GOP’s Ted Cruz interrupts news coverage of McConnell big speech with his own speech (video)

In what is roundly being taken as a significant breach of protocol, and downright rude, GOP Tea Party Senator, and father of the Republican government shutdown and imminent debt default, Ted Cruz, decided to hold a press conference at the same time that Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell was announcing, and commenting on, the deals of the just-announced budget deal.

The split screen was on CNN from the first second McConnell started speaking, and at the 8th second CNN dropped McConnell entirely and switched their cameras to Cruz.

Quite the metaphor:




The response from the media, and anyone who knows the Congress, was that Cruz’s actions were intentional, and rude:


Fun time to be a Republican. Video below courtesy of Jed Lewison of DailyKos.

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91 Responses to “GOP’s Ted Cruz interrupts news coverage of McConnell big speech with his own speech (video)”

  1. therightmano says:

    Wow! Ted Cruz does bring out the crazy in liberals… doesn’t he? If you don’t believe me, read the comments here.


    What will liberals do in 2017 when Cruz is being sworn in as President. I guess they never realized that Americans would be so ticked off with the Democrat party after the Obama failure…

  2. Naja pallida says:

    The problem there is, Sarah Palin has never had any actual power. Ted Cruz can indefinitely hold up anything in the Senate, any time he wants.

  3. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Do you only sell real estate to Republicans?

  4. luckyfreeman says:

    Tell Ted Cruz to go after Shell Corp Board of directors for the wrongfull illegal fireing of the employee at Nashua NH gas station Its just plaid wrong…THe employee has a constitutional right to save one life from serious injury of bodily harm at the place of employment when the corporate policy is wrong its just dead wrong…Have this man sue the board of directors and demand full reinstatement all legal expenses are to be replaced…An employees life is and state and federal law are more important than the above the laws big shots illegal policy… Go get them Cruz

  5. Angi Kennedy says:

    Obama is the one without a sense of shame…. He is arrogant and does not know how to run this country…always playing the victim.

  6. Angi Kennedy says:

    Bravo Ted Cruz…. everyone else is acting like a bunch of pussy’s. He is the one with balls. Bottom line…if Obamacare was right for us…Obama and the rest of the politicians should of been signed up for it October 1. How dare Hitler…I mean Obama bestow upon us a “tax” that he himself does not pay.

  7. lee tiyler says:

    cruz is the 12th man on the field for the dems

  8. Ramon Nieves says:

    It’s the press that cut the coverage of the Senate Minority Leader’s speech to the speech given by a Junior (Bat shit crazy)Senator. That’s akin to having A speech by President Obama interrupted by Junior Senator Booker. The news media is only encouraging that fool Cruz to be more seditious in the future.

  9. Ardiva40 says:

    Protip: Cruz is a male Sarah Palin and must not be allowed to get as far as she did in deceiving our country.

  10. BlueIdaho says:

    I am proud that my ex-hometown newspaper The Houston Chronicle came out yesterday and apologized to their readers for endorsing such an idiot.

  11. Aleks Kizimovich says:

    Cruz, for lack of a better word, is a douche.

  12. Jackie Hill says:

    Its a Sarah Palin clone alive and literally working in Congress.
    Fight harder John McCain you started this!

  13. Frank Serra says:

    its awesome Somebody has to put Obama’s lapdog in his place.

  14. wayakek says:

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  15. pappyvet says:

    Poor boob. He’s just pissed because his side lost the battle for Middle Earth and he didn’t get his fill of man flesh

  16. smartgeema says:

    Two sides of the same counterfeit – and wholly worthless – coin!

  17. smartgeema says:

    You should read the HC’s initial ‘endorsement’ of Ted Cruz very carefully, however. The Chronicle was extremely forthright and candid in expressing genuine, very specific, reservations about Ted Cruz, and they minced no words about these reservations in their endorsement – which didn’t come until some time after Cruz’s initial, primary election.

  18. smartgeema says:

    And Cubans – a very dangerous and volatile mix!

  19. smartgeema says:

    Yes – pathological, narcissistic, sociopaths, both of them. I remember McCarthy very well – and his image and voice was the first thing to pop into my head the very first time I ever heard Ted Cruz speak publicly.

  20. karmanot says:

    Thank you

  21. news nut says:

    Watched this and WHY did CNN give him the time????? I was trying to watch the actual news. Not a little p%^&k

  22. Whitewitch says:

    Ohhh I know ARP – it just makes me frustrated – did you seem many Democrats or calms rational people in the news or on the TV…NO…just the WN’s…I worry it will make people think that there are more of them then there really are.

  23. bbock says:

    GOP apologist Dana Bash on CNN said that it was not intentional.

  24. LanceThruster says:

    “Punch and Judy” should do their show from the same puppet theater for more action and excitement.

  25. kladinvt says:

    Cruz is an egotist lacking any sense of shame.

  26. zorbear says:

    Maybe he’s really Bill’s secret son. Know how to tell? Sneak up behind him and whisper “loopha” and see if he panics…

  27. nicho says:

    Ha! Tell that to Queen Elizabeth.

