What if the entire world were gay, and everyone hated straight people? (video)

An interesting premise for a video (that starts way too slow – just skip over the first 50 seconds of credits): The entire world is gay, and a straight kid is born.  How is she treated?

What if the entire world were gay, and everyone hated straight people? (video)

It’s a well-done video. They really hit on all the small ways in which gay kids feel excluded, wrong, every day. From the games kids play, where they just assume someone will be a “mommy” and someone a “daddy,” to playing “smear the queer” with friends after school.

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130 Responses to “What if the entire world were gay, and everyone hated straight people? (video)”

  1. raina says:

    i think that eveyone should be treated equal and there shouldnt be freedom until everyone is equal i support it just because people like the same sex it shouldnt matter!!!!!!!! i cant relate but thats not important no freedom until we’re equal!!!!!! and lets say the world was switched like it says if you liked the different gender thats considered gross and wrong yeah so what not everyone needs to be like that. thats what i dont get it shouldnt matter what gender you like we are not made to like the same gender but thats ok we all dont need to like the same thing like not everyones favorite color is green ok get my POINT!!!!!!! gosh people are so CRUEL!!!!!!! they judge people before they even get to know them!! let people be who they are and not what people want them to be just be yourself and do want you believe in thats just my OPINION!!!!!!!!!!! on this subject goodbye

  2. Jay-Man says:

    So if by saying the word NEW, there must have been years and years prior to this argument that GAYS were mistreated, thus having the human instinct in us to kill off GAYS… correct? So maybe it’s US that’s trying to change the world when it’s GODS way of having US built to keeping the GAYS away. Mental illness, yes to be STRAIGHT forward because to get right to the answer, we’re not going to beat around the bush(Rainbow effect) to answer any type of question. See where I’m getting at, I’m sure you’ve said “Dude don’t beat around the bush, just tell me what you’re trying to say!” Beating around the bush is a RAINBOW effect and no one wants to beat around the bush…STRAIGHT to the point. Thank you for your open mindedness but it’s in the Bible and if clearly anyone who’s had such a rough life aka everyone, we all turn to the Bible thus accepting His ways because turning to the Bible has made you feel better about yourself and how you treat others. Yes, I said others, but if you believe in God, why would you believe everything in the Bible but then have your own way of your idea about GAYS, contradicting yourself and saying God is wrong…aye? AMEN

  3. STFU says:

    where you said “everyone is people” thats pomosexuality :D

  4. Mr. Mr says:

    Well, homosexuality is really like a disease, capable of eradicating our existence.
    If everyone were not homosexual our race would live on, but if everyone were homosexual we would have to implant seed into a lesbian woman, who would have a “family” which is somewhat corrupt, because it lacks a fatherly figure. Homosexual intercourse alone does nothing at all, it defies our body, and our functionality. If women were not to accept seed from men it would be a disaster, it’s a disguised weapon controlled by some really shady people. And so if homosexuality was to spread (it does at the moment, because people accept it), it would lead to gradual eradication of human beings

  5. Guest says:

    I still think its a mental illness. Maybe treating gays bad is a defence mechanism that humans use to defend against people with bad gene pools or weird mental illnesses. The human body attempts to fine tune the process of mating and life not destroy it.

  6. Youkah says:

    No where in the bible, actually. The original, at least. The new Testaments say Homesexuality is bad and horrible.

  7. Ashlyn says:

    <3 -gives you a cookie-

  8. Ashlyn says:

    -gives you a cookie- :3 fresh baked and delicious!

  9. Ashlyn C. says:

    Can I hug you? I COMPLETELY AGREE with this. Please preach on my friend. If more religions preached like that, I might actually believe in it. i just have such a hard time believing in the bull shit that comes out of people’s faces that claim that they’re “Christians.”

    Anyway, here’s a cookie. -gives you cookie-

  10. Ashlyn C. says:

    I’m confused. Where in the bible does it directly say that Homosexuality is bad?

  11. Ashlyn C. says:

    ^ The internet gives you a cookie my friend <3

  12. Piesrbest says:

    24/7/365…so I can do whatever I want on leap day? :)

  13. Roma Stanley says:

    Being Gay is not normal, it’s a ((broken condition)), an expression of the fall of Adam and Eve..and sin entered into the world….Satan lies in convincing those that they are born that way’ and if so, then it’s still because of the sin committed by Our First Parents…FOR THIS REASON CHRIST BRINGS ABOUT A TRANSFORMATION…men with men, women with women..is nasty and an abomination..Satan is doing his job with the ignorant….for those who do not put away their nastiness will not be allowed in the Kingdom of Heaven, and will suffer their abomination for an eternity… THE LOVE THEY SHOW IN THAT VIDEO IS A LIE, BECAUSE SATAN HAS FULLED THE MINDS OF THE IGNORANT…

  14. Roma Stanley says:

    I read some of the blogs hear, and perhaps I need to quote how to really love someone example: who might be Gay…Many Christians don’t really know the bible the way they should, but when we journey in scripture, forming a personal relationship with Jesus, Scripture shows us through the Holy Spirit what true is. Many Christians tend to show their love towards gays, ((by accepting their condition, way they are, and that’s just a small answer. Thus I need not go any further. But what I will say is knowing what God’s Love truly implies in how to love your brothers and sisters in any condition…WHEN WE TRULY LOVE SOMEONE IN CHRIST that means: Showing them ( a gay friend ) that their condition is not the way God intended for them, but only A TRIAL THAT NEEDS TO BE CHANGED…WE AS CHRISTIANS NEED TO CARE AND LOVE THE WAY CHRIST LOVED, NOT JUDGING, BUT SHOWING THOSE THE TRUTH THROUGH SCRIPTURE, SUPPORTING THEM WITH GOD’S WORD, HAVING THEM GO TO CHURCH, PRAYING WITH AND FOR THEM, BEING A SPIRITUAL EXAMPLE OF SHOWING THEM THAT JESUS IS DOING A WORK IN OUR LIVES AND LETTING OUR FRIENDS KNOW THAT JESUS WILL DO A WORK IN THEIR LIVES, MAKING A TRANSFORMATION IN THEIR LIVE’S WHERE THEY CAN REALIZE THAT THROUGH GRACE THEY CAN LIVE MEANINGFUL AND JOYFUL LIVES IN SERVING OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN THE WAY HE INTENDED US TO.. ‘WHY ARE WE HEAR’, AND WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF MY LIFE???? + WE ARE DESTINE AND APPOINTED TO LIVE FOR THE PRAISE OF HIS GLORY+ GOD BLESS….

  15. Roma Stanley says:


  16. HiddenTunaLol says:

    Based on the video did you ever understand the word “norm”
    what if the norm was gay and the abnormality is straight
    so therefore straight is not a norm for them, so they call it queer do you get the idea now!??!!

  17. Honest says:

    Then u must not b a Christian to hear you talk.

  18. REAL GUEST says:


  19. Message says:

    Plus, the beginning of the bible is so silly. So you expect me to seriously believe a higher power being decided to make two adult humans randomly? How did they know how to reproduce? How did they even know how to walk? How did He get humans right on His first chance? Hello, religous people! No one spiritual being can have that much power without going insane!

  20. Guest says:

    I think gay people were made because if 7 BILLION PEOPLE REPRODUCED, THE WORLD WILL BECOME OVER-POPULATED quickly. Let’s say 5 billion were adults. Things will become hetic.

