UC-Davis pepper-spray cop gets $38k for HIS suffering, $10k more than his victims

A former University of California-Davis campus police officer, (in)famous for having pepper-sprayed a group of peacefully-protesting Occupy Wall Street -supporting students staging a sit in on campus in November of 2011, just won $38,000 in worker’s compensation for suffering HE faced because of the incident.

His victims received $10,000 less.

Simply astounding.


Well, yes, I suppose becoming world-famous for an act of barbarity would tend to cause you some pain and suffering, but it’s not entirely clear to me that what you deserve is compensation.

The officer, Lt. John Pike, claims that he received harassing emails and phone calls, and had to move three times, as a result of the incident.

In contrast, three dozen protesters who were pepper-sprayed got a $1 million settlement from the university.  That works out to $27,779 per person.  Yes, they got around $28,000, while the man who pepper-sprayed them got $38,000.



You really need to watch this video again.

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96 Responses to “UC-Davis pepper-spray cop gets $38k for HIS suffering, $10k more than his victims”

  1. JR says:

    It wasn’t a question of funding the ACA. The law was passed. It was not repealed the forty times the T-publicans tried to repeal it. Appropriations were passed. What kind of moron are you?

  2. JR says:

    Embryonic tissue is not a child, not a human being, just a clump of cells. Women are human beings (I know that surprises you) and have a right to do with their bodies what they will. The 14th amendment says that they don’t have to slave to support embryonic clumps.

  3. JR says:

    Ah, yes. “Just following orders” They tried that at Nuremburg and it didn’t get them anywhere. Obey, obey, obey; just following orders. just like the good fascist you and your ilk are.

  4. UFIA says:

    To be fair, Lt. Pike couldn’t have known that the whole world was watching and that it would be angry at him.

    He was told this beforehand?

    Never mind then.

  5. Ethan Quigley says:

    Your a one sick, pathetic individual

  6. Ethan Quigley says:

    Vic, your a brainless sheep, incapable of noticing the will of others to protest and fight for YOUR freedoms, what a damn shame…

  7. ckg1 says:

    No, no, no.

    YOU made the boast. YOU put the money up.

  8. Naja pallida says:

    So why did the House repeatedly refuse to sit down in a conference committee and actually negotiate a budget compromise?

    Nixon nominated three conservative jurists to the Supreme Court, and that conservative leaning court issued the Roe v. Wade ruling. That flaming liberal Lincoln spearheaded the 13th Amendment to make sure the end to slavery was codified. Marriage and family values are supposed to be the conservative thing – but apparently only if they meet government mandated requirements. People like you are the reason why I say the Republican party has ceased to be conservative, and has become something so far right-wing, and stuck in a self-imposed bubble, that I don’t think we really have an adequate term for it.

    Congress doesn’t just get to defund laws it doesn’t like. They can repeal or change a law, if they can work out an acceptable compromise, but they can’t just make it impossible for the government to actually do anything about a law that exists. That would be nothing but a colossal waste of tax payer money and time. Not that they don’t waste money and time every day… but that’s a whole different discussion. The ACA is already a whole mess of compromise to make it palatable to the right-leaning people who did vote for it. They are the reason we don’t have a public option. And Obama is so weak, there is little doubt that he’d be open to further compromise if something sensible was proposed. But nothing has. Proving that the hatred of the law has little to do with what the law actually does, but has everything to do with who has his name indelibly tied to it for the rest of eternity.

  9. guest83 says:

    cost of war 3,7 trillion but whos counting anyway

  10. Naja pallida says:

    Now, if I threaten to shit on my neighbors lawn, but my neighbor specifically tells me ahead of time he doesn’t want me to shit on his lawn, so I guess its his fault if I go ahead and shit on his lawn anyway? Doing something which they know is going to result in the shutting down of the government, and they knew would have that result, is not representing anyone. Their job is to legislate, even if it means making hard compromises they don’t like. Their primary job, no matter how difficult it gets, is to make sure the government stays open. But it doesn’t matter what I say, the polling is pretty clear on who the majority of Americans believe is responsible.

