Are our ads showing up normally for you? We’ve had reports of problems.

Hey everyone, sorry to bother you, but we’ve had numerous reports that the ads on the home page and in the posts are messing up, intermittently.  I’d like to know how many of you are seeing this, and if you are, what Web browser and browser version (e.g., IE8 or IE9?) you’re using, and what computer operating system (e.g., OSX 10.8.3 or Windows 7 or whatever).  Then either email that info to me at contact (at) americablog (dot) com, or just post it in the comments below.

What people are reporting is that the ads seem to be dropping down a notch so that they cover the content.  We’ve had reports of this with the two side-by-side box ads on the home page (right below the first 3 stories) and the same two box ads in the posts (right above the comment box), and with the one boxy inserted ad on post pages (the one that should appear to the left of the first paragraph of the story).

I need your help dogging this.  We think this might be a problem we’re having with Internet Explorer 9.   So can you check the homepage which you already have, and a few of the posts, and see if you see an error like the examples, below.  Remember it can be anywhere on the page, some have reported the two side-by-side ads blocking the comment box.

Example 1

In this example, the top box ad has dropped down and is covering the left half of the quote in the post (the dotted outline shows where the ad should be):


Example 2

And in this example, one of the two side-by-side ads on the home page has dropped down to cover the 4th and 5th posts (at the same time, the left side-by-side ad is missing):


I would very much appreciate any help you could offer.

Thanks so much, JOHN

CyberDisobedience on Substack | @aravosis | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn. John Aravosis is the Executive Editor of AMERICAblog, which he founded in 2004. He has a joint law degree (JD) and masters in Foreign Service from Georgetown; and has worked in the US Senate, World Bank, Children's Defense Fund, the United Nations Development Programme, and as a stringer for the Economist. He is a frequent TV pundit, having appeared on the O'Reilly Factor, Hardball, World News Tonight, Nightline, AM Joy & Reliable Sources, among others. John lives in Washington, DC. .

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73 Responses to “Are our ads showing up normally for you? We’ve had reports of problems.”

  1. FUFatherEisenman says:

    5/22/13, yes, I am having problems with ads covering the content.

  2. mrspeel2 says:

    Yes, today I just saw an example of your #2. Odd thing is that yesterday, when I first saw this post, I didn’t see anything wrong.

  3. Carol S says:

    I had the problem today for the first time — at least that I noticed. I’m using Firefox 20.0.1. The outline of the ad covers some of the text. Not ‘dropping down,’ just expanding to block the content. Not horrible, but irritating.

  4. Bill_Perdue says:

    chrome latest version.

  5. belker says:

    I’ve had the problem, though not today. Using Chrome, most recent version and windows 7. You might have solved it since today is the first day in a week or more I haven’t been bombed by an ad :)

  6. perljammer says:

    On OS-X Lion:
    Firefox 20.0 – Flash ad blocking content on Americablog home page.
    Safari – No problem
    Chrome – No problem

    On Kubuntu 11.4:
    Firefox 16.0.2 – No problem
    rekonq – no problem

    I’m guessing the content-blocking Flash ad I’m seeing on Firefox/OS-X is targeted advertising, as it is hawking products I searched for on Google and Amazon withing the last month or so using Firefox on this particular computer.

  7. HeartlandLiberal says:

    I use FireFox 20.0.1, the latest version, with NoScript and Ghostery. Out of desire to support the site, I trust the site and the ad delivery with NoScript. I have noted that unless I pause Ghostery blocking, the ad in the upper left you are referring to simply does not appear, I just get a header notification from Ghostery in the spot. I suspect this is because Ghostery has it flagged as doing tracking. I went ahead and paused Ghostery, and the ad positions itself OK squarely in upper left.

    FWIW, I have to also pause Ghostery if I want to post comments by logging in to Disqus.

    FWIW, also, turning off all these protections is a decision that I only make with sites I can trust. Which raises the question, have you really thought through all of the ad agencies that deliver ads? Are they ethical? Can we trust them not to abuse us? Tracking is one thing. But will any of them, via javascript or other mechanisms, represent a threat to the integrity of my machine?