  28. Nonny Mouse says:

    Ted Cruz acts toward other Republicans the way Republicans act toward Democrats. Turns out the GOP doesn’t care for being bullied by sanctimonious jackasses either.

  29. Ecoloco says:

    Totally agree, but that does not give the right to any leader to remain in power.

  30. Vegas Dave says:

    Yet another reason not to watch CNN, not that I do anyway. Cruz on the other hand has cemented his reputation as a pompous ass.

  31. Ecoloco says:


    All modern economies are mixtures of government and private enterprise.

    Civil liberties and individual political freedoms are guaranteed by the Constitution, not by the economic measures that governments adopt in times of crises. Keynesian ECONOMICS sound more like it.

  32. vickif says:

    Thanks for the laugh. Now I can look at Cruz and go ” get out of here piggy piggy:

  33. karmanot says:

    HI Mirth! :-)

  34. ARP says:

    But that’s been the MO in the media forever. When there’s a fire or shooting, you don’t interview the rational person, you interview the crazy. Cruz’s crazy increases ratings.

  35. emjayay says:

    The McCarthy/Cruz thing is just a lot more interesting because they are so similar in other ways as well.

  36. emjayay says:

    Because McConnell is just making some boilerplate statements, and Cruz might say something hot. Of course they certainly could have delayed the Cruz stuff for a minute with no one noticing.

  37. Clevelandchick says:

    That would not be out of bounds for CNN, they are not known for their accuracy.

  38. Loona_c says:

    Nope, Pat Butram from “Green Acres” t.v. show. Google it.

  39. basenjilover says:

    Not gonna happen. GOP is afraid of Cruz and Teabaggers and would not dare upset their carts.

  40. Tor says:

    Anticipatory Journalism.

  41. Tor says:

    And it will just stay down with the fleas. I don’t think it will get back up with the dogs.

  42. Tor says:

    They apparently think someone is on his way up, while someone is on his way out.

  43. basenjilover says:

    I stopped watching and reading CNN several years ago because CNN’s Blitzer, Crowley and King constantly fawning over Republicans and not once did they ever call out GOP mis-informations and lies. Big question is why did CNN cut over to a junior senator over a senate minority leader, Mcconnell? Don’t really care actually.

  44. angryspittle says:

    Yeah, she at least maintained an appearance of sanity while always pushing the insane fucking policies of the GOP.

  45. ARP says:

    Am I reading too much into Cruz thinking that the GOP has hit a tipping point re: control over the party. Maybe he’s just stupid, but he has to know that there will be fallout from this. But if he thinks the old guard are impotent and can be brushed aside, perhaps that why he did this- as a power grab.

  46. angryspittle says:

    “Ol turtle head would be wise to use the Senate rules to muzzle this psychopath but that might hurt his already shitty re- election chances. Oh Lordy, Lordy, what to do, what to do? Can’t piss off the teatards in Kentucky but can’t let this loose cannon roll around the decks…….

  47. lynchie says:

    Americans have the memory span of a gnat especially the TPers who will be told again and again he was doing God’s work.

  48. Monoceros Forth says:

    I think he looks a bit more like Bill O’Reilly myself.

  49. Whitewitch says:

    Ahhh we can dream can’t we!

  50. Whitewitch says:

    CNN is in the wrong here. They should never have cut to Cruz. They are giving him the attention because they are whores just like him. Only interested in what will get the Crazy WNJs to pay attention to their station. Yuck and rude.

  51. BeccaM says:

    I’d say it’s no wonder most of Cruz’s colleagues hate his guts. Cruz clearly goes out of his way to cultivate their ire and irritation. The man practically personifies sociopathic dickishness.

  52. dcinsider says:

    See how much Joe McCarthy and Ted Cruz look alike? Scary?

  53. nicho says:

    Yes, except for Cuba’s universal health care and universal literacy, as well as reining in the power of the abusive churches and getting rid of the corporatists and Mafia members who had turned Cuba into America’s whorehouse.

  54. karmanot says:

    Unbelievable how FOXIE has become CNN. Poor Ted Turner, never imagined his inventive creation would lie down with fleas.

  55. dcinsider says:

    Um, that wasn’t a hot dog.

  56. karmanot says:


  57. karmanot says:

    Emjayay, that snark just gave me an Oedipal headache. :-0

  58. Totally disgusted says:

    Here’s a thought: DON’T cut to Cruz? Who’s in charge of what we see to begin with? Turn the camera off! Oh, no not that, the drama helps with our ratings.

  59. karmanot says:

    This little tin pot wannabe McCarthy is going to fall hard, but not before causing great harm and damage.

  60. fletcher says:

    Ted Cruz is an egoist of the first level. We are truly in the Twilight of the Clods.

  61. karmanot says:

    When it comes down to ‘missing’ Kay Bailey Hutchison time, all that’s left are circulating buzzards.

  62. Indigo says:

    When Canadians go bad . . .

  63. jjpm says:

    Liberal media? Yeah that’s it.

