10% of Chinese cooking oil made from sewer sludge (video)

A new exposé from Radio Free Asia reveals that 10% of Chinese cooking oil is made from sewer sludge. And they have secret video showing it being made.


This is just the latest report on the disgusting situation in China when it comes to food production, and really the production of everything. I’d reported earlier on the latest outbreak of Chinese dog treats sickening thousands, and killing hundreds, of American pets.

And we’d reported previously on all the other horrific Chinese products gone bad, from wallboard to human food (exploding watermelons, anyone?).

And there was the wonderful news that American chicken was now going to be processed in China.  What could possibly go wrong?

The real question is, why should anyone assume it won’t go wrong with such a horrific history of malfeasance and culture of economic corruption?

You really need to watch this new video from Radio Free Asia.  A woman scoops up sewer sludge which is then used to make cooking oil for home, restaurants and hotels.


Chinese woman scoops up sewer sludge that will be boiled down and turned into 10% of China’s cooking oil.

And when asked about the latest scandal, a Chinese man tells RFA: “In our current society, everyone tries to swindle everybody else.”

Oh, but they won’t try to swindle us with regards to the safety of our chicken, when they’re still killing our pets, and have sold us so many other sub-standard products.  Right.

Oh, and if that weren’t disgusting enough, they’re also running illegal pig slaughtering operations across China where many of the pigs are already dead before they’re slaughtered (which is not a good thing).

But I’m sure they’ll treat those American chickens with the respect they deserved, after they don’t even treat their own people like human beings, either in the government or the marketplace.

Here’s the video of them making cooking oil from raw sewage, followed by the video of the illegal pig slaughterhouses:

Here’s the pig slaughterhouses:

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45 Responses to “10% of Chinese cooking oil made from sewer sludge (video)”

  1. Terry Cooper says:

    This is the same type of thing we will all be faced with if TPP and TIPC pass and become las. These are trade agreements unwritten by 600 ,multinational companies with various countries. Our Govt plans to present this trade agreement to Congress for a “fast track” vote (either yes or no allowed). If this agreement becomes law, we will not know where our foods come from, no country of origin labels required, and we will have no legal recourse if we or a loved one gets sick or dies form the products. Any attempt by our govt to halt these potentially dangerous products could result in our govt being sued for loss of profits. This alone will discourage lawsuits by us or actions by our govt to stop the harm. We are about to get a hosing like we have never gotten before. This trade pact is egregious in every way. Contact your Reps now, and demand that he or she vote NO when this comes up for a vote.

  2. davidinchelseama says:

    Holy crap. Where do Chinese restaurants get THEIR oil from? That’s pretty frigging disgusting. Scary as hell….

  3. Phaerisee says:

    LOL :)

  4. cambridgemac says:

    I’m googling this story and not getting anything. Could you provide a link?

  5. I LIKE Denny’s :)

  6. cambridgemac says:

    Question: How do I get a job on one of the insurance company death panels? Or have those been outsourced to China, too?

  7. Michael in Cambridge says:

    If only CEOs were free to cut wages more easily, we’d all be rich! Only communists who want us all to be poor are in favor of higher wages for working people.

  8. jarradcvh059 says:

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  9. The_Fixer says:

    In its current form, I don’t think it’s safe for any use.

    Think about it – just about any use can result in the nastiest of chemicals getting into our air, water or food chain. That’s why we have sewage treatment plants – to remove that crud.

    It would be one thing if they could guarantee that there were no noxious chemicals left in the resulting product, but they really can’t do that. China has a lousy track record when it comes to product and worker safety. Even if this stuff were supposedly properly processed and inspected, they would find a way to get around that for the sake of higher profits. The people performing the processing would likely be subject to all kinds of nasty diseases.

    Aside from the grossness aspect of this, it’s just plain asking for trouble. I avoid Chinese products like the plague. Not only for the safety aspect, but for the fact that the Chinese workers are treated horribly and any purchase of such products that one makes supports an inherently corrupt system.