    There is nothing socialist about the Affordable Care Act. It’s individual mandate was designed by a conservative think tank to be specifically anti-socialist, by forcing people to buy a product provided by private, for-profit, corporations. The closest it gets to socialism is to make those for-profit corporations actually give something back to the consumers for the money paid to them. Yep, there’s a slippery slope. Get in line, Obama will be doing your prostate exam personally.

    Please go read something about the debt limit. It has nothing to do with “spending more money”, it’s about allowing the treasury to pay back borrowed money that Congress has already spent. Not the President. If the first thing that comes out of your mouth isn’t to cut the defense budget by more than half, you have nothing serious to suggest about reducing spending or reducing the debt anyway. And of course, much of the increase in the debt during the last five years can be directly attributed to the lack of any interest from Congress in actually fixing our economy… which was destroyed when Obama came into office, and he has been weak, at best, at trying to push for anything to actually improve it. Think of how much government money could be saved if more people actually had good paying jobs?

    I think Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize was absurd, and he has done nothing to live up to the ideals of it… but I don’t think he ever had any intention of doing so either. Giving the Prize to Obama was more a thumb in George W. Bush’s warmongering eye than any kind of actual commendation for efforts of peace.

  11. VicR63 says:

    So, they knew it would not pass the Senate, but that is how the two houses of congress are supposed to work. They each pass what they want, then they each send a few people to sit down and negotiate a compromise. Reid wouldn’t do it, and Obama said if they did and touched his “baby” he would not negotiate either. So the House does their job, and the Senate (Reid) refuses to do his job because his “man” the president told him, “NO NEGOTIATIONS.” The house was ready to negotiate, but the liberals would not.
    BTW, this crap about “its the law,” so what? Slaughtering unborn human children used to be against the law. Homosexual supposed marriage was against the law, slavery used to be legal. So why were those laws changed by the liberals? What makes Obamacare so special that it can’t be changed, messed with, defunded? It’s the law, big deal! The Second Amendment is the LAW, stop messing with my firearms.

  12. guest83 says:

    hey everybody listen to Vicr63 stop trying to change the law, always obey to the law, always no matter what it is always obey the law,dont think for yourself just obey obey obey

  13. VicR63 says:

    Naja, you said, “The only people with any responsibility for it are those in the House of Representatives that specifically voted to shut the government down, rather than do their job.” The House of Representatives passed a bill and sent it to the Senate, as is their job. They did their job in representing their districts, they passed a bill that fully funded the government, except Obamacare. Remember, they won the last 2 elections (2010 & 2012) and were in the House because the individual districts in these great United States of America VOTED to send the representative we have there. And the representatives did their job based on what they ran on in their districts. DEFUND Obamacare. At the same time, pass a bill that keeps the government open. Harry Reid and Barack Obama were the two people that were the most vocal on shutting down the government. Along with all their statements about the shut down, they were the ones that were very clear that they WOULD NOT do their job and have any negotiations with the Republicans. Sounds like Reid and Obama were being very much obstructionist, and then chose to shut down the government, even though the House had given them the where with all to keep the government open. I do realize that President Obama has not idea how to negotiate, or compromise or give and take. He does know how to organize a community, read from a teleprompter, and blame everyone else for him not doing his job. But he is NOT a leader. He holds the office, but he is NOT qualified in any way, shape or form to be a leader of a scout troop, let alone President of the United States of America.
    By the way, I made up nothing about Socialism. The USA because great because, humanly speaking, we as a nation worked together, protected our neighbors, and helped our neighbors when they needed it. But the more the federal government has overstepped it’s Constitutional authority, taking on projects that are NOT given to the federal government in the Constitution, the worse off this country has become. Senator Obama stated that Bush was unpatriotic for increasing the debt in 8 years, during war time, less than Pres. Obama increased the debt during “peace” time. He did get the Nobel Peace Prize so I figured he must be a peace time president. Senator Obama would not vote to increase the debt limit, but it is different now that he wants to spend more money than we have. Most people would call that what it is, hypocritical. I know you would say that in a heart beat if it was a conservative that had said that, then changed when he was the president. But not Obama, we can’t call him hypocritical, but I don’t understand why not if he does something that is hypocritical.

