Russians put spy-cams in Olympic bathrooms, showers, per Deputy PM

As if Toilet-Gate weren’t enough, today comes the news that the Russians have installed spy cameras in the bathrooms of their Olympic accomodations.

The Wall Street Journal today quotes Deputy Prime Minister for Olympic preparations Dmitry Kozak admitting that the Russians have video of Olympics guests in their showers.

Apparently, Kozak was giving a press conference on how great the conditions truly are at the Olympic hotels, and how the media was simply exaggerating the horror stories, and actually, Kozak claimed, trying to “sabotage” the Olympics by leaving their showers running all day.   That’s when Kozak dropped his bombshell.

We have surveillance video from the hotels that shows people turn on the shower, direct the nozzle at the wall and then leave the room for the whole day,” Kozak said.

Suddenly, the WSJ reports, a Kozak aide rushed in and pulled the reporter away before they could ask the obvious follow-up.

Of course, the larger question is, where can we buy a subscription to these videos?  (Well, not the media ones – but I’ll gladly subscribe to the athlete-cams!)

All kidding aside, this comes on the heels of the disastrous news about the condition of Olympic hotels, particularly for the media, and particularly the toilets, the disclosure that the Russians are filming Olympic athletes, media and guests in their showers would seem to be another blow against Vladimir Putin’s desire to use the Sochi Olympics to showcase Russia’s usherance into the 21st century.

A Sochi "love toilet." Several of the bathrooms in Sochi have more than one toilet.

A Sochi “love toilet.” Several of the bathrooms in Sochi have more than one toilet.

sochi-toilet-6 sochi-toilet-audience sochi-toilet-4

Yesterday we had the news that the Russians were eavesdropping on Olympic guests computers and cell phones.  And I suppose that’s to be expected, as there’s a major terror threat, and Russia is kinda sorta a dictatorship nowadays – even if it is a bit creepy.  But installing spy cams in the showers?

Mind you, these are bathrooms, and rooms overall, that haven’t even been fully completed yet.  Many don’t have running water, others that do have water are either finding it urin-colored or only running cold.



So instead of finishing all the rudimentaries, the Russians spent their time installing spy cams in the showers.

And some of these hotels don’t have locks on the doors, doorknobs, or even floors in one case.  But they found the time to install spy cameras in the showers.

by-default-2014-02-04-at-10.07.21-PM by-default-2014-02-04-at-10.09.13-PM by-default-2014-02-04-at-10.09.26-PM  by-default-2014-02-04-at-9.45.02-PM

It’s difficult to accept the “terrorism” argument for installing spy cams in the showers of Olympic guests. It sounds more like the Russians are fishing for opportunities to black mail athletes, media, and officials visting the Olympics, and use that leverage some time in the future.

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140 Responses to “Russians put spy-cams in Olympic bathrooms, showers, per Deputy PM”

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  3. caphillprof says:

    You need to do more thinking–a lot more thinking.

  4. Iona Yuko says:

    Looks like Russia doesn’t trust anybody. At all.


  5. 4th Turning says:

    [Slapping forehead!] This fake diatribe reveals you are really one of the writers for NBC’s
    occasionally hilarious SNL! If not, you are missing the truly fabulous caress of a Made
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    sounds like a high class enema to me? I can only hope that already yellow water is
    somehow pre-warmed for you during those frigid Siberian winters?

  6. Big says:

    the asshole of the Earth = united states of america!!! America = Ku-Kluks-Klan. America = racism. America = вонючие gays. America = протухшие lesbys. The American families kill the Russian adopted children.

  7. MEnotRUSSIAN says:

    lol what a joke.Good try buddy. You really think this is all just made up? Sochi SUCKS get over it. If this why y country i wouldn’t give them a break….51 MILLION dollars.Rooms aren’t finished-no water-OH and now they are videotaping you while you shower! You should be ashamed of yourself “big” ….and no shit-our government is corrupt-it doesn’t mean the people are….you russians….the asshole of the Earth = russia.

  8. Big says:

    Americans, you know who is Paul Joseph Goebbels? And so, in your country have the same promotion, as in nazi Germany. It is clear to the fool (and to you, to Americans it isn’t clear, means you – intellectually clever)) that in Sochi all top-level, Putin wouldn’t began to be dishonored, and that here on a photo, is the PHOTOSHOP banal. It not two toilet bowls in a toilet, and a toilet bowl and a bidet. (the bidet is for a penis and vagina podmyvaniye, so it is clear to you? ) If you, Americans crap and then on an ass the remained shit you smear a piece of paper, in Russia enough water resources, we, Russians got used to wash a bottom after an intestines excrement. So to you it is clear? Don’t trust a photoshop. It is pleasant to all guests in Sochi, and to you, you, everything is bad. To you only it is good when you arrange war in others countries and steal then there oil, but! ! ! ! God is also you He will punish. And then, why your American fat correspondent peed in glasses and put the urine for the general review. Here in it you, Americans, all.