    Final FWIW, I would not use Microsoft IE unless my life depended on it, and then only grudgingly. I truly hate the IE browser. It is impossible to secure it. The only security in it is by painful obscurity. Among my many computer and programming skills is the ability to install and administer Windows servers. As an administrator, the first thing I do on a new machine is install FireFox, so I can get to what I need on the web. The IE install on Windows server is “secured” by crippling it and not trusting anything. And the only way to trust a URL is the most painful, stupid, multiple step dialog every designed by stupid programmers. It is IMPOSSIBLE to work with IE on a server. With FireFox and NoScript, choosing to trust a site is just a couple of mouse click passes away via a dialog that pops on the menu bar. In IE, try browsing the options under the trusted sites dialog and deciding what to allow and not allow. I have been programming for database for thirty years, and have directed IT for a university department with a 60 million dollar budget, and I swear to $DEITY I do not understand half the options.

    And in closing, let me remind everyone who reads this site and enjoys it daily that by allowing the ads to appear, you are helping feed John’s dog. If not for John, do it for Sascha. Did I spell that right?

  8. Ads?
    Oh, right. (turns off Ad Block for America Blog)

    Sorry John. All fixed now.

  9. Sameboat1 says:

    You’re kidding, right? Because I can hardly type this because of the ads. Now.

  10. Jim Olson says:

    Do you make money from them just appearing on my screen, or only if I click on them? On principle, I NEVER click on advertisements I see on any screen. Perhaps I just do not understand how they work.

  11. Rick Thomas says:

    I use Chrome with Windows 7 and have the problem of ads covering articles in the last week.

  12. celticbuddha says:

    I get example 2 on Win. Vista using Firefox 20.0.01, on my other newer laptop I get no problem with Win 8 with Firefox 15.0.1

  13. allanh says:

    Yep. Ads are frequently covering over articles. Some ads appear to “pre-expand” even when I haven’t rolled over or clicked on them.

    Browser: Google Chrome26.0.1410.64 (Official Build 193017)
    OS: Windows 7
    JavaScript V8
    Flash 11.7.700.202

  14. Thank you :)

  15. mikea says:

    Has been happening off and of for the past few days. Right now no problem.

  16. Whitewitch says:

    Only happens when I visit on my Kindle, and you are not the only site having that problem. So I am good! My Chrom works Perfectly!!!

  17. Zorba says:

    Windows XP Professional, Firefox 21.0, no problems with the ads.

  18. karmanot says:

    I don’t think most of us know the extent of the labor and expense that is involved in publishing a site like this, but I do know what an incredible loss for most of us if it shut down. The fact that you participate so often in the comments makes this site particularity hands on and unique. We support AmericaBlog!

  19. Well day is better because we’ve identified there is a problem, and worse because I’m now fretting about the problem

  20. Which version of safari, which number?

  21. karmanot says:

    same here

  22. emjayay says:

    Windows Vista and Explorer 8. Ad over the right half of the ALSO ON AMERICABLOG list. I guess it’s supposed to be in the white space above. Usually it’s over the box I’m typing in right now.

    Also wierd, two identical ads above that only read

    Start Download (arrow down)
    (five stars)
    Download the Latest
    Windows Vista Drivers

    What kind of virus or malware from Russia is that?

  23. madcap123 says:

    Doesn’t happen all the time but I am on IE9 Windows 7 and I really wanated to read the article but I was “fact blocked” . Good luck.

  24. Latty says:

    I see ads like in example 2 above which cover at least 2 articles. I am using Mac OS X version 10.7.5 and Safari.

  25. Lantor says:

    On windows 7 64 bit with IE 9 and the ads do NOT display were they should.

  26. TheOriginalLiz says:

    The ads are running in to the text – it’s a surreal effect – transparent add over article text on the home page. I’m using Firefox on a linux box.

  27. Ninong says:

    Right now as I type this, there are two ad spaces above this comment box but only the ad to the right is displaced so that it covers the comment box. When I get to that part in my typing I can’t see how it coming out. I just have to type it and hope for the best. LOL

    That example happens most of the time but not always. If both ads are identical, then they are both usually in their correct spaces.

