gay marriage

And the benefits for married gay federal employees begin

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Health, life, dental, vision, long-term care insurance and more benefits for married gay federal employees.

Kandahar, Afghanistan LGBT Pride – an official DOD video

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This is huge on so many levels, including the international level.

Paula Deen, Proposition 8, and the sometimes-nuance of bigotry

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We make a mistake treating people as brands. People are more nuanced, and can change. And we should welcome it.

Free at last

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The New Yorker cover this week shows Bert & Ernie, cuddling on the couch, watching Supreme Court DOMA coverage.
Actual tap water set aflame in fracking region.

Two great climate advocates: Billionaire Tom Steyer, and Josh Fox of Gasland II

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Two short videos about two great climate change advocates.

GOP’s Schlafly: Latinos have too many illegitimate kids, don’t understand the Bill of Rights

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And that’s why top GOP religious right leader Phyllis Schlafly says that Latinos won’t vote Republican.

Vintage SNL: Homocil

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A new drug for parents stressed out that their kids are gay: “Because it’s your problem, not theirs.”

9 disturbing scientific facts

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I was going to say we needed a break after a rather heavy news day, but am not sure this video counts.

The most unfortunate anti-gay logo and slogan in the history of politics

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FRC’s anti-gay-marriage “On our knees for America” campaign appears to have logo of man performing oral sex.
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