  14. Naja pallida says:

    They sent a bill they knew would never pass the Senate. Playing a game of chicken with the entire country’s wellbeing at stake, trying to defund the law of the land, despite failing at it forty or so times already. Yeah… obviously that makes it Obama’s fault. Then they changed their mind about exactly what they wanted multiple times in the ‘negotiations’, because they had no idea what they really wanted. They just wanted a shut down to prove they could do it… and they’ve been talking about it ever since Obama took office. And they’re already talking about doing it again, despite getting absolutely nothing out of it this time but alienating sane Americans.

  15. VicR63 says:

    OK, congress allocates the funding, not the pres. What gets shut down is exactly what they (congress) decides to shut down, and what stays open, congress decides to stay open. So, when congress (the House creates the bill) sends a funding bill to the Senate that funds ALL of the government, except for Obamacare, and Harry Reid says he will not negotiate (as did Pres. Obama) then how is it that the House shut down the government. They passed the bill to fund the entire (except Obamacare). By your own words, the House did NOT shut down the government, Reid and Pres. Obama did. Finally, a liberal that knows how the government is supposed to work as the Constitution lays it out. Very good job Naja! I am assuming that you remember that the house did pass that bill to fund the entire government, except Obamacare, and the Senate and Pres refused to act on it, including negotiate in any way.

  16. Naja pallida says:

    Or actually followed real procedure when dealing with this kind of protest, and deal with each protester one at a time. It’s not like this kind of protest is unprecedented and they didn’t know how to deal with it appropriately. They just chose not to.

  17. Naja pallida says:

    I know I’ve said it before, but calling them conservative is ridiculous. Authoritarian right-wing trolls would be more accurate.

  18. Naja pallida says:

    Congress allocates the funding, not the President. What gets shut down is exactly what they decide to shut down, and what stays open is what they decide stays open. There’s a reason why some shut downs have been referred to as ‘partial shut downs’ because some pieces of the funding were passed, and some were not.

  19. Naja pallida says:

    Sorry, there is no law enforcement “protocol” anywhere to use violence in a case where none was warranted. Even if his superiors ordered it, a sensible person would have refused such an order. It’s not the job of the police to punish. No matter how much right-wing authoritarians love that kind of thing.

    But to jump from that to blatantly lying about the government shut down and making up shit about socialism? That’s quite acrobatic of you. It’s the job of Congress to keep the government operating, not the President. The only people with any responsibility for it are those in the House of Representatives that specifically voted to shut the government down, rather than do their job. They weren’t trying to protect their middle class, all of their policies are geared towards obliterating the middle class and funneling tax payer money to corporations. The only reason they finally caved on the shut down is because you can’t funnel tax payer money when none is flowing. Their benefactors were getting scared.

    The amount of damage a shut down causes is almost always speculated on in the press, if you bother to look. In one quick search, I’ve found several newspaper articles from different past shut downs which talk about the ongoing cost of the shut down. Some even going as far as to itemize the cost to specific agencies and programs. As if actually pointing out that the shut down is detrimental is somehow a bad thing.

    Oh, and Jimmy Carter had five shut downs in his single term, and yet he only has the label of ‘worst president ever’ from people who know nothing of history. I’m sure Zachary Taylor and Warren Harding would be glad to know there are people like you who care so little about the history of the country.

  20. Robert says:

    Look, VicR63 I’m as anti-socialist and pro-free-market as they come. I would happily eliminate more than half of the federal government and you and I would likely agree about most of the stuff you talk about. But government abuse of private citizens includes this kind of behavior. The police are not allowed to mete out punishment, and pepper spray is meant to be an alternative to other violence — there was no violence needed at all here and this was wrong and illegal, not “following protocol.” It makes me sick to hear anyone excusing this kind of abuse of power.

  21. neroden says:

    Hopefully this thug will be unemployable and will be forced to move several more times. When there is no justice in the justice system, the only option left is classical revenge. That’s why it’s so dangerous to have criminal “police officers” like this.

  22. Bill_Perdue says:

    Republicans are just as bad as Democrats. But this attack on the Bill of Rights is clearly based on Obama’s attack on dissent. The students understood that even if Democrat and Republican spokespeople don’t.

