Reverse Nazi salute, all the rage in Europe, is now coming to America

A “reverse Nazi” fascist salute that’s become all the rage in Europe, has now come to America.

The salute was created by French comedian Dieudonne M’Bala M’Bala, who has been fined for inciting racial hatred and hate speech on several occasions.

Dieudonne, who has run for office on an “anti-Zionist” platform, claims the salute is simply “anti the system.”  The claim is suspect at best, but when you look at Dieudonne’s history, it’s even less credible. Among other things, Dieudonne has invited Holocaust deniers on stage during his shows (and asked the audience to applaud them), is close to France’s far-right quasi-fascist National Front party, and has described the Holocaust as “memorial pornography.”

It’s become a “thing” among some circles in Europe to take a selfie doing Dieudonne’s gesture. The selfie is especially popular at locations deemed “Jewish,” such as Auschwitz or memorials in Paris to French Jews who were murdered by the Nazis during World War II.

Yeah, nothing anti-Semitic about that.  Keep in mind that France has a long history of anti-Semitism, and a resurgence of violence against Jews in the past few years.  So this isn’t happening in a vacuum.  Not to mention, every European is familiar with what this kind of salute signifies.  It’s fascist, period.

There are photos all over the Web of the salute. It’s obvious from the photos that it’s meant as a fascist anti-semitic salute. Here are a few that get the point across quite well:



Trains used to transport Jews to Nazi death camps.





“Hebrew retirement home.”


The sign they’re posing in front of is a memorial to those killed by the Nazi puppet government in France during World War II


“Jewry Street”


Holocaust Memorial, Berlin.


A display about Anne Frank.


The Nazi-esque salute has caught on with sports celebrities too, including French-born British soccer player Nicolas Anelka who made the gesture the other day, then, incredibly, tried to claim that President Obama did the same thing.  The President most certainly did not.  Obama’s photo is of the President brushing dirt off his shoulder, which was a ‘thing’ during the 2008 campaign, suggesting he was brushing off Hillary’s criticism. It was not a quasi-fascist salute.


And now Americans are getting in on the fun, including San Antonio Spurs Tony Parker in a photo that was just published two days ago:


A video showing a variety of these photos includes one of an apparent NYC police officer in front of the Center for Jewish History in NYC:


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