3 Oklahoma teens allegedly kill Aussie baseball player “for the fun of it”

Three Oklahoma teenagers allegedly followed and then shot to death an Australian baseball player “for the fun of it.”

The police say one of the teenagers has already confessed.  The boys are 15, 16, and 17.

The Australian victim was 22 year old Chris Lane, who was followed by the boys and gunned down while jogging in Duncan, Oklahoma.

The 17 year old, who confessed, says the boys were bored, so they decided to kill somebody.  They saw Lane jog by them, decided they’d kill him, so they followed him, and they did.


This isn’t just a gun control story. It’s a culture story.

We’ve got a horrific culture of violence in our country.  And it’s an issue that’s complicated as hell.  It is far too easy to get a gun in America.  But we also have a larger culture that is too quick to turn violence, and too quick to revere violence.  A culture that simply isn’t responsible enough for gun ownership.  And that culture of violence is not just fed by gun advocates, it also creates more gun advocates.  It’s a vicious circle.  Then you add poverty, discrimination, a resultant underclass, and yet another sub-culture of violence to the mix, and you end up with three bored teenagers deciding to gun a guy down because there’s nothing to watch on TV.

I’ve never been sympathetic to the 2nd Amendment crowd.  But I’ve also never been sympathetic to children who act like animals.  I’m tired of both.  And it’s not clear that either side in this debate, the left or the right, is willing to face all the issues that make this kind of violence possible.  Some on the right think guns aren’t the problem, and some on the left think guns are the only problem.  Neither is right.

A former Australian deputy prime minister, who was heavily involved in successful gun control efforts in that country, is calling on Australians to boycott travel to the US.  He hopes that perhaps this might send a message to America that the gun culture is out of control.

Good luck.

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