  9. Jandy says:

    Some of the photos are provable false. Some are much older than claim to by (therefore it is obvious that the area is still under construction) and others are not even from Sochi at all.

  10. 8DX says:

    I see Russia is moving forward into the 21C: unisex.. no MULTI-toilets! In a modern world where nudity is no longer taboo, shower cam is your best friend! (Seriously, on the actual enterprise, everyone would be nude..)

  11. nestazhe265 says:

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  12. xzuma says:

    Here’s another similar view:

  13. Robert says:

    Wow – has anybody else looked at this guy’s comment history? “The crazy is strong with this one…”

  14. anon says:

    You seem too upset over something that doesn’t affect you at all. Shut the fuck up.

  15. david bowie says:

    fuck google and fuck the olympics. big fucking waste, take all this wasted corporate whore money and help people with it, instead of paying people to play on snow.

  16. Thom Allen says:

    Thanks, FLL. I TRY to be creative.

  17. Thom Allen says:

    If the two showering together are women, they’ll release it as a porn film. If they’re men, they’ll release it as a prison documentary. However, from what I’ve seen of the Russian bathrooms, I think I’d rather walk to the beach and bathe in the crude oil floating on the sea there. Works well as sunblock. ANd remember, Sochi is a Russian RESORT town. Imagine how charming it was before the attempts at modernization.

  18. Thom Allen says:

    Or the Rooskis either didn’t install waterproof cameras, or they installed camerd that were made and waterproofed in Russia. As we’ve seen, almost anything made in Russia, including most Russians, is defective from the start.

  19. Thom Allen says:

    He’ll need the XLarge condoms to cover the head.

  20. Thom Allen says:

    It goes far beyond doorknobs. If you read and comprehended any of the above, and many other, similar articles out there on the net and in print, you might have a clue. Or, on second thought, probably not.

  21. Thom Allen says:

    Need additional information on the Sochi lies? There’s much, much more. You can always Google it either in the US or Mother(fucker) Russia.

  22. Thom Allen says:

    New video, who should really get the Olympic Gold in Sochi:

  23. Thom Allen says:

    Definitely, ALL of the international journalists decided to spontaneously bad mouth the great and noble Mother(fucker) Russia. ALL of the videos and audios made by putin and others were altered to mak Russians lik like the nasty, stupid, piggish bigots they are. All of the 50 billion went into building Sochi, not into contractors pockets. Hey, Vanya, I have a bridge in Brooklynski that you might like to take home to Moskva.

  24. Thom Allen says:

    Sure. Now go back to your hotel and sip some more of that Sochi water.

  25. Thom Allen says:

    Of course, you’re absolutely right. /s

  26. Thom Allen says:

    Your proof? Russians always deny their actions that have negative PR consequences and refuse to accept responsibility.

  27. P. Utin says: check out this image for proof of the media lying about Sochi

  28. FFs says:

    Most of the photos are not from Sochi or even russia. Do a google image search with them and find out that you are all being lied to!

  29. Wtf says:

    Complete bullshit. Most of the photos are way older than 2014 and some aren’t even from russia. Don’t believe everything the media tells you.

  30. Talbot Buxomley says:

    Fuck Sochi. Shame on all of you.

  31. truu says:

    Point: /——–
    lllllllllll/ You

  32. Common Sense says:

    It shows stupis

  33. Monophylos Fortikos says:

    Did you apartment block cost forty billion euro to build?

  34. karmanot says:

    Talk to your priest. It may be just a venal sin.

  35. karmanot says:

    Aren’t we just.

  36. Tony says:

    That sounds like a personal problem..

  37. xzuma says:

    I am American. The doorknob in my apartment building is coming off every time I touch it. Think about that.

  38. DEREK says:

    Wow, Russian, how about your country stop embarrassing itself and install doorknobs that work for an INTERNATIONAL event?

  39. xzuma says:

    Wow, the doorknob came off and it’s the news. You are amazing, Americans.

  40. karmanot says:

    That works!

  41. karmanot says:

    I think that’s called an oxiMormon.

  42. karmanot says:

    You have my sympathies.

  43. karmanot says:


  44. mirror says:

    None of it is about Snowden. It’s about the information. Fascist trolls don’t want people thinking about that. Someone could have paid Snowden 50 million dollars to release the secrets he did and it still wouldn’t negate the totalitarian anti-American nature of the government activities he revealed.

