Amanda Berry’s hero Charles Ramsey jailed for domestic violence, twice

Charles Ramsey, another imperfect hero, to put it lightly. The Smoking Gun has found that Charles Ramsey, the man who saved kidnap victim Amanda Berry, and two other women – all who were held for ten years, and sexually abused by their captors – has three domestic violence convictions that resulted in two separate prison terms.

Smoking gun has Ramsey’s mugshot as well.

Having said that, one hopes this is a sign that the man has changed and is now doing “good” in the very area he fell short before. As I said, one hopes.

Charles Ramsey famously saved Amanda Berry when heard the woman screaming bloody murder from the house next door, and, with the help of a friend, kicked her door in, permitting Berry to escape.  He then called 911, in a colorful phone call, to alert the police that the other women who were still being held captive needed help as well.

Smoking Gun reports the first domestic violence charge came in 1997. Ramsey was convicted, and while awaiting sentencing was arrested again for domestic violence in 1998. He got six months jail time.

He also seemed to skip court a lot, including violating probation, which repeatedly got him into trouble.

He got arrested for domestic violence again in 2003 – the same year Amanda Berry et. al. were kidnapped. Charles Ramsey was sentenced to eight months of prison for that crime.


Snippet of Charles Ramsey police report, via the Smoking Gun

The Smoking Gun also found what they say are photos of Ramsey at a younger age posted by his now-ex wife.   She reportedly wanted to show that Ramsey didn’t always look like he does today.

In other Amanda Berry news, her sister spoke today in a short but emotional appearance – but basically asked for privacy for the family.

And more from Jezebel on why the warnings signs about Amanda Berry’s captors were ignored for so long.

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51 Responses to “Amanda Berry’s hero Charles Ramsey jailed for domestic violence, twice”

  1. Lenny says:

    everybody’s got a past.. get over it!

  2. oncefallendotcom says:

    When a person serves out his/ her sentence and is released, the debt to society should be considered paid. That goes for everybody.

  3. Sabianna says:

    We should never discourage what this man did when he helped those girls regardless of his past history. What he did was the right thing and this needs to be encouraged. Every media outlet is taking advantage of this story right and left SHAME ON YOU ALL!!

  4. FatRat says:

    When you omit something that’s whitewashing. Look at George Zimmerman, a registered Democrat, Fox/right wing aren’t trumpeting that fact. It’s 100% true he’s a Democrat but the Fox narrative plays better if you skip over that pesky Democrat part. Fox news is a propaganda outfit, which bleats loudly about certain facts/lies and simply ignores facts that aren’t in accordance with their current two minute hate. A single article is a poor method to ferret out the facts, you can’t blame John for a single article. It was simply a passing article. I agree if you aren’t comfortable here, you should shouldn’t give him any traffic. You shouldn’t judge a site by a single article, look for a pattern. If you see a pattern of deceit or ineptitude then you should leave, I’ll go with ya. Ramsey is a man who has his faults, but I’d be happy to have a drink with him. With any luck the right wing is not going to be able to shoot him down. (Besides the Right loves a redemption story. GOP politicians are constantly being redeemed/reelected, while the Democratic ones are Impeached. lol) Remember Benghazi, 4 dudes with 4 pistols were supposed to be able to save the day? lol The right wing is manufacturing mountains out of molehills. They didn’t mention the ‘austerity’ of personnel and ‘austerity’ of fire power. Selective news reporting at it’s finest.

  5. Jo Losturo says:

    Domestic violence is heinous, but I won’t be shariing this information. Why does the media want to make this man feel that maybe he shouldn’t have stepped forward and saved this girl from her fate, because now they are going to air every skeleton they can find in his closet. Whitewitch, below, is right–FOX News made fun of Ramsey’s looks–what does a hero look like? Can’t we just leave well enough, alone?

