Chairman Issa, what exactly did Jay Carney lie about?

If GOP committee chair Darrell Issa (R-CA), who’s leading the House Republican investigation of the IRS Tea Party imbroglio, is going to accuse White House spokesman Jay Carney of lying (and Issa did), the congressman ought to at least have the balls to explain what exactly Carney lied about.

But that would be expecting too much.

First, here’s Issa calling Carney a “paid liar”:

Now, in all fairness to Issa, history shows that a good way to get Issa’s committee to cooperate with you is to donate to Congressman Issa’s campaign.  And let’s face it, there’s not a lot of donating to Issa going on in this White House.  So it’s somewhat unfair of the White House to expect Issa to be more cooperative when they’re hardly being – let’s call it “cooperative” – with the good chairman.

From Political Correction:

[A]t a February hearing, House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) hosted Western Growers Association president and CEO Tom Nassif, a major Issa donor. While introducing Nassif and purporting to provide “full disclosure,” Issa mentioned that Nassif was a “personal friend,” but not that Nassif and his organization’s political action committee had donated nearly $20,000 to Issa’s campaigns.

Speaking of money, the NYT noted that Issa seems to occupy a unique space in Congress, in terms of “the role he has played in overseeing a remarkable array of outside business interests since his election in 2000.”

So, money makes the Issa go around?

Oh, and there’s also this from ThinkProgress:

Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) raised hell last year to stop the federal government from investigating Goldman Sachs regarding allegations that the company defrauded investors. In April 2010, shortly after the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)announced a civil suit against Goldman Sachs, Issa sent a letter to SEC Chairwoman Mary Schapiro demanding to know if there was “any sort of prearrangement, coordination, direction from, or advance notice” between the SEC and the Obama administration or congressional Democrats over the timing of the lawsuit.

What's not to trust about a 59 year old guy without a single gray hair?

What’s not to trust about a 59 year old guy without a single gray hair?

Issa’s investigation of the SEC’s investigation into Goldman Sachs stolethe headlines and reinforced Goldman Sach’s claim that they had done nothing wrong. Explaining his defense of Goldman Sachs, Issa said he was representing the views of ordinary Americans who are worried about the “growth of government and the growth of government wanting to become more complex, with more agencies and more control over our lives.”

However, recent personal finance disclosures reviewed by ThinkProgress paint a different picture of Issa’s motivations. According to documents filed recently with the House Clerk, Issa went on a buying spree of high yield Goldman Sachs bonds at the same time he was running defense for the investment bank in Congress. From February to December of 2010, Issa bought 12 Goldman Sachs High Yield Fund Class A bonds, each worth up to $50,000 (view page 10 the disclosurehere). Many of the bonds were purchased in the months after he filed his letter to the SEC. The $600,000 in new Goldman Sachs investments added to Issa’s already multimillion dollar stake in the company, valued from $5.1 to $15.5 million.

But hey, this story isn’t about whether Chairman Issa is corrupt, it’s about whether he likes to play fast and loose with the truth.

You know, like the time that Issa – who claims White House spokesman Carney is a liar – also claimed that the White House is intentionally fomenting violence in order to help justify a crackdown on guns.  Yeah, no bending the truth there.

Or the time Issa went ballistic over the “Fast and Furious” program, only for us to find out later that Issa knew all about the program a good year before and didn’t care one lick about it then.  In other words, his “outrage” was just for show.  (Gee, are we seeing a theme here?)

But maybe it’s all a fluke.

Hey, speaking of flukes, remember the time Chairman Issa dissed Sandra Fluke, the woman Rush Limbaugh called, dozens of times, a sl-t?  This one is worth quoting a few grafs:

Democrats on the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee held a special hearing Thursday morning in response to the GOP’s decision to prevent women from testifying in support of an Obama administration rule requiring employers to provide birth control without additional cost sharing. The committee invited just one witness, Sandra Fluke, the third year Georgetown Law student, who House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) dismissed as an “energized” “college student” who was not “appropriate and qualified” to testify before his committee.

