GOP: We can easily avoid default Thursday by not paying Social Security checks

I’ve been trying to figure out why so many of the Tea Partyers who now run the Republican party are so convinced that there won’t be dire consequences to not raising the debt ceiling, and it finally hit me.

Conservatives think that, come Thursday, we can service the debt by “simply” not paying any more Social Security checks.


This dovetails nicely, or mean-ly, with last night’s admission by House Tea Party leader, GOP Rep. Tim Huelskamp of Kansas, that the Tea Party won’t stop the default unless Democrats agree to cut Medicare.  Democrats have argued for a while that the Republican party has had a thing for killing seniors, and now we know it’s true.

Conservative thinker George Will yesterday walked Fox News through how “easily” we can pay our debt by simply cutting all other spending.

Note that Will’s intent, and the intent of the conservative site that posted the dialogue, is to prove how “silly” it is that anyone is talking about an imminent default. It’s easy to avoid default, they argue – just stop issuing Social Security checks to seniors:

GEORGE WILL: Last time we faced cataclysm over this was when, what, Standard and Poor’s it was lowered our credit rating. It was a disaster. No, the cost of borrowing actually went down 40 percent. I don’t think the markets are as irrational as some of the people on Wall Street say. I repeat what I have said here before: default is a choice, a choice in the sense that we have 10 times more revenue coming in than is needed to service our debt. We can continue to service our debt by not paying certain other vendors and certain other programs.

House GOP Tea Party leader Tim Huelskamp of Kansas says the Tea Party will force the nation to default unless we cut Medicare.

House GOP Tea Party leader Tim Huelskamp of Kansas says the Tea Party will force the nation to default unless we cut Medicare.

We will only default if it is a choice, and, furthermore, the 14th amendment empowering the president not at all but the Congress entirely says it is a constitutional requirement to pay first, under the full faith and credit of the United States, our bonded debt.

BRET BAIER, HOST: So then why all of the, well, what has been said about these dates? The fact that they could miss payments and the fact that the world economy, the IMF, the head of the IMF is weighing in. Why are all these people weighing in the coming days, in the past few days about all of this?

WILL: To create a stampede in the direction they favor. But I still, the arithmetic is there. Juan, I mean, what do you do with 10 times the revenue?

JUAN WILLIAMS: If you got Social Security, if you’re a veteran receiving American benefits, I don’t think people prioritizing and saying, “Oh, we’re going to take care of the borrowers first, we’re going to take care of China at first, but grandma, just wait a second. We’ll get to you.”

BAIER: Well, that’s it. That’s the politics. I mean, if the president decided that Social Security checks were going to be delayed, if the president made that decision.

WILLIAMS: No, but somebody has to make a decision. As George was saying, you can prioritize, you can make decisions about where money goes, but someone gets hurt. There’s going to have to be a moment where you say, “You know, I’m sorry this happened.”

WILL: But you can’t call everybody’s pain “default.”

See how easy it is? We have ten times as much money coming in as is necessary to service our debt. All we have to do is stop paying “certain other programs” and “certain other vendors.”  That’s code for “granny.” Now sure, Will admits, that this might cause some “pain,” cutting off 90% of the income to one third of America’s seniors.  But hey, no pain no gain.

Here’s Nobel economist Paul Krugman explaining how important Social Security is to seniors:

According to the data in this Social Security Administration table, 66 percent — 66 percent — of Social Security beneficiaries 65 and older derive more than half their income from the program. A third of beneficiaries derive 90 percent or more of their income from the program.

Now who’s in favor of death panels?

Oh, now sure, a lot of that “extra” money also goes for “certain other programs” like Medicare and the US military. But hey, that’s not the Republican party’s problem.  Their only concern is the “liberal” media “erroneously” claiming that we’re going to default on our debt.

And according to the GOP, America has ten times the money it needs to pay its debt.

All it has to do is kill off its citizens.

