GOP (read: Fox News) verklempt over proposed “devastating cuts” to military spending

Fox News, and its Republican underlings, are verklempt over an Obama administration proposal to rein in our country’s seemingly never-ending military spending, and to tailor America’s military for the modern threat.

Now, keep in mind that while part of GOP angst is simply that their districts may lose some military pork (and look for Dems to express similar outrage for the same reason), what’s also going on here is the classic Republican genuflect to all-things-military.

Republicans don’t want the military that America needs. They want to keep spending more and more on defense so they can tell their base-voters, who rarely think about the actual needs of themselves or their country (otherwise, Mississippi would be a lot more worried about its status as the gonorrhea capital of America than it is about gay marriage, immigration and abortion), that they voted to spend more on defense, regardless of whether we actually need to spend more on defense.

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In essence, Republicans are doing with defense what they claim Democrats do with social programs – spend, spend, spend, simply for the sake of spending.  Enough is never enough.

George W. Bush's defense secretary, uber-hawk Donald Rumsfeld, proposed his own military cuts back in the day.

George W. Bush’s defense secretary, uber-hawk Donald Rumsfeld, proposed his own military cuts back in the day.

I particularly enjoy the part of the Stephen Colbert segment, below, where Fox News tries to claim that it’s a scandal that entitlement spending has gone up more than defense spending over the past 20 years. Keep in mind what they’re really saying: It’s a bad thing when more money is spent on keeping Americans healthy, especially seniors.

Ironically, the Republicans would be claiming a massive success if the opposite were true, if defense had grown more than entitlement spending. So it’s not the actual money, the overall dollars spent, that they care about.  They just don’t like it when the government spends money on keeping people healthy, especially people they don’t like (which lately is most of the country).

Now, I’m not suggesting that we should ever waste money on anything, but I’m not entirely convinced that America would be better off spending less on keeping people healthy and more on rather expensive toys that go boom.

And yes, I’m talking about you Gonorrhea, Obesity, Stroke, and Most Sickly.


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5 Responses to “GOP (read: Fox News) verklempt over proposed “devastating cuts” to military spending”

  1. cole3244 says:

    entitlements, the programs needed to help the 99% make up for the money the 1% stole from retirement funds, in other words keeping the masses existing but not really living.

  2. Naja pallida says:

    Let’s remember that these defense “cuts” are actually the Pentagon requesting that the cuts of the sequester be reversed. So they’re actually a request for an increase to what Congress has already decided. Calling them ‘devastating’ and blaming Obama is completely and utterly disingenuous.

    Of course, all the cuts proposed to the DoD have been nothing but nibbling at the edges, and not really taking cost savings seriously. Until someone decides that half our military budget should not be funneled directly to private contractors, we will never have our military spending under any semblance of control.

  3. Silver_Witch says:

    Well that was different – he did prompt the “privatization” of military though his mother, errr I mean investment Haliburton!

  4. BeccaM says:

    Of course not. IOKIYAR.

  5. nicho says:

    And do they mention that Darth Cheney – who is now crying crocodile tears on TV — implemented “devastating cuts” when he was SecDef in 1991 — to the point where Congress held hearings on his gutting of the military?

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