Furor over Coke’s diverse “America the Beautiful” Super Bowl ad grows

We reported last night on the Coca-Cola Super Bowl commercial that created a firestorm of criticism on the right, as conservatives flipped out that Coke would dare have Americans sing “America the beautiful” in languages other than English, including the dreaded Español.

Several of the comments expressed anger that our “national anthem” (which “America the Beautiful is not, our national anthem is “The Star-Spangled Banner”) wasn’t sung in “American” (which is only a language outside of the borders of the US – in America, we say that we speak “English”).

Ironically, many of them were incapable of actually articulating their thoughts in proper English.




Well, today self-appointed conservative mouthpiece Glenn Beck weighed in.  And it’s official: the new GOP message is that Coke made an ad celebrating diversity in America in order to make Republicans look bad.


Here’s what Beck had to say (video below):

“Why? You need that to divide us politically? Cuz that’s all this ad is. That’s all this ad is. This is to divide people. It’s an in-your-face… and if you don’t like it, if you’re offended by it, then you’re a racist.  If you do like it, well then you’re for immigration.  That’s all this is, is to divide people.”

In fact, Coke’s ad simply showed a bunch of different people, of all walks of life, including gay people, singing “America the Beautiful” in various languages.  The point of the ad was not to translate the song for “immigrants who refuse to learn to speak G-D English.”  The point was to recognize and honor the diversity that is our country.  To note that you can be American and speak Spanish, Greek, English, Korean or any other language on earth.  And that there is no such thing as “looking American,” because we literally come from everywhere, our country’s gene pool is a mixture of the entire world – something that if you travel the world, you’ll find to be quite unique.

The irony is that just last week MSNBC apologized for suggesting that conservatives had a problem with race.  Ya think?  A big part of the problem people have with the folks singing in the Coke commercial is that they’re not white people singing in European languages (other than Spanish, which most Americans would consider Latin American rather than European).

But the bigger take-away from this mess is just how corrupted by the far right American “conservatives” have become.  They can’t even handle a commercial celebrating the fact that we’re a country of immigrants without immediately jumping to the conclusion that it’s all part of some larger democratic conspiracy.

It’s only a matter of time before conservatives blame Coke for Benghazi too.

Below is the Coke commercial, following by Glenn Beck’s ludicrous victimology.

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