Weekend cooking – socca (video)

Even before Jojo realized she had a wheat allergy, we had been enjoying socca. It’s sort of a chickpea-flower pancake that you will find in Nice and along the coast in that part of France. You’ll find other chickpea foods all over the Mediterranean, most (if not all) of which were introduced via North Africa.

I blogged about eating socca a few summers ago while vacationing with our best travel friends, Chris and David. They also love to cook and whenever we get together, there’s always way too much good food around.

Besides having socca with coffee, I always remember little old ladies in Nice sitting down with their socca and a glass of chilled rosé wine. It’s just a typical, no nonsense food to nibble on. It’s also really easy to prepare as you can see in the video. I’ve never seen it with butter, since butter doesn’t do well in hot climates but sure, it probably does give a nice taste and crispy edge. The chives are also a nice addition.

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4 Responses to “Weekend cooking – socca (video)”

  1. RyansTake says:

    butter doesn’t do well in hot climates? Isn’t that what refrigerators are for :p

    (sorry, i’m being overly snarky tonight. Looks delicious :p)

  2. Omo Dem Say says:

    Me love me some Socca, will try this recipe out… thanks.

  3. masaccio68 says:

    That looks tasty, and expeditious.

  4. Dano2 says:

    You didn’t say what kind of flowers go into the chickpea mix, Chris. ;o)



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