Brilliant 14 y.o. anti-GMO activist smacks down TV host (video)

This girl, Rachel Parent, who is an advocate against genetically modified (GMO) food – we like to call it FrankenFood – is beyond brilliant.

She’s 14.



While some people are calling the man questioning her a “bully,” I don’t agree. (The good stuff starts about 8 minutes into the interview.) He did his job. She was there to talk about GMO, and the hosts knew coming into the interview that this kid was SMART. It was a better interview for the hosts challenging the guest, even if she was just 14.

I will say, however, that the male host does get a little snippy about 14 minutes into the interview. Rachel clearly has gotten his goat at this point, and he asks her if she isn’t becoming an unwitting “shill.” ¬†She slaps him down.

God she’s good. She just keeps bringing the conversation back to her main point, there ought to be labeling of food, identifying it as genetically modified.

What amazing girl. (The video starts with b-roll, then gets to her TV appearance.)

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