Kai, hatchet-wielding hitchhiker who stopped 300 pound wannabe-Jesus, arrested for murder

This one’s kind of sad, and creepy.  Not that I had high hopes for Kai the 24-year-old hatchet-wielding homeless hitchhiker hero.

The future is never as bright as you think it is for a guy whose sole claim to fame is nearly killing a 300 pound stranger, who thinks he’s Jesus, with a hatchet.

It seems that Kai, whose real name is Caleb Lawrence McGillvary, has now been arrested for murder.  And, as you might expect, that one’s an odd story too.


Kai, the hitchhiker, in better days.

First, a little background on Kai, from my earlier post:

Kai, a homeless hitchhiker, from West Virginia, saved a woman from the grips of some 300 pound crazy man who claimed to be Jesus. Kai apparently picked up a hatchet and hit the guy (who is alive, and in police custody). The man had previously been telling Kai how he raped a 14 year old girl in the Virgin Islands.

So Kai is now under arrest for the murder of a 73 year old New Jersey attorney, Joseph Galfy, Jr.   Galfy was found dead in his home, reportedly wearing only a pair of underwear and socks.  Police believe the two had a sexual relationship.  Kai also, oddly, seems to have written about the murder on his Facebook page, according to police.  (shaking head)

And police say, according to ABC, that they’ve found a string of unsolved homicides in Kai’s wake, though they’re not as of yet accusing him of any additional murders.


Here’s a local report on the arrest from a Fresno ABC affiliate:

And here’s Kai’s earlier interview after he saved the two women from pseudo-Jesus.

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25 Responses to “Kai, hatchet-wielding hitchhiker who stopped 300 pound wannabe-Jesus, arrested for murder”

  1. JallopyMacfurry says:

    If your wife or girlfriend was raped, and then she killed the rapist, would you have more sympathy? Also, you’re not being rational to assume Kai’s motives re why he went to the rapist’s house. We don’t know the whole story, and filling in the blanks to fit what you want to believe is the sign of a knee jerk leftist (i.e. a fool)

  2. Duke Woolworth says:

    Our next door neighbor’s 32nd birthday party was last night. He’s an intern at a huge international hospital. Many of his medical friends were there. There were more likes than the Bieb’s Facebook page.
    How many lost work years does like consume?

  3. Any drifter can wield a hatchet, but it takes a real man to conceal an axe in his backpack.

  4. Shouldn’t every hitchhiker carry a hatchet?

  5. And exactly what did your mother tell ya about picking up strangers?

  6. JayRandal says:

    One last story: AOL used to have wide open Gay chats. In fact I met a guy on chat who lived with me for almost 2 years as lovers. I wanted to marry him but back then way before Gays could do that. We
    broke up and he vanished to San Francisco.

    Anyway I met another guy on AOL chats who wanted to meet me. We conversed back and forth for several weeks. He was a Marine with hot body. Anyway he kept wanting to meet me. So I said would
    have to be at a cafe or bar first. (If guy is underage you find out by him not being able to order a drink.) Anyway I was trying to set up some place to meet him. Then he suddenly became enraged about it. He demanded to meet me immediately at my place. I said no way dude. He then said if he
    met me he would rape me and kill me afterwards. I told him he was nuts and no way would he find
    me. This is cautionary story for fellow Gays meeting strangers. You can get yourself killed easily.

  7. JayRandal says:

    Another related event: I had a young Gay friend who I knew on Internet AOL chat. He knew I was older guy so we had NO intention of meeting each other, but he wanted my advice on another guy he met on chat. He said he was sent a cute pic of the guy wanting to meet him. I told him the guy could have sent you a pic of somebody else. So I told him to meet him at a restaurant or bar to make sure same guy in pic before going off somewhere else with him. I said if NOT the guy you expect leave and drive home.

    Anyway a few days later he told me he met the guy, but he was not guy in pic. Much older guy than
    himself. I said did you walk out of cafe or bar without going home with him. He said the guy vamped
    him getting him drunk. Next thing he remembers the guy screwing him in ass at other guy’s place.
    He was very upset feeling he was raped. I told him he made an error in judgement meeting the guy
    and needed to learn from his mistake. In hindsight he admitted he should have listened to my advice.

    I told him next time he might get himself killed. He assured me he would be smarter. About a month
    later I never heard from him again. To this day I do not know if he got himself murdered or not.