Democrats received over 300,000 requests for women to testify on the issue, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said during today’s hearing, and the GOP’s male-only contraception hearing was widely spoofed in the press and on late-night comedy shows. Fluke herself responded to Issa’s snub in jest, noting, “Well, I will confirm that I was energized, yes” she said to laughter from the committee, “as you can see from the reaction behind me, many women in this country are energized about this issue.” “I’m an American woman who uses contraception, so let’s start right there. That makes me qualified to talk to my elected officials about my health care needs,” she added.

In her testimony, Fluke reiterated the story of her friend who was denied contraception coverage from Georgetown, despite technically qualifying for an exception that provided students who use birth control for health reasons with the benefit, and had to undergo invasive surgery.

So Issa as a judge of character – not so much.

But don’t get me wrong.  Not everything Darrel Issa says is a lie. Who can forget the time that Issa joined the always-adorable GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz in outing a classified CIA operation on national television?  No lying there.  And even better, it was during a hearing on the GOP’s other favorite conspiracy, Benghazi.  As I wrote at the time:

While attempting to use the death of American government officials in Libya to help Mitt Romney’s election bid, fellow Utah Republican Jason Chaffetz, and his House Republican colleagues on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, outed a classified CIA operation, on C-SPAN no less, endangering American national security.


Oh but, as the saying goes, it gets better.

Chaffetz and company were using the death of the US ambassador to Libya, and others, to try to smear the President for “security lapses,” and as the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank points out in a great scoop, Chaffetz and company managed to create their own massive security lapse.

Yeah, that one left a mark.

So I don’t want to call Congressman Issa corrupt.  And I also don’t want to call him a liar.  All Darrell Issa needs to do is explain exactly what Jay Carney said that merited calling the White House spokesman a “paid liar.”

Because let’s face it, the public likes a paid liar only slightly more than an elected one.

CyberDisobedience on Substack | @aravosis | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn. John Aravosis is the Executive Editor of AMERICAblog, which he founded in 2004. He has a joint law degree (JD) and masters in Foreign Service from Georgetown; and has worked in the US Senate, World Bank, Children's Defense Fund, the United Nations Development Programme, and as a stringer for the Economist. He is a frequent TV pundit, having appeared on the O'Reilly Factor, Hardball, World News Tonight, Nightline, AM Joy & Reliable Sources, among others. John lives in Washington, DC. .

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51 Responses to “Chairman Issa, what exactly did Jay Carney lie about?”

  1. kayatz3 says:

    Can’t get your way, so, now you just attack me personally….typical.

  2. ezpz says:

    Oh, it’s an answer all right – unless you have an aversion to facts, or maybe you’re just reading challenged.

    Open your eyes.
    There are none so blind as those who will not see.

  3. kayatz3 says:

    sorry, that’s not an answer.

  4. keirmeister says:

    It’s funny isn’t it? I’ve seen harder questioning at a thesis defense. You would think people in such positions of power would be expected to answer questions coherently. But that’s not the requirement is it?

    It was a dark day when I learned that the point of “Meet the Press” wasn’t to get answers from politicians, but instead to simply get their statements/spin on the record.


  5. kayatz3 says:

    Really? Well, tell us what lies he’s told then.

  6. kayatz3 says:

    Well, Obama’s ‘list’ is a lie. Look who really played god in the white house…Bush! He’s the reason for tens of thousands of lives lost, over a lie…While Poppy Bush was cuddling up with poppy Bin Laden years ago…when george and osama were kids..years later W. was walking hand in hand with the saudi’ prince on his ranch. Everyone seems to want this president to act like a king, but if he even seems to do anything on his own, they bitch about that too. Oh too much! Oh, not enough! Can’t have it both ways.

  7. kayatz3 says:

    True Naja, and that’s how he made all his billions, lying to the public when he was selling the car alarms, and then decided to burn the place down for the money…just for starters. Insider trading probably helped his cause too. Wonder what we have to do to get him investigated?

  8. kayatz3 says:

    You know what, Keir? I have been going crazy over that fact also. Why don’t these media people have the courage to call out the lies, and insist on an answer to ANY question? Because the republicons won’t answer a question, they will simply change the subject. However, that is the exact time to be aggressive and force an answer. Yet these guys act like they’re too afraid to continue, or afraid they will be called ‘bully’ or something. I thought that’s what journalism was, the facts, and reporters who actually report! It’s disgusting.