  6. Whitewitch says:

    We shall have to agree to disagree. First, not one said anything about Whitewashing Ramsey’s history. A better article, something more balanced, something with John’s take, sure. This is John’s blog and he can post anything he would like. I might not visit as often, and I certainly don’t have the same amount of belief in the site at this moment that I did when I stumbled across it – my take maybe not right, just mine. Maybe if he had written something more substantive as he often does I would not be so frustrated. So sad that John elected to repost smoking gun – now we all know Ramsey is a man…who would have guessed.

  7. FatRat says:

    “Think of it this way, if only right wing sites posted” was not posted by John that was posted by me. I never said he had a secret plan to siphon traffic from right wing sites, he never said that was his secret plan. But the end result is when many sources publish the same material, the traffic is also divided.
    ‘Haters’ have as much right to visit this site as you and me. Perhaps even more than us, since they have more to learn.
    You can drive traffic to your site by posting news that people want to read. Think about Nancy Grace: The Missing White Girl Hour if you don’t believe me.
    The truth can be ugly, but people are seldom all good or bad.
    I haven’t read your pot washer story, but Ramsey doesn’t want the reward money, he believes it should go to the victims. That alone tells me what kind of person he is.
    It would’ve been wrong to whitewash Ramsey’s history. I respect John for posting it.

  8. Whitewitch says:

    That is not at all how this article is worded. There is nothing kind in this article – and facts about him seeking amends with his ex-wife and such is not even a part of this story. It is just a hate piece, meant to destroy our belief that people can not be good….everyone is evil – be afraid very very afraid.

  9. Whitewitch says:

    Oh oh that is why he did it…so he could get traffic from the bad bad sites and bring the good people here….ohhhhh I am so dumb. I call BS on this one, sure it might bring people who are haters…do you want a bunch of haters here? And he didn’t have to link to the ugliest article about Mr. Ramsey. There are other reports about his wife being okay about him now, and how is working hard, but only a pot washer so child support is low.

  10. Whitewitch says:

    Since it is all going to come out anyway – why here. You didn’t read this crap somewhere else. This article is not even moderated to point out that his wife said that Ramsey has apologized to her and the children and turned his life around – at least some of the other articles report that! No this is just a nasty bit of yellow shite!

  11. Whitewitch says:

    Angel does not speak english and so is not on all the news, but now that you have let the cat out of the bag I am sure that they will start digging up dirt on him as well. Maybe he is an illegal alien and an evil Snickers Bar eater.

  12. Whitewitch says:

    Sadly probably not..mostly because a white man can have his record expunged.

  13. Whitewitch says:

    You are just as bad as Fox news on this piece, really like you think we haven’t seen this smeared all over other publications, print, media, web, so you are just “trying to make sure we are informed.” Let no good deed go unpunished is so very true. Guess it was not good enough for you that he put down his lunch to respond to a screaming woman, or good enough that he stood by her while she called 911…you have to make him a evil bad man. Well then, well done you.

  14. MoveAlongHoe says:

    But why does it matter what he did in the past? Can’t we just be thankful this man was there, at that moment, to help 3 women?? What a way to make ppl not want to help others. A lot of us have skeletons in our closet, so lets just not help the next person that needs it so our business won’t get out there. Screams?? I didnt hear it, just keep on walking. smh Shame on whoever wrote this article.

  15. Lalock says:

    The only reason I don’t agree with you is that there are many commenters on many, many sites saying that this man is a paragon of good; that he’s a perfect role model for everyone in society; that he should run for office; etc. This just goes to show that imperfect people can make good choices and turn their lives around. The fact that he was once an abuser, then later saved these women from abuse is a teaching opportunity that becomes part and parcel of the man’s entire life story. He is more, and less, of a hero than he seems at first glance.

  16. Aaron Riley says:

    As The Joker said to Batman: “To them you’re just a freak, like me. They need you right now, but when they don’t, they’ll cast you out. Like a leper. See, their morals, their “code”… it’s a bad joke, dropped at the first sign of trouble. They’re only as good as the world allows them to be.”