CyberDisobedience on Substack | @aravosis | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn. John Aravosis is the Executive Editor of AMERICAblog, which he founded in 2004. He has a joint law degree (JD) and masters in Foreign Service from Georgetown; and has worked in the US Senate, World Bank, Children's Defense Fund, the United Nations Development Programme, and as a stringer for the Economist. He is a frequent TV pundit, having appeared on the O'Reilly Factor, Hardball, World News Tonight, Nightline, AM Joy & Reliable Sources, among others. John lives in Washington, DC. .

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107 Responses to “GOP: We can easily avoid default Thursday by not paying Social Security checks”

  1. obama osama bin laden says:

    People of earth I have lived here for my life one thing I understand is your goverment is corrupt an greedy. You as the people are also greedy but in a way of greed that makes you fear of going without or not prepareing.we have tried to warn you of your actions to lay all war down an that the time for war is over an the time for peace is here. If you do not learn to live as one you will surely die as one alone.

  2. obama osama bin laden says:

    If they take away ssi an va benefits then the people who work an moneys taken out of our check for things such as those programs to help others or taxes. Then we shouldn’t get charged for anything.

  3. Mike Hendricks says:

    Obama compromised because he thought they would play fair and work with him=he knows better now =as u can see.

  4. Mike Hendricks says:

    if they cut ss and va payments=they will suffer a severe backlash against them=are they crazy?

  5. frieda wallace says:

    Thank you Han Solo! I am so sick of headlines blaming GOP for everything! This headline IS a lie and misleading. Unfortunately, people only read headlines and don’t investigate the truth for themselves! So sad to realize that we have become a nation of followers and not leaders.

  6. vickif says:

    As someone on SS myself, these fcker’s better leave it alone. When I worked a certain percentage went straight out of my check and into a SS account. Everyone does that. Cynthia I’m with you on making corps and the ultra rich pay their fair share. Churches who get involved with politics should get their tax ex-exempt status taken away. It’s suppose to be that way with churches.

  7. lee tiyler says:


  8. lee tiyler says:

    1995 newt said it at a fundraiser when asked how we can get rid of the entitlements

  9. Nathanael says:

    Not paying social security checks IS defaulting on government debts. It’s really sad that the Republicans don’t understand that. They apparently don’t know what “government debt” actually means.

  10. Mark says:

    I don’t know about Americas economy so please enlighten me – where does this vast revenue come from? Doesn’t it come from tax payers and don’t tax payers want something back? As tax payers what do you get back? Maybe you just don’t want to pay tax which is fine but who then pays off the debt? Maybe you want tax cuts but then what do you get for the tax you still pay?

  11. Guy Crumpley says:

    As the closest thing the Republican Party has to a modern day William F. Buckley, Jr., George Will is usually careful not to be so dramatic as to polarize his audience. He didn’t directly advocate for “killing grandma” (as Sen. Chuck Grassley likes to say). But George is a strong opponent to the ACA and FDR “safety net” programs in general.

    He sees our national debt as the singular factor determining our eventual failure or success, despite the fact that this hypothesis flies in the face of generally accepted economic theories (e.g., a national economy is nothing like a household budget; and our economy relies on a strong middle class consumer base that accounts for 70% of its activity). An ardent supporter of Romney’s “takers vs. makers” campaign slogan, he is careful to couch his criticism with terms like “means testing.” But (not unlike the Republican “logic” supporting the spate of voter suppression laws since 2010) a little digging shows that his arguments are supported only by exceptional examples of deadbeats. From that, he concludes studies of increased demand for social services indicates abuse, rather than legitimate need arising from a broken economy. He ignores credible studies showing the vast majority of beneficiaries (who are already means tested and often drug tested) are not only needy, but woefully undeserved to have any hope of digging themselves out of poverty. He invariably starts from the position that entitlements are the problem (despite their comparatively small impact on the budget — healthcare notwithstanding), not historically low tax rates, or unprecedented income inequality. He puts a refined face on a Cruz-Ryan-Bachmann movement that would love to return America to Dickensian economics — an America when many “grandma’s” didn’t survive to a ripe old age.

    Taking George’s well-publicized opinions into account, the fact that he didn’t distance himself from Juan Williams’ example of cutting Social Security is very telling. A familiar reader would have come to the same conclusion implied in the title of this article.

