Tentative government shutdown, debt-ceiling deal reached (well, in the Senate)

CNN reports that a tentative deal has been reached between Senate Democratic and Senate Republican leaders over the government shutdown and the impending debt default.

Of course, it seems to only be a deal that postpones another shutdown and another debt default for a few months, while a new budget deal is worked out.

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In a nutshell, the deal is:

* Fund the government until January 15th, 2014.

* At the same time, budget negotiations start and finish by December 13th, 2013.

* And the debt ceiling, that expires this Thursday, would be lifted and extended through February 15th of 2014.

CNN says that Republicans gave in on the question of funding the government – they wanted to open the government through all of next year which would have let additional spending cuts kick in.  And Democrats gave on the debt ceiling – they wanted it to be lifted through next year, beyond the 2014 elections.

Also, Democrats are considering small changes to Obamacare, including making sure that people who get subsidies under the Affordable Care Act verify their income (I’m actually surprised they’re not required to verify their income, but if the GOP is demanding it there must be some nefarious undercurrent to the demand).  And the unions have been asking for a delay in a fee on employees receiving insurance, the so-called “reinsurance fee,” which would be delayed for one year.

It appears the deal won’t be officially announced until tomorrow morning, and then it has to go to the House, where John Boehner will find massive objection to it from his Tea Party -controlled caucus, and then Boehner is stuck with a choice to make.

Does he bring the deal up for a vote, where it may likely pass with the votes of a majority of Democrats and a minority of Republicans – and quite possibly put Boehner’s job in danger – or does he try to change the deal and risk killing it?

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