  9. Naja pallida says:

    I think we’re really on the same page, just from different points of view. I think everything you mentioned should be investigated thoroughly by an independent council. While I put little faith in Issa’s committee being able to remain objective. But overall, I think going at Jay Carney is the dumbest possible angle. The press secretary is a paid shill. That’s his job. He’s only told enough to do that job. If Issa is really serious, he needs to be subpoenaing people that actually matter, and who can give real answers. Not the guy sent out with some talking points specifically to be the punching bag.

  10. ezpz says:

    I don’t know, maybe you think it’s of ‘no concern’ that the IRS is targeting certain political groups, but the implication of an enemies list should be a BIG concern for all of us. Using your own line of thought, what if/when the next president is a republican and targets progressive groups? I could be wrong, but I think there would be some outrage from the very people who are now being dismissive. And I would share in that outrage.
    “First they came for…”

    Plus, this administration is clearly lying about it. Obama, to paraphrase him, heard it for the first time from the news – he thinks Friday? Not to mention that Carney’s version of this story certainly went through some evolution, or should I say devolution Yes, this thread is about the IRS thing and Carney lying. The fact that Issa has a checkered pass does not negate that, much as the democratic establishment is trying to spin it to that.

    As far as the spying on journalists, again, that should be a MAJOR concern. James Rosen being named as a co-conspirator under the Espionage Act doesn’t give you pause? Maybe it’s because he works for Fox that the so called ‘left’ reacted with a big fat collective yawn.
    Again, if/when a republican president does that to someone from MSNBC, there might be a more robust reaction. Talk about hypocrisy….(and I don’t mean you in particular)

    Finally, Benghazi. Okay, maybe they did overplay that one. I’ll give you that, BUT the whole thing was very poorly handled and it reeks of deception and politics. (I know, redundant.) Even Glenn Greenwald thinks it should be investigated, regardless of who is doing the investigating.

  11. Butch1 says:

    Issa is still upset that he hasn’t found anything that even remotely leads to the White House, let alone, the President. He will not let go and still has a vendetta out for Obama. Now he is just slinging mud and ad hominem at his spokes person. When it reaches this point one knows he is only making a fool of himself instead of just folding his tent and concluding his proceedings and saying that he has found no reason to go further with this “witch hunt.” Of course, doing that would admit defeat and he will not do that or issue any form of apology or absolve this administration or the president of any wrong doing since he has already called them “liars.”

    Chairman Issa has made it clear what his intentions have been by revealing calling Jay Carney the names. He has been nothing but a partisan hack going after the President to bring him down it has been a search and destroy mission that has failed. One can hope that the people remember these republicans and especially this chairman as the despicable man that he is.

  12. Naja pallida says:

    But Issa isn’t confronting the President. He’s grasping at the lowest possible hanging fruit, with no hope of actually addressing the things that should be of concern. Really, he has no interest in addressing the things that should be of concern, because all of them fall under powers he wants the next Republican President to have.

  13. BillFromDover says:


  14. joan says:

    Let us not forget Issa’s lies about his military service, his record of arrests for car theft, and also his purchase of the warehouse that he upped the fire insurance on by four times and then it burned down in very fishy circumstances. Issa is a crook, plain and simple and I am ashamed to have some one like him in government. Issa is the one who should be investigated.

  15. ezpz says:

    “…the GOPers who’d gladly keep on with the culture of ithe GOPers who’d gladly keep on with the culture of institutionalized corruption, lies, and unbridled authoritarian rule.”

    Operative word: would. I have no love for republicans. Au contraire! But except for one part of one branch, they’re not in power, and so, while attacking them with righteous indignation might bring instant gratification, it is a counterproductive distraction.

    Why not focus on what/who IS in power? Your description: “culture of institutionalized corruption, lies, and unbridled authoritarian rule.” fits THIS administration, not a hypothetical one, to the letter and then some.

    Today is Tuesday. I believe that’s *the* day that Obama decides – from a list – who will live, who will die. For me, THAT’s the outrage, not what Issa did more than 40 years ago or the petty bs of who’s calling who a liar.