  12. ArthurH says:

    I’d prefer the Soupy Sales Method. Every time he looks straight into the camera he gets a pie.

  13. The_Fixer says:

    You’re forgetting “Bloody” Bill Kristol.

    Oh hell, who am I kidding? We could go on all day adding to the list.

  14. The_Fixer says:

    That’s the formal borrowing. I put the word in quotes, because Congress regularly raids SS for supposedly short-term purposes, placing an IOU in the budget. Unfortunately, the IOUs don’t always get paid, or paid on time.

    Yes, I agree that the default would be a big problem for SS for the reason you state.

  15. Cynthia Clark says:

    He can just go f%#@ himself. How much did he pay into Social Security? I’ve paid in all of my working life and that money belongs to everyone who has paid in, not a reckless Government. How about making the big corporations pay their taxes-how about that. Or take away tax-exempt status from the ultra-rich televangelists-how about that? Sickening [email protected]@holes.

  16. rmthunter says:

    Actually, the “borrowing” is in the form of Treasury bonds, which do have to be paid when due. That’s why default would be a real problem for SS and Medicare.

    That’s what bonds are — they are a loan, to be repaid, usually with interest.

  17. rmthunter says:

    That borrowing is in the form of bonds, same as any other creditor holds. They get paid when due, same as for any other creditor. That’s why the talk of default not being a big deal reveals just how ignorant the teabaggers are — they’d be cutting their own throats if they allowed the government to default on those bonds.

  18. rmthunter says:

    I’m puzzled — is Will ignorant, or stupid? Or does he just assume his audience is both ignorant and stupid?

    Social Security is a trust fund. The government can borrow from it, but it does that by issuing Treasury bonds, held by the trust fund. It has to — SS is separate from the general fund, not part of the federal budget. Um, George? That’s “bonded debt.” Ditto Medicare, if I remember correctly. It would take an act of Congress to change that, and if the teabaggers think they’re in trouble now, let them propose that. And then I’d recommend that they avoid visiting their districts if they want to live.

  19. Patricia B12345 says:


  20. The_Fixer says:

    Will also ignores the chain-reaction problems that happen when people who are expecting money from the government – whether they be SS recipients, government employees or government contractors – don’t get it. People that they buy from or otherwise pay money to don’t spend it (because it’s simply not there). The resulting economic damage is significant, and would further delay any recovery (which is certainly not a robust one).

    For all of his sophisticated verbiage, George Will sure is a dumbfuck.

  21. alfredo_tomato says:

    When Pres Reagan said “Government is not the solution, Government is the problem” Libertarians thought that gave them the green light to cripple or dismantle our government.

  22. Blair Schaan says:

    in 1990s in Canada the govt Union public service alliance of canada had 49,000 employees the Federqal civbilservice had over 200,000 well the superannuation of govt workers pension was regularly dipped into by govt and paid 3% interest.
    Now the PSAC had a financial manager for their pension fund and he was busy doing trading buying 60 day maybe 90 day bonds for a 1/4 to 1/2 % interest raise and the 49,000 union employees had a bigger pension then the 200,000 federal civil servants had
    If the govt did same thing on both sides of the border the CPP and SS would be double maybe triple the amount it is now ,
    Yes govts always use easy accessable money on hands and finds its so hard then to repay or replace it and we see across the country how govts and companies have failed to keep up their share of pension payments and now owe their workers and retireees trillions of unpaid debt and will never get paid, because company will close just so they can avoid all that stuff. thats how things are run in a capitalist system the workers who gives a F**k about them”? but the bosses CEO’S they sure get nice bonuses and severance packages and buy outs

  23. Blair Schaan says:

    Its supposed to be invested Cynthia but so much cash on hand is so tempting where ya thing Ronald Reagan got the cash for his Iran contra deals? cash where no questions were asked but never paid back.the books say 3.8 trillion dollars reality says theres $600 million in fund so 3 trillions plus disappeared somewhere into0 thin air, and no one seems to know where and people paid into that fund faithfully all their lives since FDR set it up. just saying!!

