Weekend cooking – Spaghetti Aglio e Olio Recipe (pasta with oil and garlic – video)

This is hands down, my favorite way to quickly prepare pasta at home. In the winter when I have a cold, I always go for this because it’s a massive injection of healthy garlic. The crushed red pepper is also helpful if you have a stuffy nose, though the cheese, less so.

Even last night, Jojo was working on the final graphics of her upcoming book release so I took advantage of the moment (she’s wheat free because of allergies) and made a bowl of this. Over the years I’ve always made it using my ceramic garlic grater (not unlike the Japanese ginger graters, but different) but I did try it last night the way he does in the video. I liked his version as well though it did take a few minutes more to get the garlic properly cooked.

As he says in the video, when you cook the garlic it’s fairly mild so don’t be too worried about the volume. I used three pretty large cloves of garlic last night and it was fine. While I did notice a distinct lack of vampires in the area last night, I must say, I haven’t seen them around before either.

It’s as easy it gets plus it’s downright delicious.

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