Weekend cooking – Roman style artichokes (video)

I really enjoy artichokes and some of the best methods of cooking them (for me, at least) are in Italy. Years ago we visited Rome for a vacation break and had some incredible artichokes along with the best roasted turbot I’ve ever had anywhere.

What’s a bit funny in this video is when she says to add “a little oil” as the chef pours in a decent amount of oil. It’s all relative with cooking and when you’re surrounded by great quality olive oil that tastes great, why not use it liberally?

I prefer olive oil myself and keep stocked up on it in the kitchen. For salads or for serving I tend to use a premium olive oil and for cooking, I use something more affordable. Last week I lucked out when my grocery store had a 2-for-1 deal on oil from Tunisia and I brought back some premium olive oil from a recent visit to Sicily so I’m now set for a few months.


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