    “Resolution from the Occupy UC Davis General Assembly, Tuesday November 29, 2011.

    We, the students of UC Davis, condemn the brutal police assault and pepper spraying of fellow students, who were peacefully protesting on November 18.

    This attack is part of a nationwide—in fact global—crackdown on demonstrations against social inequality and the domination of politics by the rich. While the American government invokes “democratic rights” to justify wars abroad, it responds to social protests at home with riot police, tear gas and rubber

    While Chancellor Linda Katehi is directly responsible for the police raid, she was enforcing a nationwide campaign orchestrated by the entire political establishment. Throughout the country, Democratic and Republican politicians—including the Brown and Obama administrations—are dismantling public education, cutting social services, and undermining all our basic social and democratic rights. Some of the most brutal attacks on Occupy demonstrations have been carried out by Democratic Party mayors.

    The way forward is clear: No support should be given to either of the two parties! The dictates of the banks and corporations can be countered only through the independent social and political struggle of the entire working class.

    We call upon students and working people all over the world to support our struggle against budget cuts. Our fight is your fight! Right now, students and workers in Greece, England and Egypt are engaged in a common struggle.

    The global protests that began in 2011 must be expanded to a mass movement of students and workers to defend our rights and finally put an end to the domination by the corporations and super-rich over political and economic life.http://www.occupybendor.org/news.php?tag=uc-davis

    These students, who persevered after a brutal and illegal police attack. are lesson in courage and political acumen. They correctly identify the problem – Obama and his Democrat, Republican and Teabagger cousins and allies.

  23. Joe Morales says:

    Put up the money and I’ll be right over. DA.

  24. karmanot says:


  25. karmanot says:

    The students are paying clients of the University and have the civil right of protest. Attacking and damaging those clients by a pig rogue places them in violation of contract and co-agents in acts of assault and battery.

  26. karmanot says:

    Hysterical cop troll……next

  27. karmanot says:

    cop troll?

  28. karmanot says:

    Moron, they were already corralled and cuffed when Mr. sadist sprayed them.

  29. karmanot says:

    Love being an outlaw and that you have to pay taxes to support my SS and medicare.

  30. ckg1 says:

    Then DO IT. Stop being one of the 101st Flying Keyboardists and have the balls to do what you say you’ll do.

  31. ckg1 says:

    Frak off, TROLL.

  32. derpderpingtinthe3rd says:

    He got 38k because he was threatened and harassed at home, a perfect example is jslate’s comment, because people put out his private information. Was he right to mace a bunch of protesters? No, as the facts as I know them from this incident he was not in the right, but this does not give anyone the right to threaten this man or his family with violence.

    So yes, he got 38k because of dipshits like jslate. There are much better ways to show your anger about this incident and others like it.

  33. Bill_Perdue says:

    Cops are the enemy of working people and civil liberties.

  34. Bill_Perdue says:

    Not yet, but it and the drone murders are steps in that direction. Both parties support NDAA, FISA, the Paytriot Act and a host of local and state laws to suppress dissent.

  35. Bill_Perdue says:

    It’s chump change. Obama, who ordered the extra-legal racist murders of US citizens like Anwar
    al-Aulaqi, Samir Khan, ‘Abd al-Rahman Anwar al-Aulaqi and Jude Mohammed gets a $400,000 annual salary and an additional $169.0000 for other expenses.

    One of those he murdered was a sixteen year old boy from Denver Colorado.

    Remember their names, who killed them and what it means.


  36. VicR63 says:

    The first amendment: “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech, … or the right of the people peaceably to assemble” These protesters do not have a Constitutional right to block a passageway. They were not told that they could not peaceably assemble, but just not on this passageway. They were not told they could not protest, just not blocking this passageway. The police office did his job by attempting to get people to stop breaking the law of blocking a passageway.
    Maybe you are forgetting that liberals were all for removing pro-life demonstrators from unborn children slaughter houses driveways and walkways. But I guess that is different, because pro-life people were trying to keep children from being slaughtered rather than complaining that others make more money than the protesters.

  37. Lyle Murphy says:

    If they (police) didn’t confront them and just allowed them to peacefully protest, it wouldn’t have ended this way.