    It’s sad that you think your outrage is somehow more justified than mine.
    Yes, how dare I rain on the Issa/gop hate fest while the occupant in the white house plays god with someone’s life yet again…and again….and again…

  16. ezpz says:

    It appears you’ve become the spokesperson here, yes? You can call me whatever you want and you can tell me, on behalf of this group, that everyone with whom I’ve been interacting for years hates me. That’s fine. I have no reason to think otherwise. AND, I really don’t care. I’m not running for a popularity contest.

    I don’t need to apologize or defend myself for having an opinion that might be out of synch with the others’ here. I’ve been posting on and off at ABlog for years – since the Haloscan days, and most of the time, I have felt welcome, even though I’m hetero. I’ve often disagreed with John and with other commenters, but, with the exception of some occasional snark/sarcasm, I feel I’ve been respectful to those with whom I don’t agree. If anyone feels I’ve insulted them, please accept my apologies.

    I thought this site was more open minded, more inclusive in accepting contrary views. I know John is because, as I said, I’ve been coming here for years, and I’ve talked with him via email on occasion, and have thanked him for his hospitality and his welcoming of different views.

    You can call me a troll and tell me on everyone’s behalf that you all hate me, but until and unless John tells me to go away, I will speak my piece whether you like it or not and regardless of how many down votes I get.


  17. ezpz says:

    “I don’t recall Issa getting worked up about any of their lies.”

    You make my point. While what you say may be true, focusing on the hypocrisy of who had more outrage – if any – and when they had it serves to distract from the fact that this administration does lie, does obfuscate, to say the least. Clearly, the WH has started a counter offensive on Issa, which the dem operatives are running with, and this thread is a clear example of that. While the 40+ year old opposition research being dredged up on Issa may be true, it only serves as a distraction and implied defense for a back stabbing administration.

    Getting whipped up into a frenzy about Issa or anyone who would dare confront this president is not only counterproductive, but a waste of energy, in my humble opinion.

  18. Naja pallida says:

    Press secretaries are paid patsies, and only told just enough to make fools of themselves, no disputing that… but Issa is a bottom feeder, grasping at straws for a scandal whether one exists or not. How many press secretaries did George W. Bush go through? I don’t recall Issa getting worked up about any of their lies. There is more than enough real things that he could be investigating about the Obama administration, but he feels he has to make something up instead.

  19. Monoceros Forth says:

    “I really don’t think I insulted anyone.” Oh, come on, at least be an honest troll.

  20. BeccaM says:

    I respectfully disagree.

  21. ezpz says:

    Actually, it’s about Carney lying, which he does, as do most press secretaries.
    When you make it about Issa, you give the droner in chief a pass.
    It’s really that simple.

  22. BeccaM says:

    Let’s also not forget his failed bid for the Senate.

  23. pappyvet says:

    Exactly correct,we are on the brink of a totalitarian plutocracy,bought and paid for.

  24. BeccaM says:

    I think you’re right. Apparently any post not directly attacking Obama is deemed worthy of a down-vote from ezpz, even when it’s attacking the GOPers who’d gladly keep on with the culture of institutionalized corruption, lies, and unbridled authoritarian rule.

  25. samizdat says:

    “…this story isn’t about whether Chairman Issa is corrupt…” Whether? Whether? C’mon, the guy is as easy a target for Federal indictment on money laundering, bribery, kickbacks and such as I’ve ever seen. Geez, just reading his name makes my skin crawl.

  26. samizdat says:

    I’ll go even further: he’s a waste of DNA.

  27. BeccaM says:

    And greasy hair product.

  28. BeccaM says:

    Actually, in this case, it is about Issa.

    As chairman of the House Oversight committee, he could be having hearings about Obama’s illegal drone assassination program. And the AP wiretaps. And half a hundred legitimate avenues of inquiry.

