GOP Rep. Steve King suggests GOP pundit Ana Navarro doesn’t speak English because she’s Latino

GOP pundit Ana Navarro committed the unforgivable sin this weekend of thinking-while-latino.  And Republican Congressman, and bigot, Steve King of Iowa was having none of it.


King has a long history of wackiness.  King is the man who recently talked about Mexicans having “cantaloupe”-sized calves from all the marijuana they always carry around their backs.

King also famously claimed that Latinos who are in the US illegally can be spotted by “their shoes.”

It was also Steve King who recently refused to answer a question about whether contraceptives should remain legal.

You get the picture.

So it should come as no surprise that Steve King now finds himself in a controversy over comments he made to GOP pundit Ana Navarro this weekend, who immigrated to the US (legally) from Nicaragua in 1980, and went on to get a law degree.  Dumb, this lady ain’t.

But that didn’t stop Steve King from assuming that Ms. Navarro wasn’t fully appreciating his rabid racist views because perhaps her language abilities in English weren’t totally up to snuff, she being Latino and all.

KING: This proposes to legalize a lot of people that will include the people who are drug smugglers up to the age of 35. You cannot do a background check on people that don’t have a legal existence in their home country.

NAVARRO: First of all, I think Congressman King should get some therapy for his melon fixation. I think there might be medication for that. I think he’s a mediocre congressman with no legislative record and the only time he makes national press is when he comes out and says something offensive about the undocumented or Hispanics.… There are other voices who are the adults in the room and who are working hard towards a reform. and I think it’s going to happen. I’m more optimistic than most.

GREGORY: Before I let him go, he just heard that. Congressman King, do you want to respond to that in terms of what actually is going to get accomplished?

KING: Well, I would say this. First of all, I spoke only of drug smugglers. If Ana understands the language, she should know that. I didn’t insult her or other Republicans and I didn’t –

NAVARRO: I’m not undocumented. I vote, Congressman.

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49 Responses to “GOP Rep. Steve King suggests GOP pundit Ana Navarro doesn’t speak English because she’s Latino”

  1. panzouk says:

    This lady is just an idiot with a terrible spanish accent.

  2. Mr. Houston says:

    Ana Navarro is a dumb ass

  3. caphillprof says:

    neither biased nor prejudiced

  4. Moderator4 says:

    BabelProphet, you may do your babbling somewhere else henceforth. You are banned.

  5. BabelProphet says:

    Homosexual have some respect for your fellow neighbor. The only person teabagging is yourself and your homosexual community. If you find the term so revolting then why do you perform it? Hypocrite.

    What a laugh as you embark on the same lies. We don’t watch TV that means we don’t watch FOX. We read…a lot unlike you progressive lazy indolent slobs that get paid to post lies.

    And FYI homosexual keep posting the same hate against HISPANICS so they can see how you really feel about them. Why don’t you tell them the truth that you can’t stand them because they are CHRISTIANS and abhor your destructive lifestyle.

    You’re just an over all H Y P O C R I T E.

  6. BabelProphet says:

    How biased you are. And you teach young minds? Please find another profession and stop indoctrinating youth to share your bias and prejudice. :D

  7. evodevo says:

    Do not feed trolls ….

  8. KingCranky says:

    Source for the “in Los Angeles, Ca, seven of ten murders are committed by illegal immigrants who will qualify for the Dream Act” is, what?

    Oh, is it the ever popular “because I said so, with absolutely nothing else to back up my claim” kind of “proof”?

    What year did that “seven of ten murders” claim start, is that number-IF it exists-arrests only, arrests & trials, or convictions alone?

    And if based on convictions alone, links to those convicted proving they’re actual undocumented immigrants-“illegal” refers to the undocumented aspect, it’s never been “illegal” to be human, a person, not even in ultra-repressive regimes like North Korea, or the Khmer Rouge.

    Rep King’s an idiot, he’d never dirty his manicured nails, or callous his soft hands, by actually working in the fields, or slaughterhouses, or beef/pork/poultry/seafood processing plants.

    But King has another problem, he wants the field owners to be legally allowed to pay the same slave wages to legal immigrants and US citizens they currently do to undocumented workers. He won’t support an increase in wages paid to legal workers, but he’ll be the first to whine when prices at the cash register inevitably rise as a result.