  24. vickif says:

    Me too.

  25. Gene Hill says:

    I think George Will has used up all his brain cells.

  26. karmanot says:

    I see you speak douchebag and are multi lingual!

  27. karmanot says:

    With ya!!!!

  28. karmanot says:

    Although I was born into a grey flannel diaper I waved a red flag by the age of two—must be Karma.

  29. karmanot says:

    Join the 100 million plus anomaly club my friend!

  30. karmanot says:

    My cane has a point on it and my air tank can explode.

  31. karmanot says:

    1000 Palins!

  32. karmanot says:

    George Will and Charles Krauthammer—two rotten eggs hatched by the same reptile.

  33. karmanot says:

    100 Palins to Guest1.

  34. karmanot says:

    Because thez paws be so big.

  35. nicho says:

    And you need to take your meds.

  36. nicho says:

    The average American has more to fear from the US Chamber of Commerce than from Al Qaeda.

  37. The_Fixer says:

    Nice, a link to a chamber of commerce web site. Not exactly the most credible of sources to cite in an effort to prove your point.

  38. nicho says:

    10 pounds of shit in a five-pound bag — with a bow tie.

  39. Guy Crumpley says:

    George Will made no attempt to disclaim that Social Security (or any other social safety net program) should be excluded from his prescription to avoid default.

    This may seem simply cold hearted on the surface, but it is an especially nefarious idea because Social Security is NOT a government revenue stream for the budget. It’s called an “entitlement” because WE paid directly into the program and we’re ENTITLED to get it back when we retire or are disabled.

    Republicans have borrowed almost $2 Trillion from Social Security over the years to fight needless wars and give tax breaks to the wealthy. Gore called for protecting the fund with a legal “lock box” during the 2000 elections. Worse, rather than simply raising the income cap for contributions, the GOP has been calling for the privatization of Social Security to wipe out that debt and allow the markets to profit from our forced (albeit risky) retirement investments. This idea is just an extension of the current practice of allowing corporations to declare bankruptcy just to relieve themselves of their retirement obligations to employees — workers who’ve contributed to their pensions all their lives and depend on them. This is also one of the main reasons the GOP want to get rid of unions.

    So, I’d say this goes beyond cavalier. This idea is an EVIL intent to completely eliminate all the social contracts made by the New Deal — at a time when economic inequality is as great as it ever was during the Depression.

  40. cjd87 says:

    All of this SS we pay for ourselves where is that money? Oh thats right the government “borrowed” it for the general fund. Some program you got there.

  41. Peace for life and love. says:

    How about just bringing all of the troops home and cut war spending, because that’s were all of our tax dollars are going anyway. Just think abut this: We the people of the USA are required by law to pay taxes not for what we want and need done for our beautiful country, but for what the government want and don’t need. This country is being ran by control freaked out war criminals! This country was built on war, slavery, and theft. It will definitely fall on war, slavery, and theft. We are in serious, serious trouble, because a lot of people don’t understand that were the one’s who give the government all the power. They make us slaves to making their tax dollars so that they can use it for their war crimes. We the people of the USA need to make a proactive stand to stop this, because many lives are in great danger economically, morally, and most importantly spiritually. May all of my fellow Americans, and other fellow humans learn to work together to make this world a better place to thrive in not just for us, but for future generations as well!!!

  42. xplorer59 says:

    You’re right that Social Security and SS disability is paid through payroll deductions. But for the last several (many?) years all payments in the SSA fund have exceeded payouts. The SSA invests the excess funds in Treasury bills to earn interest (who wouldn’t want to earn interest rather than merely holding onto the capital and see it slowly lose value to inflation?). The interest the SSA collects on those T-bills covers all SSA and disability payments each year and still increases the capital fund by tens of billions of dollars each and every year. The actual Trust fund isn’t even touched an it grows every year. I realize a lot of low-information people think that the government can’t efficiently run anything, and that the SSA is broke, but that just isn’t true- it’s actually making more money than is needed to cover all of its costs and still turn a profit. Most private businesses would envy that kind of good management; probably the only industry more profitable are oil companies. The SSA doesn’t “loan” the government money, it invests in T-bills and in that sense only does it “loan” money, and every nation on the planet buys T-bills because they know those T-bills will be paid. And despite what some claim, Congress cannot “refuse” to repay a Treasury bond, since Congress has absolutely no say in whether or not Treasury bills are repaid- if it did, then the US probably couldn’t borrow money at a lower interest rate than any other nation in the world because we all know that Congress is too dysfunctional to trust.