  21. Guest says:

    I’m a Christian, but I do think religon is a little silly. No one can watch over 7 billion people a day, let alone hear all their prayers and track all your sins. I believe there is a higher being, but, come on. The bible was written by guy who didn’t know how to store meat for a weak. He had to eat very soon.

  22. godblessourfuture says:

    I don’t hate gay people, I will admit I kind of hate the idea. Our society, as it technologically progresses, is losing its morality and barely hanging on to old traditions/culture. Our grandparents generation never saw such a great number of gay people because it was never really “acceptable.” Honestly, I don’t care about any of that, but I do care about our society becoming so technologically dependent that we lose sense of reality and just stop embracing the natural things in life. So for me, accepting gay’s has nothing to do with the individual person, it has more to do with the idea that we are slowly losing everything that our parents and our grandparents and their parents have left for us. It’s happening now – 50% divorce rate, schools are switching from books to i-pads, kids getting cell phones by the age of 7, list goes on. Kids learn from what they see and it’s only getting worse. We’re not helping our kids if we can’t even spank them anymore without child services threatening to arrest us. The subject of gay’s is just one part of the big picture. Our society in the next 2-3 generations will face a social collapse where their is a huge gray area between immorality and morality. I hope by then, God carries out judgement day.

  23. Max from MJ says:

    If this were the norm maybe the world would be a better place. In 2 to 3 generations I’m sure we as humans would no longer be here. How about a compromise? Homos and heteros live in harmony. Couples who want kids but can’t have them adopt, 20% of the global population would not be reproducing. Say over the course of 100 years we might not have the problems that we have today with food shortage, pollution, poverty and all the wonderfull perks overpopulation brings us! So maybe just maybe supporting A man who loves a man and a woman who loves a woman might not be a bad thing in the grand scheme of things???

  24. Still sayin' says:

    I posted as a guest, then Disqus would not let me reply to your reply, or even to my own post. So, I jumped through the hoops to register a Disqus account, and still got ‘You do not have permission to post to this thread’. Very frustrating. The only way I was actually able to post my reply was by deleting my apparently useless Disqus account, and post again as a guest with another email account. Because of the frustration trying to comment through Disqus, I respectfully submit that I will not attempt to continue using it.

    I rarely comment on stories anyway, but have been upset and irritated by a lot of gay/anti-gay dialog I have stumbled across around the internet lately. I have a number of gay friends who I love dearly (although the first descriptive term that comes to mind when I think of them is not ‘gay’, it is just ‘dear friend’).

    I am indeed a Literalist (and it can, at times, seem like a ‘scourge’ to me). I usually keep my opinions to myself, but I just snapped a little last night. I desperately wish we could all just be ‘people’ and not have to be forever divided into whatever divisive little groups the media seems to love to put us in. I guess I’m just tired, body and soul.

    I honestly don’t remember where this story popped up last night, as I was scanning various news sites and following links which invariably lead to other sites, etc. It was late. I didn’t even realize that the post was from April until after I had commented.

    Anyway, I don’t know if Disqus will let me post this reply, but I truly wish you and your family well, and did not intend to offend you in any way. Thanks for listening. :)

    (Oh, and I’d like to add that these ‘burn in hell’ and ‘horrible sin’ comments from so-called Christians makes me embarrassed to be a Christian.)

  25. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Let’s take care of a slight housekeeping problem. When using DISQUS, you can reply to another poster simply by hitting the “Reply” button at the bottom of their post. It’s easier to follow the discussion that way, and it also sends your reply directly to the other poster’s inbox. I sort of wonder if you plan on using DISQUS, but if you do plan on sticking around that will help. The reason why I wonder this is you are posting in a three month old thread. There’s really no way you could have just come across this thread, so you probably Googled a subject that brought you here. If you arrived here in some other manner, please tell me so my curiosity will be satisfied. Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back. There’s really no way of telling how you arrived here since you have no posting history. It might help if you always posted by using the same username.

    Satire need not be funny. Of course, The Onion is consistently funny, but I find nothing funny about Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”, and it’s definitely satire. In fact, it’s one of the best known pieces of satire. The main objective of satire is to hold a group or a behavior up to ridicule in order to bring about change. In this case, it was homophobes and homophobic behavior being ridiculed.

    I agree that John did use the word hate, but I think he may have done so in order to encourage people to open the thread. It’s great to know that you aren’t a hater. I also don’t accept hostility from others, but I know it’s out there. Being gay, I have been the recipient of hostility from others. One time, that hostility became physical. However, I can guarantee that I have really tried not to pass some of my negative feelings (or perhaps fear) along to my children. Although, I seemed to have passed on a rather finely tuned gaydar to my straight daughter. At least, that is what my husband thought.

    I am pretty much not a literalist, but I can see why satire may not be the best form of literature (or video) for someone who is. Satire can definitely malign others, and that may be very upsetting to a literalist..

  26. Still sayin' says:

    @ Mike:
    I understand the concept of satire. As for the comment of ‘there would be no straight people to hate’, the headline on this story was ‘What if the entire world were gay, and everyone hated straight people?’. Not a strange comment in response to that particular headline.

    Nothing makes me think gay people hate straight people. There are fringe elements of any group who do, in fact, hate other groups on the basis of ridiculous criteria such as skin color, gender, sexual preference, religious belief, political views, etc. I am not one of those. I accept all people and respect their opinions/beliefs. I do not appreciate hostility towards others or towards myself, and will defend myself (and others) when attacked. Kindness, content of character, and personal responsibility are the bases on which I identify and connect with others.

    I am extremely annoyed by the violence and horror that is perpetrated on gay people (and women, for that matter–since I happen to be one) in countries around the world at this time. It makes no sense to me.

    BTW, the second word of my first post was ‘LITERALLY’. Yes, I am afflicted with the unfortunate scourge of Literalism. Perhaps you do not understand the concept of literalism with which my entire first post was prefaced… I hope this clears up some of your confusion as to my original post.

    ~Respectfully Yours,
    wtf (the Literalist) :)

    PS. As far as satirical treatment of the subject matter, I don’t find it remotely funny. Whether pro-homo or pro-hetero, I find the behavior of maligning others with petty stereotypes because you don’t agree with their lifestyle, then passing that garbage on to your children, to be reprehensible.

  27. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Apparently you do not understand the concept of satire. The purpose of this video was to give straight people a feel for what it feels like to be gay. As for the comment, “There would be no straight people to hate.” What makes you think gay people hate straight people? I don’t and I know no one who does.” That’s a strange comment.

  28. wtf says:

    Okay, literally, if the entire world were gay, HOW would a straight kid (or ANY kid) be born?? There would be no straight people to hate. The premise is absurd. I love all people and accept them for whoever they want to be (and I expect the same consideration), but if everyone were gay, the species would die off pretty quickly for simple lack of procreation. Just sayin’.

    Oh, and go be gay in a muslim country or Russia right now, then come back and complain about how bad it is to be gay in America. A little perspective could be useful here.

  29. Fitim says:

    what if whole world . were straight that’s a good question

    what a super world withut gays without diseases

    hey people feel free do not let gays to take your freedoms if you think being gay is wrong never hide that feeling we all know that being gay is wrong and is nothing bad trying to explain a sick gay what a bad shit he is doing tell your kids family talk to them explain being gay is against god and is sick for sure bye now

  30. mine says:

    That is the most illogical garbage you could have ever made up. Gays wouldn’t exist without straight people in the first place. So if it were not for straight people, gay people wouldn’t be there to practice their unnatural lusts in the first place! I honestly don’t get, what more evidence do u need to prove the indecency of this sin? Yeah, maybe u are inclined towards the same gender, doesn’t mean you can’t change and get over it. It’s only your surroundings that make you that way, try lowering your gaze from naked men.

