Jon Stewart’s IRS schadenfreude: “Where’s your receipts, a**holes?”

John Stewart weighs in on the GOP scandal-mongering over the IRS investigation of Tea Party groups.


Stewart does his usual poking-of-holes in the GOP hysteria, but also admits some schadenfreude in watching the IRS itself be audited.

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2 Responses to “Jon Stewart’s IRS schadenfreude: “Where’s your receipts, a**holes?””

  1. Bill_Perdue says:

    The IRS should deny tax exempt status to all right wing groups like Democrats, Libertarians, Republicans and cults of all flavors – baby rapers, baptist KKK lovers, mormon loons and the others.

    There are things Obama should be impeached and convicted for like murdering american citizens on a whim, artificially maintaining unemployment to drive down wages and wars crimes from one end of the Arab muslim world to the other, but Republicans have also committed the same crimes, or want to when it’s their turn, so that won’t happen.

  2. cole3244 says:

    jon stewart, keeping the left from reacting like the right.

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