Coke re-airs “that” commercial during the Olympics, while Jon Stewart weighs in

During the Olympics opening ceremony, Coca-Cola re-aired its “controversial” pro-diversity ad, featuring the song “America the Beautiful” sung in various languages, to signify the patchwork that is America.

I wrote about this last week when Coke first aired its ad during the Super Bowl.

Conservatives lost their minds over it, convinced the ad was part of a larger conspiracy to promote Democratic immigration reform proposals to Congress (seriously).

Jon Stewart weighed in on this a few days ago, and I missed it.  Here’s what Stewart had to say:

How much more American assimilation can they have? Maybe if they were open-carrying a gun shaped like Jesus, while using a bald-eagle strap-on to f*** an apple pie, but for God sakes, what else?


The rest of the Daily Show segment is below, enjoy.  And don’t miss the funny parody of the ad, showing the languages that didn’t make Coke’s final cut, including Dothraki and Klingon.

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