  38. VicR63 says:

    As I said before, I would not have been there in the first place. So no need to whine for a week. But if you look at what I have said here, it was their choice to take the pepper spray. They were warned more than enough times. Now, about who think those that disagree should suffer, here are quotes from this “discussion” of people that disagree with an officer of the law doing his job as specified in the protocols setup by his superiors. Talk about vindictive, nasty, and desiring pain on others, just like Pres. Obama during his shutdown of our government.

    Here are those quotes:
    “As part of the settlement, they each should have been allowed to spray him in the face.”
    “I really hope Karma gets this guy.”
    “Perhaps the victims could get together and get this fat miserable state slob’s home address, give him a visit, tie his fat arse down before his family and unload 10 canisters of the highest oleorsin capsicum level a human can withstand on both his face, arse and genitals.”

    Just because I said the officer, doing his job as directed to do it, should not have been abandoned by his superiors, does not mean the protesters “got what they deserved.” But it was still their choice, move or be sprayed. They chose to be sprayed.

  39. ArthurH says:

    Upside down thinking, man! I’ll bet that if a policeman did that to you you’d be whining for a week. A protest is to make a point and we generally let protesters exhibit free speech in public. Of course you believe that people with whom you disagree with should be treated cruelly. A pity on your soul.

  40. VicR63 says:

    Was the national mall closed in 1996, the Vietnam Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial? NO. Even bill clinton was smarter than that. But not Pres Obama, just like a little kid, crying all the way home. “If I can’t keep what we were able to jam down Americans throats by buying the last 3 or 4 Democrat votes, then I’ll shut down the government.” is what Pres Obama continued to tell the American people by continuing to refuse to negotiate with the Republicans. So again, he shows us he has NO leadership skills whatsoever. He thinks going out on the campaign trail once again to read from his teleprompter to his adoring fans the same old message one more time, then he is leading. He is so wrong on so many fronts.

  41. silas1898 says:

    The police are those asshole bullies we all remember from High School. Politics is way above them.

  42. silas1898 says:

    The NYC Fascist-Fest of 2004 comes to mind.

  43. silas1898 says:

    GW Bush will be known as the Worst President Ever for a very long time. Also, all Federal parks and wildlife areas were closed in 1996. I tried to visit one and it was shut down.

  44. VicR63 says:

    This is not “how long can I take it” type of thing. First off, I would not ignore the lawful order to move. Like I said before, that was their choice. They chose the pepper spray over obeying a lawful order. A police office following protocol is not lazy or stupid, he is following the orders of his superiors. Called chain of command. Then those superiors turned their backs on his lawful actions. The Republicans did not shutdown the government. They were the only ones that continued to pass bill after bill to keep the government open. Pres. Obama, mister “NO!” and Senator Reid, another mister “NO!” are the ones by their lack of action shut down the government, no matter what the “news” sources say. You can whine all you want about the Republicans, and Tea Party, but they were the ones looking out of middle class Americans to protect us from the left wing agenda of socialism. It has been tried all over the world and continues to fail all over the world. Interesting how this shutdown, when we have a non-leader in the White House, shut down all public areas and none of the others shutdowns have done that. Also, the cost of $24 billion this time. But that has never been published for the other shutdowns before. I find that interesting when this administration is doing everything it can to blame anyone and everyone else for his complete lack of leadership skills, and this is when we get things that were designed to be open 24/7/365 Barrycaded! Even Jimmy Carter was not that bad of a leader. He must love Pres. Obama for having removed his (Carter’s) label of “worst president ever.”

  45. mirth says:

    I didn’t believe it before reading this story, but my mind can still be blown.

  46. ArthurH says:

    You missed my point that the cop was lazy and tried to take a shortcut. If you think what the protesters did justified being pepper sprayed with a harmful chemical, I’d like to see how you’d like it. I bet that you’d cry “uncle” in seconds, just like that talk radio blowhard who claimed waterboarding was nor harmful. He lasted 23 seconds. By the way, if costing a few dollars is justification for being pepper-sprayed, then we should do it to all the members of the Tea Party who caused this nation $24 billion during the government shutdown. That figure can be verified by the same news sources.

  47. LanceThruster says:

    Crime pays.

