News of the week on Virtually Speaking Sundays: Gaius & Avedon Carol

Programming note: Avedon Carol (of Avedon’s Sideshow) and I will be discussing the news of the week and other matters on tonight’s Virtually Speaking Sundays, your antidote to the right-wing foolishness broadcast by the three “mainstream” networks.

The details:

What: Virtually Speaking Sundays
When: Tonight, May 5, 9pm ET
Link: BlogTalkRadio or the Virtually Speaking site

Avedon’s Sideshow is a really nice link aggregation site, by the way, a great place to put on your radar. She has a good eye for what’s worth noticing.

Virtually SpeakingWe threaten to discuss one or more of these topics:

▪ Israel’s attack on Syria
▪ Obama’s drive to drive other Democrats out of office (via benefit cuts, natch)
▪ The rebellion of Obama’s EPA against Obama’s pet pipeline (Keystone, natch)
▪ Guns for kids who don’t sufficiently love guns (yet)
▪ Renewables and how that threatens the coal-fired powers that be
▪ Mayday celebrations

Plus anything else that enters our heads. Please join us if you can. To listen live or later, just click the link. Virtually Speaking is also available as an iTunes podcast. If you do tune in, thanks!


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