    This is all in service to stock prices. This model of company financing and profit sharing is one of the more insidiously exploitive financial maneuvers on the planet. It is the very worst of capitalism and responsible for many of the ills in our society.

  10. ComradeRutherford says:

    This is why we need the Trans Pacific Partnership treaty, so no one in America will be allowed to stop the sale of sewer sludge as cooking oil. About 1/3 of the TPP is all about how nations can’t stop trade, and all local, state and federal laws and regulations are overturned immediately, replaced by Free Trade. The USA won’t be able to inspect anything coming in because that would interfere with Free Trade!

    Obama, the Democratic Leadership AND the GOP LOVE this treaty…

  11. ComradeRutherford says:

    EVERYTHING comes from China. The GOP made sure of that, they gave tax breaks to US companies to move to China. In order to be a Patriot Republican, you only buy from China, because US made goods are made by well-paid Americans who can afford to buy a home and retire, and that’s EVIL.

  12. ComradeRutherford says:

    No reason to think they don’t.

  13. ComradeRutherford says:

    See, this is why the Grocery Marketers of America are trying to ban Washington State’s GMO labels. If that is allowed, then the American People will want to have sewer sludge cooking oil labelled, too!

    If you can’t sell sewer sludge as cooking oil, then America is no longer Free!

  14. karmanot says:

    WoW! You go Pappyvet!

  15. pappyvet says:

    Chicken processed in China. Swell. Perfect . Don’t have to deal with pesky inspectors and the wages these American working people want is so rude. I mean how am I to maintain my 4 homes and Porsche just has to go to the Islands at least once a year or she’ll just die !
    Thank God for NAFTA, at least this time around we didn’t have to manufacture much here in OUR country. And think of the lives we could save with lower wages ! Those people don’t know how to handle money. They’d just hurt themselves! And now they’re all upset about having to work till 70. Can you believe it ! My Grandpa worked till he was 78 for chrissakes. AHH! what fond memories. His beautiful office with that overstuffed leather chair and the fireplace was just grand !
    Well,now that we can get around these terrible laws and regulations maybe this will become America again. If these silly people don’t like the chicken I’m sure they can go to some other nasty little fast food joint with their filthy little children. After all, this is a free country.

  16. dula says:

    Do they sell that sludge over here? Do restaurants here buy cooking oil from China to save $?

  17. karmanot says:

    And to think that ‘Divine’ was a pioneer in this genre.

  18. karmanot says:

    Is it even possible to say or think ‘revolution’ these days or is ‘dissolution’ the new revolution?

  19. karmanot says:


  20. karmanot says:

    It’s not China that is the problem. This malfeasance and corruption lies fully on the US government, which allows this to go on. It’s sickening (pardon the non ironic pun)!

  21. SkippyFlipjack says:

    The same people who want healthy food and no government inspections.

  22. trinu says:

    I know I’m preaching to the choir, but we need laws restricting the import of goods from places without proper regulation. Contrary to tea party belief that would not crash our economy because the Chinese have shown that they can and will go after swindlers but only if the pressure is great enough (they executed the people responsible for putting ethylene glycol in dog food and toothpaste).

  23. nicho says:

    Who is “we?” I don’t want tort reform. It’s a corporatist maneuver.

  24. SkippyFlipjack says:

    We also want tort reform to limit the things people can sue over, while retaining the freedom to sue over anything that affects any of us personally.

  25. Indigo says:


  26. lynchie says:

    We need more vigilant food inspections on anything imported. The orange and apple juices coming from China.


    The companies fight labelling their products as originating in China and the consumer is in the dark drinking who knows what.

  27. SkippyFlipjack says:

    Freedom for insurance companies to act as death panels without government intervention! That’s real freedom

  28. SkippyFlipjack says:

    Seems like a perfect opportunity for Niman Ranch-style producers in China which charge a premium for meat with a known source, known process, transparent facilities etc.