  64. Dave of the Jungle says:

    Well, at least Green Eggs and Ham was read into the Congressional Record.
    THAT was a big win for America.

  65. emjayay says:

    CNN cut to Cruz 25 seconds before he actually said anything!

  66. emjayay says:

    Cruz’s father, who actually did raise him, is an insane far right fundamentalist Christianist bigot. Oddly, he had no whatsoever influence on Cruz, unlike Obama’s socialist Kenyan father who he never knew, who somehow totally defined his son.

  67. ckg1 says:

    She didn’t make an ass out of herself, either. Whereas Cruz seemed to do it every time he popped up on the news.

  68. Naja pallida says:

    That he follow Hutchison’s example… what, by soaking as many earmarks as possible? That’s all she really did.

  69. ckg1 says:

    I want this son of a bitch arrested on sedition charges, and I want him to do the perp walk out of the Senate chambers. The same goes for EVERY TP’er in Congress.

  70. Ninong says:

    One year after endorsing Ted Cruz for Senate, The Houston Chronicle took back its support for the Texas senator on Wednesday, calling him “part of the problem” in Washington.

  71. cole3244 says:

    ironic, one of their own doing to them what the gop always do to the dems.

  72. FunMe says:

    The Houston newspaper had endorsed him. But now that they see what a loser he is, they don’t aprove of him.

    ‘Why we miss Kay Bailey Hutchison”

    “When we endorsed Ted Cruz in last November’s general election, we did so with many reservations and at least one specific recommendation – that he follow Hutchison’s example in his conduct as a senator. Obviously, he has not done so. Cruz has been part of the problem in specific situations where Hutchison would have been part of the solution.”

  73. Naja pallida says:

    In a similar light, I can’t look at Cruz without thinking that Arnold the Pig is smarter than him.

  74. Ninong says:

    Five months? Not exactly. The deal calls for funding the government through Jan. 15th and allowing the Treasury to have authority to continue borrowing until February 7th. Then they’ll do it all over again, waiting until literally the last minute to reach another deal to fund the government for another few months.

  75. A_nonymoose says:

    Cruz needs a little black mustache.

  76. Jim Olson says:


  77. Riccardo Cabeza says:

    His nose is penis shaped. His whiny, nasal voice. He always reminds me of Marcus Bachmann eating a hotdog.

  78. mgardener says:

    He is a nasty evil man. Texas Democrats tried to warn the media and us about him, guess we did not listen.
    Common courtesy is no longer a family value?

  79. sonoitabear says:

    Something tells me Cruz will not only be summarily summoned to “The Presence” he will find his new office in the Senate basement and have to to make do with SIGNIFICANTLY fewer staff…

  80. Loona_c says:

    I can’t look at Cruz without being reminded of Pat Butrum from “Green Acres”!!

  81. Ecoloco says:

    Any similarity between Ted Cruz and Fidel Castro is not casual, both seem to be only interested in imposing their principles. These two actors of Cuban origin, and two completely opposite ideological sides, commune in the idea of creating a revolution to impose their will and megalomania on others. It is an irony that the totalitarian system from which Ted’s family fled Cuba, is now the paradigm that he pretends to use to govern our nation. What a shame.

  82. Quilla says:

    Part and parcel of the dangerously increasing rudeness and lack of respect for government in general (they brought that on themselves…) and the President, members of Congress, and any other sentient being in particular.

    Strange times.

  83. Monoceros Forth says:

    Blech, like we needed any more proof that Cruz’s raison d’etre is to force his ugly mug into as many camera shots as possible.

    There’s an appropriate symmetry in Cruz’s sharing the spotlight with Sarah Palin lately. They are on opposite yet similar extremes of the parabolic trajectory of the politician out of obscurity and back down into it. Cruz is struggling to climb his way up one side of the parabola, grasping for any notoriety he can get to aid his rise; Palin is sliding down the other side into irrelevance, grasping for any notoriety she can get to arrest her decline.

  84. FLL says:

    Cruz reminds me so much of Sarah Palin. The same advisory applies to both of them:

    Caution! Attention whoring in progress.

  85. lynchie says:

    What a self serving piece of dog turd. a pompous narcisstic taint. But secretly all the GOP wish they had the balls to do the same. It isn’t over, we have to do it all again in 5 months and it will continue for the next 3 years.

  86. Tony T says:

    Cruz is a pathological asshole. He enjoys every minute of it.

  87. heimaey says:

    He looked like such a bitchy queen.

  88. Not_Phyllis says:

    Holy Moly! I’m no fan of Yertl, but Cruz fully established his bona fides as douchebag of the Senate with this stunt.

  89. Badgerite says:

    Ted Cruz may have garnered support among the Tea Party Bat Shit Crazy caucus, but he has made himself anathema to the rest of the country. They did damage to the country for no real reason. This will not be forgotten. Egotistical, narcissistic #[email protected]####.

  90. Naja pallida says:

    “Yo, McConnell, I’m really happy for you and I’mma let you finish, but Gingrich had one of the best shutdowns of all time!”

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