  43. slavdude says:

    Yeah, I think the Ryan plan called for keeping existing benefits in place for everyone who was 55 and over in 2012, which would have meant that those of us born after 1957 would have been SOL.

  44. lynchie says:

    No you need to stop coming here

  45. lynchie says:

    Congratulations you receive your 50 cents for posting here. Ask you mommy to cook more meatloaf and play with the dog.

  46. lynchie says:

    why you so stupid?

  47. Indigo says:

    You know, a lot of this could have been avoided if Obama had stood his ground five years ago. But he didn’t, he compromised, he let Wall Street buy him, and now he wonders what happened. I’m disgusted, and it’s not just with Cruz and Boner, it’s with Obama as well.

  48. FuzzyRabbit says:

    Good idea. Me too!

  49. Indigo says:

    Me too!

  50. Monoceros Forth says:

    Morons always lean on their caps lock keys, I’ve noticed.

  51. Badgerite says:

    When was he on the Light Side?

  52. Badgerite says:

    They would if they could. They only don’t go after the current generation of Social Security and Medicare recipients because they know the elderly tend to vote. A lot. And the elderly know how important these programs are to them. But if they could. They certainly would. George will has said as much. That is what his comment meant. ‘Why, what problem? All we have to do is quit making Social Security payments and we are all just fine.’ It is like saying, ‘We’re fine. All we have to do to pay the mortgage is quit eating. So what’s the problem.’ Yes, I know they couch the debate in terms of phasing the programs out for future generations. But that is only because there would be a backlash at the polls if they tried it any other way. And George Will pretty much admits that. And if George will admits that, party hack that he is, than that is what the GOP establishment thinks as well. They think the younger generation are just easier to pick off, in their estimation. The elderly know the value of Social Security and Medicare. The young can still see the value to their parents but maybe not yet for themselves. These are good programs. For everyone.

  53. LasloPratt says:

    This has been the goal since, oh, the day Social Security was enacted, but more intensively since the Saint Ronnie ascended unto the presidency: Kill Social Security. So of course they said this.

  54. Han Solo says:

    >Yes, the money we pay into Social Security goes into a trust fund that is separate from the U.S. Treasury

    HAHAHAHAHA… you believe that?

  55. Han Solo says:

    >Will dodges
    So…you just admit he said NOTHING about SS… so my point is proven by you…this article and headline are LIES.

  56. Han Solo says:

    Who cares…could be EPA, could be NEA, could be Washington Monuments, could be delaying the purchase of new FA-35 fighters, could be anything….

    But it does not change the fact this article is a BIG TOTAL LIE in its headline and content.

  57. BeccaM says:

    I think you answered your own question, as to why you turned out differently.

  58. milojacks says:

    “certain other programs” as in entitlements. What do you think they were talking about, the DoD?

  59. The_Fixer says:

    I think it’s because he uses big words and they really can’t figure what he’s saying.

  60. ArtofARC says:

    It is thieved by all the corrupt. Arrests must be made in Washington. ALL of them are bought. This has gone way too far even if this IS a total BS story. This writer and website need a kick in the ass for this propaganda BS

  61. ArtofARC says:

    terrorism. Soc. Sec we pay for ourselves. It is not a part of the
    budget AT ALL. Anyone that thinks that is dangerously uneducated. This entire situation is a planned scam. Are so many people this dumb? Is TV the method to which they were educated? Fools. IMO

  62. The_Fixer says:

    Follow the conversation, and the intent is clear. Furthermore, they want to hang it on Obama.
    Listen carefully to what Will says. He says that we can “service the debt” by prioritizing our expenditures. When Juan Williams asks him if this would affect SS, Will dodges and says that depends on what the president wants to do.

