Google goes gay for the Olympics, likely breaks Russian anti-gay propaganda law

Go to Google. She’s gotten a wee bit queer for the Olympics.


And it seems to be worldwide. We checked the Nigerian and Russian sites, and they’re Olympically gay too.

Google is going all rainbow, clearly, to support gay rights, and gay athletes at the Olympics.  Russia has recently cracked down on its gay and trans community, passing a “gay propaganda” ban last summer that effectively makes it illegal to say or do anything perceived as pro-gay.  A newspaper editor was recently fined three-month’s wages for quoting a gay person saying something positive about being gay, and a gay youth support group is also now being charged under the  law.

That Google Russia site in particular probably is in violation of Russian law.

Google Russia:


And here’s Google Nigeria, which has also had its run in with draconian anti-gay wackiness:


And even Google Iran (not known for being a hotbed of homo-goodness):


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14 Responses to “Google goes gay for the Olympics, likely breaks Russian anti-gay propaganda law”

  1. URHate says:

    At the same time Google tries to promote themselves using gay rights, they tell users to report sexual minorities just for pictures – the epitome of bigotry and hypocrisy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Very symbolic

  3. BloggerDave says:

    Hooray for the Fifth Snowflake which refused to turn into a Ring….

  4. Aaron_000 says:

    After reading your reply I checked again and you are indeed right. It is back now. I should have grabbed a screenshot when I had the chance. I checked several different Google sites (Canada, US, Russia, England, and Nigeria) and they all only had the first sentence about sport being a human right. Maybe someone messing with Google’s doodle?

  5. Zorba says:

    Just looked at Google, and the competing without discrimination sentence is still showing up for me.

  6. AnthonyLook says:

    Changed my server to Google today.

  7. Aaron_000 says:

    Google has since removed the sentence about competing without discrimination.

  8. Tom in Lazybrook says:

    First arrests of gay protesters in Russia since the games began. Four people in St Petersburg have been arrested for simply marching with signs quoting the Olympic Charter. They remain in jail.

  9. Drew2u says:

    Oh, looks like other people are being arrested, not just equality protestors:

    “The initial brunt of a police crackdown on protesters at the Winter Olympics — originally expected to target gay rights groups — has instead fallen on environmental activists.

    Over the past week, the police have detained two ecologists, ostensibly for violating the public order, and a third has said she intends to leave Sochi to avoid a similar fate.

    The arrests raised alarms from Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, which criticized the stringent controls that the Russian authorities have placed on public shows of dissent in the vicinity of Olympic sites.”

  10. Drew2u says:

    Oh, we all know that Google is actually expressing the flag of Russia’s Jewish Autonomous Region:

    Either that, or they’re celebrating what a lot of us will see during the olympics:×225.jpeg

  11. S1AMER says:

    Brilliant! Thanks for the clever gesture, Google!

    And take that, Pootie-Poot!

  12. Ninong says:

    What about NBC’s rainbow-feathered peacock? Is NBC secretly trying to turn Sochi gay just to prove its mayor wrong?

  13. pappyvet says:

    Good for them.

  14. Steven Leahy says:

    This is cool as heck. Congrats Google on doing the right thing!

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