Climate crisis: Our government is captured by billionaires; the solution is civil disobedience

I’ve mentioned the Matthew Filipowicz Show before because I think Matt is one of the smartest satirists around. His take on his subjects is ironic, and his understanding of his topics is excellent. This time Matt and I talk about global warming — where we are, where we’re going and how to stop the climate crisis before it gets out of hand — yes, I’m optimistic, as you’ll hear.

Humorist Matt Filipowicz explains Obama’s non-sensical Kill List defense

Our segment is roughly one-third of the show, but I’m embedding the whole thing because it’s all good. Feel free to skip to the segments you’re interested in — I’ve identified time markers for you below, and it’s easy to scrub to the start-point you want.

Those segments are:

▪ Matt’s opening “righteous rant” about the GOP Shutdown™, which leads immediately to:

▪ A serious and total frying of the Democrats starting at 5:02. Listen for the chunk that starts, “The actual left isn’t some trained dancing monkey…” (8:55). No one skewers Democrats who are not progressive like Matt.

Our climate segment starts at 11:08. Matt and I look at the overall climate problem and its solutions. I thought we did a good job on this topic.

Listen starting at 25:04 to hear the headline comment — about billionaire capture of the political process being the real climate perp. We talk about solutions — and civil disobedience — starting at 27:40 and again at 31:00.

▪ The interview with Lisa Graves, who ran ALECexposed and is now doing the same sunshine job on privatized government services, starts at 33:45. This is a seriously good segment if you have the time to listen.

Privatizers are on the march everywhere in the country. Your child could be eating horse-meat hamburgers served to her by an international “catering” company that has your school district’s school lunch contract. No more local produce for you, little girls and boys. Megacorp gotta make a profit, their CEOs need their millions, and your local politicians are ready to deal. Lisa Graves discusses just this example.

Matt has more about this show here. For just the climate segment, start listening at 11:08:

My recent climate writing, on which this interview is based, is here:

Climate crisis: Why we’re on track for 7°C warming or greater by 2100

Don’t believe the latest lie: There is no “pause” in global warming

95% certainty humans causing global warming, per new UN climate report

Lisa Graves’ work is here — Outsourcing America Exposed. It’s beautifully researched and excellent.

“Our” billionaires are a sorry lot

A reminder — almost all of “our” billionaires are privatizing neoliberal louts, just like their Milton Friedman cousins on the right. We can’t count on them for anything, much less the kind of financial support that movement conservatives get from “their” billionaires. Our billionaires may believe in the good and the gay, if you don’t turn them a profit, they’re also the gone, and fast.

Of all progressive outlet types, progressive media needs the most help, since it’s the most expensive to produce. All of which leads me to say …

If you like the Matthew Filipowicz Show, feel free to support it.

Literally, every dollar helps, with all of these shows. I’ve donated; you can too. And thanks!


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14 Responses to “Climate crisis: Our government is captured by billionaires; the solution is civil disobedience”

  1. Drew2u says:

    Dunno if GP receives automated updates about comments, but I think you’d be one of the other people who’d find this interesting at a microcosm scale:

  2. Indigo says:

    This is it, actually. It’s electronic samizdat and I honestly think that as samizdat go, this is about as effective as anything in the media. It does not break through the miasma of the bourgeoisie, true, but nothing short of cataclysmic social disruption ever does.

  3. cambridgemac says:

    Admittedly, there’s not much, but The Real News seems like a start to me.

  4. karmanot says:

    Gaius, you might be interested in Chris hedge’s take on this: As always a provocative and excellent post.

  5. Bill_Perdue says:

    Actually, GP, I don’t think they captured the government so much as they’ve owned it since 1788, lock stock and barrel.

    The rich got their stolen wealth by slavery and wage slavery, by profiteering and by issuing predatory loans and also by polluting the awesome beauty and resources of our planet.

    Direct actions including civil disobedience are certainly called for and we should aim at building massive demonstrations as the environment turns on us and causes more and more causalities because those are directly linked to the corporate polluters who own the government.

  6. karmanot says:

    What progressive media? Where?

  7. cambridgemac says:

    So you don’t think having progressive media will make a difference? It’s not as if the billionaires and venture capitalists are going to fund progressive media.

  8. fletcher says:

    We can start by having gun fetishism declared a mental illness. They declared folks with an addiction to an uncontrollable interest in porn or need to stalk women as mentally ill, so why not people who make guns the center of their existence? After creating this classification we can give Wayne LaPierre his national list of the mentally ill. He might even top the list.

  9. LanceThruster says:

    Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest. ~ Denis Diderot

  10. Indigo says:

    The solution is for me to donate money I don’t have to stop the fabulously wealthy from continuing their rape of the planet? Tossing more money down an empty well profits nobody I know. As an earlier generation of activists used to say, “Money is the ultimate liberal insult.” If you want to take to the streets, they’re right outside your door. Just do it!

    One thing those of us among the neo-impoverished know from our colonial ancestors is that making nice and attempting to bargain with King George III didn’t work. I think an armed insurgency might be more persuasive.

  11. heimaey says:

    Want to see how their guns do against the tanks and bombs.

  12. cole3244 says:

    the ultra rich have always been an impediment to the masses gaining a hold on a better and more fruitful life no matter the nation, magnanimity is not a quality the elites have in great supply.

  13. Buford2k11 says:

    There is no US…it is them against the rest…the NRA will not be happy unless they can sell more guns and ammo…Bunker Mentality so to speak…there are some,who are starting to call for insurrection…they need to close the windows on that insane asylum…

  14. nicho says:

    So, we basically have a rogue government, running out of control and trying to destroy our democracy? My question: where are the gun-toting NRA folk who say their mission is to protect us from this?

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