    The sheep say, “baa, baaaaa.”

  45. Thom Allen says:

    Google goes gay for Sochi and quotes from the Olympic charter.

  46. Putin the Terrible says:

    You have to admit when Russia spies, it’s expected and not serious – unlike the NSA.

    Who cares if they’re using it to fight against terrorism?

  47. Thom Allen says:

    http://Vladimir Putin’s Facebook movie:

  48. FLL says:


  49. nicho says:

    It’s now called “toiletarianism.”

  50. Thom Allen says:

    Some of Russia and the USSR’s contributions to civilization: Stalin, mass murders, gulags, KGB, pogroms, iron curtain, cold war, missile crisis, Chernobyl, Putin, Sochi.

  51. Thom Allen says:

    New Olympic event, the Loooooge. h/t nicho.

  52. Strepsi says:

    nicho, you never saw that meme yet??
    unless NICHO is being sarcastic, does sarcastic humorlessness about sarcastic humorlessness create humor or a sarcasm negation?

  53. FLL says:

    Through the insight in your comment below, Thom Allen, a new meme is born: Motherfucking Russia! I don’t think I remember even George Orwell mentioning surveillance of toilets and showers in Animal Farm. This is totalitarianism gone beserk. Not just a cop under every bed, but a cop in every private bathroom and shower. You just can’t make this stuff up. Russia is becoming the tragicomic fail of our era.

    From the dictatorship of the proletariat to the dictatorship of the prudish-ariat.

  54. Thom Allen says:

    New Sochi anthem, “The Winter Games of Hate” music video. See what those Olympic rings really represent.

  55. Thom Allen says:

    Sochi anthem, music video, ‘The Winter Games of Hate.” Find out what the Olympic rings really represent.

  56. Thom Allen says:

    Russia just continues to humiliate itself to the world. Beating, kidnapping, arresting LGBTQs, 2 toilets/stall, slaughtering dogs, poisoned water, neo-nazi gangs, horrible accommodations, graft and embezzlement, threats of terrorism, toilet and shower cams, bad roads, inefficient transportation, importing snow, hacking private communications and so much more. Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it, Putin? Not only is the whole world watching, the whole world is laughing at most of your failures.

    I’m wondering how long it will take Mother(fucker) Russia to blame the gays if there is a terrorist attack? Or how quickly the gays will get blamed for the above disasters in Sochi.

  57. Thom Allen says:

    Everyone knows that Black Widows and other terrorists love to hide in toilet stalls and showers, hence the need for electronic surveillance.

  58. iamlegion says:

    Only if I can get Snowden to be the godfather… And that sexy redhead spy chick to be my nurse…

  59. iamlegion says:

    Not my problem, sunshine.

  60. iamlegion says:

    I saw nothing in your post that indicated you were being sarcastic.
    That’s the point, dude. If I put HAHA LOL JK at the end of it, it kind of defeats the purpose. Humor is based on the unexcpected; if you came here expecting Greek Tragedy and I gave you Shakespearean Farce, I can do exactly nothing to help you remove the Olympic torch from your oversensitive bum.

  61. Bcre8ve says:

    They need to up with a snark tag, like /s or/snark that, when used, makes your comment go, “Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge. Say no more, say no more!”

  62. Monophylos Fortikos says:

    Again, who cares what Snowden’s reasons were? The real story is not about him.

  63. noGOP says:

    without people like snowden, who watches the watchers?

  64. noGOP says:

    well said!

  65. Tom in Lazybrook says:

    I’m a Democrat. Just one who thinks Snowden was a tool of anti – American Julian Assaunge and a tool of Putin violations of every human right possible, including privacy.

  66. nicho says:

    Giving the phrase “lookie loo” a whole new meaning.

  67. nicho says:

    Oh, I’ll bet those all work.

  68. karmanot says:

    There could be other reasons John. For example those plush seats in front of the toilets, could indicate a Russian avant-garde theater production.

  69. AdmNaismith says:

    Please, the IOC is so deeply corrupt, spycams are probably part the Olympic Charter now.

  70. Henson says:

    The good news is that the cameras were installed at substandard angles, and most of them are unconnected or broken.

  71. BeccaM says:

    Hotel electricity? Nyet. WiFi? Nyet. Water suitable for human consumption or even showering in? Nyet.

    Surveillance cameras all working? Da!

  72. BeccaM says:

    Yesterday, I found myself idly wondering just how large the bribes were, from the Russians to the IOC site selection committee members. Must be one hell of a gig to land.

