David Letterman’s awesome rant against fracking (video)

Wow, I’d never seen this. It’s a video from about a year ago of David Letterman just on a tear against the fracking industry during his television show.

LETTERMAN: “The Delaware water gap has been ruined, the Hudson Valley has been ruined, most of Pennsylvania has been ruined, Virginia, West Virginia has been ruined, Colorado has been ruined, New Mexico has been ruined. They’re poisoning our drinking water and the EPA said, ‘you know what, you no longer have to comply with EPA standards for stuff you put in the water.’ So the greedy oil and gas companies said, ‘great, let’s go crazy!'”


You can tell that at first the audience isn’t entirely clear what’s going on, they think he might even be joking and even laugh at one or two points.  Then it becomes clear that Letterman is dead serious, and ticked off.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Letterman this sincerely upset about anything.

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