Bill Maher: The Tsarnaevs aren’t terrorist masterminds, they’re losers, stop over-reacting America

Bill Maher says to stop letting the terrorists, including the suspected Boston Marathon bomber Tsarnaev brothers, scare us into over-reacting.


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37 Responses to “Bill Maher: The Tsarnaevs aren’t terrorist masterminds, they’re losers, stop over-reacting America”

  1. hefetone says:

    You are right of course. We see it everyday in this country, people who do not understand society, most often in our inner cities. And, it plays out every day in violent death and crime. Well said, woodroad.

  2. nannasin smith says:

    they have yet to actually do something to make us more secure.

  3. woodroad34 says:

    I saw this show and he’s exactly right. They were trying to find themselves; however, their inner selves were so dark and corrupted they chose something so sociopathic to express themselves that a normal 19 year old might not have. These two were exceptional in their ability to not understand society and human beings at all…they were extremely selfish and self-absorbed.

  4. BigGuy says:

    Thank you for your commendation.

    I think when the NYPD, NSA, FBI, and CIA altogether inform Google — with a letter signed by the President — that they want some files online to disappear, as a matter of national security, Google is very likely to make those files disappear. I cannot prove that, but I have my suspicions.

  5. Naja pallida says:

    I commend you for taking your grand jury duties seriously. So many people would never have even made the correlation, much less spoke up. As long as our Justice Department is full of political appointees, and our state-level attorneys general are elected, they will always be guided by political interests first, actual justice second. I’m sure there are a few exceptions, but they are few and far between, and anyone who rocks the boat when the wrong party is in power, usually finds themselves on the outs as soon as their term is up. I have access to a couple online newspaper archives, and did a few cursory searches around the date you gave, but didn’t find anything matching any of the keywords. Might be able to search on her name… but if you haven’t had any luck, I’d be surprised.

  6. BigGuy says:

    I was on the grand jury for the Eastern District of New York in October 2006. An indictment was sought for an Iranian American woman who had been already held here in NYC since March. She had come to NYC for a cancer operation at Memorial Sloan Kettering and was arrested and held before she got to the hospital. We were told she weighed about 85 pounds

    She was in the Baathist party in Iran and after we invaded Iraq, she went to work for the remnants of the Baathists there in Iraq as a TOEFL instructor, which the FBI construed as aiding terrorists in Iraq. Proof of this offered to us by an FBI agent (who was extremely photogenic himself) was a photo of her standing in front of a tank. I told my fellow grand jurors, we should not take the case at all until after the election. I thought the facts and circumstances of the person we were being asked to indict fit perfectly with what Peter King had been saying and would be a big aid to his campaign. My fellow grand jurors said there was no way federal prosecutors would be so corrupt as to go out of their way to time an indictment to help a Congressman’s reelection. It was just a coincidence that the federal indictment was being sought now about October 15 when the women had been held since March 15. I told them they misunderestimated the perfidy of George W Bust and company. Of 19 grand jurors there, 17 voted a true bill and she was indicted.

    There were two short paragraphs about the indictment in all the NYC papers and the WSJ two days after the indictment. In the years since, I have never, ever been able to call up those paragraphs on line using google or the wayback machine. The most amount of time I ever spent at it was 10 hours, to no avail.

    Not only can a prosecutor indict a ham sandwich, he can indict each and every part of a ham sandwich jointly and separately, and the utensils, dishware, and appliances used to make the ham sandwich. And if he doesn’t want the public to know about the indictment, no one will ever find out.

  7. Sweetie says:

    Paranoia was heavily invested in by the powers that be during the wars. Look at all the propaganda. Here is just one example:

  8. karmanot says:

    Yep, we did too. Now we would be doing time in GITMO.

  9. karmanot says:

    Boys will be boys!

  10. Naja pallida says:

    Considering King’s past ties to the IRA, you’d think he’d know the difference between a sophisticated/coordinated attack, and a couple of ass hats with access to the internet.

  11. Naja pallida says:

    There is the entrapment game, but then there’s also the “one trip to Wal-Mart” readily available to anyone who wants it route, which these guys took. From what has been released so far, everything they used was easily available without setting off any alarms anywhere. If they had been just a tad bit smarter (as in, watched a few TV crime dramas for what not to do as a criminal), and actually had a serious agenda (were really driven by ideology, thus focusing their actions), we could have easily had a lot more chaos. Which would undoubtedly have been met with that much more of a militarized response.