    Note that the centerpiece of any negotiations regarding government funding and default has been cutting “Entitlements”. To the Republicans, this means Social Security, Medicare and like programs. They’ve been gunning for these programs for quite a while.

    What they are trying to do is make a squeeze play wherein they force Obama to delay SS payments to prevent a default. That way, they don’t look like the bad guys for coming out and wanting to get rid of SS. They say that they’re after “Entitlements”, and low information people don’t make a connection.

  63. cole3244 says:

    well said.

  64. guest1 says:

    Yup, BS sensationalist headline once again

  65. The_Fixer says:

    Yes, the money we pay into Social Security goes into a trust fund that is separate from the U.S. Treasury. But it gets more complicated in practice.

    The trust fund does things like buy government bonds as an investment. It also “loans” the government money, which the government is supposed to pay back. Unfortunately, the fund is an ‘easy mark”, as the lawmakers don’t always vote to repay those loans. Or they pay them back late.

    So if there is a default on the debt, the SS trust fund is one of those who don’t get paid.

    Funny how that works, huh?

  66. Han Solo says:

    **** LIAR ****

    Social Security was never mentioned.

  67. cynthia gilkerson says:

    I am not sure government pays social security checks I thought the people paid that out of their payroll checks and it was suppose to be put in a fund all by itself

  68. ninjakiller says:

    Sociopath in a bow tie.

  69. ninjakiller says:

    You misunderstand, they won’t cut benefits for the elderly and the baby boomers about to hit SS, they want to gut future benefits, fuck over the kids and grandkids. That’s what entitlement reform really means, fuck over the future generations, but let us keep our spot at the table.

  70. vickif says:

    As do I. Only mine is the 2nd Wednesday of the month and I do have direct deposit which I did want. I don’t have to worry about a check getting lost in the mail.

  71. Freday63 says:

    If we are going to stop paying out social security checks this week then I would like EVERY FUCKING DIME I HAVE CONTRIBUTED OVER A 35 YEAR EMPLOYMENT HISTORY IN MY BANK ACCOUNT BY THE END OF BUSINESS TODAY!

  72. ninjakiller says:

    No concern for others, and it’s your own fault if you’re poor, old, or disabled. Just die already and lessen our economic burden, because that’s what Jesus would want. That about sum up the modern gop?

  73. vickif says:

    If it wasn’t for the fact my youngest son asked me to live with him after I lost my job at 62 and went on SS, I would be in big trouble. As a stay at home mom after my children came along, I didn’t get a job until they were both in high school. I worked part time until they were out of college and I got a full time job from ages 55-62. I went on early SS. Now these assholes want to make seniors wait for their checks. At least i don’t have to worry but it will hurt our household budget. There are many seniors who will be hurt badly if both are on SS as many are. My ex lives in Florida with his 2nd wife and they will be hurt by this. All these rich people make me sick to my stomach. Take away the paychecks of these people in Congress and see how long they last without a paycheck. That’s another sticking point to me that Congress is still getting their paychecks while other federal employees are not. I better stop ranting or my blood pressure will go sky high.

  74. jomicur says:

    The even bigger mystery is why he keeps working at all. I can’t remember ANY of his analyses/predictions ever being right. Yet the media keep turning to him when they want someone “authoritative” to give them political analysis. Go figure.

  75. jomicur says:

    Same here. I was a Goldwater conservative when I was in high school. My first political experience was volunteering for his campaign. By the time I got to college the Vietnam war was in high gear. That plus coming out radicalized me, and I’ve been moving more and more to the left ever since.

  76. jomicur says:

    I’ve been expecting this all along. The only surprise for me is that it’s taken them so long to bring it up publicly. I only wish I had confidence that our DINO president would veto any bill that attempts to do it.