  8. JayRandal says:

    This makes me remember an event of mine many years ago in Florida. I lived in Daytona Beach about a mile away from airport. As I got home from work a guy with backpack walked up to me. Said he needed a ride to airport to pick up his car. Gut reaction in my mind something odd about him, but I said OK I will take you to airport since nearby. Upon getting in my car on way to airport he said police are looking for him so could he stay at my house. I said nope taking him to airport all I can do.

    He then said to me police are waiting for him at airport. I said why and he said they think I am a drug
    runner. I pulled over to try to get him out of my car. He said he had a gun in his pack which his hand
    was in. I am like oh my God I am being carjacked. He wanted me to take him back to my house but

    under no circumstances for him to hold me hostage there. After driving around for about a half hour or so he kept saying he needed to make a phone call to a friend. I lied saying my phone at home was out
    of commission. So I convinced him I would take him to a food mart gas station to make a call while I
    waited in car. He agreed and got out with his pack. The moment he walked up to phone I drove out
    of there pronto. I drove home and have never let a stranger into my car again. Next day I phoned in

    sick to work to unwind from near death experience. This is a true story.

  9. JayRandal says:

    I wonder if Kai has thought about what might happen to him in prison since he has killed somebody.
    He might get raped by other inmates there. Does he think he can kill them too? Whatever happened to him doesn’t give him justification to beat old lawyer dude to death. He put himself into situation by going to his house and sleeping there. Apparently just expected to screw over the lawyer getting some
    money from him, but instead got raped knocked out on booze. Being a drifter never ends well.

  10. karmanot says:


  11. karmanot says:

    No way this guy is a member of the Rainbow Tribe Indigo, nor a counter-culture pioneer. He’s a psychopath drifter and a killer.

  12. karmanot says:

    No doubt

  13. karmanot says:

    Like psycho dude.I mean , that 73 year old dude, like attacked me and I pounded his head like…

  14. JayRandal says:

    I read about this on Huffington Post too. The guy is a drifter who seeks out men to take him in, while
    at same time claiming nothing sexual, but his going home with guys a dangerous form of activity for
    him and for guys who pick him up too. On Facebook page he alluded lawyer guy drugged him and
    sexually assaulted him while knocked out. But also his MO has stench of taking advantage of guys,
    especially older closeted types seeking sexual encounters. This is a warning for Gays not to pick up
    unknown drifters for sex. Perhaps he has murdered other guys stealing money from them in process.

  15. SkippyFlipjack says:

    Remember in the original interview in February that Kai said that he’d bashed a guy once before? It seemed odd at the time, but understandable now. When asked whether he’d ever had an experience like this before, he says:

    “Well this one time I was in an orchard, and this fucking guy starts beating on this woman who he calls ‘his’. So I walked on over and I started smashing him in the head. (You see all these teeth marks right here, for the camera?) Yeah. I started smashing him in the head, in the teeth, busted out all his teeth. Muthafuckin.. the sheriffs, not the policy enforcers, fucking show up and start, like, ‘So, what happened? I mean like, just give me any old name and just give me any old birthdate.'”



  16. jomicur says:

    And he’s like had like a whole generation like helping him, like, you know?

  17. BeccaM says:

    I’d kind of wondered how a person could so easily bludgeon someone else into submission with a hatchet.

    I mean, it sounded from the interviews almost like it was his automatic go-to strategy.

  18. I did see that, sorry.

  19. john says:

    He’s from Canada, John, get your facts right. I know in the video he says west vVirginia but if you do a little more digging you will find out he is from Western Canada.

  20. nicho says:

    Not like (bleeping) cool, dude.

  21. That’s what the media video intimated.

  22. Indigo says:


  23. Indigo says:

    One of the Rainbow Tribe, I’m guessing, [http://www.rainbowtribe.net/] and therein an unopened can of worms. Maybe we should leave it that way. Is it really worth exploring the several million folks who deliberately wander the nation, counter-cultural pioneers? Who knows who might become scornful or even curiously interested? Disaffection with Establishmentarianism can be contagious.
    “Welcome home.”

  24. Duke Woolworth says:

    Like, he’s like murdered like the English language like already like dude.

  25. Luigi DaMan says:

    Makes you wonder about the original “stopping a 300 pound man” claim, doesn’t it?

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