Rachel Maddow on the GOP social conservative problem in VA

Rachel Maddow looks at just how badly the Republican party of Virginia has been taken over by social conservatives.


Rachel talks about the current governor, Bob McDonnell, the GOP’s nominees for governor and lieutenant governor in the next election, Ken Cuccinelli and E.W. Jackson.  She then extrapolate out to abortion, immigration and every other issue on which the GOP is pandering to the far right.

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10 Responses to “Rachel Maddow on the GOP social conservative problem in VA”

  1. BillFromDover says:

    The saddest thing about this is that it is a state-wide election, so ya can’t blame it on gerrymandering.

    I still refuse to believe that a majority of people (especially women) conform with these Neanderthal beliefs.

    It it simply the enthusiasm of their rabid base and the apathy of all others who are content to sit on the sidelines that let the inmates run the asylums?

    This ain’t one idiotic politician, but a slate of bat-shit crazy on display.

    Too bad it isn’t on national display for all of our viewing displeasure.

  2. pappyvet says:

    The hatred of the right is difficult to ignore but clear to see

  3. BeccaM says:

    It used to be pandering to the radical extremist regressive base, back in the Reagan era, up through Gingrich. Then, during the Clinton administration, it’s ceased being ‘pandering’ and started becoming ‘being radical extremist.’ And ever since the stolen Bush v. Gore election, the radical extremists have engaged in a simultaneous purge of all remaining moderate elements, in addition to a steady escalation of the most extreme craziness.

    Virginia’s gubernatorial election and the two wingnut loonies the GOP put up for office is an inevitable outcome. Nobody who isn’t tea-hadi crazy can get through the GOP primaries now. The only non-crazies left are those who put on the crazy-mask because the party demands it and a dwindling few whose power of incumbency is sufficient at the moment to stave off challengers.

  4. TheOriginalLiz says:

    The sad thing is, these idiots may very well get elected. There are more batshit crazies in Virginia than there are of us in Northern Virginia (who are supporting the batshit crazies, with our taxes, unfortunately).

  5. nicho says:

    Now you’re going all Zen koan on us. :-)

  6. Naja pallida says:

    Republicans don’t have to pander to them anymore, the crazy people have taken over the party at every level and are setting the agenda. Their voters haven’t even seemed to notice though.

  7. samiinh says:

    Are they pandering to crazy people, or are they themselves crazy people?

  8. karmanot says:

    Rachel is brilliant and perceptive. I hope MSNBC will not curb her professionalism and show her the door like Keith, Cenk and Ed. As long as she keeps those ratings soaring with true liberal perspectives. Her Obot tendencies show a complex dance to stay viable and sweeten the corporate paycheck.

  9. nicho says:

    The terms “right” and “left” have become meaningless. The GOP is pandering to crazy people. You have politicians in office today who make Rush Limbaugh look sane. And Limbaugh’s insane rants are carefully calculated. Even he doesn’t believe them, but they keep the goons howling and drooling.

  10. S1AMER says:

    Do watch this, if you didn’t see it last night.

    In addition to moving out from Virginia to the rest of the country, Rachel makes the very important point that the Beltway press is largely going along with the claim that the GOP is “rebranding” itself, despite all continuing extremism to the contrary. She’s right.

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