  17. TheOriginalLiz says:

    I wonder if the effort to tarnish his good deed would have come on so quickly if he’d been a white man?

  18. loona_c says:

    No good deed goes unpunished. It’s a shame he couldn’t just do his good deed and go on. Instead dirt has to be dug up on him.

  19. SkippyFlipjack says:

    Traffic trolling.

  20. Also, it was Amanda who told the cops about the other two girls, not Ramsey

  21. UncleBucky says:

    Right. That’s how I would put it. But you got there first and in so few words! :*

  22. I hope I’m not the only one who is bothered by the stupidly of this article. The guy saved three young women and your stupid blog company wants to slander him because of his past. Give the guy some credit for what he’s done. To post pointless shit like this is beyond me but goes to show that people will say whatever for a paycheck. Go fuck yourselves and wipe your pathetic excuse of a life off this planet. Fucking turds!

  23. A_nonymoose says:

    The way I heard it, Ramsey came first, then the Hispanic guy, and then they BOTH broke her out of there.

  24. BeccaM says:

    You need to provide a corroborating link because nobody else is reporting this.

  25. Citizen12 says:

    Ramsey wasn’t the one who kicked the door! It was another Hispanic guy he was on piers Morgan! He broke Amanda out then she called 911 then Ramsey came!

  26. Jonas Grumby says:

    I’ve got no problem with it being reported here as the RWNJs are already all over it. And it is a fact. However, given how long ago it was and that it wasn’t more serious than it was … and given what he’s just done. Well .. the man is a goddamned hero. Speaking as a former Prosecutor and Defense Atty, I just don’t care about those past charges based on what I read about them.

  27. FatRat says:

    I got zero problems with John generating more traffic. Lofty goals are easier to reach with a larger audience. What should John do? Don’t post the information and have the right wing sites bemoan the fact that the lefties are hiding Ramsey’s past?

  28. GarySFBCN says:

    Sheesh! I’m used to beating-up on John, but lately I’ve been coming to his defense. The story is true. It is going to come out. We want to view all of our heroes as being perfect and that creates huge problems in our culture.

    But what this does show is how racist our judicial system is. Castro (the kidnapper) also abused and beat the crap out of his wife, threatened to kill his daughters, etc.

    How many years did he serve in jail? None.

  29. zabby says:

    I thought this was a politics blog? Trashy, John.

    The reward this guy gets for saving these women is to have his dirty laundry aired in public? There are thousands upon thousands of people with domestic violence on their rap sheet, but we don’t know who they are. But because this guy saved these people, now we know about him and will judge him

    If you do something good, goodness should be returned to you. Let his past be his past.

  30. mirror says:

    That makes all reporting just for “traffic.” We have fantasies that John is trying to achieve slightly loftier goals here…

  31. FunMe says:

    Who cares! What matters is what he did NOW. The man is a hero today and that is all that matters.

    It would be nice if this post is removed from AB. Not worth having it here.
    Thank you.

  32. There will always be A$$HATS of the world, and they will always try to make the worst out of the best!

  33. um, if anyone here knows how vawa funding is set up and larger cities handle domestic violence complaints (and use vawa FRAUD to get funding), then this would not be such a big surprise. I spent 3 1/2 days in Los Angeles County over a dispute with the old lady a few years back. I never hit here, or tried to hurt her in any way, and she told the police that, but I had been drinking (a lot) and we were screaming at each other and to LAPD said one of us was going, and of course better me then her . . . . . . .

  34. ezpz says:

    I know. I had the same exact thought and was going to add that to my comment. Glad you did.

  35. KISSman says:

    Unfortunately, I had a feeling that this would be coming.

    As a society, we can’t just accept that this guy did a good deed without making him out to be this larger than life figure and then looking into his past and digging up his skeletons even though they have no bearing on the story whatsoever. Charles Ramsey never asked to be the ‘hero’ the media turned him into; he just did a great thing in that moment.

