Stalin bunker tour lets Moscow tourists nuke New York City

In a rather disturbing video from the Daily Show, we learn that a tour of Stalin’s underground bunker in Moscow lets tourist take turns nuking New York City.


I saw this in a new video from the Daily Show, and couldn’t believe it. But yes, the Russians thought it would be a fun thing for tourists visiting Stalin’s underground bunker to be able to launch mock nuclear missiles at New York City, and watch New Yorkers run for shelter as millions of Americans are burned alive.

Finally, the Russian tour guide announces to the tourist, “We destroyed America, finally.”

Here’s one tourist’s report that collaborates what the Daily Show showed:

At one point volunteers were requested for a simulation. Naturally, I was the first to volunteer, but I should have thought about the task at hand in advance.

I had to sit at a desk and was given keys and told buttons to press to set off a simulation of a nuclear explosion. There was a video where a Russian city was bombed. As retaliation my job was to turn a key and press a button and blow up…. New York!

I can’t say I enjoyed watching a nuclear explosion hit the center of NYC.

Is that a great country, or what?





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