  12. BeccaM says:

    Yes, but he took the car anyway — and they still didn’t leave town.

  13. Naja pallida says:

    Except their response is that everyone should be arming themselves. My response is that no one should have to arm themselves.

  14. GreatLakesLiberal says:

    At 14, my friend and I made bombs from black powder and empty CO2 cartridges. And we didn’t even have the internet for instruction. Back then it was ‘light the fuse and run’ but with today’s tech we’d have used wireless remotes to set them off. It’s not rocket science.

  15. nicho says:

    If they can shut down a city, and essentially implement a de facto
    martial law for one criminal, what is to stop them from doing so for the
    next one?If they can shut down a city, and essentially implement a de facto
    martial law for one criminal, what is to stop them from doing so for the
    next one?

    Well, you should look into the Tea Party. That’s their line.

  16. nicho says:

    They hung around Boston for days before deciding, “Hey, let’s go blow up
    Times Square… oh wait, we need a car, so let’s jack one and tell the
    guy we’re the bombers.”They hung around Boston for days before deciding, “Hey, let’s go blow up
    Times Square… oh wait, we need a car, so let’s jack one and tell the
    guy we’re the bombers.”

    It’s dumber than that. They tried to go the next day, but they had left their getaway car in the shop and the guy hadn’t even started working on it.

  17. Luigi DaMan says:

    As the father of a 19-year-old boy, I can tell you their heads are not full of brains. Try tapioca. Or jumping beans. These two idiots were — just that –idiots! The older one had some kind of hard on for something and the younger one was stupid enough to go along. These aren’t terrorists. The one is dead and should be allowed to be buried anywhere (fer chrissakes!), and the other probably wishes he was dead every time he is reminded of the carnage and suffering he created. The fact that the young one went back to school and facebook shows what a child he really is.

  18. karmanot says:

    Rep Peter King? ROTFL…….. a nadir of moronism.

  19. karmanot says:

    If its readily available, it’s usually an FBI entrapment game. “If they can shut down a city, and essentially implement a de facto
    martial law for one criminal, what is to stop them from doing so for the
    next one?” Practice for martial law and police state maintenance.

  20. karmanot says:

    The American sheeple likes em some exciting police state now and then, when the war game video gets boring.

  21. karmanot says:

    “any 14-year-old worth his salt can do that — either on purpose or by accident” Indeed, some asshole school administrators and local police just arrested an honor’s student for an exploding science project.

  22. karmanot says:

    One would expect no less from a former boyfriend of Ann Coulter.

  23. Naja pallida says:

    That’s one thing that really doesn’t make any sense in the whole thing. We’re told over and over that terrorist groups (read: al Qaeda) are recruiting people in the United States to radicalize and pull off plots. If these guys were really serious about it, why didn’t they seek out such help and support? I mean, if it’s so readily available, as our government claims. If not from “al Qaeda”, why not from Chechnyian groups? If there was an agenda, why didn’t they claim it? Just feels to me that being a Muslim and being Chechnyian had little to do with it, except maybe contributing to some of their feelings of alienation. The guy was just stupid, angry and suicidal, and wanted to lash out in a big way, and convinced his younger brother to go along with it. They didn’t seem to have much of a plan, nor any real message to convey

    If they can shut down a city, and essentially implement a de facto martial law for one criminal, what is to stop them from doing so for the next one?

  24. Naja pallida says:

    And yet, nothing serious has really been done to protect ports. This year’s DHS report shows that current equipment is already obsolete, and reaching the end of its operational lifespan, and not being used effectively anyway. And no funding has been allocated to improve the problems into the future. Just like pretty much every other recommendation made in the aftermath of 9/11. They charged us billions upon billions of dollars to take away our civil rights, and put on a big show, but have yet to actually do something to make us more secure.

  25. BeccaM says:

    It’s what I’ve been saying all along: Call the massacre, the mass-murder whatever you want, but these two fit the profile of sociopathic douchebags far better than ‘terrorist.’ As I keep pointing out: Normally a terrorist will (1) take credit in a public way, (2) makes it clear what their message is through statements or writings, and (3) is tied in some way to an organized terrorist group.