  31. GC says:

    If YOU don’t like it, YOU don’t do it.

  32. frank west says:

    you are very illogical as we create more food than we need, we waste more money and energy than we already need. Human reproduction is not something that will cause the extinction of the human race because of the rate of mortality. people are only upvoting you because they are equally as stupid

  33. frank west says:

    this is how gay agenda is being pushed by acting like victims, and people like to feel like good samaritans.

  34. frank west says:

    there is no reason to tolerate samesex period

  35. Sam Smith says:

    You hypocrite. You just judged others right after you said not to do that. I would never tell a gay person to goto hell. I’d tell them to goto church where maybe someday they will repent. I doubt that you are really a born-again Christian. If you were then you couldn’t honestly and openly support homosexuality as you claim to. I don’t think we should ridicule gays and we shouldn’t do violence against them, but also we shouldn’t promote it and push it as our media does. Its most certainly not natural and/or normal. If it were then we wouldn’t even be here. Gays can’t sustain the human race. If everyone was gay then we’d die off very rapidly. That lifestyle also spreads diseases and does great psychological damage to the individual. You should think about that.

  36. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    To whom are you directing this reply? If it is to Mr. Aravosis, I suggest you take a big breath and look around this blog.

  37. Jayln Russel says:

    I firmly believe in the bible and god, but I also support gay marriage. You are not god, you have no right to judge anyone. I don’t judge anyone it is not my position to. All you want to do is point fingers, but thats not right. When you were little and another kid did something to you, you weren’t allowed to put them in time out, So why tell gay people to go to hell? You people are the ones who go out clubbing and drinking on saturday, then go to church with a hangover, go home and start smoking weed. Get your life right before you start judging others.

  38. Richard Fairchild The Second says:

    Wow. 4 up votes for this. WOW.

    I don’t know how we do it; I don’t know how we still believe in religion. It is obviously such nonsense. Just look at the world’s religions, and how they differ, how they spell out completely different ways of life to “please” the invisible man in the sky.

    Really Richard, believing that you have to follow some invisible being’s 10 rules that is watching you 24/7/365 or you will go to a place of fire/etc for eternity is COMPLETELY INSANE. Oh wait, BUT GOD LOVES YOU, at the same time. But don’t fuck it up, or hell awaits!

    …jesus christ… pun intended. zinggg. ok I took that from above, that was good.

    I do agree with you though, this is a ridiculous video. Ahhh why I am here. (that isn’t an existential question by the way, I meant this webpage). Wait do you even know what existential means? Probably not, they don’t teach you that kind of thing in bible school.


    and no I’m NOT going to hell; get over it.

  39. ShadowClone36 says:

    “Smear the queer” Aren’t they queers?

  40. David Ross says:

    Actually, Christianity has very little to do with what you’re calling “tolerance”. As followers of Christ, we’re not called to agree with everything (thus, standing for nothing). We’re not called to please people, and we’re not called to spare everyone’s feelings. We’re called to be witnesses of the truth. That truth is that sin separates people from God. All people sin, and therefore all people need to repent and seek God’s forgiveness. Without getting right with God, we can only face the consequence for our own sin–which is an eternity of separation from God or “the second death”.

    God’s Word clearly defines the act of homosexuality to be a sinful abomination–the very byproduct of human depravity. Calling it anything different would be a lie. By condoning something that we know is sin and separates people from God, we’d be liars and spiritual murderers. Why on earth, when we are called to be witnesses of God’s truth, would we allow someone to keep sinning without ever telling him that what he’s doing is sin? That’d be like standing back and watching as someone else unknowingly destroys himself. Where would the truth or love be in that?

  41. David Ross says:

    Gurl plz. If the current situation were REALLY flip-flopped, there’d be a massive amount of the gay populace supporting the hetero minority. In fact, any opposition to heteros getting the same rights and protections would automatically get a gay written off as a “dumb fundie”, hater, bigot, or religious zealot. The “hetero community” would have a massive media presence and slather the 97% of the nation who aren’t heterosexual with truckloads of pro-hetero propaganda. There’d be massive rallies and parades around the world for “hetero pride”. In fact the hetero community would be constantly bitching about how any inconvenience they experience or dissent they receive because of their sexual orientation is “oppression” and wouldn’t relent until they had 100% equality with gays and had totally demolished the opposing view. Lord knows that nobody should have the right to disagree with the heteros.

    That is why I find this video more than a bit silly.

  42. Cath91 says:

    …what a tiny minded person. I actually feel sorry for you. I think it is more likely you will be judged for having so much hatred for a person merely because of the way they were born. It is beyond hypocritical to say you are making such comments in the name of religion’; a religion which stands for peace, tolerance, and love. You have the opinions of a cave man, and I would advise you not to air them so publicly, as I guarantee they belong amongst morons such as yourself.

  43. chuck says:

    Great Idea, the human race would die out…

  44. listen says:

    Please don’t pass judgement on people. It’s not your job.

    A Christian who does not condone homosexuality, but also does not condone overlooking other biblical principles such as “love your enemy” and “turn the other cheek” and mainly just to love your brother.

  45. Fuck the gays says:

    nailed it.

  46. Zach Cage says:

    This video makes no logical sense. First, how would the human race grow from cave people to the populace we have now???? In the video it says Breeding Season for the opposite sex, um , that is straight sex, so why would they ridicule a girl for being straight if they “tolerate” a breeding season? A breeding season is fine, but being born straight, that is crazy! Flawed logic. Look, bigotry, hatred, intolerance and discrimination are just awful traits, and really need to be extinct. However, one persons rights and beliefs cannot be ridiculed or belittled because another says it is right or wrong. As long as no one is is hurting anyone, then their beliefs are valid. If someone doesn’t like the way you dress, are you going to tell them they are intolerant? I hate the term homophobia, you can not agree with something and not be afraid of it. Someone can be against something or believe something else and still be TOLERABLE of others. When you go around saying they are homophobes and discriminating, you are acting like the very thing you condemn. This video just shows that this whole gay and straight battle is absurd. We can live together and be different. We cannot survive as a society if we all agree on the same issues. It doesn’t work that way.

  47. Tristan Weber says:

    Knowing that you used your intellect to create stupid things like this ?. That is exactly how I feel about religious people. ZZZIIING.

  48. Thomas M. Myers says:

    This video was very difficult for me to watch!

    This being said, I must say that the temptation is to interpret this video as being a message which states that homosexual acts are just as morally/ethically good as heterosexual acts. Such an interpretation couldn’t be further from the truth. So please allow me to clarify and share my thoughts on how the video should actually be interpreted.

    Being homosexual is NOT a sin, as it is not a willful choice! But performing homosexual acts is always intrinsically sinful. Being heterosexual is NOT sinful, either, as it too is not a willful choice. This said, many (but not all) heterosexual acts are (like homosexual acts) also sinful. Every sexual act (homo or hetero) which is not performed chastely with purity of heart — or without an objectifying lust of another human being merely for the sake of shear pleasure — (and is not intended for complete giving of self to another human being in loving union AND possibly meeting sexuality’s other teleological purpose of creating a new human life) is sinful. The reason is that in whichever situation, despite our sexual desire, we can free-willingly choose not to indulge. Or in other words, we are not forced by our carnal appetites to sin; instead, we free-willingly choose to sin by giving in to the weaknesses of our flesh.