    There’s no way legal workers will toil in the fields, at dirty, dangerous jobs like slaughterhouses & meat processing plants, at the same wages paid to undocumented immigrants, and no amount of screeching or whining from Rep. King, or anyone who thinks like he does, will change that reality.

  9. karmanot says:

    ‘thee familie’ is that a gang name?

  10. JamesR says:

    Steve King is an embarrassment to Humanity.

    And all my sympathies to Ana Navarro who, while correct about King and his record and his motives, has an impossible task trying to find those “adults in the room” in what’s become of the Republican Party because they don’t exist.

  11. Naja pallida says:

    Doesn’t seem like he thinks at all to me. Or at least his mouth isn’t tied to his brain if he does.

  12. mfinley98 says:

    But isn’t it good if young drug smugglers transform into Valedictorians? Is there any history of people becoming Valedictorians and then committing murder? I’m guessing that doesn’t happen very often. It’s not about being liberal, it’s about thinking the thought through logically. Also, we are living under record numbers of deportations, presumably for the reasons you are suggesting. Doesn’t that show that the system works?

  13. mfinley98 says:

    I think it’s good that she kept with her class. It’s a lot to expect upper-class legal immigrants to come here, knowing that they are granted admission in part because of the money in their pockets, and not side with their natural tribe. Many Latino GOP voters are like this, like the Cuban business owners in Miami, who fled Castro because he was a Communist.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I did. You are not being rational, so it would be pointless to repeat myself. I’m done here. PS way to vote up your own comments.

  15. Ed Ramirez says:

    You Post “Somehow I can’t feel sorry for GOP minorities” you read and than tell me what you said.

  16. mirror says:

    Based on Navarro’s bio, I’d say her primary loyalty is to the wealthy elite, wherever they are. To that end she has been willing to pimp her Latina cred wherever the GOP has needed her to. I’m sure she’s been on the other end of bigoted comments like that more times than she can count, but she’s a good soldier. Her job is and has been to help guys like King get and keep their rubber stamp positions in the legislature. I question whether King would have even said that if he hadn’t known she was a GOP servant. A little weasel like him wouldn’t have had the guts to say that to a male Democrat.

  17. ckg1 says:

    As Elvis would say…

    “Thank you…thank you very much…you’re a beautiful audience…”

  18. Anonymous says:

    I never said I “feel sorry for minorities.” Way to read properly. And nowhere did I imply that “minorities” are only Hispanics.

  19. lynchie says:

    John, to say he has a long history of wackiness is missing the point. He is a racist and a bigot, don’t sugar coat it, wackiness makes it seem ok. As far as Navarro she comes from a family that has supported the killing of the rebels, and escaped and went to Florida. In addition any minority which cozies up to Republicans deserves everything they get.

  20. BeccaM says:

    I’ve seen that patronizing tone many times before. Essentially: “You don’t agree with me and my bigoted views, therefore there must be something wrong with your thinking processes.” (Saw the same thing writ even larger the other day from that asshole trying to berate the young woman on her positions on GMO labeling. Thank goodness she was able to take him down a few pegs.)

    King is also being a moron. Does he think that undocumented people in this country who commit crimes are never arrested and always have no criminal record? That if they’re crossing and recrossing the border so many times with that much weed on their backs, they’re never caught?

    Or is it simply that he has bigoted, racist views as to the moral compass of an entire group of people and what he asserts is their inherent propensity to commit crimes?

    I think we know the answer.

  21. ckg1 says:

    Rep. King speaks and thinks in “stupid”.

    He stopped speaking English a while ago.

  22. lynchie says:

    what a brilliant comeback.

  23. ckg1 says:

    You would know.

    You just shoveled a LOT of it in this thread.

  24. ckg1 says:

    If I had to list everything that was wrong with it, RS would cease to exist.

  25. Ed Ramirez says:

    Let me know what is BS if you can

  26. Ed Ramirez says:

    How nice that you feel sorry for minorities, and you even know some, how wonderful. Do they clean your house or do up keep on your landscaping. You are a pompous axx. No wonder you post anonymously, you are a racist.

  27. BeccaM says:

    The real problem is there are thousands of Iowans who think Steve King is well-qualified to serve in Congress, enough such that they voted for him.

