GOP House fundraising off of Benghazi murders

How fortunate for Republican House members that four Americans gave their lives so that the GOP could better fundraise off of their deaths.

The National Republican Congressional Committee is the GOP body that helps elect Republicans to the House of Representatives.  And the NRCC is now running an election fundraiser based on their Benghazi conspiracy theories.

Yes, Republicans are using four dead Americans, including a dead US ambassador, as fundraising fodder.


Of course, this shouldn’t surprise anyone.  The Republican ringleader on Benghazi is GOP Senator Lindsey Graham who ran campaign ads, in order to list-build for his re-election, only a month after the attack.

Graham is apparently extremely interested in getting to the “bottom” of things:

Lindsey Graham campaigning on Benghazi, Libya tragedy

Lindsey Graham campaigning on Benghazi, Libya tragedy

It’s important to keep in mind that the extreme fringe controlling today’s Republican party sees American deaths as political “opportunitie.” That’s the actual word the Romney campaign use for both the Iran hostage crisis and the death of our ambassador in Benghazi: “opportunity.”

The father of murdered US ambassador Chris Stevens has begged Republicans to stop using his son’s death for political gain, but that’s like asking the scorpion not to sting the frog.  At some point you just have to accept the fact that one of our two political parties in this country has been so corrupted by the malice, anger and intolerance that all we can do is pity them and make sure to vote for the other guy.

Jamison Foser clued in on what the Benghazi fundraising is really about – it’s an “opportunity” to go after Hillary Clinton for 2016:

And finally, Ari Melber asks the salient question:

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30 Responses to “GOP House fundraising off of Benghazi murders”

  1. Because it’s going to take a lot of money to get rid of this criminal Obama, just as it took a lot of rich fat cats to put him in office. Since you published this, there are now 3 major scandals involving Obama and his criminal enterprise, the Benghazi coverup, the illegal wiretapping of AP reporters, (reporters! kinda like what you do. Well not really). – Oh and don’t forget using the IRS to harass his political enemies.

    With 3 stark cases of illegal activity by your boyfriend Obama, you choose to attack Republicans.

    I guess the saying is true. Liberalism IS a mental disorder. Either that or you suffer from Stockholm Syndrome.

    “A great nation deserves the truth” is your sites subtitle. Why not find out the truth about the big three scandals Obama seems to be caught in? Can you even bring yourself to think hypothetically, “What if these things are true”. What would you do with the truth staring you in the face? –

    I predict you’ll stick up for him no matter what happens.

    So sad. Don’t you want a free press, with an honest accountable leader for “This Great Nation”??
    Well, in fairness you don’t say the USA, you just say “A Great Nation”, so this site could be about some other nation, or the one you thought Obama was going to get away with turning the USA into.

    Cash is king, true. Just look at the rich fat cats in Obama’s camp. Warren Buffet, George Soros, Jeffery Immelt. – I bet some of you still delude yourselves into thinking Obama is for the “common man” or “little guy”. I really don’t get you people. I’m not crazy about the majority of Republicans, don’t get me wrong. There are some great ones. Rand Paul, Lt Col. Allen West, Darrell Issa, to name a few. They will be the ones to undo all the damage done by this administration, and there’s a growing movement supporting guys like them. Who don’t listen to the main stream media. (I’ve even given up on FOX!). We’re independent thinkers. Individualists.

    The tide is turning.

  2. lynchie says:

    Never been to their site. As far as knowing government is too big, it is as big as it needs to be to look after their citizens. We don’t need a bloated military, we don’t need any more incursions into foreign countries. We need regulation because companies will devour their employees and take all the money from its citizens. The talk about too much regulation is crap, look at West, Texas, BP, Exxon, banks, Wall Street. the list is endless. As far as working brain the left does have for the most part a brain that is curious and too many Dems not representing the left of course but at this point in our declining Empire we have no options. Don’t give me voting out the incumbents because all we get is more of the same because there is no difference between left and right they are owned.