    All I know is that those three girls are lucky that this guy didn’t think twice about helping them and he’ll always be a hero to them. That’s all that matters. It’s just too bad that the media doesn’t see it that way.

  36. Zorba says:

    And I sincerely hope that this does not prevent some other possible Good Samaritan in the future from stepping up to intervene in an awful situation that they witness, for fear that their entire past will be dredged up and publicized.

  37. Ginger_FL says:

    John, You know I love you BUT….do we have to GO there??? Can’t we just embrace the good deeds of a good samaritan? Why does the “medya” have to devolve into people’s backgrounds just because they happened to be at the right place at the right time.

  38. A_nonymoose says:

    I’m old enough to remember when being a member of the press was something to aspire to; I took some college courses toward that end before my life took a different turn. Nowadays, I’d sooner have my child become a used-car salesman than a reporter. What relevance does this have? None. You should be ashamed of yourself, John.

  39. bsharwood says:

    Two guys from the same neighbourhood, one black, one white. The black guy has been arrested numerous times for domestic assault, and the white guy has had the police stop by for disturbances but never went inside his house, and he’s been holding hostages. Just saying.

  40. condew says:

    We’re not allowed to have heroes anymore, we might get ideas about fighting for truth, justice and the American way; and that’s not what our betters want.

  41. FatRat says:

    AmericaBlog isn’t preventing him from having his “hero moment” or trying to tear him down. The information is out on the interwebs. Think of it this way, if only right wing sites posted the information it would only increase their traffic. Left wing sites post it and the right wing sites get their traffic siphoned off. I hope that McDonalds give him a cash reward and free food for life.

  42. mirror says:

    Well, John, I see you now see yourself as so mainstream that you too are afraid of being “scooped” in the news cycle….

  43. BeccaM says:

    I’ll side with the others here in hoping that Mr. Ramsey has turned over a new leaf.

    And if nothing else, he’s just witnessed the bottommost pit of Hell in domestic violence, right next door to him, and chose to be a hero. I have to give him credit for that.

    Or to put it another way, sometimes flawed people can still do noble things.

  44. ezpz says:

    Agree. This is completely irrelevant to the good he did in helping to free these young ladies and child. COMPLETELY irrelevant, completely unnecessary.

  45. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    My wonderful husband of 28 years was convicted of domestic violence before we met. Obviously I didn’t know this until after we were together . I decided a second chance was called for. He always treated me like a king even when I was acting like a joker. People can change. Let’s hope Mr. Ramsey has.

  46. Very disappointing. Trashing a person who has done a recent good deed quite unrelated to his own past troubles is tacky.

    Googling “celebrities” and “domestic violence” shows it’s not just poor people with a problem. And for the most part, the wealthy white guys get off scott-free.

    Earlier today I read that Ramsey had turned down the $25,000 reward, saying that it should go to the victims, so his own misbehavior comes in spurts. Lately he has been on the side of the angels.

  47. levp says:

    This is why we can’t have nice things. Then we lament cynicism and unwillingness to run for public office, among other things.

  48. Naja pallida says:

    Agreed. Assuming he’s not going to try and profit off his newfound “fame”. Then he deserves whatever scrutiny he gets, but if he’s just going to leave it as it is now and go back to his life, there isn’t much reason for anyone to continue to look into him. Thank him for what good he did do, and move on.

  49. CitizenVA says:

    This is sad. I would expect this from The Smoking Gun, but for you guys to link to this is just low. Let the guy have his “hero moment” without having to tear him down… I expect better from AmericaBlog…

  50. basenjilover says:

    Here we go. First we elevated Charles to hero status and now media out to tear him down. We can’t be elated and happy with the fact 3 women and particularly the 6 y/o child are now free from rapists. What else is media going to maliciously dig up? Sheesh!

  51. Island In The Sky says:

    Ack, this is all we need: people with baggage who help others now have to deal with their own past being dredged up. If it’s been 10 years since it happened…cut him some slack. Maybe he’s redeemed himself now. No need for this inquisition.

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