  73. BeccaM says:

    And each week that’s gone by, yet another NSA denial is proven false.

    “We don’t collect information on American citizens” — except they do.

    “We don’s spy on Americans in America” — yes, they do.

    “We don’t warehouse every piece of information about every phone call made or email sent” — guess again.

    “It’s only for matters of national security” — not according to the FBI and DEA, who’ve been receiving tips from the NSA.

    “We don’t spy on members of Congress” — yes, they do.

    “We have systems in place to ensure that nobody who isn’t authorized is able to browse through the data we’ve collected” — again, no.

    The NSA is already clearly WAY beyond its original mandate. And for those who think it’s no big deal, that they trust the government, I have two words in rebuttal: “President Christie.”

  74. nicho says:

    No. There was no indication that it was. When you’re writing something on the Internet, people have to take you at your word. Writing sarcasm is very very hard — even people get sucked in by Onion stories until someone points out to them that it’s from The Onion. I saw nothing in your post that indicated you were being sarcastic.

  75. nicho says:

    There is no longer any sarcasm these days. And especially not in written content on the Intertubes. There are too many people who would say what you said — and mean it.

  76. lynchie says:

    You might be describing our Congress.

  77. DRoseDARs says:

    Daaww, you two will have the cutest babies. Just make sure you give birth in Russia so WE CAN ALL WATCH THE MIRACLE…

  78. karmanot says:

    The ACA covered the bills though!

  79. karmanot says:

    That’s because in this pitiful culture of ours irony has become too reflective of truth. Obama is blamed for the yellow water in Sochi because ‘BENGHAZI.” :-0

  80. karmanot says:

    Yes :-)

  81. karmanot says:

    CHORUS: “Oh baby is Snowden outside.”

  82. Monophylos Fortikos says:

    Who cares?

  83. iamlegion says:

    I appreciate the understanding. Thanks.

  84. iamlegion says:

    Yes, dear. That’s why they call it “sarcasm”.

  85. iamlegion says:

    And you win the failure to notice snark/sarcasm award for next Tuesday… Kudos!

  86. goulo says:

    It was evidently too close to sincere comments blaming random stuff on Obama.

    (FWIW, I didn’t downvote you but I wasn’t sure what the intended point of “Thanks, Obama!” was. Plenty of people have criticized/blamed Obama for not pressuring Putin more.)

    Cf. Poe’s Law.

    Sarcasm risks misunderstanding in this kind of thread… :)

  87. bejammin075 says:

    What a terrible waste! How many shower-cams will get no use because the showers don’t have running water?!

  88. pappyvet says:

    everybody sing now ! You people in the back give it some feeling

  89. pappyvet says:

    I just cant wrap my head around the idea of filming someone while they pinch a loaf.
    What will they do if they discover two people of the same gender showering together. Or two Olympians kissing. I wonder what their overall game plan is. I worry that there is more terrorism being planned here than what can be blamed on Chechen rebels.

  90. 2patricius2 says:


  91. Bcre8ve says:

    My cat got fleas.

    Thanks Obama!

  92. MyrddinWilt says:

    Even worse, they use Centigrade in Russia…

  93. MyrddinWilt says:

    I don’t know Snowden but I work in the same industry and I have read many of the published Snowden documents and I have met people who have seen the unpublished ones.

    Snowden’s criticism of the NSA was not that we didn’t need an NSA, it was that it was not trying to solve the right problem. The real threat to national security comes from invasions of privacy. The NSA top brass had no interest in stopping Russian or Chinese attacks, in fact they seemed to want them to continue so that they could justify their own attack infrastructure.

  94. jomicur says:

    And since they can’t come up with any reason to slam Snowden that has even a semblance of legitimacy, they have to make up crap like this. What utter fools.

  95. iamlegion says:

    Apparently someone removed the sarcasm filters from Disqus… you realize the “thanks, Obama” line is a joke, right?

  96. StraightGrandmother says:

    Ha Ha Ha, that’s pretty funny.

  97. StraightGrandmother says:

    I read a tweet from yesterday from a Jounalist who tweeted out
    To anyone with a working toilet, am willing to trade my 3 light bulbs, it included a pic of the light bulbs.

  98. karmanot says:

    Front Range or Back Range? :-)

  99. karmanot says:

    Nice snark!

  100. karmanot says:


  101. karmanot says:


  102. PoliticalMayhem says:

    This is how they got the toilet shot (Ts) from PSY and now they have set up vid footage for more global entertainment of the masses..

    I would never endorse a vid someone took without my direction or knowledge.

