and night and to instantly respond. Also, if you work with international people, you’re expected to be in on conference calls at any time of the day or night. I have a friend who is working himself into an early grave — and I’ve been trying to get him to see that. He has not had a real vacation — or even a day off — in two years. When you’re with him, he has one eye — sometimes both — on his iPhone and is answering emails and messages, even during meals.

  81. Monophylos Fortikos says:

    Let me quote a bit of the San Diego Union Tribune at you.

    Man on overpass leaps to his death

    UNIVERSITY CITY – A man leaped to his death from the Eastgate Mall overpass onto the Interstate 805 center divider yesterday, authorities said.

    The 34-year-old San Diego resident, a data entry clerk, was declared dead at the scene, the Medical Examiner’s Office said.

    A witness who was driving south on the freeway reported that a man climbed over the overpass railing and jumped about 11:25 a.m., the California Highway patrol said. The man landed in the center divider.

    No freeway lanes were closed during the hourlong investigation.

    – Pauline Repard

    That was my elder brother. I’ll never understand it, never. Support suicide? What does that even mean?

  82. cole3244 says:

    must have been tea party ME assuming they fell for that scenario.

  83. cole3244 says:

    my suspicion comes from shooting himself in the chest & head seven or eight times, to me that sounds like torture leading to death and imo one wouldn’t be apt to chose that way to commit suicide, investigate further is all i’m suggesting.

  84. Silver_Witch says:

    Used to happen in law firms a lot – when associates worked 24 hours, went home, cleaned up and returned. It was hard to watch – they were willing sacrifice everything for the HOPE of someday being a partner – and when they made partner they treated the associates the very same way. I think this is a valid cause wherein one might commit suicide.

  85. Silver_Witch says:

    Sadly Nathanael – whiskey and 100 pills is not a guarantee – I suspect a nail gun is much more likely to kill that booze and drugs (yes I know from experience that those two are not a guarantee).

    Maybe these gentlemen just felt as if they were playing a game they could not win, or they are tired and feel shame. The winter has also been pretty harsh this year – perhaps they have Seasonal Affective Disorder. It is all speculation…and frankly 100’s, 1000’s of poor people die of suicide every year and society doesn’t care about them, so why should it care about these 6 men?

  86. Houndentenor says:

    About the intern’s death from exhaustion…I saw how investment banks treat these interns. Some of them worked all night and then were sent home in a car to shower and change only because it bothered some of the higher ups that they smelled (not because they might need to sleep). It seems like there was another case like this a few years ago. I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often. There’s only so much abuse the body can take, even when you are young. And there ought to be criminal charges filed.

  87. HolyMoly says:

    Yeah, the nail gun is definitely suspicious. It’s possible that that was a suicide, but a very strange method, wouldn’t you say? I’d figure most people would want it to be as quick and/or painless as possible, like 100 sleeping pills and a bottle of whiskey, or a gun to the head, or carbon monoxide. Death by 1,000 long, drawn-out, excruciating cuts, so to speak, would seem in my opinion to be extremely rare.

    I feel the same way about all the jumping from buildings. Not that it’s a strange way to go…a bunch of people do it that way, particularly Wall Street types. But it’s a lot easier to “help” someone make the jump than it would be to force them to swallow a bunch of pills.

    Maybe they were driven to suicide. A “kill yourself or we’ll ruin you, and your family will lose everything” type of threat. Maybe the 1% knows something we don’t — some sort of impending economic catastrophe. Or maybe someone’s tying up a few loose ends, based on the ongoing criminal investigations.

    Someone mentioned earlier in comments about how we don’t hear much about the 99% who have taken their lives, but that it’s a big story when the 1% do it. I see it that way, too. Us regular people have all sorts of issues to deal with in our lives and, sadly, some of us can’t live with it. Some of our problems are caused by the greed and avarice of the 1%. I’d be curious what it is that drives THEM to the brink.

  88. Silver_Witch says:

    And we care because why? I am not sure I follow why this is important. I get that suicide is sad, but I totally support suicide – sometimes it is the only solution. I guess I also believe that how one lives is often reflected in how they die…dance with the devil – you are going to get burned.

  89. Nathanael says:

    Ah, variants on the old classics…

    What’s the difference between Rush Limbaugh and the Hindenburg?