    So sometimes it is possible to not sin in heterosexual unions, but never is this the case for homosexual unions (due to the undeniable absence of the necessary possibility for and openness to procreation). As such, condoning homosexual marriage (and the sin that naturally, inevitably, and always comes with it) is not morally good. The reason is that doing so would not only undermine the dignity of God’s purpose for our sexuality and the tautological definition of the authentic bonds of marriage and family, but it would also reject love.

    If we condone what we know to be sinful in others, then we fail to guide others in the path that will save them from the possibility of hell. In fact, we endanger their possibility of salvation! Again, this is not true love which wills the ultimate good and well-being of others; instead, fraternal and brotherly/sisterly correction (in non-judgmental humility, charity, compassion and mercy) is.

    In the end, it is possible to reject the sin while fully dignifying, loving and accepting (and even compassionately embracing) the human person with love and mercy. Never judge the sinner; only the sin (and remember that a person is defined only by who they are; not by what they do — whether what they do is good or bad).

    In fact, we all should love all persons so much that we are willing to completely accept them while even tolerating (but not accepting or condoning) their imperfections and sins (whatever those sins and imperfections may be). We only tolerate (without accepting or condoning) sins and imperfections, because in love, we want to help others to grow in perfection and virtue. If we condone or accept sins and imperfections in others, we go against authentic love by conveying the false message that it is not necessary for them to grow and meet their highest potential for good.

    The truth is that we all have imperfections and sins of our own to overcome, and as such, we all equally need to be accepted and loved and dignified. Furthermore, we all are equal in our need for God’s love and mercy!

    When we receive these things — love, compassion, mercy, charity, kindness, etc. — from God and from others, we learn for ourselves about our own value and inherent dignity as human beings, and as such, we grow to truly love ourselves (even to the point of beginning to hate our own sins equally if not more than the sins of others)! Consequently, we recognize in ourselves the desire to grow into our full potentiality for goodness and meet the ultimate end/actuality that we are destined for.

    We should desire and strive to help others receive what we have received, experience the love, compassion, mercy, charity, and kindness that we have experienced, and therefore share in our joy and freedom as people who are growing in perfection and ascending towards God.

    So truly, according to my more appropriate interpretation, this video’s underlying ethical message and moral lesson is absolute and total in its 100% correctness, because it is veritable fact that all we do need is integral and authentic love!

    Contrary to what this video may be falsely and inappropriately portraying, though, is the fundamental truth that I have been asserting in this reflection, which is that it is NOT ethically/morally acceptable to perform homosexual or non-marital/non-procreative sexual acts. For any and all persons, though, it is always virtuous and good to genuinely love any human being (of any gender). True and genuine/virtuous love does not necessarily need to be expressed through sexual actions, though. In fact, true and genuine love must transcend sexual expression (in all cases), and many times may be required to sacrificially refrain from sexual expression. Homosexuals and Unmarried persons who have a genuine and true love for one another must (through love and desire for the ultimate good of the self and the other person) sacrificially refrain from the sexual expression of their love (which leads to sin and can therefore have the potential of causing eternal destruction — or the ultimate opposite of good for the self and the other).

    In fact, many people choose to live the vocational calling of the single life and to lovingly serve others in charity. These people do have genuine and true love for all persons (and like all average/normal human beings, are even sexually attracted to other human beings from time to time). But their love is not (and can never be) expressed sexually. Instead, it is (and must always be) expressed only through virtue, generosity and charity, as well as corporal and spiritual acts of mercy. As someone who personally feels called to chastity, abstinence, and celibacy and aspires to lovingly serve God and humanity in the sacerdotal ministry of Christ, I am one such person. So I deeply know exactly what it feels like to be sexually attracted to and/or deeply love others but not have (due to my personal choice to sacrificially refrain) the ability to express my love sexually. Consequently, I can identify with homosexuals and other unmarried persons, as I (in a very real way) share in their struggle to sacrificially refrain from sexual behaviors that are sinful.

    In the end, though, I say all of this to make one very important point.

    No matter the situation, it is never morally/ethically acceptable to treat any person (for any reason) hatefully, and to do so (purposefully and with willful malicious intent) is equally grave in its sinfulness (and can be likened to the very serious sin of murder…especially if it causes suicide)! Hopefully this video makes this particular message clear to us, instead of the one (mentioned above) that we may be tempted to falsely perceive.

    In conclusion, please know that my prayers are with all peoples who feel marginalized and negatively judged (and may even be contemplating or have already followed through with thoughts of suicide as a result). I pray that God shows them His loving consolation and merciful presence — not only spiritually, but also physically (through the tangible manifestations of love and mercy that should flow from those of us who strive to be true and holy Christians…imitators and followers of Christ).

    May God forgive us all for our failure to love as Christ loves. May He also free us from the many negative consequences that hurt not only us, but also Him who loves us and is deeply wounded when He sees that we are free-willingly causing ourselves (and others) to be hurt and to likewise turn away from Him. Also, let us all constantly remember that the measure with which we judge others will be the very same measure with which God will judge us. Finally, may God bless and grace each and every single one of us with His guidance and be our constant help and protection as we steadfastly persevere through this spiritual battle which we call life…Amen!

  49. shadowguy14 says:

    You should open your eyes troll

  50. shadowguy14 says:

    Glorious Satan!

  51. Ryan says:

    Your copious punctuation and poor grammar serves only to lessen the message you are trying to send. The message you are trying to send appears to be for everyone to turn to God for help, though you have hidden it in a jumbled mass of commas, semicolons, and pointless extra words that have no place in your comment. While I couldn’t agree with you more about turning to Him, being a Christian myself, I must point out for you and for everyone else commenting here and reading the comments that nowhere in the Bible does it say it is wrong for two people of the same sex to love each other. The only times in the Bible where homosexuality (not rape) is denounced are in Leviticus (right after we are told not to tattoo ourselves, trim our facial hair, or wear clothes made of two different materials), Romans (though I don’t like these verses, as Paul states that God abandoned those people, but God did not abandon them, they abandoned him by worshipping idols), First Corinthians (which includes a summary of many sins), and First Timothy (which likens homosexuality to murder, which is ridiculous to say the least, as homosexuality does not end another’s life). Of these, the only one that comes from God is Leviticus, and even that has been related through many. The only one making a point is Corinthians. For all the talk, homosexuality should be discouraged no more than wearing polyester youth group shirts or tattooing “I love Jesus” on your arm. I would also like to point out that the Bible is not the author of anything. God is the author of forgiveness. I noticed many of your other comments, and let me say that the Bible is not God. God is God. Jesus is God. The Holy Spirit is God. The Bible is a compilation of God’s word relayed through prophets and others in order to help humanity. I know you aren’t putting down homosexuals in the way many others have, but I ask that you represent Christians with a little more poise and a lot more accuracy.

  52. Hanajima says:

    I don’t think the Bible is fucked up, I think it’s the church. I haven’t read the whole Bible, but I’d find it weird to see something that says we have to hate homosexuals. Doesn’t the whole Christianity come from the idea that God created everything?
    It’s just the people who have the power and will to keep it. Those prophets, who interpreted the Bible to the common people could have used their power to run trough their own ambitions and prejudices.

  53. Hanajima says:

    If you’re trying to be funny, it’s not working. You are making Christians look completely crazy.
    Please stop. That’s creepy. That’s not Christianity.