    And yes, they were idiots. They picked the right place — the finish line — but the wrong time. By all reports it was much more crowded two hours earlier when the first runners were crossing the line. Neither of them made any particular effort to disguise themselves. They hung around Boston for days before deciding, “Hey, let’s go blow up Times Square… oh wait, we need a car, so let’s jack one and tell the guy we’re the bombers.” Then of course the kicker is they left him alone while at the gas station. “Gee, Dzhokhar, I thought I told you to keep an eye on the hostage.”

    The thing is though, we Americans — we’re hard-wired to overreact. It’s what we do. Our entire country is addicted to fear- and anger-driven adrenaline and a fierce compulsion to scapegoat. The genes of our British ancestors for the capacity to “Keep Calm and Carry On” have been systematically bred out of us. We say the words, “We don’t torture” — but we do. We claim to stand for justice — but what we actually demand is bloody vengeance.

  26. Mike Meyer says:

    Pissed off kids in a pissed off country—-both with guns&bombs.

  27. dula says:

    Bill was all for warrantless wiretaps because he overreacted and feared somebody would bring a bomb through the port of Long Beach, California.

  28. Lee_Lucas says:

    Bill Maher is just about the most reprehensible arrogant know it all bigot on TV. Why HBO keeps him on or why people think he’s so damned smart defies all logic. I literally cannot stand the man. And why a woman would ever applaud this bigoted sexist is totally beyond belief.

  29. slappymagoo says:

    I half-agree with Maher. It’s fun and cathartic to call guys like these “losers,” but losers can be manipulated by others to do some truly horrific stuff and it behooves us to be vigilant of these losers and find out what they know and get the less-than-losers who can pul their strings and not get caught. I agree with him on being vigilant without going bug-nuts crazy. As the old song goes, even the losers get lucky sometimes.

  30. nicho says:

    Maher’s not the first person to say this, but he’s the first person with a teevee show to say it. Yes, these guys were pretty stupid and douchey, but they were still dangerous — as stupid and douchey people often are. If you compiled a list of everything they did wrong, you could write a book on “How Not To Be A Terrorist.” Yes, they made something explode, but any 14-year-old worth his salt can do that — either on purpose or by accident. What’s telling in this case is the lack of support for them from the usual suspects in the terrorist community. They’re usually the first to praise terrorist acts against The Great Satan. I have a feeling they’re all sitting around “face-palming” and going “Stupid, stupid, stupid.” The only one on their side is the equally douchey mother. Even the uncle is saying they were shitheads.

  31. nicho says:

    A lot of people are breathing easier because these guys and their other bombs and guns — which they planned to use against men, women, and children — were caught.

  32. samizdat says:

    I know that Maher is not particularly popular around here with some, but he’s right about this, to an extent, at least. It seems in reading about the older brother, one gets the impression that he was just pissed off at the world, and wanted to cause as much pain as he was capable of before he checked out in a hail of gunfire. Sure, he was a “radical” Muslim. So what? Few, if any, firm ties to any groups (as of yet; this could change, but on the other hand, coming from this regime, would it be the truth?). No history of serious violent acts, beyond the cowardly act of abusing his wife.

    He was an asshole, and jerk. That doesn’t mean we needed to shut down an entire City to deal with him and his sheeple brother. Frankly, the entirety of “anti-terrorist” policy in this country, and on this planet, for that matter, is a sham, a ruse, a flim-flam, and the American people make for an easy mark.

  33. Jim Olson says:

    I could not agree more.

  34. UncleBucky says:

    Losers with powerful tools. Consider the number of losers in this nation. And then let each of them have “tool” of destruction. Then consider what happens when those “tools” are not available. By the way those “tools” are our irrational fear, hopped up by the NRA among others. All the losers can do when fear is extinguished is to kick the door of a car.

  35. TheOriginalLiz says:

    Love it!

  36. And I watched Rep Peter King from NY opine on the sophistication of this attack.

    What a dweeb!

  37. deniz0 says:

    Trying to avoid this subject like the plague, but thank goodness someone finally said it.

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