Zoomable climate change time-lapse of entire earth over 30 years

Using satellite photos from Landsat, a joint mission between the USGS and NASA, Google has partnered with Carnegie Mellon University to put together a very cool series of time-lapse images of the earth, showing changes in the earth, including impacts of climate change.

Some of the specific time-lapse images, below, show the Columbia Glacier retreating, urban growth in Las Vegas, the expansion of the Dubai coastline, the deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon.

It’s pretty cool stuff. Here are a few samples, and then below is a map of the entire earth – you can zoom in anywhere – and watch the land change from 1984 to 2012.

The Columbia Glacier retreat, 1984-2011

Las Vegas urban growth, 1986-2012

Dubai coastal expansion

Brazilian Amazon deforestation

This is the entire earth, over a period of almost 30 years – zoom in to any part you want. ┬áIt’s mesmerizing.

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