    I’m wondering just what kind of brain-rotting poisons they’re spraying on our crops these days…

  28. Indigo says:

    Thank you for identifying yourself as right wing troll. It helps us understand which brand of nonsense you represent.

  29. Indigo says:

    Because anyone who thinks in “English” is automatically a right wing nut job?

  30. Ed Ramirez says:

    What a bunch of BS

  31. Ed Ramirez says:

    What a genius, on food products

  32. fletcher says:

    General Foods has called the product Kool Aid since it was introduced in 1935. And you challenge liberal brilliance? You sir are an axx!

  33. ckg1 says:

    We don’t NEED to boast.

    Anyone with half a brain can see that for themselves just by looking at your replies.

    Remember, kids: Don’t post on the internet when you’re “totally trashed”!

  34. ckg1 says:

    Not only are you spouting more BS than Seabiscuit, but you can’t spell worth a damn.

    Get back on the internet when you graduate Hooked on Phonics.

  35. cole3244 says:

    use spell check you need it, your con peeps will get confused.

  36. TampaZeke says:

    Even worse, and more accurately, she was thinking-while-latina!

  37. jomicur says:

    There are provisions in the constitution forbidding any religious test for people seeking public office. There are no such provisions forbidding mental health/intelligence tests. It’s time.

  38. Anonymous says:

    I guess you wouldn’t mind being racially profiled or asked to “show your papers”

  39. Robin says:

    I do not like congressman Steve King. he’s an ass and clearly a bigoted racist. The problem I have with Ana Navarro? she’s a hypocrite who refuses to acknowledge that her loyalty to the Republican party is a national joke with her being a Latino or a minority. she’s no dummy for sure, but she’s addicted to their sophomoric thinking and drinking their brand of kool-aide. I wish she’d shut up, wake up, and see her hypocrisy for what it is, and she’s being used period!

  40. Ed Ramirez says:

    One thing is for certain, you can always count on a Cool Aid drinking liberal to boost on how brilliant they are and how mindless are their opposition. You can live in the make believe world of NYT and CNN/MSNBC, I prefer honesty and truth. You do not have to belong to the Tea Party to believe in those things. You Liberals would not know the truth or the facts if they jumped up and bit you on your axx.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Somehow I can’t feel sorry for GOP minorities. They are just plain deluded. Sadly I know some in person…they think the party is going to help them. Reminds me of those gay Nazis.

  42. alboy2 says:

    And you moronic Teabaggers should try using facts, not anecdotes you heard on Faux Snooze. Just keep typing up your little fantasies about how this country should never have changed since your idyllic childhood in the 50s. Why don’t you just go crawl back in to whatever little hole you came out of, you worm. Stop insulting entire groups of people based on the bad behavior of a few, idiot.

  43. DastiusKrazitauc says:

    I wanted to know the answer to this, so I went a’googlin’. She is originally from Nicaragua. Her father was a wealthy agricultural businessman who fought the leftist revolutionaries. The family fled to Miami to escape the violence. Her Republicanism is affected by being pro Nicaraguan contras, her love of Ronald Reagan for his support of the contras, and starting her political career in muy republicano South Florida.

    But reading about her, I’m glad she is in the Republican Party. She is a very vocal voice for change there, especially nettling the likes of Steve King, Charlie Crist, and Rick Scott.

  44. Ed Ramirez says:

    You obviously do not understand the English so well, The Congressman said that the law change would allow more drug smugglers to become legal the Hispanic Validictorians, that fact is correct and not racist. Today in the town I grew up in, Los Angeles, Ca., seven of ten murders are committed by illegal immigrants who will qualify for the Dream Act. You short sighted lib should ask thee familie of the Murdered if they wnt to grant citizenship and free college to the killers

  45. Sorry but this seemed like two idiots, albeit one racist.

  46. TomTO says:

    She did great until the end of the segment when she denied the GOP has a problem because of people like King. David Ignatius was making the point and she refuted it.
    It’s pretty obvious the Teapublicans are a huge problem for them.

  47. mgardener says:

    And she is a republicans, WHY?

  48. A_nonymoose says:

    The asshole is strong in this one.

  49. caphillprof says:

    I saw the exchange. She was good. But it’s the Congressman’s constituents who don’t understand English so well that will not benefit from this dialogue.

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