  77. Georgann Putintsev says:

    Ever get an impression that CONGRESS needs to go without paychecks for 3 months. That the next junket they go on, has to be to the poorest City or Town or District in their STATE, that the next meal they get or purchase, has to cost them $5.00 or less …and try that for 2 weeks. There seems to be only a few level headed ‘common sense’ people in Congress, the Rest can go live where Fracking and Oil pipe lines have broken, live next to a CAFO farm …so they get that their Greed & Pride is costing AMerICANs the basic rights to Generation Law: Clean Water, Clean Earth, Clean Air, Clean Fire/Energy …and that also leads to a more properity for ALL. The KEYSTONE pipeline has NO place in this GOP Budget package, the MIC budget needs to be cut by 50%, cut the Farming Subsidies for CAFO’s, cut the Oil Subsidies, require all Corporations to PAY taxes – no loop holes, reduce Congress $alary by 50%. Social Security is what we the people paid into. It is not ‘privatized’ for a reason.

  78. Doug Hayes says:

    Because you’re too stupid to understand what he’s talking about!

  79. Badgerite says:

    I stopped listening to George Will a long time ago. He’s a political hack. Nothing more. But what his comments do show is how desperate the GOP is to do away with the safety net programs established by FDR before the economic crisis of 2008 finally resolves itself and the economy recovers, regardless of their attempt to stop that from happening. Because if that happens then they will have to admit that the real reason they are against Social Security and Medicare has nothing at all to do with ‘fiscal responsibility’. They just hate those programs and always have. Those are the people who control the GOP these days.

  80. Badgerite says:

    Representative Sean Duffy during the 2012 campaign did commercials with his mother, literally telling ‘mom’ on the camera that he was not going to do anything to harm her Social Security and Medicare. That that was just a lie. At least the mask is starting to come off. Paul Ryan’s ‘budget’ is all about dismantling Social Security and Medicare. And that is what they want to FORCE on the public, if they can.

  81. SR says:

    You are correct! Check out this graph, which summarizes the holders of the US Treasury Debt.

  82. PeteWa says:

    I can’t imagine why anyone would have ever had respect for that walking pile of filth.

  83. The_Fixer says:

    This is the continuation of the conservative Republicans’ hatred toward FDR and LBJ, and the social programs that they created. They desperately want to get rid of all of them. This is one way that they see to do it.

    These F’n idiots don’t realize just what that will do to the economy, and specifically their economy. All of their investment income? Drastically drops when the companies in which they are invested can’t sell anything because a large chunk of their customers don’t have any money.

    This is just plain rock-headed nonsense courtesy of the lead-block stupid among the human race. Not only is this guy a sociopath, he is an ignorant one.

  84. lynchie says:

    Why did you respect this piece of shit?

  85. lynchie says:

    Read his Wikipedica page. current wife speech writer for Rick Perry, Romney and once upon a time for Ronnie Raygun. Nothing good to say about this parasite.

  86. nicho says:

    George Will in 1995, when the GOP took over the Congress: “The GOP should put all the money for AIDS and all the money for Public Radio into the same pot and then sit back and laugh while the liberals fight over it.”

    That’s George Will for you — a totally despicable creature. Why anyone listens to that sorry excuse for a human being is beyond me. I have always wanted to meet him so I could spit right in his face.

  87. silas1898 says:

    In 1999, he called W. an empty suit. He was quickly re-educated.

  88. silas1898 says:

    When those direct deposits don’t happen; Look out! Late in the month, mom checks her balance daily until that credit pops up

  89. cole3244 says:

    george will is the worst kind of con he looks harmless but he lacks compassion and empathy. some of the nazi’s probably looked like this in the beginning until the society realized the truth too late.

  90. cole3244 says:

    your mother was a compassionate intelligent woman.

    most people (reagan) are liberal when young & con when older, that is politics of convenience, i took the opposite path and am proud i did so.

  91. percysowner says:

    Cutting off benefits from one of the few groups who vote for them on a consistent basis, yeah that’s the ticket to success.

  92. silas1898 says:

    He’s always been there.

  93. silas1898 says:

    These numbskulls are going to get the revolution they so desperately think will enshrine them in power forever. Problem is, the seniors will turn on them and crush them.
    Time for some posting at AARP……..

