5 y.o. boy kills 2 y.o. sister with birthday rifle

It’s been a tragic week for child gun accidents.  Two 2-year-olds and a 3-year old have been shot dead in the past few days in gun accidents.

In Kentucky, a 5-year-old boy shot and killed his 2-year-old sister.  He was using his own gun, a rifle made for kids called “My First Rifle,” that he got as a birthday gift the year before.  His parents “didn’t realize” the real gun they let their 5 year old play with had live ammo in it at the time.  In all fairness to the parents, what could possibly go wrong with giving a 5 year old a loaded rifle as a gift?

Interestingly, the story says the gun’s child safety lock was in place and operational. And it was just a “tragic accident.”  Then how did the gun go off?

I went to the “My First Rifle” web site, and look, they even have pink ones for girls!


Then there was the 3-year-old boy in Tampa who found a loaded gun in his uncle’s backpack, and shot himself dead.  The proud defender of the Second Amendment uncle apparently didn’t think it was a problem leaving a loaded gun in a 3-year-old boy’s bedroom.

And there’s the 2-year-old Texas boy who shot himself in the head, and died, after finding his dad’s loaded handgun. How does a 2 year old get a loaded handgun if it’s way up on a shelf above a kid’s reach?  Unless it isn’t.

Then there’s the 13-year-old boy who accidentally shot his 6-year-old sister with the gun they found in their home in Florida.  And the 4-year-old boy in Alabama who’s in critical condition after finding a gun in a bedroom and either he shot himself, or a 4-year-old girl who was with him shot him.

Then, not a child gun story, but just a moron gun story, there’s the guy who fell asleep on his gun, after cleaning it, only to roll over and accidentally shoot himself through the chest.

Of course, gun advocates are claiming that the problem isn’t guns, it’s kids with guns, or something.

State Rep. Robert R. Damron, a Democrat and an outspoken gun rights advocate in Kentucky, said the problem is not guns, but the parents who do not teach gun safety and responsibility.

“Why single out firearms? Why not talk about all the other things that endanger children, too?” he said. “The Second Amendment doesn’t give anybody carte blanche freedom to put children and juveniles at risk.”

First off, the boy was 5.  According to WebMD, he probably still needs help wiping his behind after pooping, so good luck teaching him how to handle a deadly weapon.

Second, yes, there are lots of other things that endanger children too.  And the government already regulates the hell out of all those other things that can hurt kids, and we even ban kids from having a number of them – things like drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol come to mind.  But we don’t ban kids from having guns, and thanks to John Dingell (D-MI) we don’t even regulate guns as consumer products, because that would infringe on your right to let your pre-pre-school child shoot himself in the head.

As we’ve noted before, the NRA has been targeting kids for a long while now.  The NRA’s even launched a new iPhone app, only three week after the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre in Newtown, Connecticut.  The app is geared for kids as young as four years of age. That is, if they’re still alive.

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