Who in Congress would consider changing the Patriot Act?

Recently we reported on Congressman Rush Holt’s response to the various NSA revelations, including the lesser-reported revelation that Obama and the Executive Branch have a secret interpretation of the USA Patriot Act and what it allows them to do (but shh, neither you nor Congress can know what that interpretation is).

Rush Holt’s response was this (our report):

Rep. Holt to introduce bill to repeal Patriot Act & 2008 FISA Act

In that post, I mentioned that I was a guest on “The Attitude with Arnie Arnesen” on New Hampshire radio to discuss this issue. In that interview, Arnie pointed out to me an earlier article that talked about the appetite for Patriot Act reform among members of Congress.

First, I’d like to present that interview. The clip below contains the whole second hour, but our discussion takes up only the first part. Listen to Arnie’s introduction, in which she mentions the article with a list of potential Congressional Patriot Act reformers, then to our conversation:

There’s a lot in the interview to notice — one being the way that repeal of the Patriot Act would moot Obama’s secret interpretation of the Patriot Act. Sounds like a win to me.

Next, here’s the article she talks about. Read on for the list of potential Congressional reformers.

List of Congress men and women who back change to the Patriot Act

The article Arnie mentioned is here. It’s from The Atlantic web site; note that the date is early July, two weeks prior to our interview, and two weeks prior to the events leading up to Rush Holt’s announcement. Please click to read the whole thing — the author does a good job of dividing up potential Congress members into those interested in (1) more transparency; (2) reform; and (3) repeal.

There’s much in the article, but also much that may be out of date. We’re now in the organizing phase of the upcoming Rush Holt bill. So I want to present the names of those in Congress who could be lobbied.

These are the names — they contain anyone who might be interested in reforming the Patriot Act. I’ll update and provide phone number after the Holt bill is introduced. For now, note that this is not dead; we have much to work with.

  • Rep. Amash
  • Rep. Broun
  • Rep. Chu
  • Rep. DelBene
  • Rep. [Jeff] Duncan
  • Rep. [John] Duncan
  • Rep. Enyart
  • Rep. Gabbard
  • Rep. Gibson
  • Rep. Gosar
  • Rep. Griffith
  • Rep. Grijalva
  • Rep. Holt
  • Rep. Huelskamp
  • Rep. Jackson Lee
  • Rep. Johnson
  • Rep. Jones
  • Rep. Kingston
  • Rep. Labrador
  • Rep. [Barbara] Lee
  • Rep. Lofgren
  • Rep. Massie
  • Rep. McClintock
  • Rep. McDermott
  • Rep. McGovern
  • Rep. Michaud
  • Rep. Mulvaney
  • Rep. Nadler
  • Rep. O’Rourke
  • Rep. Pearce
  • Rep. Pelosi
  • Rep. Polis
  • Rep. Radel
  • Rep. Roe
  • Rep. Rokita
  • Rep. Salmon
  • Rep. Sanford
  • Rep. Schiff
  • Rep. Schweikert
  • Rep. Sensenbrenner
  • Rep. Sinema
  • Rep. Speier
  • Rep. Waxman
  • Rep. Welch
  • Rep. Yoho

By my count, that’s 55 names, both Dems and Republicans. Here are the senators:

  • Sen. Baucus [really? yes]
  • Sen. Begich
  • Sen. Blumenthal
  • Sen. Franken
  • Sen. Heller
  • Sen. Leahy
  • Sen. Lee
  • Sen. Merkley
  • Sen. Murray
  • Sen. Paul [Rand; him]
  • Sen. Sanders
  • Sen. Schumer
  • Sen. Shaheen
  • Sen. Tester [yep]
  • Sen. Udall
  • Sen. Udall [yep; both of them]
  • Sen. Wyden

That’s 17 senators; a fine start. I’ll break this down (and provide phone numbers) soon.

Dear activists: This needs to be pushed. This is what activism is about, moving the ball. We have the ball; we have an opportunity to move it. ‘ Nuff said? We’ll be following this up as soon as Holt introduces his bill. Stay tuned.


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