Adorable Mexican-American kid sings the national anthem, ticks off racists

Adorable 11 year old Mexican-American mariachi singer Sebastien De La Cruz, a San Antonio, Texas native, sang the national anthem during the NBA finals Tuesday night.

And boy were the Twitter racists up in arms.


Sebastien De La Cruz, singing the national anthem at the NBA finals.

Public Shaming,” a Tumblr page, pulled together a number of the worst examples.  They include:

Sebastien-De-La-Cruz-twitter-3 Sebastien-De-La-Cruz-tweet-2 Sebastien-De-La-Cruz-tweet

So much wrong with this. First off, the kid’s American. Born and raised in San Antonio. His father was in the US Navy.  I think that qualifies are purty Amurikan.

But let’s pretend for a moment that he were an immigrant.  And?  We don’t want immigrants embracing American culture?  Really?  I thought that was one of the concerns some people had about Latino immigration in particular, that perhaps Latino immigrants weren’t learning the language and “becoming American enough.”  Well, if that’s the concern, you can’t get more American than singing the freaking Star Spangled Banner at a basketball game.  Ironically, Sebastien De La Cruz is doing exactly what these freaks want, embracing his American-ness (which isn’t very difficult because he’s, you know, American).

Sebastien was interviewed by a local San Antonio station and had this to say about the brouhaha:

“They don’t know my life,” the young singer told Fox. “My father was actually in the navy for a pretty long time, and I actually salute him today for that. I just wanna thank him and to be able to sing the national anthem. People don’t know, they just assume that I’m just Mexican. But I’m not from Mexico, I’m from San Antonio, born and raised. True San Antonio Spurs fan.”

Watch the video of the interview.  Damn this kid’s good:

And here’s his national anthem:

And for a bonus, here he is on America’s Got Talent last year. So freaking cute.

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