  54. GC says:

    I quoted this deeper in the comments:

    “The very concept of sin comes from the Bible.
    Christianity offers to solve a problem of its own making!
    Would you be thankful to a person who cut you with a knife in order to sell you a bandage?”
    (Dan Barker)

    “Sin” — unlike actual consequences of actions in the real world — is imaginary.
    Rather than submitting to a horrific Bronze Age fairytale, we can and should use our intelligence and empathy for our fellow human beings to work towards creating a real “heaven on earth”.

  55. GC says:

    Other commenters already addressed this: in the video, they referred to tolerating opposite-sex sex during “breeding season”.

    Not everyone needs to reproduce in order to maintain a viable population. (And with 7 billion and counting on this overloaded planet, we’d do better with smaller future generations. Global climate destabilization wouldn’t have happened without all those people feasting on the 19th/20th century’s temporary “energy banquet”.)

  56. Joe says:

    I recently argued with someone on Habbo (go figure), about the ever-so-popular topic of homosexuality. He said gay people shouldn’t broadcast being gay. I said, have you NEVER seen an AXE commercial? I mean, that’s LITERALLY broadcasting being straight. The whole foundation of AXE’s image is STRAIGHT SEX. So, who’s shoving what down who’s throat? PUN INTENDED. ZINGGGGGG.

  57. Seth Johnston says:

    “What if the entire world was gay?”

    We’d all be dead because nobody would be able to reproduce!

  58. GC says:

    The bible is only a “mirror” of the barbaric, psychotic sky-warlord character who committed horrendous acts left and right, and who “loves” us so much he’ll subject us to unimaginable torment for ever and ever unless we submit to his arbitrary whims. (see http://www.evilbible.com )

    Fortunately that character is completely fictional.

  59. Jess says:

    Please stop, you know if you really knew the bible you would see it says to love your enemies. If you veiw gays as your enemy, then fine but treat them with respect. They are people too, they feel the same emotions you do, they are human, they bleed, they love, they have favorite colors and books, and you are being disrespectful. You should understand not everyone is Christian, not everyone is going to believe in the same thing you do and you need to respect that and not treat others badly. This is not very serious, you are blowing this way out of proportion my friend. I am Christian, I go to church, I read the bible, and I accept Gay’s and I think they have every right to marry whom they love just as much as a straight couple. Being Christian is about love, forgiveness, Tolerance and acceptance. I honestly hope that you won’t be offended and understand where I am coming from. They have every right to stand for what they believe in just as much as you do. Don’t call this a stupid video, have some respect, people have actually been driven to the tragic ending that girl in the video did. I have a friend who is gay and the way he is treated by people who are against gay marriage is not Christianly at all. God Bless

  60. GC says:

    The bible is a mirror of HUMAN mythology, history, mistakes, bits of morality, and a great deal of gross immorality. It contains nothing that wasn’t known in the first century CE. (Why doesn’t it predict modern democracy, or the internet?) It’s amazingly self-contradictory, and outrageously arbitrary and cruel; hardly a moral authority. (Yes, I’m entitled to judge it. My brain and my intelligence are real, unlike some people’s “authorities”.)

    There’s a difference between responsibility and actual consequences of actions, which are real, and “sin”, which is imaginary. HEAVEN AND HELL ARE IMAGINARY, not worth wasting and limiting your life for.

    As others have said before, without the threat of reward or punishment in an imaginary afterlife, I murder and rape all I want, which is not at all. Not because “god said so”, but because we human beings have empathy for each other as well as reasoning, and we want to live in a world where people don’t get murdered or raped.

    Take a look at skepticsannotatedbible.com and godisimaginary.com .

    Anyone’s safe, sane, and consensual expression of sexuality is objectively morally neutral. Just because you or I might react to certain things with “ewww, no thanks, not for me!” doesn’t mean you should try to forbid them.

  61. Richard Fairchild says:

    you are being touched by the Bible.. that is why your views are so messed up.. the Bible is working in your life.. but only to a certain degree.. people’s in a remote jungle who hear it and repent and believe in Jesus will enjoy eternity while you will roast.. unless you become like them here and believe.. it hurts to see yourself as you are, huh? the bible is a mirror.. and you just don’t like what you see..

  62. Richard Fairchild says:

    that is just the rise the Bible was intended to get out of you.. it is still doing its job.. you can’t stand it because it is a mirror.. and when you see it.. you see how ugly you are.. you need to repent and follow Jesus Christ.. only then will you be beautiful..

  63. Richard Fairchild says:

    you don’t believe the Bible because you are still in your sins.. so you see it as messed up.. but in reality.. it is a mirror.. and you are seeing how messed up you are when you look into it.. but you just don’t know it.. may the Lord have mercy upon you and open your eyes

  64. Richard Fairchild says:

    wow, this is a stupid video.. but I say this.. go ahead.. reject the Lord Jesus Christ.. do what you want.. God will judge you at the end.. and not only will you go to hell.. and suffer.. but you will suffer all the more.. knowing that you used your intellect to create stupid things like this and knowing that you helped other people believe the lie too and go to hell too.. how will you feel? you might want to consider this.. because this is VERY SERIOUS.. and you cannot get these actions back.. which are sins.. but you still have time to repent from your sins and obey Jesus Christ.. you should think seriously about this.. Satan has you by the throat..

  65. Amber says:

    I have no problems with gay and I think that there is always a solution to a problem. Suicide is such a harsh way to end this video. What are we teaching our children that suicide is a solution to our problems. The girl in the video could of went to counselling or something else. Beside we should just love and except people for who they are. Everyone one gets bullied about things. Some for weight,race,religion,sexuality and the list goes on. We just need to stop hating and start loving each other for who we are. Love is the most important thing that we all need in life. We are all born with the emotion to love. We learn how to hate.

  66. Silver Usher says:

    You are completely missing the point of the whole video.
    1. they had a solution- Breeding Season
    2. the point of the video was bullying
    3. Don’t be a fucking smartass.

  67. Silver Usher says:

    yo dude this whole this is basically anti-suicide. As stupid as Angel is, don’t tell her to kill herself. It is wrong no matter what the case is.

  68. Kyle Drew says:

    I just want to say that i am a gay male i have been a victim of bullying and it affected my life in a way that i slit my wrists. Luckily my parents found me before it was too late but i do know what its like and i believe that we as a world against bullying need to help post this video and get it out in the public so they can see how badly bullying affects people. Because eventually if bullying gets any worse then we are going to continue seeing videos like this and were going to see more people kill themselves. Us as a world need to put forth the effort to stop bullying. so please everyone who sees or watches this video please help get it out for anyone and everyone to see so we can put an end to bullying…

  69. Jem321 says:

    There was recently a study where they found that maybe 1 to 100 million people in the hold world could see “extra colors” that “normal” people cannot see.

  70. Watch the video. They have a thing called “Breeding season”, as the vicar in church says something along the lines about two people of the opposite sex not lying down in bed together apart from during breeding season. The people who made the video knew this would be a major argument against, so came up with something for it.

    Sidenote, this video made me cry. I didn’t go through things as bad as this when I realised I was gay, but I could really emphasise with the girl. Luckily I had a really supportive family and friends, especially my mom.

  71. GC says:

    “The very concept of sin comes from the Bible.
    Christianity offers to solve a problem of its own making!
    Would you be thankful to a person who cut you with a knife in order to sell you a bandage?”
    (Dan Barker)

  72. GC says:

    God is imaginary.

    A book written by first-century desert people, full of contradictions, untruths, atrocities and objective evil condoned and commanded by a “just” and “loving” god, cannot claim any moral authority.