  3. htfd says:

    To start with they are not my Tea Party cast. Until recently I was an active Democrat and was conned like so many other Democrats into voting for Obama in 2008. You state that the Democrats have a brain. Sure they do they advocated and voted for a lesser of two evils just because he was a Democrat. That says a lot for Democrats when the main issues of the last elections were Women’s Rights, not peoples rights and the next Supreme Court pick and not endless wars, kill lists, indefinite detention, cutting Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, sequestration, elimination of Constitutional rights to all people. The Democrats are no different than the Republicans and have just as many self serving idiots among there ranks. If you listened to them you see the Tea Party is not always wrong…the government is to big, way to big. They don’t agree with how, but they at least know it’s to big with all the regulations. Sure enough the government is ever growing IN Security agencies and MILITARISM and the Unconstitutional regulations that go with them. So let’s hear it for the Democrats having a brain and totally absent of the ability to use it, total lack of critical thinking ability. Keep following MoveOn and their ilk.

  4. FLL says:

    Yes, Bill Clinton’s equivalent of Benghazi was the Monica Lewsinsky trials. However, you seem not to remember that the Republicans failed on an epic scale in 1998. At the risk of being annoying, I will repeat the historical pattern that many commenters seem to have forgotten: When a president is in his second term of office, his party always (almost always) loses seats in Congress. This is referred to as the Six Year Itch. And the Republicans lost seats in Congress in 1998 when they were impeaching Bill Clinton over the Monica Lewsinsky affair, the only instance since the Civil War when the Six Year Itch did not hold. Will the Republicans repeat their historic fail in 2014? I don’t know, but if they did, it would be one for the history books.

  5. BeccaM says:

    The revelation for me came the other night when Rachel Maddow pointed out how the Republicans can’t even name or describe exactly what’s being covered up or why it matters.

    It was the same thing back with Whitewater. I’d wager a solid majority don’t remember what it was about at all, and those who do would just say “some kind of land-deal”.

    And so it become, as you say, a poo-flinging exercise in the hopes of turning up something. The point isn’t the topic of the ongoing investigation, but merely that the investigations continue.

  6. FLL says:

    Republicans would be delusional to think of 1998 as glory days. If there is one constant in American history it is this: When a president is in his second term of office, his party always (almost always) loses seats in Congress. There is even a commonly used term for this phenomena: the Six Year Itch. There is only one time since the Civil War when this didn’t happen: 1998, when the Republicans were in the middle of impeaching Bill Clinton because he had a consensual affair with Monica Lewinsky. During their “glory days” of 1998, the Republicans were losers on a historic scale, actually losing seats in the House with the Senate remaining unchanged. So Benghazi is going to be their Lewinsky trials? Good luck with that.

  7. Indigo says:

    That’s a good point. I forgot about Whitewater. The bottom line all the way through this discussion is that the facts are largely irrelevant to the impact of the monkey feces being thrown in all directions. The more shit the GOP throws, the greater the likelihood that something will stick, not because it’s factual but because shit sticks to things.

  8. lynchie says:

    We are way better than your cast of Tea Partiers. We actually have a working brain

  9. silas1898 says:

    It’s what they do.
    Fake outrage. Squared.
    Ca$h is king.

  10. ckg1 says:

    C&M: Let me add this to the first sentence…

    “And those are their good points.”

  11. Indigo says:

    In a propaganda war, and this is one, facts have less relevance than spin. Without denying your point, which is innocently fact-based, my concern is that the GOP spinmeisters are using the Bengazhi event to spin their own story of treachery and betrayal but no counter story from the WH is balancing or contradicting them.

  12. BeccaM says:

    You’re right of course. I forgot the Origin Point, the genesis as it were, for this particular meme, and it was how almost immediately after the attack, Romney started spouting all kinds of phony self-serving BS about it.

    I still remember that smarmy shit-eating grin he was wearing as he left the news conference.

  13. Coffee&Me says:

    Disgusting, shameless, immoral rightwingnuts!! all they care is about and power.

  14. pappyvet says:

    Exactly Becca. Not enough room to list them all and you know how I love to go on. LOL

  15. MyrddinWilt says:

    No, what happened was that while the attack was going on Mitt Romney tried to make political capital out of it with a statement that made a lot of people very angry. So to cover up the GOP created a fake scandal out of the difference between what the administration said and the wingnut version of reality.

    This has always been a coverup – a coverup of the sick Romney attempt to use the attack to get elected.

    Romney was very obviously very happy about the attack on the night. Probably had an orgasm or two. That is what Republicans are like.