    Instead, we get this updated bullshit version of Whitewater, now known as Benghazi. Why? Because jerkwads like Issa want to ensure that every iota of unwarranted authoritarian executive power is still firmly in place when they get their next turn at the Oval Office atrocity trough. When your goal isn’t to fix the system but merely to stick your own guy into the same position, with the same unlimited power to fuck up the whole world, this is how you do it

    I lived in California from ’96 through 2006 and came to know Issa’s brand of greasy sleaze all too well. Objecting to Issa as such doesn’t make me an O-bot by any stretch of the imagination.

  29. ezpz says:

    Thanks for the vocabulary lesson and the dime store analysis. I really don’t think I insulted anyone. If everyone hates me, as you say, for expressing my opinion, which is not in accordance with the general obamapologencia displayed here, so be it.

  30. Monoceros Forth says:

    I think that’s the defining characteristic of a troll, really, pretending to enjoy the humiliation. It’s a pretty weak form of regular social contact, hanging around a bunch of people who all hate you just to insult them, but I suppose if you’ve got nothing else going on in your life…

  31. ezpz says:

    Being called a troll by the likes of you and the other circle jerks is a high compliment, so thank you.

  32. WarrenHart says:

    No, being a troll makes you a troll.

  33. ezpz says:

    Not being part of the group think makes me a troll?

  34. Clecinosu says:

    Becca, I think we’ve found your troll.

  35. zorbear says:

    Corrupt Congressmen worth a half billion dollars don’t go to jail…

  36. karmanot says:

    It’s even worse. He obtained pork funds to build a road from the freeway to his office park. He is completely and thoroughly corrupt. It wouldn’t take much to take him down, but it is the Holder period.

  37. nicho says:

    Issa hasn’t been right in the head since Arnold was elected governor — instead of him — after Issa engineered the smear campaign against Gray Davis.

  38. ckg1 says:

    Plus, the news media in America doesn’t have any balls. They were cut off long ago.

  39. cole3244 says:

    issa 101, keep throwing crap against the wall and there are enough incompetents in the media that will report it as fact, the free press is expensive these days.

  40. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    He’s a waste of skin.

  41. ezpz says:

    Maybe the better question would be: what DIDN’T Carney lie about?
    This isn’t about Issa; it’s about a corrupt criminal administration, but of course, Issa makes a good distraction for the obama worshippers and those playing red-team-bad/blue-team-good games.

  42. MyrddinWilt says:

    Issa is a gift to the Democrats. If he didn’t exist they would have to invent him.

    He is just so patently, ludicrously unfair that he could investigate Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot and fail to make anything stick.

    The fake Benghazi emails can’t have come from anywhere other than Issa’s office. Now they have edited out of context interviews with unnamed IRS personell. The administration can only hope that Issa takes on the Holder allegations next.

  43. BeccaM says:

    I’ll call him a liar, too. He epitomizes everything that’s wrong with our government today.

  44. Houndentenor says:

    it’s partly about entertainment, but mostly it’s about reporters today being too lazy to investigate whether something is true or not. It hardly matters when they can just report what each party said. Anything else is obviously about their level of intelligence.

  45. BeccaM says:

    It’s a wonder Issa isn’t in jail, instead of a corrupt Congressman worth nearly half a billion dollars.

    His checkered past includes multiple charges of grand theft auto (charges always mysteriously dropped), possession of an unlicensed firearm, and possible arson and insurance fraud.

    The man combs his hair with pure distilled sleaze.

  46. madcap123 says:

    Something about this guy has always made my skin crawl. Used car salesman, undertaker, amway, you know what i mean?

  47. Naja pallida says:

    You don’t want to call Congressman Issa corrupt or a liar, but I will. Darrell Issa is a corrupt liar, and a hypocrite to boot. Where was his pursuit of the truth when it actually mattered, like before thousands of our military personnel were sent to their deaths for a lie? He has every chance to be what he purports to be, but instead chooses to be a corrupt, partisan douche bag.

  48. keirmeister says:

    It’s one of the main things I despise about American political discourse: politicians and their operatives can make completely ludicrous statements without being required to provide evidence or even define the terms they’re using.

    When someone calls President Obama a fascist/Marxist.socialist, they really need to be asked to define what all of that means to them. And I would love it if the news media would simply interrupt politicians and insist on facts.

    But our news media is about entertainment, not information. So they will continue to allow people who are ALWAYS WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING on their shows.

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