    The very first ad, on the left, in an article is often displaced lower so that it covers text. But not always. Sometimes AdChoices will decide to sent me an ad that is a double (vertically twice the usual size) and those ads always cover text with their bottom half.

    I can almost never read the right half of the top comment. If I have it set up for ‘newest first,’ I simply change it to ‘oldest first’ and go to the bottom of the comments. If there is only one comment I’m screwed. LOL I have to wait until someone else posts something.

  28. Jeff Taylor says:

    I see example 2 frequently with Win 7 and IE 9.

  29. FuzzyRabbit says:

    Am I the only one using Opera? Example 2 happens with Win XP and Opera 12.15.

  30. Houndentenor says:

    I don’t see any ads. Windows 7/Firefox.

  31. GeorgeMokray says:

    On my Mac laptop using Safari, I consistently get example two.

  32. gowian says:

    No problem for me. WinXP (fully up to date), no problem with Chrome or Firefox (newest versions). Ad-blocker off.

  33. pappyvet says:

    Dont blame you at all John,as a matter of fact,I’ve visited some of the sites and made purchases.By the way,Halflingers are the best shoes on the planet.

  34. Thanks for the reminder. THAT was the one which caused me to spend a couple of hours trying out different ad-blockers and combinations of them in an effort to stop it. Till then I’d gone without the blocker addons.
    I simply couldn’t tolerate that sucker!

  35. pappyvet says:

    LOL ! Sorry John,yes its 9,so hows your day going ? [sm.snicker]

  36. Jon says:

    I am having those issues with Windows 7 and IE9

  37. Naja pallida says:

    I turn off the things that disrupt my reading of the page. The banners and stuff in the side bar that are out of the way, don’t bother me – unless they’re blinking, or video, or otherwise obnoxious in some such way. But the ad right in the middle of the article, that annoys me, and sorry… but it goes. :)

  38. This was very helpful, thanks guys. Just got off the phone with my ad guy, this gives him a lot to work with, so thank you.

  39. Jonas Grumby says:

    I haven’t had that problem. On MAC and use Chrome as browser. Also come here numerous times a day.

  40. After some experimenting I’ve decided I can meet you half way. Seems site owners and advertisers can detect ad-blocking by viewers, so I’ve turned off all the addons for my Explorer 8 browser. Since I’m still not getting any ads or pop-ups, I’m assuming this version is so old nobody in the ad industry supports it. At any rate, I won’t count as a deadbeat.
    Same experimenting on other sites – mostly the international ones – found the blinking and static ads. But since I won’t be using this one for CNN International and the like, SO WHAT! :)

  41. Right, but which version of Internet Explorer is it – version 8, 9, 10?

  42. Sorry, you didn’t answer my question. WHICH VERSION of IE? Go the file-about tab, or something like that, and see which NUMBERED version of IE this is, I’m suspecting it’s 9

  43. condew says:

    On Aurora, there are blank spaces upper left in every article where I’d expect an illustration, and top right corner; the places where your illustrations seem to indicate ads should be.

  44. Sorry for being snarky, but when you turn the ads off you deprive me of income. And working 14 hours days during the week doing the blog, which I do, it’s difficult to make any other money ont he side. I need this income or the site isn’t going to remain open – I almost closed it down at xmas. So please do not use ad blockers on this site or on any site you like and wish to stay around.

  45. Just_AC says:

    I don’t mind the ads, but that darned “recommended for you” takes up a 6th of the screen

  46. Oldhouse says:

    I’m using Firefox 20.0.1, and the Coldwater Creek ad looks rather like your example, although the shorter Viking Cruise line ad to the left of the C.C. ad is staying where it belongs.

  47. karmanot says:

    John: here all works just fine with: WIN 7, Firefox 21, and Chrome120

  48. pappyvet says:

    Windows 7 and IE

  49. Actually, the choice is between none of these sites existing, or putting up with the ads. I was ready to pull the plug and close the site last Christmas. Fortunately the redesign saved us, traffic increased significantly. But none of us can afford to keep doing this – I work 14 hours days during the week, and get no vacations, ever. We can’t keep this up if these sites aren’t paid for. So I appreciate the distaste for ads, I don’t like them either. But it’s impossible to work full time for free.

