Cross the border? Vaginal search

A third story from New Mexico of law enforcement performing an invasive anal, and this time vaginal, search on (this time) a woman simply because a police dog supposedly indicated that she might have drugs (she didn’t).

The woman was crossing the border from Juarez, Mexico to El Paso, Texas when supposedly a dog indicated that she might have drugs. So, they took her to a back room, made her undress, spread her legs, then had her spread open her vagina with her hands and “cough.”

Female agents then dove in with their fingers in search of drugs.


And they found nothing.

So they took her to the local medical center where they x-rayed her, made her defecate in front of them, and then they did another manual search of her vagina and anus, this time, according to the report, “bi-manually” – meaning, they used both hands this time to really get inside good.

Oh, and they gave her a CAT scan too. All without permission, of course.

This isn’t the first time law enforcement in New Mexico has gone too far. We reported recently on two other cases that shocked the senses. One was a driver who failed to use his turn signal, so the cops gave him stomach x-rays and multiple anal exams after their dog thought maybe he might have drugs (he didn’t.)

The second was even better.  A guy rolls through a stop sign, and the dog (the same dog) has an inkling this guy might be trouble.  But what really clinched it for the cops was that the man appeared to have “clenched his buttocks.”  So, they took him, against his will, to a medical center that gave him several anal exams, x-rays, three enemas, and then a colonoscopy.  And they found nothing.

At least in the first two cases above, the cops had a warrant, though the warrant appears to have been invalid in the county in which they performed the searches.  But in this most recent case, that might have been customs agents (the government isn’t sure yet), they never even got a warrant.

Here’s the report from the local news.  For a good inappropriate chuckle, note the snapping of the glove at the 1 minute mark of the video. Ah, local media….

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