UC-Davis pepper-spray cop gets $38k for HIS suffering, $10k more than his victims

A former University of California-Davis campus police officer, (in)famous for having pepper-sprayed a group of peacefully-protesting Occupy Wall Street -supporting students staging a sit in on campus in November of 2011, just won $38,000 in worker’s compensation for suffering HE faced because of the incident.

His victims received $10,000 less.

Simply astounding.


Well, yes, I suppose becoming world-famous for an act of barbarity would tend to cause you some pain and suffering, but it’s not entirely clear to me that what you deserve is compensation.

The officer, Lt. John Pike, claims that he received harassing emails and phone calls, and had to move three times, as a result of the incident.

In contrast, three dozen protesters who were pepper-sprayed got a $1 million settlement from the university.  That works out to $27,779 per person.  Yes, they got around $28,000, while the man who pepper-sprayed them got $38,000.



You really need to watch this video again.

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