  29. lynchie says:

    these god damn regulations hurt the job creators don’t you know.

  30. pricknick says:


  31. lynchie says:

    Finger lickin good.

  32. PeteWa says:

    deep fried eggroll, anyone?

  33. ArthurH says:

    You can sell Tea Party people anything if you tell them it is cheaper because it comes from a place where government regulations aren’t running up the prices. Not long ago they arrested folks in Indiana selling “generic cigarettes” that bore no tax stamp. Turns out these non-government inspected generics were ragweed and buffalo grass clippings. But there were few complaints for those $3 a pack ciggies. The Coin Laundry Association once switched its members’ liability insurance from a company based in Indianapolis to one in the Caymen Islands where the price was low because they didn’t have to meet “all sorts of bulls**t government regulation.” But when member customers made claims under those policies all were denied, leaving member Laundromat operators open to paying the damage themselves. The “insurance” firm said if the group didn’t like it they should send a lawyer to the Caymens and sue them. The lawyer found the firm headquartered from a post office box barely larger than two boxes of corn flakes and nobody from the company could be found. After two years to trade group was back with the company in Indianapolis. Somebody once said that if you build the better mousetrap the world will beat a path to your door. But today, all need to promise cheap prices due to no government regulations.

  34. BeccaM says:

    Nah, that ‘freedom’ is the freedom for other people (read “brown people”) to get crap wages for hard jobs.

    Meanwhile it’s “Keep your gubmint hands off my Social Security!”

  35. Monoceros Forth says:

    Yeah, not the best example maybe. But I think I’d rather burn a dioxin-containing candle than eat dioxin-containing cooking oil.

  36. HereinDC says:

    I for one , wouldn’t want to burn candles in my house that came from sewer water.

  37. Monoceros Forth says:

    Yeah. I’m not sure what the “free market” solution to this problem is supposed to be.

  38. HereinDC says:

    The last time I checked at my local grocery stores here in DC….all canned water chestnuts …….come from China. I could not fine any that did not come from China.

  39. milli2 says:

    Of course, the teabaggers want the “freedom” to choose to eat toxic food just like they want the “freedom” to die from untreated cancer because of lack of health insurance, or the “freedom” to work for $2.50 an hour if they so choose. All of these awful restrictions that the US government wants to impose upon them……..

  40. mirror says:

    I lived in China and love to cook. There are many sauces, pickled items, and other ingredients made only in mainland China that make incredible delicious food. I absolutely love some of these foods, but I no longer buy food ingredients processed or packaged in China. There is no telling whether they are safe. The Chinese are incredibly creative resourceful people, but just as here, that capacity can be used for good or bad. I don’t know whether a producer is one that will pick the toxic chemical for use in food processing over a safe ingredient or process if the hazardous way is cheaper. Since there is insufficient oversight and the cases of this happening are innumerable, I now, sadly, simply forgo making or eating foods made with those ingredients. It is insane to be taking meat from China.

  41. Phaerisee says:

    I know it would be totally wrong to make a joke about Denny’s at this juncture.

  42. Number Six says:

    Great bubblin’ Buddha! I already did…

  43. Monoceros Forth says:


    Aren’t there Republicans who still cite China as though it were some sort of Cold-War-ish enemy? I don’t see why they’ve any need to worry. It’s the perfect country for them: an authoritarian government that lets its industry run completely wild without fear from pesky job-killing innovation-stifling regulations.

  44. goulo says:

    I imagine most people in the US would agree that preparing cooking oil from sewer sludge and selling it is a Bad Thing which should not be allowed, yet large numbers of people in the US seem to think that government inspections and food safety regulations are evil intrusive anti-capitalist communist Big Government… sigh.

  45. BeccaM says:

    Sweet jumpin’ Jeebus… I think I’m gonna throw up.

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