  48. Michael C Stephenson says:

    I can tell people here appreciate diversity of opinion. Unless you happen to think that it is a little silly to invoke the Tea Party in connection with an intemperate police action on a California college campus.

    Such is the state of modern progressive antagonism.

  49. Keith says:

    You just gotta love our justice system. So if I intentionally cut myself, can I now sue the knife maker for damages. Isn’t it their fault they put a dangerous product on the market? Ughhh!

  50. Joe Morales says:

    Or how liberals will be on the side of lawbreakers.

  51. Joe Morales says:

    I’d do that for $28000. If you look at the video, it wasn’t even close to “half a can” directly in anyone’s face.

  52. VicR63 says:

    Right wing lie? Google “Occupy Wall Street damage costs”
    ABCNEWS- “OWS protests cost cities Millions”
    Yahoo News — “Occupy protests cost nations cities at least $13 Million”
    CSMonitor — “Oct 14, 2011 Occupy Oakland damage assessed after break into City Hall”
    occupywallst.org — “The $13 million is an estimated cost among several cities. That’s called collateral damage.”

    That is just the top ones on the Google search. And none of those “news” sources are right wing. Now I guess you will claim left-wind lies?

  53. Monoceros Forth says:

    *yawn* Another bloodthirsty couch potato.

  54. nicho says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how conservatives will instantly spring to the defense of police brutality.

  55. nicho says:

    all the damage to personal and public property that the Occupy protesters did across this country,

    Right-wing lie.

  56. nicho says:

    I don’t know. How about we unload half a canister of pepper spray directly into your face and let you decide?

  57. nicho says:

    No, he got it because of dipshits like you.

  58. VicR63 says:

    That was there (the protesters) choice. Continue to disobey a lawful order and get sprayed. He was following specific protocol, and he warned them REPEATEDLY. For all the damage to personal and public property that the Occupy protesters did across this country, I was very glad when someone finally returned the “favor” on their persons. And he did it LAWFULLY, then got railroaded by a bunch of liberals that would not stand up for him doing his job. There was nothing lazy or stupid about the cop doing his job. Just because his job, and the protocol that he followed, does not match what you would have done, does not make him stupid or lazy. By the way, many times in taking protesters into custody, as they fight to keep it form happening, many officers are injured, as are protesters. The officer took the most peaceful route in this case.

  59. nicho says:

    Wow — whatta douche

  60. nicho says:

    Gassing people is not his job. The protestors didn’t get money for breaking the law. They got money for being gassed by a rogue cop.

  61. ArthurH says:

    Don’t besmirch Deputy Barney. He may have been a bumbler but he never resorted to unjustified force, even when confronted by Ernest T. Bass. The UC-Davis patrolman acted more like the cops Serpico was investigating in that old movie.

  62. ArthurH says:

    In other similar protests, the police arrested protesters one by one and put them into custody. The UC-Davis patrolman was simply too lazy and stupid to do the right thing. It was a peaceful protest and should not have escalated into causing physical harm to the protesters.

  63. VicR63 says:

    A police officer doing his job when protesters do not obey REPEATED orders to move and stop blocking a passageway. They were warned, and warned, and warned and continued to disobey lawful orders to move. They got exactly what they deserved, except for the almost $28,000. Now that is insanity to pay people for disobeying the law. Liberals have been crying about “Obamacare is the LAW! Stop trying to change the law.” Will, this was against the LAW, and they still each collected $28,000 for disobeying the LAW!

  64. NONSENCE says:

    Barney Fife…

  65. buffonelder101 says:

    unfortunately that america you think exists left a long time ago buddy… welcome to the new world…. funny how you idiots have to see this with your own eyes rather than heed the warnings that were shouted from rooftops…. this guilt is on you as much as it is on the perpetrators of these acts

  66. ronbo says:

    Wow! Required to do the job for which they applied, were hired and trained. Maybe you should re-evaluate your life if you think doing your job allows you to torture and inflict harm on others.

  67. dhm2 says:

    As part pf the settlement, they each should have been allowed to spray him in the face.

  68. dvmil says:

    This is the sort of thing you expect to find associated with the Athens Polytechnic uprising during the military dictatorship in of Greece in 1973, not at a peaceful protest in the “democratic” USofA in 2011.

