Shine Bright, Jamie Dimon: “Crime to crime, Morgan thrives”

I’m working on a longer piece about money and the men and women who enable the making of it. But why not start first with a wonderful work of art?

This is based on a Rihanna song and video called “Diamonds,” but for my money, the one below is better. The images, including the shared images, are used more tightly, the message is stronger, and emotionally, this is just as poignant.

You don’t get to be Jamie Dimon without service providers — sorry, friends — like the men and women who control the Justice Department. And the “wicked prize” (as Shakespeare calls it) is right up front, where everyone can see it. Money. There’s a bull market on greed in the world of the 1%, and they’re all out to corner it. It’s Tulipmania season in the hearts of the grasping, an immense and dangerous speculative bubble in overreach, and I’m not being hyperbolical.

It’s time this entered popular music and culture. “Shine bright, Jamie Dimon” from American Family Voices. This may leave you singing:

Sample lyrics:

Masters of the universe
Wall Street’s high on derivatives
Ride the bull — we’ll never die
Chasing profits ever high

Thirteen billion penalty
From mortgage securities
Fraud you sold me, market dives
Chasing profits ever high…

Crime to crime, Morgan thrives
Foreclosures spike just like your bottom-line

From the video’s producers:

American Family Voices (AFV) today released a new music video parody, this one turning Rihanna’s song and video about Diamonds into a story about Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan Chase, and a string of settlements that were way too weak in comparison to the scopes of JPM’s crimes. Coming out the same day as Dimon’s opulent holiday card, the video provides a marked contrast to Dimon’s view of himself.

“This video is our answer to those politicians, regulators, and prosecutors who think the Wall Street masters of the universe should be coddled”, said Mike Lux, President of AFV. “Instead of treating them with kid gloves and kindness, the arrogance of Jamie Dimon should be poked, parodied, and prosecuted.” … AFV is also launching a new online petition to break up the big banks.

“Parodied and prosecuted” indeed. I mentioned the bull market in “overreach” above. Obama wants catfood for you so that David Koch can sweeten his 36 billion dollar pile. That’s literally true, and the way of the world we’re in. Me, I’d stop at half that number.

Here’s the Dimon Christmas card mentioned above. And here’s that petition in case you wish to help.

What did Shakespeare say?

There’s a scene in Hamlet, terribly ironic, in which Claudius, who murdered his brother to get his brother’s throne, his treasure and his wife, thinks he’s alone and confesses to God his crimes. He cannot ask forgiveness though, because he knows that to be forgiven he must give up the goods he got by crime.

There’s one line of this speech that always speaks to me as I witness the flow of funds in our own corrupted day. Here’s part of what Claudius says (my pauses; “gilded” means gold-covered):

Then I’ll look up;
My fault is past. But, O, what form of prayer
Can serve my turn? “Forgive me my foul murder”?
That cannot be; since I am still possess’d
Of those effects for which I did the murder,
My crown, mine own ambition and my queen.
May one be pardon’d and retain th’ offence?

In the corrupted currents of this world
Offence’s gilded hand may shove by justice,
And oft ’tis seen the wicked prize itself
Buys out the law: but ’tis not so above;
There is no shuffling, there the action lies
In his true nature; and we ourselves compell’d,
Even to the teeth and forehead of our faults,
To give in evidence.

What then? what rests?
Try what repentance can: what can it not?
Yet what can it when one can not repent?

The line?

“Oft ’tis seen, the wicked prize itself buys out the law.”

Bribing the judge with the loot, the wicked prize. Shine bright, Jamie Dimon. May you dim some day.


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14 Responses to “Shine Bright, Jamie Dimon: “Crime to crime, Morgan thrives””

  1. ca_rickf says:

    Silly! None of the has anything to do with gays! Therefore, it’s not important to Wingnuts.

  2. ronbo says:

    My Senator (D – McCaskill) just sent me a letter in support of TPP. Without constant reminders (threats of working against their re-election and FOR a true Democratic politician) they follow the money.

    We MUST put the fear of being thrown aside into them to have an impact.

  3. Lawerence Collins says:

    These vile, odious crooks take billions! Where’s the outrage from all the demonic, soulless sociopathic, Rethuglican zombie sheeple?!

  4. lynchie says:

    Congrats again. Think about some fireworks hell 15 years its worth a bang

  5. BeccaM says:

    It’s a great place to live — and the cost of living is way lower than many other parts of the country.

    It’s one of the many reasons we opted to relocate here after our return from India, rather than going back to the Santa Cruz / San Jose CA area.

    Now we have yet another reason to stay.

  6. Indigo says:

    That makes a move to Albuquerque even more tempting.

  7. BeccaM says:

    Thanks! Our actual “in our hearts, married despite the lack of legal recognition” marriage anniversary is this Saturday, 12/21, on the Solstice. 15 years. Hell of an early anniversary present. :-)

  8. nicho says:

    I’m so happy for you that your marriage is now recognized in your home state. Congratulations all over again.

  9. BeccaM says:

    We got it. Expect a post very shortly.

    Happy, happy day here in the State of Enchantment.

  10. lynchie says:

    Our representatives don’t care what we think. They don’t care if we are hungry, homeless or sick. There only focus is on the accumulation of wealth for the 1% because they know they get a portion kicked back to them. I don’t see it changing because we can’t put any pressure on them. If we toss out the bad apples they are replaced with new bad apples who want to get in the game to increase their net worth. I am represented by Bob Casey. I have written and called his office at least 20 times in the past year. I have never heard a single word back from him or anyone in his office. I once believed we could exert some pressure to get them to do their jobs which is to represent all their constituents. That belief went out the window with Clinton (NAFTA, DADT, welfare reform, deregulation, etc.) It was crushed with O’highness who couldn’t lick the ass of the bankers and wall street often enough. No we as a country will continue to spiral in the toilet until we complete our transformation into a third world country. We have a military police, we are spied on, phone tapped, internet monitored to the point that no one can organize any type of resistance.

  11. nicho says:

    Off-topic, but very important:

    New Mexico Supreme Court Rules Unanimously in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage

    Capping off a year of historic victories, the New Mexico high court handed down a unanimous ruling on Thursday granting same-sex couples theability to wed in the state.

    The 5-0 decision iswritten by Justice Edward Chavez, who concludes the current statutory scheme under which same-sex couples can’t marry doesn’t serve the interest of the state. The ruling, which takes effect immediately, makesNew Mexico the 17th state with marriage equality on the books.

  12. Robert says:

    Jamie Dimon Christmas Card became the attention of the big giants.

  13. Bill_Perdue says:

    The rich are different – corrupt, insanely greedy, authoritarian, and destructive beyond belief. Modern American society has been molded by them and like them, it cannot be reformed.

    That’s why it’ll undergo fundamental and revolutionary change. What began in 1775 and left unfinished in 1865 will be completed because the rich offer us no other choice.

  14. ronbo says:

    “If I were to make a couple hundred thousand or more a year, I would welcome paying MORE taxes – a fair and progressive tax system is sorely needed.”

    Say it to your Representatives, early and often. Right now, they only hear the other side (because it comes gift-wrapped in $100 bills). Until we are so loud that we drown out the cash, fair solutions will NOT be considered.

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