5 passionate minutes about violence against women, by Patrick Sterwart

I love this man.  And not only because I’m a huge Star Trek fan (Patrick Stewart starred as Captain Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation).  He’s just such an accomplished, and interesting, actor.  (I saw his one-man show of the Christmas Carol years ago.)

Patrick Stewart hugging woman who asked about domestic violence.

Patrick Stewart hugging woman who asked about domestic violence.

In this video, filmed at ComicPalooza this past weekend, Patrick Stewart is asked by a woman what his most proud accomplishment is outside of acting.  He responds, his work with domestic violence.

(He also talks about his work on combat stress, PTSD.  His father apparently had it, and then abused his mother.  Stewart talks about, as a child, hearing doctors and ambulance workers tell his mother, “Mrs. Stewart, you must have done something to provoke her.”  He continues: “Wrong, wrong! My mother did nothing to provoke that.  And even if she had, violence is never ever a choice that a man should make. Ever.”

You really have to watch the video.  He’s an amazing speaker.  And it’s a moving answer.  What’s more, the questioner had indicated that a video Stewart had made a while back, about domestic violence, helped her immensely.  At the end of his five-minute answer, the audience applauds, and Stewart turns to the questioner and says simply: “My dear, are you okay?”

Here’s how the questioner describes Stewart them coming over and giving her a hug:

This was my question to Sir Patrick Stewart at Comicpalooza 2013. I wanted to thank Patrick Stewart for his speech at Amnesty International it personally help me put a name to the abuse, sexual abuse in my case, I had experienced in the past. He responded very passionately and the last thing I thought I would get at was a heartfelt hug.

When he embraced me he told me “You never have to go through that again, you’re safe now”. I just kept thanking him.

I hope everyone who needs help in abusive or violent situations has the courage to do so. There are people willing and ready to help you.

And only after they stop hugging do you realize, the woman is wearing a Star Trek uniform! Oh, but it’s even better – check out the photo.  She’s wearing Trill make-up!

Video by Oswald Vinueza:

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8 Responses to “5 passionate minutes about violence against women, by Patrick Sterwart”

  1. Right, they’re talking about domestic violence – men who beat their wives. They’re not really talking about getting shot on the street by a mugger.

  2. KarenSez says:

    I don’t recall reading or hearing in the video any claim that it is “more important” to address violence against women than to address violence against men. Both are heinous. However, it is also true that women are more likely to experience domestic violence than men. Women are 7 to 14 times more likely than men to report serious physical
    attacks (beating, strangulation, threats of weapons or use of weapons), while 33% of female victims compared to 4% of male victims were killed by an intimate partner. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics Crime Data Brief, which measured domestic physical assaults, 85% were against women. Granted, men under-report, but it is clear that women are disproportionately victimized.

  3. The Real Peterman says:

    Why is it more important to address violence against women than to address violence against men?

  4. BeccaM says:

    I do too. I don’t know what it is about that picture, but he makes me smile every time I see him like that.

  5. With the baseball hat!

  6. I LOVE that.

  7. BeccaM says:

    Here’s Patrick Stewart eating pizza. He apparently stirred up a controversy by giving the false impression he’d never had pizza before. The real story was he’d never ordered an individual slice nor eaten it NY style, folded, and not using a knife and fork.

    But yes, he truly is an amazing and wonderful man. On top of being a gifted, magnificent actor.

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