  50. That’s nice. I wouldn’t want to actually be paid for working 14 hours days :)

  51. Tar Heel says:

    It’s happening right now to me on Windows 7 IE 9.

  52. BearEyes says:

    the ads are unfortunately showing in their usual location like nothing ever happened. Win 7 and Chrome here.
    At least they’re not auto-play video ads like I see on other sites. Small favours and all that.

  53. Naja pallida says:

    I’m using Firefox 21 on Windows 7 and don’t see any issues with the ads… though, I usually have them, as well as the ‘Recommended For You’ and all the third-party like/share/etc stuff, all blocked.

  54. milli2 says:

    I’m having problems with that on the home page. Using Windows 7 OS, web browsing – Firefox 20.

  55. txiconoclast says:

    I’m using Firefox 21.0 and haven’t had any problems. Although I have Adblock Plus which cuts down on the ads I see, along with NoScript (which really cuts down on the ads, especially that 2 rowed Taboola one).

  56. Betty McG says:

    All that Also On/Around The Web stuff stays parked between the sign up for get updates and the comments section. The Site floater for donations/recommended for you stays quietly in the bottom right corner. Same on both of my browsers. My OS is WindowsXP home sp3.
    SeaMonkey 2.17 build 20130331213155 with Adblock plus 2.2.1
    Opera 12.15 build 1748 with Adblock plus 1.3.4, Adblocker Grooveshark 1.0.7 and NoAds Advanced 1.3.6
    I’m doing some major file cleaning today so I may not be able to check it on Mandriva OS or Zorin Core OS until tomorrow. On some sites (not yours) I get a page flicker. It’s a split second black flash on part of the browser page and I assumed it was ads trying to get around my blockers or a popup that I also block.

  57. Jim Olson says:

    I use AdBlock, so I never see any ads, ever. Using Safari.

  58. I was pulling my hair out for a while, and Chrome was the worst offender. Finally drove a wood stake through the heart of the dreadful pop-ups and ‘slide-outs’ – the combination of Adblock, Adblock Plus, and Ghostery saved the day. However, the “cure” also destroyed my ability to make a post using Chrome, so for any comments I happen to make these days I use Explorer 8. Which also is fitted with Ghostery, BTW. IMO the Explorer browser is awful, and this is the only time I use it. :)

  59. With which browser and which version? Sorry to be insistent on this, but we can’t fix it unless we know which browsers, and which version of the browser, people are using.

  60. With which browser – just firefox or are you seeing the same problem with Windows 7?

  61. And what browser are you using, and which version of it, what number? The problem seems to be FIrefox and IE so far

  62. pappyvet says:

    Yeah john,right now there’s a repo homes ad half covering my comment bar.. covering the coment covering the comment space

  63. SeattleKim says:

    We are on MS Explorer at work, and the ads are covering the articles the same as the second example. I have had to resort to copying and pasting the articles into another document in order to read the content.

  64. S Gahn says:

    I’ve had a problem. I use Firefox 20.0.1 and Windows 7 version 6.1

  65. prairieguy says:

    The second example.

  66. Nick Bayus says:

    I’ve seen the second Xamp, I use a MAC OS X w/Firefox 20.0

  67. leathersmith says:

    I use the same browser & version but have not seen these issues

  68. Bomer says:

    I use both Firefox and Chrome (latest versions) and don’t have any problems. O.S. is Windows 7 64 bit.

  69. I use Chrome as well and have not seen any problem. Haven’t noticed it on Safari either.

  70. Oh that’s intg. Hadn’t had Firefox reports yet. Tell me exactly what you’re seeing and where – is it the home page, the post pages, is it like the examples I show above?

  71. Jason says:

    Chrome is looking good!

  72. BlueIdaho says:

    I am using Windows 8 and Explorer version 10 and the ads are working properly.

  73. K.R, says:

    I have firefox 21.0 and the ads are not right.

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