Horrific videos, images of Oklahoma, Kansas tornadoes

UPDATE: Even more amazing videos of the Moore, Oklahoma tornado are posted here (in addition to below).

Kansas and Oklahoma got hit by a series of devastating tornadoes in the past 24 hours.

Here’s some of the astounding video and photos that are popping up online. (UPDATE: Oklahoma’s Republican Senator Tom Coburn says he won’t support disaster assistance unless we cut the budget elsewhere.  In other words, Coburn is taking his own constituents hostage as budget-cutting human shields.


These guys got literally hit by an Oklahoma tornado – that was dumb – but I will say, this is an AMAZING video:




Yesterday’s tornado in Lincoln County, Oklahoma – the thing is HUGE, and you can see lots of little spin-off tornadoes coming off the big one:


Video of the Wichita, KS tornado via the local ABC affiliate:


Another horrfying video of the Oklahoma tornado, don’t know if it’s yesterday’s or today’s:



A devastated neighborhood, presumably in OK – people are calling for help:

Sadly, today’s carnage didn’t stop CNN’s Erick Erickson from making a complete ass of himself:

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