  94. William Barnett-Lewis says:

    Cut 30% from the top of the DOD. Bring all troops and carriers home on Friday. That should give more than enough savings to take care of our real priorities.

  95. Dave of the Jungle says:

    George Will has gone over to the Dark Side.

  96. Jonas Grumby says:

    I am an old, white, heterosexual male. Can ANYONE explain to me why my demographic votes GOP? I never thought I’d grow up to be an anomaly.

    As my Mother used to tell me (when I was a young, conservative little shit), “If you don’t become more liberal as you get older, then you have no heart.”

  97. A_nonymoose says:

    These people really have a death wish, don’t they?

  98. Right, I read that last night.

  99. Houndentenor says:

    I was stunned by this statement yesterday. The most dependable demographic for the GOP is seniors. If they list that, they are basically unelectable. Not only can I not believe they’d do that, it shows how out of touch with reality they are that they would even suggest such a thing.

  100. Houndentenor says:

    We could also not pay defense contractors. Or pay anyone in a red state. If we are going to play that way we have a lot of options. I’m not sure ANY of them are legal (that seems to be a murky area since this has never actually happened before) but if they want the president to decide who gets hurt and who doesn’t that seems a dangerous precedent. I certainly would not have wanted a Pres. Romney to have that power.

  101. olandp says:

    Does no one realize that the Social Security Trust Fund is invested in US Treasuries? I hear so much talk about China being a creditor, but we the people of the US are also creditors, I don’t know, but I would suspect that we the people are the largest creditors.

  102. caphillprof says:

    There constituency includes a lot of people who will only miss Social Security when the money is not deposited into their bank accounts (SSA sends few checks but instead demands direct deposits into accounts). Part of the support of the tea party traitors are people in denial of their own personal dependency upon the federal government.

  103. FLL says:

    From George Will’s comment:

    “…the 14th amendment empowering the president not at all but the Congress
    entirely says it is a constitutional requirement to pay first, under the
    full faith and credit of the United States, our bonded debt.”

    Just because the 14th Amendment gives Congress authority to honor the U.S. debt by appropriate legislation, this doesn’t mean that the president is barred from instructing the Treasury or Federal Reserve to uphold the 14th Amendment if Congress fails to avert a catastrophic default by doing nothing. Yes, the president can raise the debt limit without Congress in such an emergency. Nice try.

    All of the blather on this Fox News segment centers around the perennial desire of far-right crackpots to reverse the cornerstone of FDR’s New Deal programs, Social Security. This has always been a pipe dream on the far right and always will be. Fools.

  104. Bubbles says:

    How many people do not have a family member that is dependent upon Social Security? Not many, but that’s their constituency.

  105. Nylund says:

    Will’s analysis also entirely ignores the fact that institutional investors aren’t dumb. They’ll view any non-payment to anyone as a very bad thing. Sure, maybe it’s not technically a default on debt obligations, but it’s still a default on an obligation. That’ll freak the markets out. They know the US can’t go on simply not paying veterans or seniors forever.

    Regarding Thursday: the last debt deal technically already expired. Treasury has already been using “extraordinary measures.” The Oct. 17th date was just an estimate of when they’d exhaust those other measures. That estimate was made pre-shutdown. The Federal Gov’t isn’t paying a lot of people right now. That may change the date when we run out of funds. The one date we know for sure we’re screwed on is Nov. 1st. That’s the date those checks for SS and the veterans we’re talking about actually go out. Point being, no one is really quite sure when our extraordinary measures will no longer be enough to keep paying people. It may be October 17th. It definitely would happen Nov. 1, or it could happen sometime during the days in between.

  106. Bomer says:

    With out her SS check my grandmother would be homeless and quickly dead since it also helps pay for the medications she needs to live (same goes with her Medicare). The Republicans (and the Dems that side with them) can go rot in the lowest pit in hell. How about cutting that bloated defense budget first?

  107. Hank Kelly says:

    I use to have some respect for George Will. Even he, has fallen into the abyss of ignorance.

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