    The Republicans are claiming that there is a coverup but over what? They spent two months arguing that Obama didn’t use the word terrorism until Romney tried to use the stupid claim in the debate and suddenly found out that Fox News does not tell the truth.

    The latest idea seems to be that Obama planed the attack to remind voters that he had got Bin Laden and Bush had other priorities. This would be easy for him because he is a muslim. Hilary watched the attack in the situation room while Obama stopped the military from mounting a counter attack from their black helicopters.

  16. MyrddinWilt says:

    This energizes the part of their base that is perpetually energized with a message that nobody who is not already part of that base can understand.

    I hope they continue flogging this dead horse as long as possible. They are not helping themselves at all. They are merely reminding people of how stupid they are.

  17. JayRandal says:

    Where were the Congressional Republicans when President Dubya flat out lied about WMD in Iraq?
    Entire invasion and occupation of Iraq was a complete travesty. Even billions of dollars in cash was
    pilfered alas disappeared with NO hearings in Congress about it. Former VP Cheney claiming sinister
    things happened in Libya the ultimate hypocrisy. Cheney lied to Congress on Iraq so should be in jail.

  18. JayRandal says:

    Sen. Lindsey Graham should NOT seek another term in Senate. He has done nothing to better the
    lives of residents of South Carolina. He has done nothing for rest of Americans worth anything. He
    dislikes Gays at same time himself a closet queen. His constant harping about what happened in
    Benghazi borders on obsession. His attitude about everything very negative.

    He needs to retire and run off with Ricky Martin to Tahiti. Bon voyage to both of them.

  19. BeccaM says:

    I see it more as Whitewater. A name, a label that will be used to justify all manner of BS fishing expedition investigations.

    Any day now, I predict House GOPers are going to start demanding an independent investigator be appointed.

  20. What I most fear is not so much the obsession with BENGHAAAZZZIII itself but with the atmosphere it will create. If the Republicans succeed in keeping their little witch-hunt going long enough for the press to pick up the narrative that Obama is troubled or beleaguered, then the GOP will have created a hospitable atmosphere for ginning up other phony scandals. That was the method with Clinton, after all.
    If this Benghazi nonsense goes on long enough and the GOP can keep it alive, I expect an eventual debate on the congressional floor about Obama’s citizenship. I am serious.

  21. PeteWa says:

    why did the republicans gut the funding for our embassies?
    will ultra-macho Graham get to the *ahem* bottom of that, as well?

  22. Indigo says:

    They’re doing a remarkable job of rescripting Benghazhi into Watergate. The WH created the circumstances that allow that rescripting and I’m concerned that it’s going stick. That is not an auspicious development.

  23. htfd says:

    If you think the Democrats, with their cast fo DINO’s are any different or any better than the Republicans with their cast of Tea Partiers that please share what you are smoking because it must be supper stuff to make you all so delusional.

  24. BeccaM says:

    Not to mention the dozens upon dozens of embassy and consulate attacks during the Bush Administration — which resulted in a grand total of three hearings and zero manufactured outrage.

  25. benb says:

    Lindsey Graham may be facing a tea-party challenge in the next primary; a conspiracy theory feeds Tea Partiers’ anger toward President Obama and their paranoia of a Big Brother Police State.

  26. Man, the Republicans really think they have a winner with this one, don’t they? Reliving the glory days of 1998.

  27. nicho says:

    OTOH, I have no sympathy for Obama. He had a mandate to go after the GOP with both guns blazing and he sold his soul to Goldman Sachs and pulled all his “bipartisan” bullshit. And he gave Cheney, Bush, and Company a free pass on war crimes. He could have had the GOP on the defensive for five years.

  28. Joneses says:

    There people are soulless, raising money on the graves of Americans who were killed.

  29. pappyvet says:

    As long as we can demand answers for;

    1. The briefing before 911

    2. Where did all that loose cash go in Afghanistan and Iraq

    3. Any WMD lately? The wars started by Bush in treasure alone have cost over 3 trillion dollars. and by the way, On October 1, 2002the National Intelligence Estimate stated clearly that the claims of WMD and a connection between Iraq and al Qaeda were patently false.

    4. Can anybody say Katrina.

  30. BeccaM says:

    What a bunch of shameless hypocrites.

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