  73. Persephone says:

    Oh honey, bless your heart.
    Calling someone’s personal anecdote about their first-hand experiences with feeling like an outcast “flawed logic” is not only obnoxious, but also completely out of place.
    Check yourself before you wreck yourself, darlin’.

  74. kkkclanhater says:

    while that is true when do you think it will happen? nobody will ever be the same.

  75. damnnatureuscary says:

    the bible is bullshit u dick

  76. damnnatureuscary says:

    oh please enough of that religious BULLSHIT. RELIGION IS FUCKING BULLSHIT. you actually fucking disgust me.

  77. damnnatureuscary says:

    honestly the bible is fucked on how people should behave. homosexuals are hated everywhere, honestly i find it gross because im straight, but im thinking from this video that if people found it gross for me kissing a girl that i would feel like commiting suicide, so in conclusion idc if someone is gay or not they are still the same person, however i dont like when they get all in my face going on about how much they love their gay partner, because it kind of disgusts me however what is going on around in our society is wrong and they are people with equal rights.

  78. Steven says:

    Your comments are senseless, because I would still be gay even if I were a lifelong celibate. So even if I never act on it, I’m still thinking about, and by your logic, that’s ok. So whatever, Angel. Just whatever. I’ve been hearing people like you babble on and on my whole life, and now your ignorance is just a slightly irritating background noise.

  79. Tony Willis says:

    kill your fucking self you clown.The fuck out of here. That ain’t no angel….just the devil in disguise

  80. Tony Willis says:

    You hafe to be one of the most retarded shit heads for saying such stupidity…My god you people say dumb shit….How are we a dying species? If anything we breed children into poverty everyday, TOOO fucking much..not having enough food and not using recourse’s properly.I wound’t be surprised if god made gay for the reason of population control because it doesn’t seem like the average man can do anything for humanity except spit babies…..

  81. Tony Willis says:

    This is an idiot who probably has an iPhone

  82. Doug says:

    Star Trek: The Next Generation did an episode in which a humanoid species procreated asexually, and the people therefore had no sexual attractions. But a small number were born with sexual attraction and a desire to mate (I.e., like perfectly normal heterosexual humans), and they were ostracized. It was a well done metaphor on the ostracizing of gays.

  83. KP says:

    We will also become extinct if we overbreed due to food shortages and clean water.
    Did you ever think that maybe making some people gay is natures way of controlling the population? Also, The bible outlaws wearing gold, eating shellfish, getting tattoos, wearing synthetic fabrics, touching pig skin (football), touching a woman during her period and killing her if she isn’t a virgin when you get married. Do you follow these rules too? Bet you don’t.

  84. KP says:

    We will also become extinct if we overbreed due to food shortages and water.
    Did you ever think that maybe making some people gay is natures way of controlling the population?

  85. KP says:

    The bible also outlaws wearing gold, eating shellfish, getting tattoos, wearing synthetic fabrics, touching pig skin (football), touching a woman during her period and killing her if she isn’t a virgin when you get married. Do you follow these rules too? Bet you don’t.

  86. Ask-Ascomp says:

    Let me clarify my point. As I am sure you know, there’s a difference between natural death and extinction. How will we continue human existence if persons aren’t reproducing naturally? Is this possible in a gay framework? Let me know…

  87. Nari says:

    You’re quite the preacher, aren’t you, “angel.” Are you god’s proclaimed messenger now, or what?

  88. roflcopter says:

    humans would come to an end, because there would be no kids born…

  89. jay says:

    The analogies will only get more absurd over time and grossly overreaching as far as the imagination can extend. For the plight of of any cause in desperation will become a thinktank just as the incarcerated individual has nothing but time to think of ways to escape so do the homosexuals who scream for more than acceptance. In the end though the only loosers are the children. For it’s them that will suffer from the language gymnastics that has been played to sympathize with ‘anything goes’ soon to spill over in all areas of their lives. Some things in life just aren’t fair for a reason. Biological rules that have been in place since man was created will never change. Those reasons are not to be negotiated because of how we ‘feel’ about something. If every decision were always left up to how we felt about something, then are decisions would be void of reason and most of all based on emotion. When we all know the the worst decisions in history were those where someone of great judgment gave in to emotion when making some of the most critical decisions.

  90. nobonesl says:

    Youi seem scared, Angel. What is it you REALLY fear, eh?

  91. nobonesl says:

    I’m a breeder, and I never chose my sexuality. Sexuality, either way, is the result of *the way you are made*.
    But you know what? Even if it were a choice, so frikkin’ what? What harm is done?
    Exactly, none.
    I don’t honestly believe sexuality is a choice for anyone. But you know, when you think about it, it wouldn’t matter even if it were.

  92. nycolonopyl says:

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  93. jackiero says:

    “What are you, some kind of breeder?” This was the best video, ever. I’m going to have a party tonight to declare my status as a breeder, and I do hope that Sports Illustrated will be there for my cover story and Obama will call me in the morning for my bravery.

  94. Angel says:

    The saddest thing about all of this, is the lie; that homosexuality acts, isn’t completely our choice, and misleading children, who are already struggling, with puberty. That is how evil works. Even children are not off limits, to evil! This is a formula for suicide. Not suggesting; that the Bible, is the cause of suicide, like evil does. You are removing all hope; when you turn a blind eye, to the Bible! I want to know. What do *you* tell, a suicidal teen (with any sin)? What hope do you offer them? Because, the Bible is the author of forgiveness, and true love. There, and only there, is The good news, that God loves you so much, that He has WAITS, for you to turn to Him, and has already conquered death, for you specifically, in all His perfect goodness. But God is no slave-master, and that’s why you are making your choice. Only from Jesus, and His being one with God, comes a Hope; that transcends, any other event, and lasts for eternity! There is no other reason, to live, and if you take that away from children, by blocking His light, you will be held accountable, and by God Himself. Especially, for confusing little children. This, reward is for your own choice. You better believe that. Because, Jesus is bring FULL justice, and He is soon. You will only miss life; if you reject Him, and in your own ways, and you will have eternity, to rue your decision. For only God, is right to judge you, and decide when your time is up(or pointless at some point), and He will. It doesn’t matter how many people you can trick, and may go along with you, just for a time… If you counter the Bible, you will reap what you sow.

  95. BeccaM says:

    You are making no sense whatsoever.

  96. Angel says:

    What if we, who really are commanded to love one another, is God’s test of all mankind?

    Isn’t it pure hatefulness, and wimpy fear; when we fail share God’s
    good plan/Word? Especially, His part; that very clearly says homosexual
    offenses are, unquestionably, detestable to The Lord, and in context?
    Who says loving the sin, is loving the people; except evil?

    “If there is a man who lies with a male
    as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable
    act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltiness is upon
    them.” -Leviticus 20:13 NAS

    Now, be very careful; with the
    translation(s) here. God’s one, and unchanging message, is The perfect
    Truth. If we misinterpret God, that’s not God’s imperfect flaw; it’s
    ours. That is common, and logical reason. This translation is clear(er).
    We do not kill others; over this. Nor does anyone judge our eternity,
    accept God. They are killing themselves.

    “Stay away from
    sexual sins. Other sins that people commit don’t affect their bodies the
    same way sexual sins do.” -1 Corinthians 6:18

    One translation
    says, “let them”, and only meaning, we must give unrepentant people
    their choice(s), just like God does! Yet remember, full Justice is on
    His way. It’s actually a requirement, of True, and perfectly balanced
    Love. It’s not love, otherwise. Time marches on.