  103. nicho says:

    In the Land of the Teapeople, everything is Obama’s fault.

  104. caphillprof says:

    The GOP paid trolls are out today.

  105. caphillprof says:

    Obama has nothing to do with the Sochi Olympics.

  106. nicho says:

    What an incredibly stupid statement.

  107. Tom in Lazybrook says:

    So where’s Edward Snowden, hero of privacy, on this?

  108. nicho says:

    You win the Non Sequitur of the Year award — and it’s only February. Congrats.

  109. iamlegion says:

    Nice blast from the past…

  110. iamlegion says:

    The IOC is very possibly the single most thoroughly corrupt group of people on the entire planet. Significant chunks of the billions Putin has spent on this catastrophe went directly into their pockets just to _get_ the Olympics, plus more now to keep them in line. There is literally _no_ abuse or crime IOC members won’t smile on if you pay them enough.

  111. nicho says:

    Rubles are for rubes. They will need to come up with some hard currency. No one would take rubles for anything.

  112. iamlegion says:

    So, that’s a “no” on doorknobs, locks, clean water, paved roads, and safety from rabid stray animal attacks, but putting cameras in everyone’s bathrooms is a big “hellz yeah”!

    Thanks, Obama!

  113. PeteWa says:

    for the next week, the low at Sochi will reach 32 degrees only today.
    highs will range from 50 to 57 degrees.
    a great place for the winter olympics!

  114. jomicur says:

    Vladimir Putin’s Russia: the Norman Bates in the community of nations.

  115. Bcre8ve says:

    In Russia, you don’t watch the Olympics, the Olympics watch you.

    h/t Yakov Smirnoff

  116. jomicur says:

    That will depend almost entirely on how many rubles Mother Russia pones up for the IOC.

  117. BeccaM says:

    Oh, I don’t know. With their recent host-country picks, I’m half expecting them to go for Uganda next, or maybe Somalia.

  118. PeteWa says:

    lol as if the IOC cares.

  119. BeccaM says:

    Well, now we know the lack of toilet stalls isn’t a ‘bug’ or design flaw — it’s an intended feature, so people can’t hide from the cameras.

  120. They’ll at least try to find them, I bet US intelligence would LOVE to see what the Russians are using nowadays. Can’t wait for a reporter to tweet a pic of a spycam.

  121. silas1898 says:

    Now that this is out, I wonder if the athletes and “guests” will try to find these things and disable them. The “authorities” won’t like that.

  122. basenjilover says:

    Or could be that this was sanctioned by IOC to spy on athletes shooting up steroids, performance enhancing drugs, etc?

  123. Mark_in_MN says:

    It seems par for the Russian course theses days, but I also have to wonder why we trust the comment. Its a fairly ridiculous claim followed by an even more outrageous one. Might he have said it hoping that people would say, “Well, if they have video…,” and not think of the creepy, creepy implications? Even that idea seems far fetched in a situation that seems filled to overflowing with the far fetched.

  124. keirmeister says:

    Spy cams of athletic people in the shower? Pics and vids!

    Okay, but seriously…CREEEEPY! When folks were saying there should be no expectation of privacy in Sochi, they weren’t kidding!

    But the bigger question: all of this is under the cloak of the IOC. Doesn’t this sort of thing violate IOC terms/regulations for hosts? I’m curious to see what the IOC’s reactions may be to these reports. This could become a much bigger scandal…especially if other countries make a big stink about it.

  125. Am I the only one thinking this will be the last Olympics held in Russia for a very long time?

  126. bkmn says:

    Is anyone surprised? It was Putin’s KGB that put all sorts of spy hardware in when the new US Embassy was built in Russia.

    It wouldn’t surprise me that they are behind a lot of the electronic hacking that occurs as soon as you power a device on in Sochi.

  127. Buford2k11 says:

    This is shaping up to be a real hum dinger of an event…just don’t hum in the showers…when I first settled into the rural mountains of Colorado, first thing we had to do is dig an outhouse hole and build an outhouse…well, being a commune in the ’70’s, we went with a “two holer”…ya find out who your real friends are….the real problem with a “two holer” was when a bee would fly into the other hole and be buzzing around, unseen, and unnerving…”pinching a loaf” became the new “buzzword” for a while…

  128. chris10858 says:

    Welcome to the CCCP, circa 1980.

  129. I think it’s fishing for blackmail material. There’s really no other reason to have spy cams in the hotel room bathrooms, showing the showers.

  130. judybrowni says:

    Could this be yet another of Russia’s (incredibly horrible and stupid) ways to trap the gays?

    Or just another way to corruptly skim more moola — shower cams of the Olympic athletes!

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