Great photo of Obama hugging principal of Oklahoma school destroyed by tornado

A great photo, from White House photographer Pete Souza, of President Obama hugging Amy Simpson, the principal of Plaza Towers Elementary School in Moore, Oklahoma today.

Plaza Towers was destroyed by last week’s tornado.


Obama hugging principal Amy Simpson outside Plaza Towers Elementary School in Moore, Oklahoma today. Source: Pete Souza, the White House)

The photo reminds me of when the President went to New Jersey following Hurricane Sandy.

Less than two days after Hurricane Sandy hit land, President Obama was on the scene, comforting victims.

Less than two days after Hurricane Sandy hit land,
President Obama was on the scene, comforting victims. Oct. 31, 2012.

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18 Responses to “Great photo of Obama hugging principal of Oklahoma school destroyed by tornado”

  1. sane37 says:

    I wonder which party voted to keep funds from helping Sandy victims?

  2. sane37 says:

    Its almost as if people forget his party isn’t in denial about climate change.

  3. jram says:

    And to think in our lifetime, that picture, in certain states, would have been seen as an iron clad evidence to defend a lynching.

  4. dave3137 says:

    Yep, he hugged somebody and said the requisite things, and now he’ll go back to DC and approve the tar sands pipeline. Gosh, what a great guy.

  5. karmanot says:

    Great moniker!

  6. karmanot says:

    He would send them photos of Sasha and Malia for inspiration.

  7. karmanot says:

    As I recall the Bush’s (especially the old Turtle Barbara) thought they were better off in that shit filled death stadium and ever before.

  8. Ford Prefect says:

    After championing disastrous energy policies that will make these events increasingly common and deadly, he ought to be thankful he can hug those people. After making sure governments don’t have the resources to make schools safe from these events (austerity), he should be thankful he can hug those people.

    Isn’t it awesome how corrupt, dystopian governance can be wiped away with a hug photo op? When is he going to hug the folks who ended up in the Skagit river because Austerity?

  9. HarpoSnarx says:

    And each huggee was ridden out of town on a rail, oh wait.

  10. cole3244 says:

    i see your name isn’t capitalized but i understand, obama only looks good because the opposition is so bad, he looks left of center when he is only left of the opposition, keep drinking the kool aid and putting your head in the sand that way your reality will seem accurate to you but not to those that are awake and care about our democracy and not just winning whatever the cost.

    ps – i didn’t capitalize but you understand.

  11. nicho says:

    Actually, GW Bush was a very prolific hugger. Once the danger was past and once people were left with nothing, Bush would swoop in, hug a bunch of people — and then let the corporations take over.

  12. arcadesproject says:

    What happens after the hugs? Do people actually get help? I remember the hurricane Sandy hugs followed by what looked like a shocking abandonment of the victims. (Well there was the Mayoral threat to kick out Occupy Sandy for being, you know, Occupy. And that even though Occupy Sandy was, by many accounts, the only effective relief agency on the ground.)

  13. NotoriousPAT says:

    He could be referring to Obama’s policies which have lead to a boom in fracking, helping to degrade the climate and make extreme weather events like this tornado more common. Or he could be talking about the bombs and missiles Obama has launched at thousands of innocent people, turning their homes into piles of rubble like the one in the picture. Or perhaps he’s referring to the massive transfer of wealth to the richest 1% that the Obama administration has engineered, leading to mass suffering by people like those in the picture. Or maybe something else.

  14. NotoriousPAT says:

    I wonder if he would go to any of the half-dozen countries he has rained drone missiles upon and hug the people whose homes he destroyed.

  15. emjayay says:

    Do you mean Obama/Democrats refusing to support FEMA funding? Oh, right, that’s the other party. Or are you referring to Obama appointing qualified people to run FEMA instead of the Bush practice of appointing a political hack whose disaster management experience was running a horse association? What policies of the Obama administration concerning disaster relief are you referring to that “tell the real story”?

    Proper names and the first word in a sentence are capitalized. Both rules apply to “Obama’s” in your comment.

  16. emjayay says:

    Today there are two ads covering the first two comments. The Reply Share line on this one is just below the ads. On the home page there is an ad covering half of the Bob Dole capsule, including the link so the full post cannot be accessed.

    After discussing the problem a week ago, why has AmericaBlog not bothered to fix it? It’s been going on for about a month.

  17. samNH says:

    They sure beat the photo ops of Bush in a plane looking down on what was New Orleans. His policies were worse and the story is still unfolding.

  18. cole3244 says:

    obama’s photo ops are great his policies tell the real story.

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