    This verse
    does not indicate, we fail to help them. It says, we can’t help anyone,
    who is persistently unrepentant. Yet, we don’t fully know which! Some
    of you needed to hear that. We should discern character, and by its
    fruits, but not anyone’s eternal destination. Who knows that; but God?
    We can only see indication, and are called to do justly.

    see, failing to turn to God’s ways, and dropping our own sinful ways, is
    each our own, personal responsibility; not others. All sins wages are
    death. The good news, here, is the way this translation says, “Their
    bloodguiltness”; Which you already know, and just as well as I do…
    Jesus has already paid, for our sin(s), and its guilt. That
    specifically, is *any* sin; except your own choice of no repentance, all
    the way, and until your “number comes up”. If we said, once into
    practicing sexual immorality, we are then toast, and with no, now
    available, forgiveness(Love); then we would indeed be the devil. I get
    that. I hope you do also. All, but Christ/God, is a sinner. So, this is
    about who defines sin, and God does; not us. It’s also death; for a
    unquestionable, and evil reason. Not legalism; because where is your
    choice, in these matters, restricted? Run, from out-of-marriage sex,
    with others. Run to sex, with your spouse. That does indicate a Holy
    Matrimony. Holy indicates God blessed, and in alignment, with what God
    said. Not contrary to God. This is clearly not one of those “Grey”

  97. Angel says:

    No, it’s about your desire to promote your lie; that you are born that way. In this way, you are attempting to condone a sin; that will lead to you death, if your do not turn from that CHOICE. You are seeking to hide your personal responsibility is this matter. You are responsible for the sex acts; that you choose, and you will reap exactly, and in the exact amount, that you sow them. What you have just heard, is love; because its true, unless we repent from our sins, we are choose our own death, eternal. What I have said, mean you still have time, and how is ANYTHING more important, than your eternal life. People, drop you sin now; because getting in under the wire, and at the last moment, is not better. These are not my teachings; but these truths are what Jesus has said. It is up to you, to honestly consider His actual words; without twisting them. It’s only common sense. What Jesus said, and did, does hold together, and cohesively, with absolute logic, as opposed to the half-“truths”. Half-“truths”…that if you do not learn to divide, will be you undoing.

  98. Angel says:

    Yes; but your logic is flawed.

    The ineptitude of our medical people(humans) does not reflect The perfection of Jesus. only the flaw, of man.

    Perspectives do not change The Truth, over all time; but may only appear, differently, for a time.

    Olive coloring, still has the same exact frequency of light reflected, no matter how some eyes may see it, differently.

    If there were zero, absolute Truth, then we could not even communicate, at all. There could be zero commonality, and there is commonality. If you understand, and agree; that mankind is limited (such as in our overall perspectives of God), then any resonable person must ask, where are my perspectives flawed, and where is real, cohesive Truth, Absolute. Lies do not hold together. It’s only common sense. Just do not be tricked; into forgetting this is over time, and that is not just how long we have been born, or how long we may live, in this age (of time/oportunity.)

  99. Angel says:

    Correction: There is no resonablity in any argument, that The Bible fails to warns us agianst homosexuality, as it does other sins. It’s VERY clear, and only requires open eyes. It is; what He is.

  100. Angel says:

    You are forgetting, The Bible stands apart, and claims it’s self to be God, the absoulte Truth, and holds togethe, unlike lies, in what it actually syas; like none other. This does not mean you have to accept Him. It does mean, the Bible is an all, or nothing, statement; because that is, in fact, what it actually says. By any reasonable, and honest look. I do not mean my interpretaion, I mean a commonly accepts standard of resonabality. Your choice can only, and honestly be, to compleatly accept, or compleatly reject the Bible, and not pick and choose, or you have created you own sad, little false religion. The Bible clearly states is was written by God Himself, and only penned by His (uniqie, BTW) saints. Just use your brain. You can actually burn a Bible; but that, in no way, makes God non-existant. What part of the Bible is God; but it’s meaning, and what he said? What about what Jesus did say, and just as it is written? Have you checked paralell translation; from the original laguages, and to make sure your are no misunderstanding it? Homosexaulity is covered by God, and Jesus and it not by any stretch, one of the Grey areas, of the Bible. Anyone who suggest otherwise, does not know what the Bibles actually says, or is hiding something. There is no resonablity in any argument, that The Bible warns us agianst homosexuality, as it does other sins.

  101. Angel says:

    Evil is using children to mix your half-truths. Where would these child charaters come from; if not from what you call “breeders”? How could they all be adopted, if not originally breed?

    Bullying is not your excuse. Bullying is not confined to homosexual name calling. Bulling is wrong, in any form. Homosexual offenses are a sin that leads to ones own death; but you left out Jesus, and His forgivness for our sins. Repentance meens turning, from our own way of sin(that’s how we are born, and many different sins), and to The Lord; by choice. The people, resonsible for this video, do not know what love is. Love is for all sinnners; but must be accepted, not rejected. Otherwise you are chooseing your own death, and in your own body. This video is the blind; leading the blind. It’s a poor attempt at reverse scicology. For Love is also justice, and does not accept any sin. We are here to overcome our own sins, and this perfection/holiness is impossible, on our own. But all things are made possible; by Christ. The overriding flaw, in the “logic” of this video, is the false assumtion; that people have no choice, over their own desire, and who they actually sleep with. This is a childish denial of obvious choice, and not only with the same sex; but also, with the opposite sex. Nothing about homosexuality is logical, in Truth. This does not mean, people will not claim, they are born that way; but it is an obvious lie. For example, our individual uniqness comes only fronm The Lord, and how He has made us.

  102. You’re forgetting that the bible was written by man, not God. Jesus himself never said a word about Homosexuality. Using a book as an excuse to hate people is wrong.

  103. csantos says:

    we are already a dying species…. full of stupidity…

  104. Ask-Ascomp says:

    We’d be a dying species. Let us know when gay ppl can carry on the productivity of the human race.

  105. A friend says:

    That’s actually hilarious, because then the whole world would be runnin out of population as there would be no reproduction. There’s a reason that gay couples cannot reproduce. We aren’t some sort of unisex species. There are DIFFERENT genders because their differences compliment each other and they are able to continue the species. God frowns on homosexuality (Leviticus 18:22)

  106. TheTruth16 says:

    we should all be the same or stuff like this will keep on happening

  107. VictorGNYC says:

    That is a plot summary of a very charming & thought-provoking musical called Zanna, Don’t! which we had the good fortune to see off-Broadway a decade ago starring the adorable Jay Rodriguez.

  108. Sweetie says:

    On the flipside: Why is it that the cars straight men go for look like angry groundhogs? Is it because the cars look like the drivers and have equivalent IQ?


  109. BeccaM says:

    I have some color blindness deficiencies, which were diagnosed when I was in the third grade. They kept re-testing me because, in their words, “You’re a girl and girls are almost never colorblind.” After a while, I began to feel bad because I felt like I was “flunking” their stupid “spot the number” tests. Some of them were really marginal in that I could almost kinda sorta see the number and might get it right one day, then be utterly unable to see it the next.

    It was weird though, being treated as if there was something wrong with me simply because my eyes didn’t work the way everybody expected. Nor did my particular types of colorblindness fit their usual categories of such. Often it’ll be something like people insisting that something looks like it’s olive colored, whereas I’ll say it looks gold to me.

  110. Ndokaa Bundu says:

    you know, i haven’t gotten past the credits yet, but already this isn’t as good as the video about the couple worrying about old people gettingthe right to marry. am i thinking of something else?

