Gaius & Dave Johnson tonight 9pm — Egypt, NSA & the State

Programming note: I’ll be on Virtually Speaking Sundays tonight at 9pm ET (6pm PT) with VS media regular Dave Johnson and host Jay Ackroyd. We’ll be discussing Egypt, the latest NSA revelations (plus the coming scoop), and the State — What is it? Who runs it?

Virtually Speaking Sundays is a real-news alternative to what you find on the mainstream Sunday talk shows — what I’ve been calling the Emperor’s Not Naked News Service (ENN). The Virtually Speaking Sundays site listing is here.

Tonight’s show

Details for tonight’s show:

Time: 9pm ET tonight (Sunday)
Who: Dave Johnson, Jay Ackroyd, myself; satire by Culture of Truth
Where: Virtually Speaking at Blog Talk Radio

vs-logo_newLinks and stories we’ll be referencing:

NSA and the Gellman revelations
The next NSA bombshell

Egypt, where things stand and how they got there
U.S. ties to the Egyptian military

The state of The State and who runs it
Lessons from Snowden and whistleblowing as wave of the future

Dave Johnson is this guy. Do click through; he has a remarkable background.

Virtually Speaking is widely available

Virtually Speaking is also available as a podcast (RSS) or from the iTunes Store, and makes a great listen while exercising or traveling to and from work. The subjects covered in the various VS podcasts are wide and interesting — everything from news to science to economics — and the guest list is outstanding.

Or, if you wish a mainstream alternative to the alternative news — you could get your independent information from this guy.

Just kidding. Tune in if you can, live or later. It’s a fun hour.


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