    One’s a bloated flaming Nazi gasbag, the other’s a dirigible.

  90. The_Fixer says:

    There have been guys who have had a nail embedded in their brains and survived. I remember reading about one such case a couple of years ago.

    In my mind, it’s entirely possible that due to the way nail guns work that he could have squeezed off a few “rounds” before being incapacitated.

  91. drdick52 says:

    Normally I would say that this is a good start, but it starts looking a bit shady when you throw in the reporter.

  92. Ford Prefect says:

    Oddly enough, I read this post right after reading the following article and now I have no empathy for them:

    (Oh, the death-by-nail-gun thing is real B-Movie sadism and NOT suicide, methinks. Someone should check to make sure Quentin Tarantino wasn’t in Greenwood Village that day.)

  93. Oh, dear! We are off to a dreadfully slow start, aren’t we?

  94. nobody knows says:

    What’s the difference between a bankster and a catfish?

    Ones a bottom dwelling, muck raking, scum sucker and the other one is a fish

  95. Indigo says:

    I understand that. Every one of these dubious suicides reminds me of the Tampa Madam who hanged herself from a rafter in her mother’s tool shed, carefully putting the ladder she used back after she did the deed.

  96. Monophylos Fortikos says:

    That doesn’t seem so ridiculous to me. I’ve used a compressed-air nail gun a few times and, if you’re inexperienced like me, you’ll have difficulty getting the nail to go all the way in and flush with the surface because the gun “hops” when fired.

    And what size were the nails anyway? “Nail” covers everything from thick masonry nails to thin wire and finishing nails.

    In any case, even having a large nail driven into your skull doesn’t mean instant death. Heck, people have had much larger objects speared right through their skulls and survived.

  97. The_Fixer says:

    Yes. Pathetic because you’d think that with their money, they could afford to hire someone to write better jokes for them.

    Disgusting, because of the nature of the “jokes” they told, their hubris and general contempt that they have for anyone who isn’t in their club.

    Quite frankly, I am more than a little tired of the whining of these wealthy assholes and although I value human life, I wonder how much they’ll be missed (outside of their immediate family).

  98. cole3244 says:

    possible but i would be curious to see where all his wounds were, my faith in the me’s in america is lets say pessimistic.

  99. Indigo says:

    Q. How is it that a lawyer can surf safely in shark-infested waters?
    A. Sharks extend professional courtesy to lawyers.

  100. Indigo says:

    I thought that too and then remembered the one time I used a nail gun. It was like a self-repeater, one strong pull on the trigger and out come a whole cluster of nails. Ka-bang-bang-bang! so maybe yes, he gave the trigger one strong pull and out they flew. Maybe.

  101. cole3244 says:

    suicide by nail gun with numerous wounds no way imo that is beyond suspicious.

  102. TheOriginalLiz says:

    It’s like the joke: “what do you call 1000 drowned lawyers? A good start.”

  103. jomicur says:

    Josef Stalin once told someone (I think it was Lady Astor), “The undesirable classes never liquidate themselves.” Guess he was wrong.

  104. heimaey says:

    The 99% commit suicide for different reasons. I don’t like anyone dying over this – even evil bankers. It still makes me sad.

  105. Indigo says:

    Looks like a trend . . . gosh, whatever is it that they know that we don’t know? Or maybe this is one of those Noam Chomsky moments were we’ve know all along that we’re wallowing in the Second Great Depression and those guys only now figured it out. Snap!

  106. dommyluc says:

    Gee, I wonder why there was no big outcry in the media about all the lives ruined when these same motherfuckers destroyed the economy in 2008? I wonder how many of the 99% committed suicide?
    But the story does remind me of the old joke about lawyers:
    Q: What do you call the deaths of 12 bankers?
    A: A good start.

  107. Indigo says:


  108. Dave of the Jungle says:

    Is it wrong that I’m smiling?

  109. A_nonymoose says:

    Sounds like someone is tying up some loose ends.

  110. Bill_Perdue says:

  111. nicho says:

    Only slightly OT:

    An inside look at a Wall Street secret society. Pretty pathetic actually.

  112. nicho says:

    Mere coincidences. Nothing to see here. Go back to your homes. Watch TV. Better still, go to the mall. Buy stuff. It will make you a better person.

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