  69. AD1980 says:

    I had the same reaction as everyone else here when I fist saw that video. It wasn’t until about a week later that I saw more video of the entire event leading up to the pepper spraying. After seeing that, those cops should receive a medal for the restraint they showed. I would have been busting skulls well before the pepper spraying started. Look it up on Youtube; there’s no mistaking it, the protesters were way outta line.

    EDIT: This is not to say I agree with him getting paid $38K from taxpayers.

  70. caphillprof says:

    This is what fascism looks like.

  71. lynchie says:

    Or playing with himself

  72. lynchie says:

    No they are smart enough to keep the TP off campus

  73. goulo says:

    I don’t know, but I think they were clearly hurt more than the guy who chose to abuse his power and intentionally spray the pepper all over their faces for no good reason.

  74. Baconcheese burger says:

    hah, fuckin USA

  75. derpderpingtinthe3rd says:

    This is the reason he got 38k, because of dipshits like you.

  76. SkippyFlipjack says:

    They probably split the $1 million unevenly among the protestors, according to their injuries; that’s typical.

  77. kristapea says:

    I really hope Karma gets this guy. It’s obvious that our system is screwed up enough to award this asshole for being an asshole. It’s up to Karma at this point. We may never see the results of Karma. And if any of you do, please post it! But this guy has swallowed his soul. He cannot admit the wrong he has done so he will have to learn it the hard way, apparently. I am not a fan of direct revenge. I believe in Karma, still. And that is why I am posting this. A plea to the Universe to help this guy see what an asshole he is. he wasn’t doing his job, he was spraying hippies. That’s obvious in his action.

  78. jslate says:

    Perhaps the victims could get together and get this fat miserable state slob’s home address, give him a visit, tie his fat arse down before his family and unload 10 canisters of the highest oleorsin capsicum level a human can withstand on both his face, arse and genitals.

  79. Thom Allen says:

    Perhaps Michael enjoys playing into hands.

  80. Thom Allen says:

    Much more than that. Much more.

  81. Joe Morales says:

    And did each of the sprayees get hurt $28000 worth?

  82. heimaey says:

    How did he suffer? Does his finger hurt from spraying them?

  83. rudolf schnaubelt says:

    beyond wrong

  84. Monoceros Forth says:

    I think it’s the world where he’s a narcissist who loudly beats his breast about being ground under the boot heel of the oppressor because, I dunno, his marginal tax rate might go up a tenth of a percent or something.

  85. FLL says:

    Are you implying that George Bush, John Boehner and your Republicans would treat the demonstrators any better? Do you think any readers on this thread believe that?

  86. Denver Catboy says:

    >.> Not cool.

  87. Zorba says:

    Oh, the pain of the barbarian officer who way, way over-reacted! Poor thing! Imagine his extreme suffering because people thought he was a jerk and said so!

  88. Shanasmiles says:

    It was an Occupy protest… Not a tea party or a liberal thing… And the cops everywhere have abandoned “to protect and serve” for brutality. The police aren’t a monolithic political faction.

  89. Monoceros Forth says:

    Gotta love it. The pig probably still drew a paycheck during his “administrative leave” and now he gets even more money.

  90. HermeticallySealed says:

    What bizarre world do you live in? Seriously, at what time has anything even remotely like that even happened. Please, I would love for one single example. Good luck finding one.

  91. EYElovethisCountry says:

    Michael, don’t play into his hands. TampaZeke has already shown is ignorance.

  92. robrippy says:

    The cops are just following what Obama is doing to the American people. “Bend to my will or suffer the heavy hand of MY LAW”. Bunch of dirty ‘democraps’ spraying these children.

  93. Michael C Stephenson says:

    Is it not also a Barack Obama world? You may not have noticed, but the UC Davis campus is not exactly a major Tea Party domain…

  94. Whitewitch says:

    Poor police person….why do you begrudge him his paltry sum after all the suffering…..perhaps he can use the money to get job training. I think I will never understand the thinking of the California disability board..

  95. Erik says:


  96. TampaZeke says:

    This makes perfect sense in a Tea Party world.

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