Weekend cooking – Spicy Peach Coleslaw (video)

I really love coleslaw but don’t make it enough. It’s not something that I see much (or ever) over here so when I’m in the US, I try to get my fill. A side of ‘slaw with BBQ is too good to pass up.

In this recipe, summer peaches are sliced and added along with a bit of chili sauce. Since this is the season for peaches, it’s always fun finding new ways to prepare them or include them in meals. My personal favorite is roasted peaches with grilled duck breast but this would be a pretty good side for the duck cooked on the BBQ.

Any other peach options out there, besides just eating them raw or in a salad with watermelon? Let me know on Twitter if you have ideas. I’m going to have fresh peaches everywhere around me in another week so I’m keen to try something new. Thanks!

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