Kai, hatchet-wielding hitchhiker who stopped 300 pound wannabe-Jesus, arrested for murder

This one’s kind of sad, and creepy.  Not that I had high hopes for Kai the 24-year-old hatchet-wielding homeless hitchhiker hero.

The future is never as bright as you think it is for a guy whose sole claim to fame is nearly killing a 300 pound stranger, who thinks he’s Jesus, with a hatchet.

It seems that Kai, whose real name is Caleb Lawrence McGillvary, has now been arrested for murder.  And, as you might expect, that one’s an odd story too.


Kai, the hitchhiker, in better days.

First, a little background on Kai, from my earlier post:

Kai, a homeless hitchhiker, from West Virginia, saved a woman from the grips of some 300 pound crazy man who claimed to be Jesus. Kai apparently picked up a hatchet and hit the guy (who is alive, and in police custody). The man had previously been telling Kai how he raped a 14 year old girl in the Virgin Islands.

So Kai is now under arrest for the murder of a 73 year old New Jersey attorney, Joseph Galfy, Jr.   Galfy was found dead in his home, reportedly wearing only a pair of underwear and socks.  Police believe the two had a sexual relationship.  Kai also, oddly, seems to have written about the murder on his Facebook page, according to police.  (shaking head)

And police say, according to ABC, that they’ve found a string of unsolved homicides in Kai’s wake, though they’re not as of yet accusing him of any additional murders.


Here’s a local report on the arrest from a Fresno ABC affiliate:

And here’s Kai’s earlier interview after he saved the two women from pseudo-Jesus.

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