  111. BeccaM says:

    I remember. I never forgave Chung for that. Still haven’t.

  112. Pat Nash says:

    In real life, there wouldn’t be a birth, Well, not like the straight people would do it.

  113. Papa Bear says:

    Reminds me of HGWells’ “The Country of the Blind” — and you know how well that turned out for the guy who could see…

  114. Sweetie says:

    The unfortunate part, though, is that for some kids it’s even worse. My best friend’s father even forced him to sleep with a hooker to “make a man out of him” because he was friends with me. He’s lucky he didn’t catch anything. I was also banned from their house after being almost part of the family for 11 years. My hearing is ruined because my father wanted to “make a man out of me” with guns, drag racing, and various other activities that I found not only extremely tedious but also highly irritating.

    And I was one of the “lucky ones” who wasn’t made homeless. In 1998, Connie Chung (Eye to Eye) suggested that all the gay kids who are thrown out like trash are at fault for choosing to be gay.

  115. nicho says:

    Slightly related. I read a piece once in which the writer suggested that if most people in the world were color blind, and that only 10 percent of people could see color, the 10 percent would be considered abnormal (in the bad meaning of the word) and quite possibly mentally ill. They might even be hospitalized and subjected to therapies to “cure” them of their illness that caused them to see vivid colors where there were none (at least according to the color-blind majority).

  116. Steven says:

    Sometimes it just requires a fresh perspective. I recently started sharing an office with a really cool guy at work whom I’ve know for a couple of years, and just to make sure there was no confusion or awkwardness, I told him I was gay (who wants to tiptoe around every conversation, right?). He was, as I expected, completely cool about it and we started talking. He was curious why certain celebrities are compelled to announce that they’re gay. He didn’t really see past the notion of it being about sex. I explained that it’s usually not so much about announcing you’re gay as it is clearing up the misconception that you’re straight. I suggested that most of the time people are assumed, by default, to be straight, and that this is generally the correct assumption, about 95% of the time. But when that assumption is made about a gay person, it requires setting the record straight, so to speak. I told him that letting the assumption go unchallenged is akin to lying, at least passively. You are letting a misconception about yourself continue. I’m sure many celebrities announce they’re gay not to bring up their sexual lives but to be honest about themselves with the general public. So he understood then that coming out of the closet is not about thrusting your sexual orientation into someone’s face, it’s about wanting to be completely honest with that person. It’s a sign of tremendous respect, really, to say to someone, ‘I care enough about our friendship/relationship that I have to be honest with you.’ He had never considered this perspective before and realized that he learned something new.

  117. karmanot says:

    “I was challenging their authority” Damn right!

  118. cole3244 says:

    turn about would be fair play and ironic to say the least but still bigotry and unacceptable either way’
    myself i hate the realization that i will never see the world it should and could be, i can only dream of such a world and hope it eventually exists.

  119. BeccaM says:

    All true, but there’s only so much story one can pack into a short film like this. I actually thought the isolation thing was touched on, in that Ashley only found one hetero boy in her entire school — and soon not only did he reject her, it became clear through the deluge of text messages and the bullying that Ashley no longer had any friends at all.

    After that, there wouldn’t have been a single other admitted ‘breeder’ of her own age that she knew personally.

    We need to remember that how things are now or even 10-20 years ago is nothing like what you and I had to grow up with. True, no social media to jackhammer the immediate rejection and add the element of cyberbullying, but things like forced institutionalization and ECT were more common. Heck, if we want to nit-pick, instead of having one at least marginally supportive parent, Ashley could have had a pair of ‘fundamentalist’ types who, upon learning their daughter was a ‘breeder,’ kicked her out of the house to be homeless.

    In any short story format, which is what this film is, a writer has to pick and choose what’s important to the narrative and keeps it moving steadily towards the intended conclusion. There’s not enough room to kitchen-sink everything.

  120. Sweetie says:

    Lest anyone think knuckle-draggers are going the way of the dodo:


    Yes, folks, a car looks “queer” because some guy doesn’t think the design is appealing. Notice that not one person objected to the ridiculous comparison. But, this is the way bigots think. They think that anything that is unappealing is automatically something gay people came up with or like.

  121. Sweetie says:

    They could have done more when it comes to being victimized by teachers, counselors, and administrators. The guy who catches her says he won’t tell her parents, that it’s just a phase. The drama teacher is pro-hetero enough to talk about Shakespeare.

    In my experience, school officials took an active role in the persecution. When I was bullied by jocks, I was the one punished when I stood up for myself. I was forced to go to the counselor to apologize because some teachers didn’t want a gay kid asking questions in class. They claimed I was challenging their authority. I had one teacher who ripped up my papers, read the newspaper, and stare at the ceiling.

    But, I’m sure it does vary by district. Diana Medley, in Indiana, who said gay people have no purpose in life isn’t the only type of teacher around.

    Another thing the video didn’t address was total isolation. There was a hetero couple on their street and she found a hetero kid and had a brief romance. When I was in school NO ONE was out… not in the community… and certainly not anywhere near a school. The total isolation is perhaps worse. The normal experience of being able to date just wasn’t an option at all.

    She also didn’t have parents who beat her up, got drunk and picked fights with her, or forced her to undergo ECT and such. But, overall, it was well done. It just wasn’t completely comprehensive. I liked how it brought in the bullying through the Internet and electronic devices. That is a big problem today.

  122. Sweetie says:

    No reality is perfect, either. The Spartan Army had breeding seasons. Frankly, it makes more sense from an overpopulation standpoint to manage reproduction like that. We’re currently overpopulating the planet, especially with Western-style consumer-minded people who want cars and all sorts of other environment-destroying products.

  123. BeccaM says:

    You obviously didn’t pay attention all the way through. The world’s culture posited that men and women got together only during specified “breeding seasons”, and were never to develop romantic emotions for or relationships with opposite sex persons.

    No fictional construct is perfect, but I still think they did a better job of it than most.

  124. Jared Hyder says:

    So, adoption and artificial insemination is the norm in this bizarro world ? I understand the “walk a mile in one person’s shoes” idea, I fully support Equality,not just marriage equality,but the world can not function without “breeders”. I wish the writers,etc could have found a better way to get the message across, trying to tug at bigots heartstrings almost never works,unless it is their child or in their family/friend circles. The simplest way to end this “argument” is to keep hammering away at it for another 3-5 years, there will be marriage equality,then maybe we can put this ignorance and hate behind us.

  125. ek hornbeck says:

    Joe Haldeman- The Forever War

  126. BeccaM says:

    (((hugs))) I know.

  127. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Too real. My stomach was turning flip flops.

  128. BeccaM says:

    Holy crap… wow.

    At first I thought it was just a kind of silly role-reversal, but they really did a magnificent job of making it all fit. Very powerfully done, too. Hit all the notes and angles — religious disapproval, kids using anti-hetero epithets from a very young age, the deluge of social rejection once discovered, parental rejection and blaming, total lack of support from other adults, the physical attacks… just, wow.

    That girl who played Ashley, Lexi Benedetto, may well have quite a career ahead of her in acting.

    Thanks for posting this, John. I hadn’t seen it before but am now glad I did, even though it was hard to watch at times. A little too much deja vu, y’know?

  129. Is anyone enough of an X-Men fan to remember House of M? This would apparently be “House of G”…. It is an intriguing premise, however.

  130. I have seen this floating around today and resisted because I thought it would be silly. It was pretty good though. Worth the watch.

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